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4-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WBA. And -- the -- and he would you rate. -- think yeah if you go to the hole looked up more than ten month. The fact Diaz gets Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest with the because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- -- I don't know how to put. -- -- People know and it's alive it's local time. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio now. -- of its third of this year. Saying what a crack me. The they want they are you know let's bring in Western New York you know because they -- the very first thing. -- street sweeper went down the street. Yes and I think it was the first time in about ten years is I've lived where I live. Where there wasn't actually car parked right in front of my house at the street sweeper can actually get to the joke in front and it's so that's eight. Because every garbage today I don't know about you whatever garbage it receives every loose not. Bolt screw mail bottle cap crushed camp ends up right in front of my house every single car by Tuesday. Maybe that happens to you. Sincere thing that happens to -- but the electronics. I just did a 45 minute monologue. Well. Not only that I speak alone but I was really wanted to hear it I think dropping many F bombs at the computer because. Electronics and I do not -- I just felt that -- here. Hundred televisions on display and I would say eating any minding my I dig up one. And whichever one I -- all will be the one that doesn't work out of the entire crew. The only thing I'd choose well is -- animals. And they actually choose me. Which is kind of funny go to -- life -- and and they had a great temperament with acts of always a great jets even at one. Is. My neighbors are shocked. -- Hartley she is with me. However I'm her food source well ultimately she goes oh my -- I. That I will provider with a at least a month worth of good -- so she's not stupid she's a Smart little. Anyway Joseph beavers master control John Germany's -- call trainer and I just have a feeling this is just going to be. One of those days I get myself into a lot of trouble. It's going to be a day where I get myself and so much trouble and everybody's gonna forget everything I said yesterday. And I'll come off like I'm probably gonna be sermons against in local churches are probably. I'll probably have to -- the inquisition I'll probably be locked up and dungeon in the probably keep in the cathedrals somewhere but he sure what's gonna happen. But. You know like -- earmark yesterday I've found myself thinking about it all day long. And all at long last night. Bet if a born again Christian and I was on the Titanic. Then my body hit the icy water and I realize that god put my prayers to voice balance -- you busy. I would events and pissed off. -- -- Of people getting all the lifeboats. Hate Tyson a little too nice and dry it sucks to be up where. I it would have been very pissed off. Yes in the words of Mick Jagger I would have had my moment of doubt and game and I would have -- a thousand person is on the head of god. I know myself that's exactly what I would have done. Just interest. Because prior. Is one of those things. Went I do it. I don't right. All don't know now that we -- think that right. Because there are studies. That -- it does give you via the positives and prayer. Because there's prayers for this person prayers for that person prayers for everybody's got to per going up from. There have been studies. It you can look them up online and urban counter studies. But there have been some studies that suggest. And not all studies agree on its. But some studies suggest that patients who are paid -- -- prayed for. I think that was a Freudian slip and probably would grade and that. Patients who are prayed for even if they don't know they are being prayed for have a better rate of recovery then patients who are not grateful. I know that's bad English but that's the way the studies are written or scientist or not drew Marriott's. So. All right. People who are played for even if they don't know they're being prayed for have a better chance of recovery now what does this tell you what that well what does it -- as suggest. It's suggests that at the very least. Some positive energy. Or thinking good thoughts. And thinking healing. About the person may actually. Go across the energy spectrum and influence that person's help. I think that's -- why wouldn't be wacky. Do you think that kind of talk is wacky got -- -- -- go to church on Sundays and talking about the other is not a -- what. -- is talking about. Because of light is energy. We are energy. About some of us are more energy offers some people are both nets. Aren't as a wild guess. Kevin's office. Wild guess. All right so are trying to track somebody down I don't mean to get inside here but if that's the case. I'm gonna pull rank just -- Are right it is up fourteen minutes after three at that WB but I do that the music -- and this is where people are gonna get really angry with. That people always call in and say. I wanna tell you about a miracle jump on shelves. On miracles. Tom. I had twelve hours to live. The doctor said the cancer was -- pesticides. And galloping at a rapid rate. I was all set for surgery they came in the next day they gave in 99% chance of dying on the table and the doctor looked at me and say you're cancer free. The people say well that was the power player. Prayer and miracles god is great. But if the prayers are answered the excuse is always well that's an answer to. Sorry that just doesn't fly