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4-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA and wolves the -- and he would -- And yeah. India the hole looked up moderately anxious and my brother. Think he's going for the week but. All. The decency to clear my name but the central. We're -- now especially. Tom hourly barreling back in -- parent it's life it's local -- My dad in him but felt it's Tom hourly. On news radio 930 WB here. Let's play Khatami's fix this thing that -- be replaced by something from slap shot. All right a little wiggle out of joke. It's out there after six in his radio 930 WB and it's -- and that coming up on the program why. The gay lobby hate Christians so much. Why. Is there so much hate and hate speech in the gay lobby against Christians. Why. I thought the days were supposed to be tolerant -- except paying and coexist. And diverse. But why do gay. People the gay lobby. I just -- Christian so much that that case is in the news again. The photographer. Whose religious beliefs are being screwed by the gala. And it's wrong. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian. Let me get back to look Carol in Niagara Falls and if you're listening to the previous hour Carol. And her husband are moving down to a Tennessee 78000 dollar home we're gonna -- 326. Dollars a year on taxes let me repeat that that is not a misprint. 78000 dollar home. 326. Dollars a year in the taxes. Carol I have to ask you why Tennessee. And why not somewhere furthers. Well. 300 and -- six dollars that is pretty cheap our sales tax our our property tax. It but they still -- income tax in Tennessee I forgive me for over talking to you but they still have an income tax in Tennessee right. They -- you know it's not no -- -- another. -- literally bass track -- that I would I don't. The latter is. It. New York. There is no room for conservatives -- right we didn't vote. We can't wait there is. One that I've -- -- other in a ground breaking out. And extras and we got it right at the foothills. Appalachian Mountains well. They hit a total at six that -- us know Lance Whitaker. Which was relaxed about it. I'm my husband's health is not good he can't travel and elbow anymore. It's perfect for a. Well and I hope when you say that that you have planned ahead that you're gonna be living in an area that is close to a good hospital perhaps say a level one trauma center or good cardiac care unit because these things ultimately consideration. I can't move big hospitals. Within five miles from it. Excellent acts because -- say a lot of people say hey when I get older it like to you know dialogue cabin and retiring Vermont. Well maybe not a lot of people but some people do and I think to myself god forbid you have a heart attack you're going to. You've already looked ahead to this -- -- question for you and that is this was there a straw that broke your back the straw that broke the camel's back it may Jews say you know what. We're out of here. -- While no -- or conservative. That was it. That would -- he is going to get no -- front knees saying. A lot. -- thousand dollars a year and taxes on how. A work table top -- because. You said there's no room for us. Well and I want to revisit that bit of audio because I think it is important to hear the hate speech from Andrew Cuomo the bullying. From Andrew Cuomo against conservatives like yourself and I made the point at the time these remarks were made over the winter. Bet if a white male Republican governor of a conservative state -- said the exact same thing about liberals and progressives. That person would have been brought before the cameras in there. And Ford -- -- but only after a -- Coppola and a promise to go to sensitivity training yet Andrew Cuomo can get away with crap like lists. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. Up Perot assault weapon. Anti gay -- is that whom they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Whoever Cuomo is very much pro abortion I only wish to his mother had made that choice. -- I'm -- this I mean he made it out of the womb so he's in the -- I wish is Mohamed the -- more progressive put it that way. Our Carol welcome -- call and thanks for sharing the information and -- -- you're not a professional radio person but you did just fine thank you. -- Bob -- and -- shares Carol lot of good stuff they're a lot of good content there -- idea capped around. Now up I think we've we've spent a lot of time I ended the show Friday with that and I started off today show when it. And I wanna get them to what a couple of other things one of them is definitely happy ending. There the other one is is serious. I have to ask you guys. Why do you think the gay lobby hates Christians so much. Why is there such a bullying. Of Christians in the gay lobby. And all what do you what do you well. There is as far as I'm aware no shortage of photographers in New Mexico. As far as I'm aware there is no shortage of photographers. Without religious views in New Mexico. As far as where it's not like one photographer is the only person you go to in New Mexico. To have weddings take of your gay commitment ceremony. Yet. This woman is being made an example of and that she is being screwed. Her constitutional rights are being taken away. What about talking