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4-8 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello what is region governor yeah -- visually tell you something. As a talk show host sometimes get people angry with -- and that's part of the dealer goes with the hillbillies. At least Ahmad Al Sharpton that's the way is -- I'd say and they smoking gun that Al Sharpton -- an FBI informant in the eighties and had a wired briefcase. And he was snooping -- -- Genovese family not a good thing to do. -- Well when I say not a good thing to do is probably a good thing to do but I kind of a dangerous thing to do can you imagine wearing a wire or having a wiring your briefcase. And you're around guys that if they know -- if they know that your recording. They kind of take a dim view of it ago could you are wired to know who know and green and I wanna be wireless yes I think that. I'll -- bureaucrats get nervous when I'm watching like a mob movie in the guys that got I don't know because first of all. He could be really easy. To find out who's wearing a wire even when they're not wearing a wire because every single mob movie have ever seen. The FBI's usually FBI but did usually the FBI tapes to the chest of the guy. The microphone. And then of course they're using duct tape that a lot of -- are we talking -- although the crime -- and everything ball on the floor and it's not a pardon me. So they put -- duct tape. And then they rip off chest hair. So you have to do is is checked to see who's just there has been ripped out by dark you know maybe that's where the no no comes from that new marvelous thing to remove there. -- it's it's you know always it's that not a laser. And it's not a razor it's a no no. So maybe they maybe they have a pattern and after that so I -- at the -- -- well first of all. I'm surprised inning catch on Al Sharpton. I've seen pictures and -- a very Italian to me what I think that. Well -- a lot about out of an Italian line up yet to be able and I think so source Sharpton says that he didn't. It's a war with the FBI. In the eighties but he wasn't an informant facilities splitting hairs there are here's a part of the story that I have. He's had via other titles a civil rights activists presidential candidate. TV host I might add both phones though. But for time the FBI secretly called the Reverend Al Sharpton and CIE seven. Are confidential informant -- mobsters -- they bug briefcase. Popping the feds bring down the Genovese family. Before -- in the eighty Sharpton secretly assisted a joint FBI NYPD task force known as the Genovese squad. He his role as an FBI informant. Was first disclosed in 1988 but the smoking gun outline hundreds of -- pages. Of information that a that they got a whole of FBI memos. And provide stunning new details of the operation. The documents -- -- them operating easily and an underworld of violence and corruption helping the -- collect essential information. Sharpton's cooperation. It was very dangerous because the Genovese family at that time. Was via the most feared of the mafia outlets according to -- reports and and Sharpton said yeah he did help them. But he didn't you know he wasn't like an informant. Good luck to you. Equipment -- my dad who's not results not not not the kind of job I would want so we'll assume that goes and they get these. Here's the worst part the -- gonna get angry about. You know if you've seen pictures of -- he's lost like 5000 pounds. Big big policy old picture of him when he was going at first of all these separate church are Sharpton most days they could put the wire anywhere -- never found that even if it wasn't wearing a shirt. Yeah I could put it means they're absolutely. So that's at reverend Al. -- maybe working with the FBI I saw a criminal defense attorney. Interviewed. This morning on television. And said it is very seldom not impossible but it's very seldom. That you go to the FBI and say you know one I'd like to Wear a wire and take on the crime the crime -- He says what usually happens is the FBI comes the ones that here's what we have -- Now we can go after them with your assistance are we can go after you which would you like. So if that's the if that is the prerequisite of why he wore it. Then they obviously had something. Because it does seem highly unlikely somebody just out of the goodness of their heart. Would say I like so -- wire. I don't think it's gonna Hamburg I trying to say and -- may have broken the law that -- and -- it. Twisted it stuck on an -- that this was payback. But that's -- so I would suggest that if you are in the company of anybody you don't noted today. Remove their shirt and see if they had chest hair ripped off. With duct tape and that includes women. I mean we gotta be honest we gonna be fair about it you know. President signed an equality bill for women yesterday it should be the same thing with -- -- absolutely there would be more fun to look for the lawyer that's -- important for another time. Are what else we got. This woman. And -- North Reading Massachusetts. Heard -- radio noise and she knew there was an intruder in the house she called police. The police came in and their quickly found that the call -- from the source of the noise it was a duck. A soot covered wooden dock. Police say the -- and and through the chimney and have a quack the case. Very quickly. Jack Webb didn't I think. -- that's but they did they front -- and there are you -- confine animals come down through the chimney now here's how -- I am. I always when I'm not using the fireplace keep the damp. We're close. So the