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4-8 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision governor AM sandy beach we're talking about the the potential loss and effective may be signed a fairly quickly in in the state of Kansas. The house there voter one on nine to nineteen in the senate voted 37 the true. To eliminate any kind of gun laws that are not state. Gun laws from now on once the governor signs this if the governor -- it looks like he well. The bottom line is that they will be state laws so it's not a mishmash not confusing and makes sense it would also allow open carry. Which you were asking you -- you -- be comfortable with that. I probably wouldn't open carry for the reasons I've already given you and one thing to have -- about -- choose a firearm. In New York does make an average of ago we we do things innocent easy from the -- gun range for going over the options there. But if you're in new shooter. And you've got your permit and now you have to choose an area futures and a handgun. And your undecided between a revolver and a semi automatic handgun. There are are several different ways to look at the one of the ways to look at it is this and this is a very simplification. Of it. Your safety should be the first thing you think about. And the second thing you think about MO last thing you think about it with guns okay safety safety safety. Now hopefully when you have that gun it will always be secure. It'll be locked and secure it but if you have children around the house. You have to be even more diligent. And if you have children are how's my suggestion of your first -- Schroeder is a revolver and I'll tell you why. -- is not a revolvers it's adios Ohio America handgun and not a revolver but they like because a revolver. Anybody who's seen a western. Anybody who's ever seen a movie with a gun and an. You pick up the gun you pull the trigger and it fires and that's what revolver drugs. But with a semi automatic you have do. It's it's a situation where you weren't you after -- you know what I'm talking about it's hard to describe it but Jeff do via the wrecked the slide. And that not everybody knows how to do that in children most children wouldn't have the strength to do it even if they knew how to do it. I'm just thinking that if by god help you -- chance that. A child in your house gets a whole wanted to guns I hope it never happens and you should do everything you can make sure it doesn't but if it does. There's a lot less chance of of a problem if you have a semi automatic handgun as opposed the revolver the revolvers easy. But it's easy for you know but it's also easy for kids issue. The other is not so easy especially for children and the slot can be problematic and they get used to it as them as Dennis mentioned. Because they're all different. And they all have a different fields and so we want -- -- -- 803930180606926. 930 if you would favor open carry. Let's go to Linda in Cheektowaga. -- here on WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outcome for the hearing you know I have stored Italian India are now keeping two -- -- but this is true you know. He is cryptic moment in the name of the street and popular that hurdle kernel colonel -- there is I know you know the current okay. I knew about my friends that night I did walking home right at about two blocks away. I seen this past hour only me -- would like freedom aren't seen children in. To that Harry and me in. Writing winner -- Mozambique probable. In armed. And eat. Away at me sure it to me that it in the city now. -- -- -- -- We need to partnering -- at the parent company. While so he put the window down and had a gun in his hand out the window -- -- -- And you know it away. While. Import here on you know right away. Well ya anything with firearms has been on the right where there is no short cuts so. So basically you've most of us luckily I have never had defaced on the barrel begun but it gets it gets your attention -- -- -- But did it it's -- the way in don't. You know I don't think everybody wanna -- you know in Vietnam I well at a news just. Well that's what. One other reasons that we we have of permits is self defense and it's probably the primary reason. And so you know every situation is different if you have a little bit of time. It takes away the element of surprise that they have. But it's it's obviously something that should be considered thank you. You have to you have to think that them. Under most circumstances. It wouldn't be a total surprise. Got a blower you don't see anything. -- it's not gonna suspect something or you're gonna see is that an open doorway is that an alleyway -- minute -- on the other side of it. The other side of the straight cut. Being aware is very very important. Of the of the awareness as is as important as anything else. But be aware of of where you have to go have your keys in your hand if you if you're going in the car and luckily a lot of cars now have remote. Openers and whatever so you couldn't click click from a distance away a lot of them lights come on