about well it's something that we have discussed earlier. Not today but in another show. These Supreme Court the United States Supreme Court is not going to listen to arguments. In support of a woman's right to the free exercise of her religious views Supreme Court rejects appeal from photographer against gay marriage. Here's the situation. This woman is a Christian. Her religion. Her conscience. Forbids her from having anything to do with a commitment ceremony a wedding between members of the same gender. She is a Christian. She does not believe in this it is against her conscience it is abhorrent to our soul she is entitled to that belief. Moreover the First Amendment of the constitution of this country guarantees the free exercise of her religion. I'm sorry it used to guarantee the free exercise upper religion. And in what I consider to be. An anti American. Decision. The Supreme Court won't even listen. To this woman's arguments. That she as a Christian is being screwed. The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal. From a commercial photography business in New Mexico. That objects to taking pictures of same sex wedding ceremonies the justices on Monday left in place. -- New Mexico world. That said Elaine photography violated. A state anti discrimination law. But it refused to work. For same sex couple who wanted pictures a bigger commitment ceremony well that anti discrimination law needs to be looked. Folks you don't understand what's going on here right. Do I need to spell it out for you and lay it out to -- Okay big gay lobby hates Christians that's what's going up. The gay lobby will do anything it can't and to silence and spiteful Christians. It will do anything it can't to make sure that people like Elaine photography. Are put through torture in the legal system. And frankly. Our constitution guarantees people like Elaine photography in Mexico V right. To the free exercise. Of their religion. Now I have to ask you if you regard as I regard. The bill of rights in our constitution as -- basic building block a law in the United States our foundation of ball in the united well. A -- I guess I'm talking about the pre Obama era so I may be an air roar. But. You are guaranteed. By you're government. The right to freely exercise your religion. So what kind of -- guarantee do you really have as a Christian. If you say you know what. I will not take on this job because it interferes with the free exercise of religion which is christianity. This is a no brainer to me. The courts are wrong. The gay lobby hates Christians. The -- lobby would wish to Christians to just dies every single one of especially Christians who believe in that hole a man will not lie with a man or woman will apply with a woman thing. Now -- those don't happen to be my views. But my god it's obvious to me and by the way I think that's what makes my opinion very credible on this I'm not a Christian. I can't stand the gala I think they're the biggest bunch of frauds and phonies. That is ever walked the face and Eric. The least fibers least inclusive bunch of people don't ever want it. And I quadrupled blog beer anybody the mobile home -- if I will have fun destroying you. Let's -- -- about traffic right now here's -- -- It and AccuWeather some rain tonight the overnight low 42 tomorrow cloudy and breezy some drizzle and rain 48 right now it is 48 degrees at news radio 930 WDE and well I have a pair of tickets right now. The giveaway to the first and -- cool the first annual buffalo means business executive networking event Thursday April 10. That's this Thursday from four until eight at prior aviation ticket value is 100 dollars general contest rules apply caller nine at. 6449875. Will get those tickets and make an issue very happy 6449875. But he's one of the guys organizing this find a better talking about a radio over the weekend it's a lot of fun I won't be there because I'll be on the year. Sandy beach this morning was talking about the joys of getting off to work at noon and be able play -- and go to a movie to -- afternoon. And remember those days so well all right 622 the sacrifices I make 622 witnesses ready at 930 WB -- -- -- question. Should they Christian photographer of their right to say. I will not take pictures of your wedding because -- freely exercising my religion. Which is christianity. To me it is absolutely positively a no brainer. She should not. Nobody. What should have to compromise. Bearer religious beliefs the free exercise their up. To do something. That is morally repugnant to them and their beliefs government ought to get the business. -- deciding who discriminates and why. I think you ought to be allowed to server not serve anybody you want. And then market decide. If you wanna run our races business. I don't expect to be there if you wanna run a a racist baker thought okay I'm gonna buy a cookie from but I don't think that's the government's role. But here we're talking about something altogether different -- -- about religion. We are talking about what is supposed to be a guarantee. And Christians. Especially born again Christians they feel -- strong. And their views must be respected why you've got jerked. Higher and it's got the cross on it. You've got your. Diversity. Sticker. Ever seen those in the city just