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4-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE and. Wolves down upon the he would rate. India the whole look -- -- intentions in mind. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was a because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- -- and I don't know how to put this. And people know and it's -- it's local time. It's Tom how early. They're wet white women that news radio yeah. The putt that was the -- detonated. That from blazing saddles up over that could not be made today well actually. It could not be made today by anybody unless they had full fledged left wing progressive socialist Communist credentials. Because at that that bit of audio joked that I actually get that during the break. Because what do you think you have to understand. It is. A lot of what people can get away with. Depends on their standing. Within the left wing community for example. For example. If all. Set. What Seth MacFarlane character in that would guy Carter Schmidt said about French police sirens. I guarantee you. There would be a mobilization. To get me fired terminated -- it never work again. But because it's just that MacFarlane joke it's not that contents. But it comes from sat. -- -- -- -- And sound like -- -- guys having a great. Well we'll we'll. If I set. All hell would break loose I would be the most hated man in America among the gay community. Says it says that. He keeps his job keeps rolling right along with millions of dollars nobody says -- But you're just. And sound like gay guys have been -- -- Well well -- -- a couple bad. Hypocrisy. Runs rampant it's not what you say it's whether or not you have the qualifications. To be a full fledged progressive. Liberal socialist Communist. By the way speaking of people weren't. I don't wanna congratulate Gary bridges and the people at the firearms training of Western New York I mentioned this at the very beginning of the show. I'm Saturday they were able to raise 11100 dollars for shooters committing a political education and more importantly get. Give up hundreds of repeal NY straight signs to people who showed up. At the VFW post on Saturday. Now I came up with the idea. -- -- The town of Hamburg with these signs since the code enforcement guys in the town of Hamburg seem to have the a raging hard ones for people wanna put the signs up on the offenses even though the town's dog park. It's fences have signs on boats. Do as I say not as I do. Right so I figured -- fight fire with fire. And that the execution part of it came with Gary and people with firearms training of Western New York I'm glad they did that I was not able to be either I had nothing to do. With organizing it they're the ones who organized that I had the idea whether they had the idea simultaneously it doesn't matter. Credit does not matter the important thing is the message not the messenger the important thing is. Getting the news out not who got the news out. Now at this point in the show. I hit. A good try. Well -- gonna continue to ask you guys. -- question about. You. And why you worked in Western Europe many of you just getting your cars hard day at work. And I go some upsides at his best as I can't. I don't we re ran this over the weekend so I hope people don't think there's going to be a rerun show. But. But. Are you in Western New York. Because you worked trapped by commitments. Because you were trapped by family. I know so many people. Who are unwilling to do with their ancestors did a 10200 years ago. And move. And your ancestors folks. And just move in the same country to a different location. They. Picked up everything. -- victory. They put it with them they brought with them. And they came to the United States of America to start a completely new life. And every one of you listening to my voice right now. Even my black Brothers and sisters were the descendants of York people. All right you're -- -- people I -- your family your people your your blood. They lived in the same area of Africa probably for thousands of years. Just as my ancestors lived in the same part of Europe or at least 500 years I can document. And anybody used unfairly treat research notes that these people. These people being our ancestors 500 years ago they can't get around a lot. Mean Marco Polo allegedly but most of the people were Boren. Married and died and were buried within about ten miles. Their entire lives were spent within ten miles of the same place. And yet despite that background. Despite those kinds of deep roots linguistic. Cultural traditional. Day went where the opportunity Wallace the United States of America so now we find ourselves in 24 team. In New York State quite frankly with virtually zero private sector job growth my guess is that is not going to change. It is not going to change because. While we do have a great sense of community and groups in Western New York. We also have the dumbest voters in the entire world living in Erie county and the second dumbest living throughout New York State. That's just the fact of life and it's not going to change. And you know who. Have much better choice that