you can even a remote start some of them so this is all beneficial. Bottom line -- you're you're going to have the ultimate responsibility for your own safety. And now having said that awareness is the best thing. You can't really teach awareness jury they're aware or not if your cars and parking lot and have figure out OK I have to go from here to have there. Are there any places from here of their role which could be a problem. I'll try and avoid that. There is there's all kinds of things that can help you stay out of the way. Of the worst examples are in the movies because they do everything wrong. In the movies they do everything wrong. You're going to -- car -- woman alone it's dark at night you don't name and have your keys in your hand. There -- -- -- per swim a thousand others things you don't pay any attention a pretty zone as somebody comes up behind -- in trouble. Awareness is they ought to teach awareness classes have a plan. And as soon as you're getting your car lock the door. This is pretty simple. I do it in my leg I wish I get in my garage and I collected of the door -- So you got to be aware of what's there and if there is if you have a chance park under a light where you can see. These are all pretty fundamental things but they all go away with handgun safety. And though -- of the your ability to defend yourself if necessary. But we wanna know if you favor open carry or not. I -- I have no problem if it became an open carry state. But I probably wouldn't do myself will be back with more would be -- and company administrator and I'm thirty W via. Let's -- ago to John thank you for your patience evolving John -- WBBM. Thank you John what do you have -- so they are regarding open carrying firearms. Why you -- I wanted to spend of them liberal point of view but I thought it open gauntlet -- you about the open carries and I think one thing that it might promote is people gonna want to become perhaps when you're walking around with a gun in your opinion these certain. Look at illegal or something and obviously opposed them in draft pick -- -- needed to use that would be dependent ago. If someone like it was in danger -- open but when my kids who weren't you feel like -- -- now and they. Well I -- anyway. I understand your concern but the people who have open -- already have Kerry and so they've been carrying it. In their belt under the -- under their jacket whatever all of for a period of time. I don't think it's gonna be that different I think but I do think there are some downsides to carrying it from others' reactions to. Yet and yet and people just think you have would normally expect you to do something about my points. Legitimate. Idea bottom. You know liberal and you can opinion at all about it I don't know a lot of organs in you probably. We just witnessed what the terms and restrictions -- think. It's actually going to. People what people -- your point who really. Is. More control over -- It's easy access regarding that the problem and I wish it were legal personally but I don't think it'll ever happen. So the Batman. Besides that to me is that strong regulations like in New York were responsible people like you. Who go through. -- bought out follow the law and I think most people are responsible why I got to give credit though John you went a minute and seventeen seconds before you use the term common sense because I. I Arab -- press release of Eric Holder. He doesn't get through the first paragraph report says comments that's so -- apparently that if you're against of any proposal you're against common sense come on and. Known common sense but I work its ideas through a lot of places to attempt to ease of access to think that particularly in go to. Like all commissioners of Portland got they're going to. I I agree would you John if you talk to anybody who's been around firearms they'll tell you they don't want easy access any more than anybody else does you know wants easy access the bad guys. One of the population of this country went to almost 70% of people want universal bank protect. But because generator really is more about selling guns. That would restrict -- sales have gone. Let me NRA is a champion of the slippery slope I I favor background checks I don't think any responsible gun -- just use a common sense -- -- the -- responsible. Are once so once somebody who shouldn't have gone to a -- where they get these guns they get him on the streets they get him they're stolen guns they. They're from foreign countries and you know up fast and furious was there was a gun thing bitter -- it was involved would have. That they didn't seem to deliver a good job and a lot of illegal guns got into the wrong hands and say and and people die from. Olympic I was -- guys. They look to change -- and talk about recently because I was kept I don't have been done with Brenda. Opened greater parity within -- And I was allowed to issued his pistol. At the -- ability several years ago. The RV with a lot of New York says that if you got a pistol in your hand is asked to be on your permit but here's how log