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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Political Aspects of Bills Ownership - Dave Levinthal

Political Aspects of Bills Ownership - Dave Levinthal

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB and -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech pretty mourning day. Or it's a lot has been going on with talk regarding future ownership of the Buffalo Bills and there's a lot of politics. Regarding this too with the bills I mean. It's not a case of just awarding the team to the highest bidder right. It is. Certainly it's just that you're absolutely right that this is going to get political -- traps that already has I think you're correct it takes about three or so that the league's ownership. In order to approve any transfer of the teams in the new. Older so right off the bat that that gives a lot of political folks up a week so which struck Schumer some heart at that that this is going to be a situation going forward the next. -- or even months where the Buffalo Bills are going to perhaps they called it an advantage if you have an order coming and want to keep the team in buffalo who want to make sure that buffalo is going to have the built. For the long term and that it's important -- note here that politicians are going to have an important but a limited -- I'm like congress or the president can comment in this state. Okay NFL you gotta keep the team in your city but expect Schumer in particular to be a big lobbyist for that as in a public site. What to do and as -- bidding begins for the next ownership better the next owner the Buffalo Bills. David do you have any idea what an NFL. -- the other owners. Well look for in the new owner of a team in the league before giving it a rubber stamp what they look for. Until I let my expertise but I know that much particularly talking a lot of folks say here in BC -- -- -- much about the outlook acts sent. Yeah -- very well connected in the political world you're looking for somebody who of course it is going to -- the ability economic team quite well technically money. This as a club after all sides -- create by the organization by the corporation. As a result it's it's what the corporation itself. Somebody ultimately who ordered it into the club in Q well not only by -- -- the team that sent. By the league. At large -- equals succeed all the teams will succeed pulling in revenue for the -- -- eagle fans in the seats. And ultimately want -- picture that's going to -- that. All parties involved. Now Donald Trump said he might be interested in buying into the Buffalo Bills. Will the National Football League look at trump and say hey you were once involved in gambling and who knows you still might be and collect airline market Yeltsin. And here that says that that could be very limiting factor there are going to be certain things that potentially could disqualify. Somebody from being -- -- gambling is one that. Our ownership of other -- sports team. Outside the market that they are seeking. Could be another one as well it is there are going to be. Certain factors that and yet -- owners when they decide. Whether it's thumbs up to the -- down. It's going to be game breakers that that they're just not going to. What he had the potential owner of the central -- really be it real player in terms of getting a team. Under his leadership. Dave doesn't matter who the owner of the team is as long as the team stays in buffalo. Well yes yeah it's certainly doesn't -- that you -- mediate Arab. Quick orders that are bad -- -- all cried when he believes that by the determination that the fans and that the populations of the cities today is apathy and he could have owners to carry -- very active and I have a winning culture that you can have others do it just I'll vote absentee owners. -- butt back here in -- here -- this is going to be a big if you expect it to be. Parked about a good bet that the NF LU's Gary politically active IE in and of itself states spend more than a million dollars every year lobbying the federal government. Political action committee one -- giving money to politicians but Democrats and Republicans. All the time they're gonna -- from our politic in public so a lot going forward Phil and even somebody like our budget and kind of flirting back and forth so with the political world as well. He's even if he's not a serious on a candidate and that remains to be seen the -- -- about a whole lot of that political conflict and the context. Hey David you sound pretty Brad Miller of the new baby must be sleeping okay. He went pretty well we -- power interpret its envelope not keep her out for a couple of hours -- your PC but. He's doing wonderfully and analytical about at it's anyone Kabila -- Now that's great. And bad storms there. I can't leave without so much bad weather but there's -- it's now it appears to be all over itself. You can never really complain about the -- election PCs in about him. -- -- -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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