you need to make and all of us to make this for ourselves remembering the life as a tradeoff. Do you wish to give up everything you have. Everybody you know. Everything that is familiar to you. Because you're making 20000 dollars a year and that's it. Are you wouldn't give that up and do what your ancestors did but frankly a much smaller scale. A lot to the Dakotas were the oil industry is booming and the reason I keep mentioning the Dakotas. Is because I know a lot of -- will stay listening to this radio station when Sean Hannity is on where you're watching Fox News at home and you know that Sean Hannity is but a lot of time talking about the incredible growth of the oil industry. In the Dakotas. And all of the people who found great jobs here and every week he gets calls from people who followed his advice who were now making. Not 20000 dollars a year but 75000. Dollars a year their first year. 100000. Dollars a year and a guy last week 200000. Dollars a year. And I don't even think he's thirty years old yet and that's when he told Sean he was making. So to those who say we'll talk -- -- got my college degree. And I can't it work year I'm underemployed. And make it 20000 dollars a year I don't get good benefits what are why do. Great to me. If I was in that situation I would have to move. Because there is not eight deep enough sense of routes and let's put it this -- Routes should be something positive. They should not be a negative. And if you were roots become nothing but an acre. That is holding you back and holding you down. And keeping new. From achieving in your one life that which you wish to achieve. Then that's a negative but each of us needs to decide that for ourselves. So I got a curious. Do you think. That we are just less courageous. Than our ancestors. Because I guarantee. Your ancestors. If they -- to buffalo. And they were vacant what today we call the equivalent of 20000 dollars a year. And they saw opportunities to make six figures in North Dakota. I guarantee your ancestors who'd already packed the move from Italy or Germany or wherever. They or maybe gotten -- North Dakota heartbeat. It has upset. And I'm not about trying to ramble here but I think it's important that you know. There is something to be set for -- community. Where people have roots. There is something to be said for. However. If it becomes a hindrance to you. And what you -- to accomplish in your life then you and you alone must make the decision as to what is right for you. Do you sit here struggle. Or do you have the courage to move. To go somewhere else. Maybe you find yourself in that ball right now. Some of you have aging parents. That's a concern some of you have children still in grade school that is a concern you know what your kid to be the new kid in school the new kid in town. You know your kid has an identity terrible. All the time you know Joseph I don't know what you were you you were born here right. You were up when did you move her how old were you when you -- -- You were can't OK did the move. Your parents move out -- I don't know from where they move but did it upset your -- Big Ten years old was a kind of a traumatic experience. Kind of -- away all right. See if I have been ten years old in my parents had moved I would've been devastated. If I did in high school in my parents had moved I would've been devastated. Because your kids also in addition to go -- catch -- lives in deference they have their comfort zone. And that's a big decision for family to make and I don't envy anybody who find themselves having to make that decision. Because you are responsible not only for yourself and your spouse. But also for your children. And you don't want your kid to be the outcast. You know. History is filled with kids who did very well -- one school. Their their parents move and they Bob Hope -- or else it happens. 8030 my third start at 3180616. WB and give me your take on this I think family roots are great. The sense of community is great. But. But but but but but. You'll also have to know that you might be sacrificing. Economically. And that might be worth the tradeoff to -- Right now let's see if traffic is a trade offer a sure thing years Alan Harris. And AccuWeather says we will see some continuing periods of rain tonight the overnight low 42 tomorrow cloudy breezy chilly. And arrange showered spots tomorrow we've been made talked about this that even right maybe snow shower later on what is this propaganda overnight low thirty. We're holding at 52 degrees right now at a news radio I'm thirty WB yen and I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna try to promise you that a market a bitch about the rain in April. If it continues through May I will begin to complain but we need to get the salt off the roads however if you're driving an unfamiliar territory ladies and gentlemen remember. You're not gonna see. You're you're recommend no potholes are so be advised of what you think is just a puddle of water in front of you when you drive could vary Welby. A five foot deep pothole -- Jimmy Hoffa may be their judge crater might be -- It's it's the calls on WB -- here is that -- in the Clarence Allen you were on hello. Content and I can -- and okay. I would prefer it if you would get off of Bluetooth or speakerphone and put your mouth directly. Okay -- to speak at all but I'm a little bit myself that's why Amazon. Okay but that your audio quality improved by 100%. So talk to me what's undermine what do you think of the the -- Wichita. I am not I can't you a couple of weeks ago no one that aren't on a challenge general -- my father or -- Motorola boring and not know at Scotia optic I would coach okay. And my grandparents my grandfather not my grandparents it left his wife and -- hit all the Colin. When he came ordered states -- make a deal and the reading that he -- power. It's because clean well do you talk. Decided that she didn't like and they had government that was going actually wanted to have one day. Well what's the one that stick and then I don't -- an -- now I think I -- I'm just dreaded -- cleaned out. Our. And an imperial monarchy. Richard -- OK so what are your family -- this Alan Alan I got a good topic you're prepared so your family ended up in buffalo. And now what -- And now what. Well OK so -- -- his -- -- -- -- all the earmarks -- what they -- support illegal and and then he decided at that that well actually you editor I want first to break up debacle without regard well well it's very good. So it came up about political art kids aren't quite over. And he has started this business. It didn't start the business it's -- nineteen point 86. And he started it out. Okay but now now -- let's break it up to 2014 we've established the fact that your family has long roots in this area. So now what is your advice to your grandchildren where your children about staying here or anybody else about state. -- understanding here I -- well. One because I might sodomized. A what a -- And now my daughter moved out of Vegas style club called and my docket upload apps are out to Vegas now -- an example Oreo. Why did they know they won't there was nothing in -- Kelly for them not a damn thing. So it won't aren't they especially if they hit it well it really. High and mighty and and it ate out very well and that 2008 came of course the bubbles. Bulk. And it hurt and terribly but they're doing okay now they're coming back but the point is. They mailed on air because. This whole area was not what I what my father started and my grandfather started the business. So to them economic opportunity you which which are making here is an important point. To your daughter economic opportunity trumped the roots of your family so long in this here. And they don't regret it. Now. A. Well -- my colleague -- they were issues are a couple of guys. It felt it was a -- well I thought that was not possible then I thought well. They wanted to stay. But they couldn't make -- here. I -- and I and that's why -- that's -- we're due on the topic a and the show today thank you very much for -- call 77 carrying around as well which kind of ties into that from a new Tuesday January 242014. And an article regularly actually by -- Wenger and see Tim I actually do all around the stuff you give me. -- New York State. Between April 1 2010. And July 1 2013. How many people do you think left New York State. Just take a while yes. We're talking about just over three years how many people left. Would jubilee. 328000. That people left New York's spirit. 328000. People they claim it 3181000. Moved him. I don't -- But then again. I'm just telling you what Tuesday -- 546 news radio by thirty WBE. And I want to throw you guys split the country music awards on CBS a blow and so there's your country music -- consider yourself properly Bono on the drive home. 533 news radio 930 WB and -- hourly with you on the radio and it. Our ancestors gave up a lot to come buffalo basically everything they had ever known. For hundreds years. And sometimes I get email from people saying. I'm underemployed. I'm unemployed I can't get the job they can more than 20025000. Dollars a year with crappy benefits. What do like. And my advice is going where the job -- Because obviously that's an issue for you if I were in that position I would be in North Dakota five minutes ago. Applying it every oil company. Because I want the money I want the benefits. Because I recognize that you get one shot at like. That's no do overs no make overs. More -- -- well. There's at here's -- girl and hue on WB and Andrew hello. -- light on certain. I think it's more of me. Complacent issue. Then. You know the bravery to do and. Explain it complacent and how it ties into this because I think you're on the -- I think it's just you know you're here in Western New York what you have you're here. And you just. -- stopped you know you're not looking outside the box. OK but when it how old person -- group. Okay have you ever found yourself in a position where. You said boy. I am not making the money I am not -- the opportunity in the private sector. I need to make some decisions here about where and how I'm gonna live my life. Yeah absolutely right now. Men we're -- your thought process taken. Well or leave it and I think we have. Like 81 days left before