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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Still Seeking Missing Plane - Mark Rosenkar

Still Seeking Missing Plane - Mark Rosenkar

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today marks exactly one month since Malaysia airlines flight 370. Disappeared. Joining us on the WB and my plan this morning is mark Rosen -- CBS news transportation safety analyst and former chairman of the NTSB. Market morning. Good morning John and certain. No no pains since the weekend. But are we closer at least to finding the haystack. Well I think -- -- Indy in in the area of the haystack at least step on the positive news that we may have gotten as a result of the things that came from the ocean shield. And that -- paying low cater. But term unfortunately we are going to seal it's going to be like a roller coaster we're going to get eyes like we did. Yesterday -- The air chief Marshal said that we had what appeared to be -- from the -- black boxes. And he'd talked this morning. Unfortunately about the the the situation where we were not able to re engage. 83 time which would've helped us triangular eight. -- better where the boxes might be. Mark what does the next us step here now in the event no more radio signals are detected -- -- just scouring the ocean bottom. With a corporal Don -- and detect a large aircraft that large piece of metal. That may well be what plan B is going to be united they're gonna continue to try. At least for the next Tony or perhaps 48 hours to see if they can re engage that signal again which would help them significantly. They are able to bring this down. These these -- down significantly. I just the the hearing of these things. Late Saturday and Sunday. So that did improve this situation significantly. But it did not bring it down to a focus where we are much much better off than we were before. Yeah they've been careful not to confirm that the kings are from the plane but if they weren't from. The Malaysian plane and from their black boxes what else with those things have come from. Unfortunately we did because you're dealing radio signal you can get propagation from other types of things whether it be ships in the area whether it -- the signal. Coming from potential sea life that rare. But that we regret let's before we begin trying to figure out what it might be other than in the box let's let's. Given the pattern that we got we -- we're looking at it as the box we're now trying to put our efforts in combining those box -- Mark we're also hearing about technology that's now being considered. That would cause an aircraft's black box flight data recorders to be jettisoned. In the another crash which would make the important -- -- carriers easier to retrieve do you know anything about this can you tell us under the about that. That's been discussed for actually decades -- and they have chosen not to do it because you run that same risk of losing it again. So what they would like to do is keep it where the larger part of the aircraft is. But perhaps bring the concept of operations into the 21 century maybe by either streaming -- the data. All while the aircraft is moving and also. Maybe even using technology like HD SP which is just around the corner or some of the aircraft already have it. And using that as part of the ability to one tracked the airplane and maybe get additional performance state from a. This has been such a huge effort over the past month involving some many countries I think I heard yesterday fourteen planes and fourteen ships were looking. How long can this continue are you hearing any talk about that is there any talk of quitting are pulling back. Not Jack and I think they yep every time we get some good news like we did. Well over the weekend where we may have hurt the boxes that gives enough. Enthusiasm and up credibility to to believe that the searches on the right path that. They get redouble their efforts and get committed to to try to -- to define this box to it's fighting the the actual aircraft itself. To try to understand what happened here and then of course. Hopefully prevent these kinds of things from happening again. You know there's no suspicion is there mister Rosen -- that some devious person. Might have sent out false signals on the frequency what is -- 37 point five kilohertz. Did the -- very difficult to do with that -- and there was virtually nobody around there -- other than not folks that are involved in. The search and recovery. Mark we're glad you could join us thanks for the update. That's CBS news transportation safety analyst and former chairman of the NTSB mark -- car.

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