with. That's an answer to. Well it's an answer but why did the other person catch the break I don't guess the break why. -- -- And why is it that only the good die young. Is only the good young by the way I mean you rooting for example. Can take a guy like -- hero and he lived there what 93 years old. He was younger than Ralph Wilson as a matter -- but. At what it is like to 88 lives. At one time -- another. And America. -- and Mickey Rooney well I think he went through a period of being hated as well. But there's a guy who are certainly had a long life. At least on this planet. I wonder we prayed every day prolong life. And I wonder if you attributed that the god or genetics. I just the whole prayer thing I find I I have to tell you I find it fascinating. That's the only word I can use fascinating. Because I know I believe that sometimes it works. Why it works for some people why it works in some instances and not in others I don't know. And the idea that well Tom this is just one of those -- -- the god. Sorry you lost -- you lost -- because I imagine myself flailing at. Punching the water of the North Atlantic as the Titanic breaks apart and dumps us into the icy North Atlantic. Because I know myself. And I know exactly how I would I would feel at that particular moment in time -- trade and pissed off. That I mentioned especially -- seeing people like Molly Brown on lifeboats. Good day to make you look at it sucks and it. -- -- -- -- As you know that's what they said I don't think there's any surviving records of that in the Titanic disaster archives but I'm pretty sure that happened. 8030930. Is the phone -- let me get another another topic that I have been dying to do under the same basic area. The same basic -- -- and it involves. Religion. Cool -- alt religion. Now I agree with sandy beach an awful lot a lot of different issues for example. On carrying weapons in public I'd -- Andy -- his show on that they wanna do gunship that. I just I don't feel like it. I don't wanna do a gun show I don't wanna turn this into the gun show there are other things to talk about other than guns. Sorry but there are. And that's not to say that society. I look what's candidate he is not what might do to do -- I wouldn't do it even if he hadn't done it. But six is a poker player other comedy people notice you put himself through school playing poker and what are the tricks of poker is what. A poker face. What else is a very important element in poker. On -- surprised that comes later. Never show all your cards. Back never show your cards. But the bottom line it's. If you could carry open. If I had a choice between caring openly and carry concealed I would always 100%. Of the time carry concealed. Am talking about a hand. Why number one with the element of surprise. I am amazed at how many people even -- my own FaceBook page -- a homeless. About the element of surprise and how important it is in self defense. Because you -- yourself to seconds. The minute you whip out your peace of god forbid you have to use. You have bought yourself to seconds were may -- you won't have to use. Maybe the bad guy will take flight which is what you want to original lineup the kill anybody -- -- anybody nobody wants. But the last thing I would do. Is have a rod on my right hip in full view of the public. In an open carry state given the choice between -- care if the choice was open carry a concealed. I'm gonna be concealed every single time because of the element of surprise and also a very important and -- of light which to me is never show. Anybody all of your cards you've got to keep some things close to the vest. You have to keep some things unknown yet to keep some things a mystery. And bear thereby you can accomplish if you need to the element of surprise. But there is an area that I say he's touched on this maybe six months ago and that actually gave me the idea to do. Part of the show today on. Is saying you are spirit. -- well. Instead of rim -- -- a cop out -- I think that's a said he feels. And I don't feel that -- I do not feel -- saying that you feel a connection with god. And spirit. Is a cop out. Just because you don't identify with any particular religion -- for about Catholics Protestants whatever. I don't identify with buddhists or Catholics are Muslims or Jews or any specific religion I think her beautiful parts ugly parts are pretty much any religion I can think. But -- may they all contain. One common element. Where are most of them contain one common ailment which is essentially what we would call the golden rule do onto others that seems to pay. These central theme in all of the great religions of the world do unto others. Now. -- believe that was also move your mob book by forget. But. Some people believe. Air and the the people that I -- The people I find kind of amusing. Are the people who say it's veer away. Where you were going to hell and I just want you know. Bad. If you call into the show today. And you tell me that I'm going to go to hell. You can get in line with the about 5827. Other people today who told me the exact same thing. I'm going to hell because I don't believe as you believe spiritual. Now before you call it an -- elderly and going to hell. I think it's very important that you know. That unlike most people in the media. I will actually stand up for Christians. Are actually stand up for Jews Muslims and any body. For the free exercise. Of their religion. I think it's -- that I am very proud. -- my belief in my opinion on standing up for you and your religious beliefs. And I have to tell you the fact that I don't adhere to any one specific religion. But