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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Means Business Event Thursday - Colleen DiPirro

Buffalo Means Business Event Thursday - Colleen DiPirro

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo means business event this Thursday at prior aviation. The Amherst chamber is a big part of this and Colleen to appear the president and CEO of the Amherst chamber of commerce is joining us. On the WB and lifeline howling good morning good morning and sounds like a big networking event. You know what that the social component to that the networking is really our biggest focus so we have chambers from OEM. I'll believe it Niagara far from everywhere in between participating. You'll see vice presidents of banks individual. Sole proprietors -- at home businesses they'll be accused diversity a different representatives there. And getting to know other people executives has long been a staple of good drive. Well you know what everybody talks about networking but what they really -- this they wanna make a buck could save a buck when you come out network -- chamber of -- You're looking through increased exposure for your product and service. He handle it builds your brand so here's an opportunity for you to. Increased recognition for what you're selling and hopefully -- had tears staple of businesses and customers. Or defined in great opportunity to save money -- a product or service among your fellow at some good numbers what business people across Western New York. Now this is taking place in an airplane hangar a prior aviation which has to be a draw just by itself. Well it's gonna be so cool it's big we can accommodate up to 600 people but he's come with plenty of business cards. Whether they have BMW's therefore you defeated in and get a feel for the queen to be weird chat there. That I felt the -- is doing the food real high -- food we don't know how. Great Salvatore food is there's going to be a lot of things to taste great swing great idea. Do expect to hear much talk at this event about the Buffalo Bills Colin. I'm sure that the like around water cooler -- morning for the last two weeks they'll be much talk about the Buffalo Bills. And probably if we have 500 people there they'll be 500 different opinions on what's gonna happen and what should happen. You know that's been our focus the last few days that the about the ownership change that will be coming with the team and it probably goes without saying that the Amherst chamber and every other chamber for that matter. Would want to keep the bills in buffalo right. Where huge supporter of the impact team for the Buffalo Bills organization and what good friends with mr. Wilson and his entire administration. We realize that they're not only the economic impact but the quality of life impact wanted to -- our image. Exceedingly important forced to make sure they stay in Western New York. They Colleen anomaly bring my checkbook with -- what's so Lear jet going for the day and -- I have no idea but I think it's playbook might pick anything else think that. Along with making quick connections they can make more money -- -- -- could have the goal of making enough money to buy nuclear chat or -- got one in the future. While -- now I know what you can get tickets through our website WB and got companies your chain permanent member you get a discount that right. Yet it -- can remember and eighteen -- -- county regional western new York and get the tickets for twenty dollars. That gives you the opportunity to eat drink and meet fellow business people from across the region didn't go to impact dot org and sign up. Or you can go to your local chamber of commerce and sign up and get your tickets for twenty dollars. Both sounds like a great an event Kelli thanks for joining us. Thanks is that thanks -- my. YouTube kind peerless president and CEO of the Amherst chamber of commerce. Buffalo means business this is in conjunction with the buffalo means business radio show heard weekly on WB and every Saturday from six to seven hosted by buddy -- he can get tickets. To the buffalo means business event by looking for buffalo means business as a link near the bottom of our homepage at WB EN dot com.

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