data that is saying you and your wife. See you when your wife both -- both are shoot and you both have permits. If you're a gun is only on your permit and not on her permit she can even shoot your gun I mean that's just insane. Well -- Appointment who you believe that's insane. We got that said that the husband get image of the wised up in the white kids deguzman's done. I have no problem like what you talking about the guy from the -- show there was pocket about are the guns that are concentrated you're talking about people being able to put himself a former Governor Cuomo would strip people. Well being able to defend themselves and their homes specialist. It's it's -- -- -- through it and you know I'm a liberal person but if you want to buy outs in the middle today for brick tenement housing related. You're gonna -- at twelve gauge double barrel Remington. Well hold on John hey guys let's not regular John's how's that he's got guns we never picked. Oh we're. Well maybe a little -- better way and what are the things we have to get rid of our liberal judges who don't put him away after they've shot people. That's a common sense approach John. It. Thanks for calling John it's always fun of by. Guys that. Yeah let me let me be crystal clear on this please. Nobody. Who is they're responsible. Gun owner. -- shooting and those is once easy access to guns we don't have a problem. We have though with the -- direct path of being checked and getting the permit fingerprints. They can take away your permit for any reason did you know that any reason. And it's not your guns -- gun Obama. We don't want people who shouldn't have guns to have guns plain and simple to I don't know the NRA has never stood up for illegal gun running. You know who stood for. -- Okay. Approved obviously dead that was never held accountable for. -- we don't want that we we want to we want responsible people who want guns and now one and that's all we're looking for. But what the government does is they muck up the field so much. That people gets. They get buried by OK it's gonna take you heard it yet it. And and they make it as difficult as possible you tell me what sense it makes. For you to be taking the pistol permit courts which is a safety course which should take. But you have in New York State he got to take the cars before you get the permit you can handle the can you imagine I'd be example I use was can you imagine getting a driver's permit in -- state without being allowed. Behind the wheel. I mean rarely is going to be a virtual test. You know where you are putting in a simulator or something. You can't do you can't. Only done to -- -- of the and you get the permit without handling the gun doesn't make any sense at all today. It's like taking your test in the parking lot for your driver's test and you can't it can't even do that. Until you have your license -- it's it's a screwball thing and they -- for one reason to discourage. So they they know they can totally shouted down but that we get asinine things like the New York -- fact. Which is totally asinine done for political reasons and if you lived in any other states basically with the exception of maybe California. That's what they do. They make it difficult for you -- make it confusing for you they don't make it easy to go through the process to do what the right way. We don't want easy access to guns but we wanted a viable but somebody can follow the law and do what they have to do and get the -- Okay that's all we care about. We -- we don't want people to break in the law we don't want you buying guns on the street all that sort of stuff. But when whenever somebody presents a more -- are more restrictive. Proposal regarding handguns or any kind of farms actually they always say there. Common sense measures. Watch for those two words as it's -- I hear my antenna was up. Because if you agree -- at what they've just sad. Then you don't agree with common sense it's like being -- with a woman on the first day in and say. You know one I have a common sense question to ask you I'd like to sleep with -- tonight. And while she says no she's against comments sort -- is. I I I cannot imagine this well let's call positioning boys and girls. Your positioning somebody who disagrees with the -- as not not possessing common sense. Course it's also positioning when you're dating but that's a different position by the way I'm like so my book 99 fund positions. Gave -- to my wife and she said you mean there are 98 others look back what more under is right or 930 every Libya. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WB yen that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine journey and -- toll free line is 1806169236. This hot -- like. And that that I'm I'm pumped up up up up is Beijing governor you were talking about do you favor open carry because that's what it looks like. Kansas it was that Kansas is going to and -- most people that have a permit. Have -- for -- the self defense. And I'm thinking if you can't do that the second best thing would be ever see a picture of video of the Swiss guards who guard the -- Okay you see their outfits just -- one of those downtown the big pool -- pants. Wouldn't be Kool going to a sabres -- -- to get the big hat the big fluffy doughboy type hat. And in gut the pull these waves in the pool -- pants. Now nobody is going to attack you wearing that -- simply because of real sorry for. -- I guess that I guess -- guards are you know very good at what they do though they better be wearing those office. But double -- the second best choice and and who knows before long we might need to pull the pants permit. A PPP. Let's go to the phones and a couple minutes but first let's -- check out there is some FaceBook posts what he got Chris. This is from Joey says the only issue I see you win with open -- is weapon retention I'm former NYPD we were trained extensively in retention because those who want it will take it. Even from law enforcement. Well that's true when you see them even when there. One there's two or three cops trying to subdue a person the person goals -- -- gun. Now there are some holes there is that it's a lot harder to take out. Then others but I think that person is exactly right and and being a former NYPD. Officer and I know he knows he's talking about. There are some holes -- that make it more difficult but not impossible. And that you have to be concerned about that as I said you're giving up one. Very good thing when you open carry -- giving up surprise. If somebody does not think that they you can defend yourself of course is two -- a look at it. If they think you can't defend yourself -- more likely to be a target but if you're gonna wanna be a target the first place. I think the argument could be made Florio if you have a gun on your hip. A pleasure to retain it and use it that they're less likely to attack you I don't know which of those arguments would override the other. What do you think Tony which won't override the other the element of surprise or the element of they won't come after -- in the first voice of the year ago. That's -- five you'd like to think that if anybody knows -- -- -- -- an -- -- back -- come after you and all bought. What was the craze of go with the bath salts or or the the drugs somebody that's so messed -- -- and obviously not to be taken. Straight away anyway so what were they got to lose to -- rate after you. What do you think Kress I don't like the element of surprise and also they don't we talk about a deterrent. We think about in terms of how we would think -- -- -- -- -- -- which now not a sort of scenario that would not -- they're not on the same wave -- rather -- up on whatever CP whatever and don't make the assumption that there's certain targets they wouldn't go after. I mean you read the newspapers some time. They go at it doesn't matter how old you are it doesn't matter if you're a priest it doesn't matter if you're -- none there's no respect on the street when they're out to attack you there's not at all -- look at the victims of that Matthau gave me -- a half a mile or elderly elderly in. There they're cowards and go what to cowards through. They prey on the weak. If they censure week either by being older or the chances are you're prix should not pack and a gun although I guess it wouldn't preclude -- probably not. I don't know of any nuns -- guns but they go after the easiest targets you're thinking why would you go after some of these targets because there crazies there there aren't any drug money. -- having this thing that. Yeah if you really think about it what are the odds of of gaining much if you attack a matter of race nothing I mean -- don't carry around big -- catcher. Valuables or Rolex Watches but the bottom line is if you're in need of a boat -- of your next shot -- your next or whatever you don't care. And that's what you gotta think like he can't think like gosh you gotta think like them and you're not used to it and you know wanna get used to it and you know a comfortable one more police. This is from Steve and he says I'd love an open carry -- people need to learn a guns are bad if you openly carry -- a story about getting -- either I think if there. Was a law like them plays that we would still need to keep them out of bars. Oh absolutely I don't think where you could carry a gun would change. But schools and bars things like that but just a matter of how you carry but there again. Suppose you're at a friendly neighborhoods or whatever and your carrying. And is not regulated as a bar would be Owens and some neighbor gets so you know has way too many. And has questions about your gun and and not a good idea then I don't think it's a good idea most of its time. To be caring openly because it's gonna bring in either questions. Or are they're going to reach for -- for a -- let me check that out there. Because the biggest problem with the guns his ignorance people don't know. And because they don't know it's our job to inform them and educate them but because they don't know they do dumb things things they do things around guns that we will that we don't do. Ever let's go to Craig in