furthest they're gonna get as the damper and I've only been open. And plus I have a glass doors it's -- opened or closed in front of the fireplace there are always close and the dampers closed. I take all precautions. These guys absolutely because I've seen. A cut should give cops a -- you know it's bad enough they have to dodge the bad guys and Ali idiots who were on drugs. I've seen a couple of episodes of crops the last couple of blow weeks where they may -- may you know went into animal control. One they're pulling this huge snake out from behind a chair. The elderly woman. But that there was a snake there in Chicago neighbor neighbor came over and discovered yes there is at their Brooke I'd I've sorry I can't get it. They call the cops -- I would've called animal control but maybe it was a middle of the night. And the cops got to give these guys credit mess out of their job description may not only rounded up the snake. They found out how it came in and you know came -- you know you have the the -- ago dryer vents. It came -- at eight its way through will be covering on the dryer -- so wasn't an all metal dryer vent you know. And that's how it came -- longer room. So you know how you have it's directed to the outside snake got up there came in through there and and and the cops came and got him. Another long where the cops pulled I'm a giants -- government shrubs and another one would an alligator down in Florida. If I'm a -- I'll say if you like and it shook the -- the environment because it's -- life threatening a we have to do that otherwise. Yes called call yes BCA. And that's that I don't think -- -- -- live in Florida just from the episodes of cops that I've seen I worry about my -- and there. There's snakes down there there's alligators down there. There's all kinds of bogs down there there's scorpions on there -- fire ran swept back now. Just throw little sunshine -- I don't think so I'll put up with a snow thank you very much. -- will take -- will be back with more would be in company I don't have a briefcase that was not wired back where wireless on those radio and I'm thirty WB yeah. And -- two of us our road where is standing -- today unfortunately. Chris is that smaller and our eyes mr. sports guys -- -- know everything be emblem for announced every name. Tony was rooting for UConn yes one that would -- UConn and I was rooting for UConn one that would be you cannot. So Chris was not just rooting for pick to win. That would beaten Kentucky. Chris I'm sorry. Here I felt pretty good too when they came back they were down like thirty to fifteen back to -- out they pulled to within four at that happened and they were down by one early in the second and we just couldn't get it down the out well it was good game I watched part of it. And if they got drug UConn got off to a great start. It and I heard the coach say that's probably part of the reason they won they got off to a good start always coming back coming back excellent idea -- now the women are playing. And the UConn women -- -- to -- undefeated when to be cool -- -- UConn won both of the same year like can be the second time they've done that we were in for Tennessee or whoever -- -- -- every -- I'm not a big Notre -- and I and I like -- like their head coach -- are grammys he's got a great job varies seemingly. Has is team in the final four every year and a coach the other team has come Moffett writes you a specific to be a great name for an NBA coach Moffett. And all those big guys have attacked roads and the shoulders that are in -- seven feet wide. And the big monster muscles and yes culture that I'm sorry. Doesn't. Well anyway you -- both teams are undefeated we -- in this one I'll pick Connecticut I don't jinx you guys you've got a hundred of the a player Tony -- UConn. I'm. So good luck to them tonight. -- now by the way tomorrow night if you'd like to know more about the trip we're going to Alaska. By yeah princess cruise lines. You can come by the radio station you have to make a reservation first. By calling 18024. To 4244. And tomorrow night at six. Here at the -- studios. The of the people from a princess will be there are talking about the Alaskan cruise what's available whether -- wanted to one it will entail. If you just need more information it's a good seminar until you actually wanna sign up into it there too. But it's tomorrow night right here at the radio station at 6 o'clock. You're just call 18024. To 4244. And we may have about exciting because he's -- -- seven. And the event starts at six and you don't want you may run into much commodity elevator and the short. He feels very badly if people see -- -- and don't make a big deal. You know images walk and walk by him and on any intentional. Now how much you love the show all and that he's taller than you expected him debate and stuff like that he just loves the personal attention. So be sure to do that because it'll get them off to a really great and exciting start. -- -- -- -- -- Meanwhile average employer right now. Who'll months ago to the first annual which means they're gonna have another one next year. Buffalo means business executive networking event it's going to be Thursday of this week. From for a way to prior aviation that it inaudible Learjet there are heard calling the process school. And -- gonna have a lot of good stuff -- rubbing elbows with the people of similar interest. General confidence rules apply -- it was a hundred dollars. Rub elbows with the western New York's finest limited number of tickets available yet yours in my buffalo perks dot com. -- takes