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4-8 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- could be agent dominate yes. You have the state of Kansas their house -- voted a hundred into the nineteenth. And -- senate voted 37 that true. But to make all gun laws in the state of Kansas City in the state of Kansas. State laws not to have local and municipal. Rules regulations whatever which this conformity that I like that idea it also would allow open carry. As if you have -- a permit to carry your you would be allowed to openly carry on your hip one would assume would be most of the plays. Most of the Boise Gary and up the last lady has been caring for thirty years she said and good for her employer she took martial arts there's some suggestion. But for her. I'd I do think that them -- her suggestion that. If she had it on her hip it would not to helper -- might hinder and I I agree with that somebody might either need to try and get a whole Oregon -- Or take the -- away from Merck. If you're going to be attacked. The element of surprise is on the outside of the attacker the bad guy. Okay why give up the element of surprise that you're able to defend yourself with a fire arm. I had a time. Because then the attacker might joke -- changes -- plans and still go after you but in a different manner different way. So at least the one thing you have is the element of surprise here legally or carrying a firearm allowing you to protect yourself which is as basic. A promise from the rest of the population as we get the ability to stay -- the ability not to after Iowa whimper. And -- and think about it like this when's the last time somebody was of being attacked. That -- begging and pleading help it doesn't. It really doesn't most of the time is gonna go on and might even get worse. So better that if you're have the legal ability to defend yourself that you take it and not give away the element of surprise. So I think basically I'm leaning toward you is even if New York had -- which won't. But he even if new York and I probably wouldn't carry openly. Let's go to Diane in buffalo -- you're on WB yen. Mining and the -- About a year or two ago I was in the bank and weapons to a banker on Delaware and shared that with the other. I've been. And you can't lots of little guy little guy I was potentially drive Serb pot and in a pair of pants didn't have in the format but -- I'd gone. We move on though a lot out of him and I hope there and it was. Secured in there and you've walked after the cashier probably -- that this may be had money he wanted to pocket. But I didn't know that if you look -- like three people in the directly at him and maybe somebody else besides the cashier -- there was no security pact. I was terrified. On the little guy and I can elaborate bank I'm really scared me I wanted to get back there. Plus another thought is that if somebody else who had a carry permits saw that he had a gun. If it looked like he was gonna Robinson the person may have tried to interfere too so a lot of those have good scenarios. Right back here if I I thought nothing but -- and I I. I don't hit it terrible but apparently didn't have a jacket anything like -- is clear is that got. And I -- but I I kind of a good -- let him run out. Out the door or are you know what I didn't that we looked about it's -- -- on the -- it didn't seem that now. Maybe become the that we didn't deposits might reasonably. But I did not take my eye doctor -- I want to you know to make here is that. He wasn't gonna do anything funny. Yeah I it's it's very unusual you would see an open carry without some kind of badge. Or some kind of uniform. If you haven't been as you know if you I'm going to be. I'm about I'm good luck in -- the guy oh sure absolutely. I would I would put sentiment. And the got maybe I would get. -- -- Let me tell you something if you are via -- faint of heart -- and you -- suddenly as somebody with a cannon on their hip. A walking up to the teller look you might get little -- nervous might not be good for your health. Yeah I I you know. I understand that he had big group that tidbit yet a lot of money into that he wants security deposit the money. -- I have no gun to protect react when I never had gone and. And and I did get a native who oppose that you know -- -- builds around they would have gotten. Well I can on this I can understand that so often people. Are afraid of guns. Properly but sometimes just because they don't have enough information but if it bothers you I can understand that and I you'll you wouldn't be the only one bothered by somebody with a -- on -- here without a badge thank you thank you. Here's one thing. If you're thinking of getting a permanent and whatever and we say this with every show aren't. If indeed. You are not convinced. That if your life for endanger. Or somebody else's life was endangered legitimate threat. That you would use your gun. Don't get don't have one because chances are only taken away from you'll and you'll be the victim of it. You don't want to be a quick on the trigger you wanna be rational you wanna be as cool headed to Japan. But don't have a gun. If you do not think that if push came to shove and it was your -- for -- that you would have to think about it because guess what -- be yours. That's the way it'll -- And don't don't also they have a lot of people make the mistake of thinking. Well if somebody just seize this gun that's the end of that now the bad guy probably seen a lot of guns. And maybe your neighbors that the bridge party haven't seen him but the bad guys have they know guns inside and -- they can tell you if you're. If you are cocked and -- they can tell you anything you wanna know buchert gone. So don't think you're gonna scare him by the mere sight of a gun. If