Holland Craig what what's your thought on this. I think -- -- I've -- -- And -- old and Terry. And and liquid -- doing. There's a couple things on my mind about those little black kids but it's our New York State what we have this good system. Because. The different areas are. I really exciting allowances what we came into effect until we came to their current. There are some state laws that come into play well but primarily. If it would allowed what is this is doing here in New York State will then we opened up into words because. Don't state they're gonna they're gonna put the other way and -- -- It out because of downstate I don't think we'd ever be an open series and I've been totally shocked if we weren't. Yeah but I do know that I've had a pistol -- since the 1970. And from day one. You know I had Sheldon Brown not a give me my pistol permit and poetic I was he would talk to and he he said. Because they've done what you. Whether it was in that time I was only getting different hunting and and target. He said that when you have that -- -- doing your car. And you go into some building. Or whatever grocery shopping or -- you have to make a stop. You don't even in the car well. You have to take it with you and of course it's a concealed. Well that that's that basically is what occurred but it is and I can't carry permit now. Because I was a little concerned having such a difficult time getting up Vista -- and what the statement -- to afford. I don't ever look at the end -- you look at the law into -- Warner chief what can -- -- and one of the base when you when you have it. It is not to do stupid thing and it looks. And so. When -- according. If you've got along quarter. You've got to take it in we're we're going to take you can't leave it in the car and so it's going to be exposed down on the bottom. Your -- you concede the bottom minimum bolster. Until that was always a concern among. Whether -- also restated -- it's it's an open -- that they're seeing it. Would they take my profit politically from. While if you if you walk into a place of business will. A long rifle underneath your call with the right you know pointing out of these -- -- the right there. A shark you know I get eight advantage their own -- -- and I'm not a big person told him it's going to be able to call you that your bottom line special thing and bombard your ankles. And the book. On ovals are out of luck or. Educated that the trick -- because it did actually did a better bigger -- only -- thing comes up here a mile. Pretty accurate though -- -- -- of that longer are so you're you're you're you're like I think most permit holders you get it you know be effort you made the get a you -- -- to when he was that I know I got mine they explain to me -- commentator for any reason so. These Smart he said even if you get into a bar fight which highly unlikely since I don't drink. If even if your guns at home and a safe. We can come and get your gun and that's the way it is so I've always had that in mind. That's true and you know going way back to beginning your show in the lady called and she says she was nervous when she saw the person with a gun. I didn't external line what other person ahead because that you really should headed -- -- better beat. It's a concern. People you don't make me nervous about. -- not -- point that we're we're out to win and people's. Affections and not to disturb the death thank you well thank you for the call. Actually I'm not really ought to -- their affection I wanna keep my -- and I love. I'm talking about their affections as far as being gun owners so that they don't think were out -- hurt them. All right thank you Greg yeah I don't wanna be universally loved. But I don't wanna be feared either so I wouldn't be putting -- -- there are some instances where. I can understand but. In a general open -- in public and not for me now from. It Austria -- -- 30180616926. Start 930. The reasons. Tom and I rail at the of the new York state laws regarding firearms is there. Sometimes -- incomprehensible. And they just plain dumb. For instance as though as that is the easy from an hour gun range explained. You get a state license Florio. Via hand okay. But it's issued by the individual counties. And the kind of license you if you will -- nominee is an example. Let's take Niagara county in Erie county say I have a house. Just on this side of -- on -- I -- -- a break from my backyard there it is. You are on the other side of tunnel under create our backyard and you can see the creek where only ten feet apart or twelve feet apart. And yet what we don't get our permits. Will be -- or they can be totally different permits. Because one will allow carry -- -- when I got mine that's what they were she'll issuing work carry permits. Right away. Now -- -- and I mean you're county at that time was not you'll you can apply for one later but first you had to get one with very limited use. Maybe yeah for professional reason personal reason whatever it was limited use. The other one was -- so here we have two people ten feet apart. Both living in