locally crafted the buffalo foods symbol -- lines buffalo made Beers and spirits. Luxury automobiles I think they're gonna BMW's -- -- that's lower Tuesday. And the private jets the RV it's organized organized night. And -- Tony's rubbing his own well thank you much. And that's going to be a good event and if you wanna win column now 6449 points and five an -- winner will be chosen. At random. Okay got a lot to talk about today this. Is a story that we've had for the last couple of days. Which we've been waiting to use because we think it's very appropriate in. In New York State as New York State is is getting tighter and tighter on rules and regulations and things like that regarding fire are. -- Some states are going the other way and one of those states would be Kansas. So I have a story here from the Associated Press. Regarding what we're talking about Kansas legislators gave final approval last Saturday. To a bill that would nullify city and county gun restrictions. And ensure that it's legal across the state to. Openly. Carry firearms. OK so that they -- going to be wearing her a firearm on your hip. Or beyond but it mostly open would be on the on the Euro on your hip. A the national rifle. The house in Kansas -- these votes now. Approve the legislation a 102 -- in nineteen. That was the day after the senate passed the 37 that true. So they seem to be of one mind would -- the measure goes next a big Republican governor Sam Brownback. He hasn't said what are whether -- sign him -- he's a supporter of gun rights and has signed other measures backed by the NRA and the Kansas State rifle association. So the expectation is you'll sign it into law the measure would also prevent cities and counties. From enacting restrictions on the sale of firearms and ammunition or imposing rules on how guns must be stored and transported. Existing ordinances would be -- local governments could not use tax dollars for gun buyback programs. They see it as of the buyback program -- past. It's all it's all PR. When Byron brown stands around with the guns that they bought. On and on a card table makes you feel safer you're not any safer than you were before. It's just that it's it's eye candy is what they do all. Is that I've done it looks so scary boy am I glad that that's off the street. -- I wasn't even gonna go downtown because of that particular -- I mean that's that's that's them -- Supporters say a patchwork of local regulations. Confuses gun owners and infringes upon gun ownership rights guaranteed by the state constitution and the Second Amendment of the US constitution opponents of the bill. In Kansas argued that local officials know what what's best. And what policies are appropriate for their communities you know what's funny is. They take that position on this but they sure as hell don't take it on every every lobby and act. The laws they enact statewide are these laws you must Obey them but funny with the gun laws. The local people -- that that's -- that's just because they have no other. Argument. Both the National Rifle Association and the San Francisco Bay's loss senate to prevent gun violence at 43 states including Kansas. Already limit the abilities of cities and counties to regulate firearms though they vary widely on how far they go. So Kansas says -- the governor signs that these obese state gun laws that seems sensible seemed sane and -- a good idea but I'm asking -- this. Do you favor open carry. And you have to convince me one way or the other because I'll give you my thoughts on that. I definitely. Favor -- whether -- favor open carry I have made in my mind on that yet. What mile around together on news radio 930 WB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- -- There are toll free line 1806169236. We're back where did you -- but it is about dance they really don't agree about women now I'm not big on snakes and rats I'll tell you that right now. I would take on the at the defensive line of the Buffalo Bills report today on snakes and rats but there but -- But if a woman season and even a small little black cancels little teeny ones come out this Rangel bullets that. As you find that -- -- -- -- yeah and usually most -- -- and I want freaks out and even -- had -- -- yeah my -- but it doesn't like spiders but we've had tiny -- before -- forever isn't it really care about -- -- out of -- he had so I had two very large hands and now. And Josephine but I'd be of this volatile black -- don't bother me except I got an -- story for. When I was in separate Cisco. Had a house in the east may very nice house very nice neighborhood house is clean as you can imagine all right -- stress this. And my wife ex girlfriend from from school her husband taught at Berkeley. So she's -- why don't we invite them over for Thanksgiving OK that's fine so we invited him over for Thanksgiving. End of all the food was prepared in the kitchen the kitchen had a an island and it. And in week eight in the dining. So everybody was a seated in the dining room and the and the Turkey a preliminary cuts were made during the ending ending and we're having a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in the dining. And we ran out of Turkey -- that was on the platter. So my wife says would you cut some more Turkey and I go into the kitchen. And keep in mind we were only in the dining room. Happened power Macs aren't. As she says would you cut cut some more Turkey as a shark so I take the platter and I walking and and I look at the Turkey. It looks like the Turkey is wearing a sweater. There are -- covering every inch of the