you need it. And it's a legitimate reason to have it. And you won't use it get rid of it you've got to be convinced I'm convinced that of my life in danger I wouldn't hesitate. -- -- But it's taken me a long time to get through this point because you have to think about that of -- since 1965. And I'm convinced that if -- or me or him it's going to be him. That's just the way it's going to be I'm not looking for trouble. I'm not not searching anybody out. But that's why concealed permanent thing is better and you can really conceal now even more better even better than you could before. Because of its arrival of -- -- says that are available and whatever and I'll tell you one thing with everybody and their rather. Having a cell phone on their belts. Okay Sergio wearing a shirt that either a talks around your you know your waistline or or just isn't socked in or even that is Stockton. Somebody looking who sees anything bear could easily think that is cell -- in fact I was looking through one of my magazines. And I notice that they sell radio host and now that looks exactly like a cellphone. Holder. So that nobody's going to be that look you know tipped off if they see that. And you have a right to defend yourself that's the bottom line. You have a right to defend yourself you do not have to plead you don't have to beg cajole a promise you have a right to defend yourself. Will be back -- more -- -- and company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah yeah my suggestion regarding if you are getting a permit. And it can be very beneficial to you and and and you certainly have a right to defend yourself but you need it. But make sure that your proficient would have whatever -- you choose to carry. In other words you don't have to -- area fifty caliber desert eagle two. To fight off the bad guys make sure he can hit something with -- I'll go to the range frequently. Simply because the more familiar you are with a gun daytime nighttime whatever. Nowhere to safety is is safety on now you have through you know what you have to do to get ready to defend itself you have to have all of those things in mind. And if so you have the final decision is if if it's my life in danger will I use the gun. And if you are convinced that you'd have to think about it. I -- I suggest you don't get the gun at all because you're not a candidate for that. You shouldn't be trigger happy but you shouldn't be hesitant if the occasion occurs that you have to defend your life. I don't Treo -- 301806. On six Niger for six 930 would you carry if we could. Yeah it looks like they're one pen stroke away in Kansas from being able to carry all finally. We can't carry an openly in New York. A most of us a would you carry openly if you could I perhaps would not. Let's go under most circumstances John and Cheektowaga John you're on WB yen. Hello John. Hello John. John in -- -- I can hear noise in the background there John. I think John is -- reloading. Let's go to Larry and Williams though Larry you're on WB yen. They're quick to give it a little different perspective -- -- and a New York State permit since nineteen cent. You know -- -- in the Florida who got the Arizona which at that time was an open -- state in many instances where if you carry permit which Erica. Since they've gone to vote it also unconstitutional -- the only reason he would -- anymore. -- -- from the -- here on out. With a little bit of a change but I started -- carrier -- would force them. They're doing things and it's probably. On -- perspective. Once you're out there it is the other people in cherry Noah or these fears that some individuals and express them. We -- realized and double Decker compared the players not depending on the time but here. Yes depending on the colonial area or any area workload and stop. -- -- -- -- -- In -- for concealed you only nuclear weapon is exposed. Encryption don't carry area. You can you can technically be excited because weapon and suddenly exposed it got open carry. It's just it's no big -- -- -- audit. How long did it take you to get used to seeing people that didn't have a bad John. But -- had a via a firearm on there. Probably about a week to Hulu or not situation out there a year ago one of my New York ponson. Open carry is definitely going to -- it. But everything about a week maybe you know it's pretty -- The -- and everybody is sharing in all the I suggest whether it's a bit more convenient for the in my public property out there. That's on your wallet your marquee speaking -- -- each other American that the thing. Yeah I feel snake shot before and now of course say I've got a couple of proposals where you can you can put a 410 and long -- their select -- -- replaces the -- job but as very valuable I hadn't thought about that if you're. If you're outside doing yard work or whatever especially in climates where there radler rattle her rattle snakes in the saga sure. Exactly. My horses up and then if you decide to take Iran on the following. This supermarket. You know Ali it's situated in got to -- gap on me yeah actually change your future so. It's no big deal. Well of people will in a lot of states like new Yorker so young especially New York you know sometimes there are about who you race. But it's also played recently checked in on her own deep water around. Checking out at the supermarket is your temper and so it is like a conversation in terms of don't think we also had a lot of the little thing down. Yeah I think carrier -- -- in Iraq these so they had security here there. Opt for awhile and through that belly -- so all I went into the bank account -- Netflix you know. And the securities act and over not because he's concerned you know 45 -- the because I can go on. Or now because there's -- yeah there's a camaraderie among