have a profound sense of spirituality. I believe that that that makes my opinion and what I have to say about the gay lobby Haiti Christians that much more credible. That's how we ended yesterday's show in case you didn't know. And I get -- show on how I believe well on all our anyway I believe that Christians are a persecuted minority in the United States. So all I will portal it completely 100 1000000%. Our respect. Other people's religions. And their ability to practice those religions. Freely because that is a guaranteed right. In our constitution. But at the same time I would expect. A little respect. First we get a fun week we can have fun I don't think that this is going to be like sanitized and I wanna have fun to. And I think we can have fun with religion. I just expect that we're gonna have an intelligent conversation. Can we -- can we do we can do I think my audience is very capable of doing because you know from where I'm coming. -- -- There's nobody in the media who defend Christians or religious people more than -- despite the fact that I adhered to no particular religion. But is saying that you or spiritual a cop -- look out the window right now. -- -- -- -- I see skies icy clouds. I see words in the parking lot and I see birds looking at the horrors. Good about that just for one minute. Think about all of the things that went into painting this picture and the significance. That sun. The ultimate source of life and light and war that makes the planet habitable that makes water swim mobile. And provides the Genesis of light. The war. How how how simple but here it's. And yet it plays an important part in the food chain. Robin eats the work the hawk -- the cycle of life. Now if that. Does not suggest to you that there is some order in the universe that originates from a source even more intelligent than Barack Obama I don't know what -- So icy spirituality IC god when I look out the window here you know land. I don't need to go to church to see -- -- to have to -- pretty windows I don't have to -- down a career. I don't have to sing songs and god forbid I will not exchange the piece which you. I you know lot. And now -- you please turn an exchange the peace of god wait. You want to shake hands. I don't know how healthy this person is I don't know if they wash their hands after the go to the bathroom. I don't know what they've been touching on the pew I don't know who's been sneezing into the book of common prayer. I don't know what's on them I don't wanna shake their hands no I don't wanna give them peace I'll say peace. It is coming up by Joseph laugh -- events up there because he's the same player -- You know about that before you know 30 that's my job -- to be circumspect tell Rolle said he loves it when -- say that. And all right say that a great job there by the way on that open -- I totally agree with everything you do sir I really do. 326 in his radio I'm thirty WB and so we're gonna have fun today we're gonna be respectful right. And we're gonna be intelligent. You guys carry the -- of intelligence. I need to drink up some water to recoup by intelligence. On his radio like thirty WB I can't wait I think I did do they show what he carefully. I think the world is about ready for traveled well ovaries tribute band. I keep waiting in hasn't happened yet -- -- -- all give me that look. It is up hourly news radio 930 WB -- so well you know we've we've done shows on do you believe in prayer. And people call in and they will give us examples. What they believe it to be god answering their specific request there -- specific prayer. But. When people don't have their prayers answered. -- wasn't in God's plan. Well all sometimes no is an answer I'm sorry that's lame. And that's something. Before -- take calls. Because. We're gonna all be honest -- each other OK good. A -- tell you a little story. That illustrates from where I am coming. It gets back in nineteen don't want September of 1901. And WBE it was there at the Pan American exposition. But 91 president William McKinley. Was gunned down by an anarchist. Who would have been right -- -- our boys. Named Leon -- gosh. Sorry Jamie I just busting balls don't take -- seriously. Out anyway. -- it was thought was gonna recover. They were issuing statements on his recovery. They were even tell all that does the -- seriously. -- Eventually however. Due to the septic situation and the lack of knowledge at the time. McKinley develop gangrene. Any knew he was gonna die. My dad knew we was gonna. I'm sure you've been through it your relative knew that moment. When holy crap it's really coming isn't it. So anyway mechanically. -- this has been very inspirational to. As a great demonstration of faith not -- but have faith. McKinley didn't cash. Forgot to miraculously. Make him feel better. Contrary was praying for William McKinley -- was first holes. Where everybody believed in god. Both those -- came over. I'm having fun I'm speaking ironically please understand that. Everybody believed in the Christian got. And McKinley sank. And you did. If you've ever read the life of William McKinley you understand what a great anyone's. He said our father a Christian prayer. And then he said again by will. Be done. In other words. In what I consider to be the alternate expression of -- and this is from where I am cup. William McKinley didn't ask for anything. He didn't say take this paid way. He simply said god. Whatever you want. Wherever you want uncle. Whatever you're gonna do what my physical body -- You're my guy. That. Is beautiful. And we had a caller a couple of days ago who are brought up Mary queen of