in the brokers. On I always thought there was interest but. Respect diversity. That's. Where they get lobbies tolerance for christianity. I usually -- there isn't an. There is not. Because it's not about tolerance it's not about diversity. It's about -- Christian beliefs and Christian values. And frankly I must tell. My opinion on this. Is as impartial. And as impartially based as it can be because I'm not a Christian. But I respect. And will defend it till my dying breath the right of Christians and anybody. To enjoy the free exercise of their religion why because it was guaranteed to us and people fought and died for. And I'd like to see the gay lobby take a flying leap into the grand and I'm WB. I think she could be fine. -- I asked this a shot in the dark but I think she could be -- Put out there. Sex tape here of course 633 it is ready and I thirty WB -- it and say I guess a -- -- -- of the first magnitude I'm waited to be called that because I won't enjoy ripping to shreds anybody has the balls to call me at. Because obviously you've listened to the shell nothing could be further from the truth but I will tell you I detest the gay lobby. Because -- -- a bunch of frauds and phonies and hypocrites they walk around screaming shrieking for tolerance and accepting of diversity and yet they are unwilling to accommodate Christians there aren't willing to in their little narrow world views except the fact that there are people who because of their religious views do not wish to take part in homosexual activity -- homosexual wedding ceremonies or anything even remotely gay. And part of living in a quote unquote diverse society is you've got to cut people a little slack. What does this photographer New Mexico is the only person -- camera in New Mexico. This was a test. This was -- test and I'm trying to figure out a bunch of people. The gay lobby who consider themselves -- advertise and build themselves and brand themselves as being the most tolerant people in the universe. Can hate Christians as much as they do. To the point where they don't want Christians to freely exercise their religion. Folks I'll say this once more because apparently this is a difficult concept for some people -- but I don't know why. Your government a long time ago promised do you. It was never gonna have a state religion. And I think they've made the right decision I don't wanna -- religion I don't believe christianity should be the official religion of the United States and more than Judy is were Isla. -- -- The government should be neutral. When it comes to religion I believe that. Necessarily off sometimes I believe that. There is an ancillary partners which is huge in this story. Your government a long time ago promised you. The free. Exercise. Of your religion. This Supreme Court decision in New Mexico. And the failure of the United States Supreme Court even listen to the argument. Basically makes the free exercise of religion clause in the First Amendment Null and void you understand what's happening year. Do you get it. And I try to figure out how the gay lobby can get away with being so -- bill. Against Christians and intolerant. Toward Christian sensitivities yet it expects Christians to bend over for up metaphorically. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yet if you're gonna claim to be diverse and tolerant. You gotta cut Christians and slack. You've got to understand that for a lot of people taken pictures of a couple of guys French kiss and each other. Holding hands or -- intake I said -- in each other's mouths. That's a turnoff. Hey -- it's against their conscience. And it is me -- it goes against their free exercise. Of religion. By the way this one. Way. Because what's going to be really interest. Is when the first Muslim photographer goes to court. Because now. We've got to. Sacred counts. In Muslim photographer. Against -- gay lobby. I would bet you I would bet my last dollar. That if the photographer in Mexico. Had been a Muslim. The court might have come out differently -- that's not really much of a bet it might have gone differently. Surprised if it came out differently. Because there's far more respect and tolerance. For Islam. Among the gay lobby -- for christianity. Which I find -- delicious irony. Because in Muslim countries folks. You know what they do with homosexuals. You do understand that the Islamic Republic of Iran hangs homosexuals. You know that don't show. You know that in some parts of the world -- at Islamic Republic's. Homosexuals. Are stoned to death you know that they still do that right. They do. And there are Muslims. In our country who would never advocates such a thing but they may be photographers and they feel very uncomfortable. With their religious views being infringed upon if I were if this photographer would be. A photographer. Because this about christianity. And Islam -- Judaism. It is about somebody's right to freely exercise their religion. And both Islam and christianity. Share a mutual. Religious Tenet. That man should be with woman woman should be with men. That is a common theme in both religions. So to make these photographers. Goal against their own consciences. Is absolutely unforgivable. Un American and basically makes the First Amendment Null and void. And grab one more thing to