we -- Well walk me through how this. How this came to be because you're exactly the kind of person -- an open would call in today because. I mean this area I don't think you could name a better area to raise a family in the world in western new York and I mean there. The problem is. It's only that good if you make good money and have a job you love it you've got benefits that matter aren't otherwise what's the point but go ahead did what you were. Now let I agree wholeheartedly. -- open MI jobs per or seventeen years. Our economy spirited you know it's thirty gone bad. And AM basically cut my salary cut my health concerns. And you know they also -- still have my job. But obviously not at my current tailoring a cat. All right so basically they've looked at the labor pool whoever your employer Arizona don't need to know the name and they -- a lot. We can cut this guys -- he's not gonna go anywhere else because there is no where else for him to go and we're gonna save -- some money. Yeah that's basically about it. Did they cut hours because of obamacare. No no I -- six days a week at -- Amman on salary. Okay what a lot of people are finding that the -- full time jobs are no longer full time because employers don't wanna get sucked in. So what what's the game plan here and how did you reach the decision on where you're gonna go put us in the picture. Well basically. After -- keep my my case structure around. That and screwed up my first -- jacket and came home to write a -- my way and that now -- they -- movement. And you know we then sat down thought long and hard about what we really wanted to do it from basic research. Now the industry that -- men ordered her on the most and said you know I'll -- that we're out here. Now the industry in which you work doesn't have any connection to -- the oil industry which is booming in the Dakotas. Okay. But you have no interest at all in trying a different line of work and you'd be do you think you can make the same money. Doing what you do now but somewhere else as you could working for oil company in North Dakota. -- Okay well all I mean -- Good for you that you got to transportable skill and you said before you've got 81 days tell us more about the circumstances. What you mean. Well -- I mean is I mean this is a huge decision I mean this is a major life change you're doing and and you're not given me a lot the work done here. Outside come. Noted that the award is waiting period it cleared and enlisting as a cold out word that they were gone to a -- And you've got kids are you worried at all about disrupting. -- situation with school or they gonna graduate from high school. No actually had both heard particularly Evans will now order or you know our oldest so -- two years of -- graduates. Which he would. Wholeheartedly all excited you belong with a countdown remind me every day oldies we have left. And she can't wait to get out of New York State. That is fascinating to me why. Why because I would think that there was somebody who is going to be a junior next year in high school -- that's what you start entering your pro. -- of popularity that three go to the top of the food chain in school and yet she is willing to start all over again just addressed the families to. -- -- achieved -- understand that there isn't much of an opportunity here and her what she wants to get into. There's just they're not nothing here so when she graduates she gonna end up moving anyway. And is anybody else in the family given you grief I don't know how extended your family is not about tight it is but you know for a lot of people this is this this has repercussions throughout your entire family. Well I don't make our -- our. I mean granted we do have a lot of family here in Western New York. But we're just not close -- -- get one call a tribe. No well let's bought some people some people are some people are I mean do you I always thought you and you'd you'd select your friend you don't pick your family. Well the cells that it's a very exciting time for the entire crew and you said you've got two kids. Outwit or four aren't -- the daughter is now within about the history. Other bit ago that I mean you -- in. Two little wonder why haven't you. You know they trying to grab someone Telecom conference so that the two year old obviously had no clue. Well so we're excited whereabouts in Texas -- set up shop. About respect miles south of forward. Well good luck here's our hope you'll continue to listen at WB and on line which by the way I would remind you you could not do when I lived in Florida or Saint Louis -- could listen to anything back although I could go on line go to the WBM Buffalo's news site anything I found out -- was going to be a phone conversation. And I did absolutely clamor and. All right well thank you thank you very much and -- magical and it's just that. It's a different world than the ones. I mean granted it's not like you're going to be in close physical proximity. To your brother or your sister or your mom or you're dead but on the other hand it's not. Like it was even 25 years ago. And for those who did not listen to the beginning of the show I talked