Scots. That she had the same attitude. She was a staunch Roman Catholic. And all the way I have to tell you I have a weakness for Catholics. I know I shouldn't but I do because of the traditions of the church and the importance of the church in western civilization. And Latin. I'm starting to read this scripture -- the new testament in Latin. Not getting very far but it's a language that I really want to learn more about overtime. But Mary. Queen of -- Before her death. Repeated that the prayer in Latin. In -- to us Dominic. Over and over again in your hands got which has the same thing McKinley did. The common denominator. They both say they both gave themselves up to god. The creator. They both said in a -- it it this is -- ball in your hands there's not a thing I can do about it. Apple. That's I think it's beautiful you might think it's stupid I think it's beautiful. But. I think there's that difference. I know we might be talking semantics here and nuances but I think there's a difference between that kind of statement of faith. Bet you know what I'm screwed. But god I still trust -- And praying for a miracle. That doesn't happen. Because I -- Wonder why some people are the bad at this beneficiaries of miracles and others are. And it makes me angry when a two year old dies of brain tumor. I wonder what did the two year old do to deserve that. And that's the emotional side of -- The rational side -- me knows that. Genetics play a huge role in all of these weaknesses to which we as human beings are a year. So anyway is -- a cop out to say your spiritual and not religious. Because -- atheist despite what you may think I don't believe -- haven't. I don't believe in hell. I don't believe -- -- I do believe in peanut butter and I believe in Peter Bergen Peter Grant. Sorry usually gets a laugh out of my crew today it did not. But I do believe in the creator. Now there's an atheist out there were probably saying you are a quite OK now I'm not I'm being actually I think quite rational. Because I think it defies logic and an argument with the next girl for. Very Smart -- big effect really. About this very issue. And she was an atheist. And I said how can you possibly believe. That this entire creation. Upon which we walk in the Hubble telescope is photographing how do you believe that this that's all some accident. That it's all some change of chemicals working together to produce cognition. And she refused to budge from her position which I think is untenable. So don't call it -- That's what they haven't asked you don't call me an atheist because I'm not. Very much believe in the creator god specific religion. You got because I don't. And I don't. By the way. Now about targeted these guys are called in on this I'd rather talk to you 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. These are the things I don't talk about in bars or restaurants and we talk about the on the radio go fix -- Don't three all -- thirty start -- thirty L 180616. WB EN but let's recall let's be civil let's be friends. Because nobody is gonna defend religion and your right to exercise your religion more than I would. Even so called Christians in the media don't go to bat for Christians like I do. I'm one of those hedonistic. Likes anxious time Q percent people. All right here's a look you know enough Philadelphia on a WBM which -- -- thanks very much or for checking it was undermined. If -- particular -- appreciate your program. Let me tell you their ducks in the Bible it's two complete college you eagle dangerous prided dangers in the food detected kind of in -- -- -- pride is -- interest. I thought the Marshall -- too many years. -- it yeah did you think about it called bio electricity doesn't it well and -- -- in the Bible. To speak about to quote. The temple got blogs opinion they -- he can within. And also in the Bible states god does not do well in and I -- made by hand it to -- that they -- -- Sure are those are there is absolutely. Beautiful sentiments -- -- -- and you know when you mention -- that's a concept they brought up the other day and I think it might have thrown some people. It is an Asian concept we love your long time. Com it is an Asian Cup I'm parties united you know that's like the way it was and stuff like that. Cell. There is they believe in GCH. I'm the energy that flows through the body I brought this up when we did the show an alternative. Medicine and anybody who does not believe as you believe -- on -- not only in the eastern concept of body energy. Also in the western concept of christianity as a religion I think you're missing out on on something in life if you're not open at least to explore. Other ways of looking at the world. And -- you're ready reiki treatment which -- No I've studied that -- got -- sides announced by the chi gong and Tai chi and and I shot link on who some very well not -- typical he gave up bumpers and constant go -- Energy -- that I got that she did classical work for cheeks is bio electricity not energy. Well -- I I think we might be splitting hairs. When we talk about that have you -- -- -- ever had a prayer answered or a prayer. Un answered that was really important to you when you pray do you pray for things or stop or do you simply say a god. Thanks for the chance to be on the earth do with you what you want. Yesterday -- -- to -- personally I thought so to speak about the putting your eagle start which means bad habits are determined. The speed at -- -- it would be tried both in the Christian religion is evil wicked. I don't know about here's here's where illusion because I thought I saw a doctor to -- I gotta go figure I saw a doctor. I want my doctor to have an ego I want my doctor to have a 30000 dollar Rolex and a Porsche 9/11 I why. My doctor. To be. I to have an. An ego and to be confident in his skills I don't want that doctor without an ego because he or she will be a loser. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't help it's extremely well extremely intersect. At the back here I am I'm gonna beat -- I can beat the hell would supernatural being that pulpit -- and that's what I'm talking about. -- John I must tell you usually I hit people from Philadelphia. Com Null in a takeaway goes back to the 1973. Through 1975. Hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers the broad street bullies. That was the Genesis of my hatred for your city. But I must tell you it has been an absolute pleasure and a -- starting the show off with you. Your -- in addition your suggests that the your wisdom -- And your melding of both western and eastern philosophies. Shows me you wore an educated man and I think you. Help thank you thank you for the call. While. Folks. I don't know if you want the college or if he did help party got maybe got a Ph.D. I've no idea. But when you open your mind up to these other concepts. You'd be surprised. At how you can and -- her lace them with what you already believe and actually augment. Which party believe -- folks if you're just joining us now this is not a -- sandy beach make that clear. -- and -- busting each other's -- all the time. I happen thinks any big rich and frankly. He's been on fire like the past two weeks I think everyone of shows I have heard has absolutely been spot on and his kick ass big time. And Durham was a show he did a few months ago where he brought up the idea that he bought that saying -- spiritual with the top. Because you're not committing to any one particular. Religion. I disagree with my esteemed colleague -- met and he is an esteemed colleague. I don't think he likes me but I have the world to respect for sandy beach are truly -- actors because I'd pay him doesn't mean he's got a -- me it's all good. Doesn't bother you can't impress everybody you can't have everybody love. It just isn't gonna happen but I think he's. Great I really do and I don't think that say your spiritual is a cop out. I also wanna know. About the prayers that go on answered. And do you believe in. Prayer. If people believe that their prayers cured them of incurable cancer. And they thank god. That when somebody you care about the eyes. After. Prayer after prayer after prayer. Especially when your kit. That can really be a tough nut to crack. A -- All right Eric who said AM talk radio personalities are stupid. This is going to be like FM intelligence with AM Slorc and -- radio -- and thirty WBE NN. And AccuWeather which are conveniently put at the bottom of my stack of papers -- says forward arrested today brisk and chilly. -- ran a c'mon you guys is trying to like giving -- and your ism it's bad enough but I got the brain inflammation valuable pop and terrorism in my head you. Masters. Raise any snow shower is a possibility or Sherman wants my job late -- still was no shower in spots 31 below. I and it. Tomorrow partly sunny and breezy and 46 degrees what are we had a temperature wise joke. 37. Right that's just a whole 37 at news radio 930 WB. The end and it just joining us. Everybody talks about the prayers they had answered. But people to me anyway it always seems like they're trying to rationalize. The prayers that are answered and most other rationalizations seem pretty lame to me. With all the respect. And also wanted to know if you think it's a cop out to say as I said. That I believe strongly in the creator very strongly in god. I just don't believe in any particular religion. And I think that every religion every one of the world's major religions. That is existed in history for a few thousand years he qualifies it. I think there's something good to be found in most of them if not all of them and what are the common threads is what we call the golden rule. Do unto others. Let's take some calls on the WB at 803 on -- thirty started 3180616. WBM. Here is Oz moment in buffalo hello. We got to make sure Osmond gets is radioed down John and then no we shall get back to him and I cannot see the name of the caller on line one. I don't know why the computer does that but it is -- in Lancaster Jim thank you for holding later on -- our. -- Or is one perception. Of her as it is two sided -- I'm a one sided it's -- assume. You know information. Or a particular belief and it's an individual choice. On the other side prayer becomes very very challenging because we -- are so -- wideout was our petition. Not moral us those results in the way we -- to -- for. They could be suited agreeable losses even a petition you know received in the way we -- -- They're commuter. You know politics and public here you know -- beside -- as to why -- why not. So -- mistreated we do not understand start to the beginning you know what is our perception of where he has been. Our -- are sending -- per petitions to would have these guys or -- or whatever it. OK god I have to ask a question right now. What have I done to deserve to top shelf ten out of ten callers to start off the show today. G Jim I need to put general till after the news but I would give you much more time following the news okay. Folks this is the way this started talk show too little holes and one of the most challenging topics to talk -- -- can do that just have been hitting it out of the park. Hey but is that a prayer answered. On WB via.

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