others. What more -- Edit users. I know a lot of gay people. They are. Conservative. They love their guns as much as -- They are not welcome. -- the gay lobby the dirty little secret. And I can say these things because I have so many gay friends. The gay lobby hates conservative gays hates conservative lesbians you're not welcome. No because it's not just about your orientation. Too much politics. Are you left wing enough for us. Do you vote Democrat. Certainly you wouldn't wanna own a gun would you. See they use the cloak. A sexual orientation. For a larger left wing agenda that's the gala. My gay friends are not welcome in the gala. And I'm not ashamed to tell you I love my game France both -- guys and the girls I love the death. Wanna call me all the fault a richter throat. Metaphor. Here is mark in Hamburg on WB and Marcello. Believing they have via a great way to really needs to be by actual walking to a room. At a club guys and girl feel like. I -- ill. Well woody Allen's senate doubled your chance of data on Saturday night. Exactly. You know I think -- Jeremy what are the things I -- think about what this so is it if it's Max Boot the a PR move. Honestly if you are photographer and someone comes up Hewitt says hey would you for tiger or -- what -- do they take this job. We -- it take photographs so this all you have to do is say. No one book or no -- -- like all of a sudden they -- I can't do it based on its. -- asking for trouble in this world government interference. See Europe thinking. Mark you're thinking like a politically informed person and you're thinking like a lawyer and most people don't I think this woman was set up. I don't know bat but. Look at you you might think of that in advance but -- to a lot of people remember politics is something they read about in the newspaper it's not something that will ever touch their lives. True and you know honestly I though I think I I -- -- -- -- -- I have no problem with it but I think someone is coming up this. -- -- -- -- -- To what they want in the Ludacris or in this case that would indicate that they were really standing on their right and end. They were forced simply giving their name dragged through the mud is they would stay up whatever they believe. Bay have been marked they've been very adamant. There Christians this is against their religious beliefs just as it would be against Muslims beliefs and in a diverse society which the gala that claims it wants you have got the cut other people slack when it comes to their religious -- -- especially when those beliefs or guarantee. So we're we're at this point now and perhaps we never even at all from where we were before every mile -- what they wanted to. Actually. These people to predict what it did turn around and another hour for. No. No I've I've said this before but. I don't go to some pretty kinky places on the occasion. And my travel agents said look I'm a Christian I cannot possibly send you to hedonism I'd say you know what that's great I'll find another travel digital artist friends no big deal could take the got a court. Do it. Like you what you -- -- hours per couple hour you're not sorry but they could support itself. 700 bucks. Man you're around all right I got sick I got to go face first Muppets all right we've got this before. If I do business with somebody and they don't want my money and they say look I've got these religious scruples like cannot really book you want ago. Problem can make a federal case out of it why it. I don't know could be because I'm tolerant because could beat. And I'm actually more forward thinking and diverse. Than the so called titans of truth in the -- I suspect I am. Let's go to. Jake in -- south buffalo on that WB and -- what do you make on this make of this is -- it this woman's religion is being trampled. I feel the same way in many ways. It is not right to respect. Every one. Group unity. And respect each -- Background each other's costumes. And I do think by number. However we -- we all. People who are spoiled. Getting away and they can't help but not get away. But when at age Obama at the -- That you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean you know it's interesting because I still don't know what side you're on under is do you believe this woman's constitutionally. Guaranteed right to freely exercise her religion. Is being squash to do it's obvious. -- -- -- You know spiritual attack on -- on her I think she has already been. Go forward in her -- And it's it's chiefs figure out there and you walk into a church on Sunday in a partner -- -- -- -- it -- You know what happened guys have an idol only daughter and shot in. -- I'm in direct way to keep going there and stop these women are these people from doing. -- He'd had a right to do it lost huge. What yourself and I mean I want which is of the began as you kind of echoed what I said. You gotta respect people for who they are you got to understand that not everybody is gonna see the world in your way the gay lobby does not do that there but did you set their -- spoiled brats Bill Maher called in the game off via and -- absolutely correct. I hate to agree with -- Bill -- and anything but I must. All right thank you very much -- 030930. I need to operate what is the gay lobby. Hate Christians so much. And