the same it's the same state who have different -- it's crazy. And the thought that you're not even supposed to have a gun in your hand. And so you have the permit for it says that the of the process of teaching people. Gun's safety or whatever have to be done with wooden guns. Like that you can even hold the gun until you have the permit. And you know it happens oftentimes of people -- permit. Will you take me shooting you have to explain why I can't let you shoot my gun and not up and Catholic issue in my mind I'm because. -- you don't have apartment and they'll come and take my permanent way and possibly worse. If if that happened so. It's it doesn't make sense. Now when I got my permit Cindy got hers and at that time mail out our guns to be on each -- permit to salute. I could shoot her guns you can shoot migrants which makes cents all right. I don't know -- -- that -- But it's it's up to them it's -- severe discretion so kind of stuff doesn't make any sense you're telling me. That your wife for shooting her gun and you wanna see how it shoots and you you have a permit through and she's got a permit and this year and you're gone and you. You try it out pitcher breaking the law it's. That is absolutely insane so if you're. Person in your your twisted in in whole defense let's say you know you figure that handgun. Is the best the best way to go under so you have the first of all guns I'm sure are not cheap. So you have to go plopped down on the monitor the gone there yet to get the permit go -- all their problems. Now you have the guarding US you have to learn how to fire -- you go to the garden range and you fire and then you discover. I'm not comfortable with this I don't like to kick -- I don't like the -- -- whatnot you stock with the money. You have to go back and they'd probably make an offer on your guns traded like trading anything else and in some things that makes sense. To buy a more advanced example. Like for instance when I bought a motorcycle. It would have made sensing I'd never been on a motorcycle to a -- by a smaller he's a more easily handled motorcycle. Then have been a big one. But I've bought the big one right away simply knowing that how I am that I will work my way up and it's more efficient device about the full dress -- Harley. Okay the -- -- took a test on it. Because I figured it would be cheaper more efficient to get that -- because that's -- and end up but with guns not necessarily. If your if your wife or girlfriend or whatever is is a buying a 45 bottle. Automatic because she's heard that they have great stopping par which they do but they're happy. Then as she gets it and finds out it's too much gone -- she's not comfortable whether -- not easy to conceal whatever. Then it doesn't make sense Uga Dubai which are comfortable with right away but how do you know right away if you can even handle ago until you have department. So -- it's it's a conundrum but guess what the status in no hurry to fix that they want to make it is tough. And it's costly and as time consuming as possible. But common sense to talk about common sense common sense should be that a husband and wife. If they're both of the range should be able to shoot each other's guns and that's that's pretty common sense and about best. I guess technically if the glass breaks in the middle of the night. And the bad guy comes in and these -- up -- put horns on his let's make a really bad. And US you have to showed him he got to hope you should have -- -- -- on your permit. About a factor I think about it like that because I guarantee you they will check the ballistics find out what -- came from. And if you shot it and it wasn't your gun so it was your wife's gone and it's not on your permanent tactically they could charge. Say how insane it is and you wonder when it when Tom talks about it when I talk about it how frustrated we get. Because let me tell you something most of the time we talk. About guns we talk about permits and handguns. And things like better restrictions but let me tell you something if you've not done that the shooting sports are fabulous. They are so much fun. There's so enjoyable and they're totally relaxing. And I gotta say watt and they're loud they're noisy -- solemn kick. How can that be relaxing. Because when your at the range or your shooting in a safe environment outside. You're totally focus on what you're doing and not thinking about that I make the car payment this month. You're trying to hit the target I'm strictly a recreational. Shooter I don't hunt -- no problem with on -- but I don't. And so I love recreational shooting it's a great great past time. I advise you to try it don't be scared off by all the other stuff. Whether you willow wanted to roll along rifle handguns or whatever you like to -- try it because I think you'll find it very enjoyable. Okay that about wraps it up. For Beijing governor we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on news radio I'm thirty we RW via. -- You wish they never have to need to be used she.

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