people who have firearms a slight. People have motorcycles so you think that that people get used to it after a period of time yeah our state like this New York. Would take I think a longer period of up and. So it would work out -- rural areas I'm gonna think the only place in the work like I -- in New York where he can be. Exposed to execute your all on in terms of the door open at. You began your property and I think that the issues -- paper to -- -- learning examine all property. And suddenly culture for something. You don't want that well I'm glad a vigil you have a good good track record of us and you've given us a different perspective because most of us haven't been in an open carry states so thank you we really appreciate color. Iowa and new York city of course. Forget about any kind of and gunned down there you know that when local judges judges from this area after downstate. Maybe they sit in a temper earlier another court that they can't even if they have a permit they can remembering their guns I mean it's yeah. Very very strict New Yorkers and California. I think I 'cause I've. You know I lived and worked in California. And I've been hero law a lot they're very similar in there and their thinking. Which to me sometimes is very backwards it's very liberal in both states and that's what that's which again. You know they think that if you're attack in -- dark Alley. All you have to do -- -- -- idea. And say we understand that you and a you know deprived childhood. And that you need the money that I earned and you have an -- yourself. We can understand that so please take what I have maybe I'll send you something every week offer hog exactly our group hug. Let's though it's all -- called Mya. Believe me there is there's times. When you feel much more comfortable because you know -- caring as far as your security is concerned in not out to get anybody. You're just out to get home. That's all you wanna go -- Not to be a problem -- anybody. All right -- -- too late to take that call for this segment let me go over the information it was in Kansas. State of Kansas the house voted a hundred and children nineteen. And the senate 37 to two. Two to pass a bill that says that all firearms laws will be statewide laws. Initiated. By the house in the senate instead of individual. A laws cobbled together by municipalities you don't understand how confusing. And bewildering that might be with everybody wanting to look into their own thing. And besides that. You would be able to the governor signs this -- law to open carry if you have a a permanent now it's probably concealed per -- -- In some of them are very restricted even concealed. This would be an open carry you heard the gentleman right there say that when he went to an open -- stated that time Arizona was open carry for him. That took about a week to get used to seeing people without a badge carrying a gun ownership. But remember this here's one thing to remember right now the bad guys don't carry the gun on their hip. They've got they rifle and their long cold or the pistol you know tucked behind a they assured or whatever but they're not going to be displaying the fact I'm coming in Iraq view and I'm wearing a pistol on my hip are going to be doing that. Don't trade on on 3018066. Nights of the sixth and I thirty do you favor all when Harry do you think -- it's something that you would you would like to see. We'll be back after it. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 there are -- free life is 1806169236. We're back -- company as a state of Kansas by a house vote of one all children nineteen and a senate vote of 37 that -- is one pen stroke away. Once the governor signs it of of becoming law that will -- just the the state government. To make laws regarding firearms and -- will allow open carry which should they do not have now and we're asking if you would favor that. And I -- gentlemen a lot of information about pistol permits them and their caring things like that. Is Dennis DC he's from the Niagara gun range dentists are welcome to the show. Morning and you know I'm doing fine Dennis you have a fine ranger there on Niagara Falls boulevard well most of our listeners have either been there are planning ago. I tell us first of all regarding up a pistol permits. In New York State you have to take a class. And you get a permit before you are allowed to purchase a pistol or or carry one or have possession of one -- the interest in of people. Who are -- to fire arms in the last couple of years of getting pistol permits. Well. First while there has been -- significant increase in the amount of people applying for this department has ever won almost. The process in your state -- notes state. Hermit the things wrong by counties and each county will vary in the month time that it takes to get a permit. Ranging anywhere from a couple of months to -- Erie counties and currently over here a lot of people waiting at least twelve months or more costs in order to get a -- The ironic thing about it is. The way the state has programs at a I'm really surprised that a lot of people don't have more self inflicted gunshot ones because they require you have a permit before he can he's been tortured -- Yeah that's a dead to me is unusual. You would think that part of the training would be the handling of the firearm for so let's go back one paragraph. I got my permit and Niagara colony and they were quick and they were efficient and -- Wednesday to carry permit right away. In Erie county we're where a lot of people would be getting their permits. I doubt they still issuing more than one kind one type just to go to arranger or target shooting and another the carriers that is that they have begun to one. Well unfortunately. We circle of your processor -- the first