why is it. For a bunch of self proclaimed believers in tolerance and diversity. Why can't they except Christians and Christian bullies this photographer has a conscience issue with taking pictures of the gay ceremony. Why can't her religious beliefs be respected because our law says they should be but they're being trampled and that's wrong. Says the guy who is one of the first conservative talk show hosts in the country to be in favor of gay marriage go ahead call a normal world. And again that I mentioned I'll rip your. -- stay with. I'll rip your throat is at the -- and it's not true. -- elect rank as it's gonna be around for -- -- -- parking lot of split up so well and folks if you're driving unfamiliar roads just remember that innocent looking puddle up ahead it could actually be a direct link to the upper muted triangle it may be that deep. Be aware. All right how early and I see myself in a delicious position I have to tell you. Because I find myself as a guy with a lot of gay friends who know waste your perform anybody could ever legitimately call -- whole -- polled were -- fruit it. And I love all about the gay lobby. -- the lying frauds and phonies they are. Tall its first. Excuse me what do the wedding photographer is a Christian or Muslim. And taking a picture of your ceremony. Violates bear religion we're -- respect and mr. diverse mr. tolerance. And the answer is these. Because it isn't about orientation it's about a larger left wing agenda. Which is why many of you who are homosexual. And you're listening to me and your in your car you're smiling because you know that I know what the -- -- talking about that you as a conservative you don't get invited to the swanky parties you are basically persona non drop. Because your conservative and your homosexual. Well you're welcome on my show always have been always will be let's go to. Let's go to dam on the west side and WB apparently -- fired up Dan hello. So you look. You mentioned constitutional rights being -- well that's what this is about. Is there is a tradition and the conservatives that I mean. -- a progressive community. You know the old Progressive Field big money social engineering progresses and the left that they that they sponsor. They had -- bunch of things that they don't like that are coming under fire at the same time I mean they don't like social democracy they hate the church. I mean. In the and and they love power. Well they they. Like a bunch of thugs I rush is a Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time talking about this guy with Mozilla who got act because he dared give a thousand dollars to -- pro traditional marriage thing. That's wrong. That he lost his job that's I mean that's that's just -- blatantly wrong. And you know Dan it's -- it's the the gay lobby that screech is allowed just about wanting acceptance and wanna diversity and tolerance they have zero. Zero for the faith community that is not on their side you know the fundamentalist Christians or Muslims who say wait a minute man this kind of thing get her back. I don't like to say that and aerobic but I'd like to learn. No the tell you something. These this war and it's been a war against populations who I mean going back Margaret Sanger and everything you know I mean that they use these guys. Want control. Control of population. So population sizes and I -- read what I was in grammar school among mid sixties respite. Bit of Sunday government was going to be promoting homosexuality not out of law of homosexuals. But because of population. And agendas. And and that's that forward you know we weren't there that they just oh hole. Hold. Huge spread of the vote. And multi pronged assault on them constitutional democracy. And you know it's all the bottom line is power power. Well constitutional republic it is a more accurate way to let the phrase it and. That's splitting hairs because that they you know. What I have to say you know as I run out of time here Dan what did President Obama -- is the last state of the union speech. About whenever and wherever I can basically you guys don't veteran congress. Moment no I mean. Until we will pull off forty camp basically it was short. Did I tell you what to make a deal with the III governor mega deal with. -- because you do that a lot of time today for you I will -- by one coal weekly rule. For you and you alone. And I am tremendously off. Honored flattered gratified in fact you find yourself becoming aroused. Thank you. Take your putts are right well gang it's like to say you know what. That's a beautiful part about being comfortable in in my skip and the opinions the other opinions that I half. Is that I'm able to take on this thing. And there's not a damn person in the world. Who can ever have -- he -- all all -- as a rational argument because it would be utterly irrational. And I like it when they get irrational as it drives interest. All right well I thank everybody who listened. Homosexuals. Straight by a transgender. Male female black white Hispanic Portuguese. No -- so you're not welcome to Gary thanks to Joseph Bieber thanks to what John Sherman. I'm gonna leave you with that two words. If these are very important words to -- and think about ponder -- No. Yourself.

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