Turkey this is like while those -- movies like. And I DR I I I stay calm. And I said so and good to me ahead and he's probably thinking this fool can't even cut out by us on to our. And I as she came and it was like. It was like I was like well as horror moments that except there was real life. And -- needless to say the Turkey. Was scuttled. There was no -- no no way shape or form of that. And also needless to say that next day the exterminator. Was called out and and and found the the ends where they originated. And undergo random number we had needs absence though that because you know you can see an -- Otto like a white -- something. Had seen any ads because this is -- ball very clean and tidy and neat people. We've seen better believe me the that would have been long gone and heaven. But the big Turkey was I wish I had had a cell phone at the time that it now cellphones is in the eighties. To take a picture of it because it was it was like a living breathing sweater. Full of ants on the Turkey. And an -- idea I've freaked you -- already Tony just telling a story all bets on it my wife was not happy. And neither was died. Like them that was that that I that's my -- stories the only -- Carolina. I'm sorry if if another -- story is required before noon up. Have the deeper. The government. Go to a different kind of story. Are right in -- Kansas the house voted it. A hundred and children nineteenth. The senate voted 37 did so for a couple of things one to make all gun laws in the state of Kansas state laws. You can have local municipalities. Cobble together their own laws but especially since it will allow -- the governor signs in the governor is probably going to. Is two have open carry allowed and other words you have a permit process there. Whatever that process might be but it says that when you do have your permit you can carry openly which means on your hip generally. And and I want you to convince me one way or the other. Whether that's a good idea or bad idea I'll give you might my views on that first on very much in favor. A pistol permits I have one. We don't have open carry in New York State but there are times I think we're open carry is totally appropriate. If your security guard open -- is fine. Obviously. If bureau policeman -- open carry on duty I would have no problem would you open carrying off duty. So maybe Europe a security guard and -- a bank or something open carry. Might keep people from coming back and saying hand over your money. But it unless you're an those circumstances -- really sure. If open carries a good idea for everybody I'll tell you why I think that when you do carry. Is it transparency. I mean keeping it out of sight of most people is a good idea. Because -- the gun is there if you need it. But it's not going to provoke anybody by seeing it is not gonna freak anybody else out by seeing -- most people will tell you. That if if you ever carry permit and you carried regularly most people don't even know. Are you can't even tell. So that's the way I'm comfortable with -- like that I I don't know if I would be a comfortable -- open carry out in public. The only time -- open carried in my idea by hole look a career of a shooting has been in Texas where. The production directors family owned -- 2300 acres. And we used to go out there and and in the middle of nowhere. And shoot -- I would open carry a 44 Magnum rats rats shot and it for snakes. I just kept on my hip I didn't use it for the target shooting that we're going but I kept on my hip and I shots of snakes. So that's the only time I open carry I don't think I would open carried regularly. If -- were allowed. And that Tony if you had a permit would you favor open carry or would you carry a big more discreet and having it there but not letting anybody else know that -- -- Yeah I'd rather not anybody know that I was carrion a Christian or having a discussion. Before the special about this thing you know some points -- were brought up -- I just don't think it's the smartest thing. I think one thing open -- might do is a couple of when you see -- and then I'll ask Chris his opinion when you see it first -- could be curiosity. And people are okay and I see the gun and you wanna make sure that -- -- secure at all times. It ought to be handing you're -- around to people's so they can see Hamlet you know wanna do okay. At least I don't wanna do that so the curiosity factor plus the provocation. Of hey -- caring go what do you think your tough guy you -- kind of stuff. It's better -- not have it and and it's there I mean not Charlotte and have it when you need it then show I didn't have to explain ever defend it. There's no point them that I'd -- bank. Now if you wanna use it as a deterrent. That might be one thing. Maybe the bad guy seeing that you haven't gone on your hip is not gonna come up behind you and pitcher with a board over the cover your head and grab your wallet because he knows it and showed them. But maybe not but I'd rather have it I'd rather Kerry and not have known that I'm caring and then have it out there what do you think -- -- Now I'm with you guys and that when I I think you could set people off especially off a lot of people might not be familiar with guns or is there and on Jim Woodward guy who just kind of make everybody an easy guy and that and that camp. And IE I understand the deterrence argument but. If -- if it's concealed carry now I was carrying meltdown if if a mania it's gonna go after -- gonna go after you are not sure. A garden is scene begun -- started there really crazy for as an amateur scene