about the fact that. -- 25 years ago before Skype before FaceBook before cell phone with unlimited calling plans available unlimited data plans available. Before -- cams on line. It was a completely different world. And when I went to Saint Louis I was married. And our phone bills literally were 200 dollars a month and we use the inflation calculator juncture but look that up earlier. And we figured out that. I was -- the equivalent of 360. Dollars a month. -- unfold bills mostly to keep up on what was happening back in buffalo that's absurd. That is ridiculous that doesn't that's not the case anymore. It just is that the case you have options. That wouldn't be the case now. But. The technology that we have now. It's not as though you are is distant and has removed. From your family and your closest friends as you used debate. Now something else to consider. By the way I -- point this out for those normal. Or plan a move. Let's say you saved a lot of let's pick a number any number let's say it's a 4000 dollars a year a New York State income taxes. All right let's say it -- mistake without an income tax or a state -- income tax which allows you to pocket 4000 dollars more. Annually. How many times do you plan -- flying back to buffalo and with how many people. -- adds up. How many times do you plan on driving back to buffalo. Gasoline adds up mileage adds up. So remember you've got to take that into consideration it sounds terrific hey I'll have 4000 dollars in cash in my pocket. I've given the fact that air fares are what they are not to mention the pain in the -- that air travel has become. You have to ask yourself is it really worth is really -- it. I. Have done some interesting calculations at -- About New York State taxes. Let's go to constantly on that Grand Island he gets this show it has were going -- story you're on WB and -- Look I'm sorry say that. -- trying to leave here we're very very down on the you know on the taxes that a compact property tax. The other. You district small order whose car would look at it try to go to amateur hockey and and celebrity is surely we've we can't do anymore suffered. I notice that you said the six months of winter as the last thing and I'm glad you did because when this economy was booming in Western New York get the weather wasn't any different than it was than it is today we still have long winters back in the 1840s and 1850s. I don't know palm -- is ever lived in buffalo except that the botanical gardens as firms that well. Right you don't want to you want to call it an earlier in the day -- government truck or memorial moment so what we don't all this fresh water we have almost. You know what you -- I understand that the war building cheaper in Arizona in the desert and they are here what you want to buy a war. I mean. All this and I haven't been electric bill that you permit area we have the -- -- on the power -- and I'm back. Do you understand -- we I'm so glad you practice because you understand this is part of my frustration to where I realize as you just pointed out. That we get screwed on our electric bills we pay the highest gasoline prices in the whole freaking country in addition the the highest property taxes in the whole freaking country our water bills I honestly don't remember what my water bills were in Florida or Missouri. But given the fact that we're so close to the Great Lakes they should almost be paying us to use the water because we chose to still live here. I agree I agree -- -- gasoline is another area where they're little pipelines a -- for hours and Tennessee you pay three dollars so. I mean you know -- -- -- you can have a 500000 dollar house outside mask Olympic thirteen hundred year. Property tax and a 500000 dollar house or you're paying like people being grant. Yeah yeah and it is in May well adjusted town now probably more like twenty. Yes exactly I mean darn good there is that the schools and schools who works it will do -- struck for a -- education. I know there education is the look on your resolve but. All of my daughter's going to college -- I am not alone in that huge tracts. But point lost 5000 dollars in tax reductions will be which are tax credit that recently. Sure oh. No no I just said sure I mean I'm I'm nodding my head in agreement because everything and said contributes to my sense of anger about New York State. And at the same time don't try to be circumspect about it because. I know that money isn't everything I know that material possessions are everything I know that whatever you have in your bank account is and everything. But when you think about the many and sundry ways in which western New Yorkers are abused. Not totally by government and by high taxes which by the way they're responsible for because have I mentioned once to twice already. The dumbest voters in the world live and Erie county and the second dumbest are sprinkled throughout New York State. We brought this on ourselves in that we bitch about it. I have to I have to challenge you -- one issue I think that we have very temporary. Mark -- appear they all. Out of all their check in their pocket all the you don't let this I think