question is gonna ask is what type of for a are you point four carry. Promise and employment. There's no box there to check for hunting and target shooting only. The state allows the George or. -- office workers actually make a final decision on that. To impose restrictions. My question is if they don't try issue and not to have they carry permit -- they've been giving reports to buy a gun in the first place. That's a good point when people come to you know you have those classes at the night Oregon -- correct -- we do when people come to you and -- express an interest in taking the class. I'm -- anecdotally are casually they tell you the reason is that because of self defense is it because. They they wanna learn how to target shoot may want to use a pistol what are the general reasons they give for taking the course of the first. During the reason really does very predominantly most people are more personal protection. Unfortunately is. Much I respect all -- went. On. Quite frankly they're in nineteen and a hard times they're not going to be there when you need them. I think they don't want plays a one time and especially if if the patrol car isn't in your neighborhood it might take a whole lot longer to get there than the bag goes Britain and Euro. -- in a rural areas as people were true I mean you might have Barbara county where his you know if it's a midnight shift. You know they got one or two cars on the road. And they can be together and the county. So we get a permit for a pistol you can't even handle appears so in the process that's like saying I got a driver's license but they know mommy behind the wheel while I'm training I mean business sense. It is is it doesn't make sense at all it defies logic. The bottom line is you know. With. Governor Cuomo and being. Anti gun. And it's well known historians on the shore. He would love nothing better than to. Take all the farms away from people and not even let him do anything even recreational -- protection. But the thing I really feel there's -- sure about -- -- here's our security that the taxpayers in New York -- are paying. Or of course he does because it's it's not do I do is I do it's do as I say -- so people are -- I assume that there are more women now. A wind pistol permits a lot. Woman there's been classes we've had. Region and maybe there's some question between twenty and forty people and class. And him. A few cases the woman outnumber the men -- o'clock. Now I've taken the class and anybody out there was a -- mistake in the quest. Explain briefly what you goal over in the class. Well we heard initially start out with telling them exactly what to expect what they're going to be torture. Once again that paperwork in -- as they no longer no longer exist. They got a -- street -- and -- -- and they do from that more forward -- can be recognized. We. Helping. With how to fill out the application. Tom what they're gonna need for references in fingerprint process and be -- or whether it. We go over general Don safety. Sometimes -- delicate broke a record in the question. Biggest thing is keep the most pointed altering at all times. And keep your finger off the trigger those two things alone. -- -- -- -- and was -- is just buying streak doesn't handle. Safety every person that isn't of firearms that I know safety is the top priority and so you teacher write their ground level. So -- people take the course may get through the course now -- certified. That they they've completed the course. And they have all of the other things necessary logo look law enforcement will checked their fingerprints whatever finally they got their permit. Now to get a gun. Do how to people go to that process and how do you give them suggestions at least as starting shooters. A people who haven't shot before as to what kind of gun might be suitable for them. Well one of the first things I try to find off from the perspective. Gun purchasers what are they intending on doing with a -- right. -- A lot of people are being told all you should get the scale -- get that caliber. It's up we're stopping power. Well. I can give your five punishment than what you Magnum for open returns to -- problem is you wouldn't match I didn't miss there's all the stopping power. Yeah you gotta -- you gotta be able to be comfortable with a gun and hit something will -- So we try to fit a gun. To their needs. We will have women that liked the small automatic because they're small lightweight. But many times they have a difficult time pulling the slide back right -- -- try and find eight semi automatic and handguns that would be suitable. Where they can operated because they can't -- that doesn't know that exactly in some cases it will also tell him you know you're having a problem here. I strongly recommend that you consider the revolver it's very simple to use you -- it. Ayman squeeze the trigger those things the political main squeeze the trigger again. Some automatics you know upholding the right state secretary advocate -- they could hit some inherent problems. That the revolver should not gonna happen. Right -- -- -- -- operator error correcting your whole -- second that is so -- record records they got a lot more questions for -- we have but that is the easy from the -- gun range in Niagara Falls boulevard telling us about the process of getting a pistol permit and then are choosing the right. Gun in the right gun for the right purpose. And we'll continue with Dennis and more on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yet on line outwit us we have Dennis these these with the Niagara gun range. And Niagara Falls boulevard to find -- range and every time I drive by your range receive lots of police cars there's so we know law enforcement shoots there and he got. Clean air -- and resources in there