in God's gonna stop Allen's. He sees an officer. You know peace officer. Carrying a gun -- OK with that because they're used to -- -- wearing a badge they assume they have training they assume they have the discipline. But if you're as an individual -- gone. First of all some people be afraid of it and then you're in a position of having to explain there's nothing to be afraid of you know you have a gun class retirement mark on the house. And end of that or somebody's gonna come and be. You know go nose to nose with the because they don't believe in that. All this kind of crap and you know kind of polling done on him so does not think really accepted deterrent argument that I can think of that would favor carrying on your hip now I've been in gun stores before where all of the let's people working their carry on their hip. It's it's very daunting if you gave any thought to what personal -- for Robert gun store when their when their open especially. I mean he -- you'll moron. But that the point as I think that this open -- has its place of it's part of your job in law enforcement security but civilian Medina. I think I see a bonus to to have an open. And that is won't be the goal in the Starbucks anymore. -- you got -- right Starbucks is all this job you wouldn't be able to pay the outrageous extra price for the -- grind out on video whatever with sprinkles -- from identical exactly and but the good part Tony is the taste release talks so there's no no need to go to Starbucks and are we wanna hear from you. Are convinced me one way or the other about open Kerry. That you don't favorite because or you don't favorite because because I haven't made up my mind but I'm leaning more towards. Good -- not being from me whether it's available is one thing but I don't think if the lobby came in New York State tomorrow that I could carry openly. I don't think I would. I would still Kerry but not open. It 0309301806169. Through six and start 930 listening to sandy. Makes my day. -- DEA yeah Kansas -- recently of a house in Kansas. By a -- -- vote -- hundred and suit and maintain them in the senate by vote of 37 that to have sent a bill to the governor it was a Republican governor. First of all just making any gun laws in the state of the Kansas statewide gun laws stripping. Oh municipalities. Of luck coddling together their own set of rules and regulations. And it would allow open carry. If you ever carry permit that was concealed all the way and now it would be and you could exit could still concealment but it would be open carry. And I'm not convinced that I would do it even if we could hear. It 03 on 93018061692. Through six are 930. Or do you favor open carry is it something that you would be OK with where you think is better idea not to. Let's go to Marlene and Angola Marlene on WB again. And I'm. Care. For thirty years here there. -- -- -- I say her. Not open carry you -- do you prefer conceal. -- -- It take it every year. I think it. I'm creep out there and at the couple quit and -- -- and says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. I agree. I hit the I can do a mystery to do. You. -- where you go. Or how few people are. They're currently. Plus you'll you give up the element of surprise in other words. You don't wanna give it to the bad guys because if I if they don't know you have a gun you have a better chance as you just said to defend yourself. Exactly and you know I think if they had gotten. Into you which -- and. -- that's one of the biggest problems is that people. Who can't secure their own guns usually -- shot with them and sometimes kill -- so it's -- that habit and it's there when you're needed you have a better chance to use that -- showed up and plus -- -- have to explain to people already -- why your caring or. It scare off other people there's just not a big upside to that. Actually a pretty good grants for you -- jokingly oh ya -- And being -- With cots that's different because there -- a bad people look over a law enforcement or security that's fine and that might be a deterrent. But an individual especially you you describe yourself as they a smaller woman you don't wanna be at a target by you know some idiot would -- a few drinks. I expect I have no Kwan about Eugene Oregon I hit it night. Might our family is in danger if there's somebody breaking and -- 367 under. Well now you say. Well that's a that's good because if you have it you -- be committed to use -- if you need it. Now you've been caring for argues that thirty years so you're you're on the forefront of this now more and more women are getting their pistol permits but. When you first got yours you must've been one of the few around that was actually they're carrying a concealed. They kick you out my son went Nittany. He he did that actually stopped and he went -- we got that night shift work at all hospitals and so forth with simply dot. -- -- -- You better -- -- I'm I'm at all my apartment and the way. Keep that I'm out hope you need to go to school that you get to carry it got him I I also want to colliding with myself. Well good for you you're ready. I think I -- seven he's ever got a pretty good he's ever Magnum -- bestseller real. -- If it. Ya bitch you down don't make it them thank you Marlene and a happy shielding. Two at the at the range thank you very much. Yeah I purest ball and petite you've got a gun on your hip people are going to either try and -- begun. Or challenge you or it's just to my mind I'm leaning toward I would not material will be back after this.

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