they're very good. Because you have you have maximum out of social spending here you have about -- ambulance ride it out. -- I'm glad -- soldier benefits that believe me I think they're very Smart and take all of that blue Obama. It's the people but you know what it's the limousine liberals who vote that way that I don't think I I cannot figure out for the life of me. Why -- limousine that go ahead. Right people -- the -- one dark one night school district -- found he couldn't tell you why. That bad isn't it better that way that. I think everybody what brought this what article you wrote a copy your all above -- -- it happened. In a profound one county drop out and more than eleven school districts. Multiple hadn't actually the seven and we don't want ER the orchard blogger alone that really absurd -- Well I think you know my answer would be private businesses consolidated everywhere because consolidation saves caustic gives you power in purchasing you purchased in -- I mean it's obvious and by the way though I think that's propaganda that the teachers put out about education in the south being sketchy because we're. Hell the place is growing and the style so you don't want if that's dumb give us more dog. Yeah I -- but you know it's very good it's very well at all. I'm able parent might need to lower my taxes on my -- -- I want it was a few hundred dollars. And now -- -- out about 4400 dollars so she hollered at all it's it's it is not work you're ready on a public that -- -- The red shirt off inflation Alex got a raise them topic. -- -- double him and eighteen or twenty years or more. And as -- -- and -- more than double. Value your guy for those who don't know what I'm gonna have to let you go have got up that got to do here but for those who don't know you came here from my from downstate you spent a lot of years here your brother still lived down state. But you've decided that you gotta get out. And look it. Folks it is that you do get eroded. Mental mistake about it. It's not just -- again folks I'm trying to balance things out it's a great place to live and to raise kids if you have the means. But after awhile when -- realize that you pay the highest property taxes and the whole freaking country. -- -- That you pay -- among the highest sales taxes in the entire country. That no matter which metric is used we end up getting screwed electric costs gasoline costs were always at the end of the pipe where he's at the -- into the pipeline. And you know what it's there. And that's that we get all over us every single category you can think. That's what has frustrated people we can't -- a bright spot 49 -- news radio 930 WB. All right thanks Alan and AccuWeather oddly enough periods of rain tonight the overnight low 42 and if you're not familiar with a road. Just be aware of -- that big innocent looking puddle could actually be a giant crater that we'll take you straight to Malaysia. Just be aware cloudy and breezy tomorrow some drizzle at times 48. And tomorrow mostly cloudy breezy and chilly out out tomorrow okay. The way they write these forecast -- got to change it's gotta be today tonight tomorrow. -- I can't stand how they write these Wednesday partly sunny and breezy 44 right now it's that 48 degrees bottom line is as -- be ready tonight 42. Mean I don't know what's so hard about today tonight tomorrow -- parties are let's go to what Carol in Niagara Falls on WB -- Carol hello. I plan to apply it lets you know the story of why we're rolling -- -- New York all the all the okay. Except the Texas where we're moving to and piracy. Annual taxes are 310 race six dollars a year. Which -- ten out of ten times what we pay. Well I have to ask you annual what taxes property taxes. On a house assessed at. It 78000 dollars -- -- 320. It if I may ask the question set your it's it's a house assessed at 78000 dollars. And you're paying 326 dollars in taxes a year. -- but of course they don't have schools in Tennessee we should point that out. And being sarcastic. Goals I yeah I have six score of any gray area. -- gold medal quote -- knowledge schools. And do they hit you with other hidden taxes one of the things you have to look out for Carroll is in some places you have. -- packages -- the question I mean I am trying to have a conversation here and it's it's when both of those are talking at the same time it doesn't work. Okay now trying to scold you and -- have a conversation. Have you looked out for the hidden taxes like personal property taxes you get taxed for every vehicle you own for example. We've already checked -- and that. Light as. Played C is the they only have one life and wait. It out for about a third of what. We pay here a year. What we pay every. Yeah we pay every chillier here. They pay once the year -- fair. -- -- Everything the food. My dear -- -- Obama to go I wanna talk I -- talk more with you because you've obviously done your research and you've got information that people need to know and I Wear a -- of other things -- at 6 o'clock hours well so don't go anywhere we've got lots of thought of some fun things about it.

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