and at a good selection of firearms and you teach the courses. A for the pistol permit and we've gone through basically what's involved -- that. And then when people are trying to select after they get their permit the right farm he suggested that the easiest. It the easiest is a revolver semi automatic handgun is another choice with some some women have problems with the -- -- as a matter of fact. A sold in the revolver is an easier selection. And is that the way most people Goler has its way. It's pretty much split. We do sell. More about McCain simply do the revolvers. Quite frankly this summer automatics a lot of people are buying the treaty calpers. Now what summertime coming around. They can carry something with them for peace of mind. I mean will carry fire or four. Just what yeah. -- What to think don't fully capable of using it god forbid I was ever in a position where he had to run. But I hope that I'm never put their position and I I tried to avoid a confrontation ID you know. Why look for trouble. Absolutely trouble -- you. You have to be prepared to defend yourself aware of though with a firearm how much do you stress that. No matter what caliber no matter what type it is. If you can't hit something -- that it's of no use I mean muzzle -- electric can opener at somebody a Soviet one of the things that you should be doing not just because you're associated. With a gun range as you should be spending range time to become familiar and proficient with a gun. That is exactly correct. It -- firm. Does you absolutely no good news if you are buying -- with these tensions. Purchasing -- -- going to process to get a permit for personal protection whether it be -- at a ball war in your home. You have to be able to build develop a memory. You won't have time. Haven't forbidden somebody breaks your homers that tech and you -- -- -- -- -- all -- -- second. I got -- -- -- -- all right I -- briefed properly think about it a lot of oversight and opposition to do it. It's it's gonna happen too fast. Muscle memory is what you'd have to. Acquire in you can only do that -- practice practice practice. Give us a quick primer on on cites a laser sights tritium sights those kinds of sites which. Give you more of an advantage especially in a low light situation. -- do most guns have them -- options are most handguns coming with them are where you have to order them how does that work. Some governments do column. With the factory installed laser. Strip of some bodyguards as prime example leisure but right into the don't. If you. Want to buy the gun with -- and aftermarket leisure. Christian tradition makes very initially -- But there's a lot of brands helped -- quite frankly more than I can can mention. Everybody looks at a firearm. Putting in an attachment on the you know leisure. -- sites for what they. Think that they would need. Two or 94. If you were working in low -- are going to be able late situations in some cases might say it's probably going to be better than -- -- because. You know laser it just dialed it properly you practice. You can actually hit your target you -- your training yourself one thing only. You're putting a red dot on the target. If the battery dies. For the laser -- right. What he's shooting yeah. Now there also have a gun a couple of guns though of the governor is is is one of them. And that shoots up. But I for ten a shot shells and also long COLT there's at least two guns on the market that do that. So that you could mix your ammunition load would you recommend of them looking at that for different uses or or is that -- more experienced person with a -- That the root revolver sensitive dual capability are great -- indeed choose. The choice of what ammunition would like to shoot out with -- For defense purposes. In close quarters. Every scenario is going to be different so in some cases may be a fortune load of a gun would be. The better choice opposed to eighty and on caliber which is going to be shingles or coming off the barrel. You have to take into account where are you. What ones around you -- there. He would hallway and there's a budget money outside of wall penetration around blog hashing tool wall potentially putting someone else's like in danger. Now it's all safety safety safety all right so people have their permanent they discuss guns -- you are hot they know until they showed them. Exactly how they're going to as far as recall oil and things like that. Do you have guns that you're allowed to agree to let pistol permit holders try what do they have to does that every gun they ever put their hand have to be on their permit. In many many cases. It's. Almost a buyer beware scenario. It is extremely restrictive in the state to do anything with a thank goodness we all not right. We do from time to time they have some rental firms -- Quite frankly from a business standpoint. And state laws being what they are. You basically need a government to torture and that's so. With a variety of different makes and -- of guns are out there it's almost. Economically feasible for any gun dealer competitive every single -- for somebody trying. Before they buy it. It did SharePoint product where of that. You can legally purchase with the -- to direct steps. Where. You're buying out. Point four point even -- -- Exactly well thank you you do a cell of firearms and your ranges is par excellence it's just an excellent range. You have the expertise they -- law enforcement -- there I hope people come out meg gonna make your acquaintance and you can give them. A good direction as you have today on the show thank you very much Dennis territory. Like Ed said Dennis BZ is the proprietor of the Niagara got ranger and Niagara Falls boulevard will be back after this.

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