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4-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WB yeah. And he would -- right. That. Yeah the holes look. The -- For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Not al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened tonight. Gary -- Destroy all silent. Was in America. Tom our lead and even -- this. I think it's my bank saying bay it's life it's -- -- its. Tom hourly. And news radio 930 double. You know what Joseph the margins don't work. Nobody knows what that is. -- -- -- That's the -- those are the marshes from Mars at I thought it would sounds so cool in the intro we got to take it out it does not work. I'm sorry my artistic that's rebelled at bat. -- it is hourly ten minutes after four -- news radio 930 WB EM. And the rain has caused some accidents are walled and well actually rain didn't cause of people's presume that failure it would just ran. Walden and transit in the last forty minutes or so we've had one and any additional traffic stuff that we need to discover you can help us discovered all you have to do. Is a call Alan Harris at WB -- traffic command 8030321. 8030321. Is how you get in touch with -- blog you can safely do and I don't need you getting in an accident to report an accident. That would be rather at cross purposes not a -- so away. What's very short if you're just joining us and get all the work at four I don't wanna rebel and waste your time. Long story short lady last week on my FaceBook page chastised me gently -- she wasn't in. While. She was not excusable. It takes over the show she's the one guns and talk about unemployment. And I realized that there was short unemployment it's got to have a hook it's got to be good. And one of the problems. I think -- western New Yorkers ran into particularly is the fact that. Because we have such great deep roots in our community. And because this is such a great family place. Our. At the same time as it is comforting. It also makes a lot of people I believe. Under achieve in life because they're unwilling to geographically go where the opportunities present themselves. And you know what I hear Sean Hannity and if you don't know who Sean Hannity is he's a talk show host. I like Camelot he works at seven to ten. On WB yen -- -- you gotta know who Sean Hannity is and he does this thing up putting America back to work and he personally. Has been getting people to go to the Dakotas to get jobs in the oil industry and people were having trouble make -- 25 grand in places like buffalo. Are now making six figures. There's one -- last week called in -- 200000 dollars a year and I don't even think he was thirty years old yet. So I wonder. Again folks keeping in mind that. All of life is a trade off. And you will never ever five heaven on earth there is no panacea. There is no perfect place to live. It does not exist believe. So. Are. Here here's my question. Are you on under employed because you just can't break free of the roots. You look at a place like Florida I live there for years. Florida was a very transient and still is a very transient state. Very unusual to find native Floridians whose families have been there for. 200 years it's not uncommon here in buffalo at all just something to think about something that you want. It's up thirteen minutes after for a WB at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen and that William on a cell phone here William. So what is. What's your assessment of what you need. For the rest of your working years and whether the roots are more embracing or binding. William I am talking to you. All right we move on to joy in Rochester Joy Division two sets were. All like that up I think they'll license which you may get and I'm leading Guerrero you know I -- nexus. Have a culture and Irish Catholic yes that's different Canadian and got out of it would take about everything that it -- very Clean Air Act that black. My family ended up the Rochester New York as I would cash that. Okay first of all time out time out time out time out and a double time out. All right you say that you are a descendant of Mary queen of Scots who by the way it was executed by. Queen Elizabeth the first of Britain. Now my question is how close a lineage are we talking. -- -- -- Seventeen while my grandfather colonel -- college that -- came to Canada. -- tells me nothing about how close you were to Mary queen of Scots. That is in my family because remember Donald and we were close in real life so that -- -- We weak holiday achieved. -- am as a. -- from Braveheart. Latins but. I don't know. You know is the reason I'm making a big deal out of this -- for those who don't know Mary queen of Scots. It's kind of a hero to me because of the way she met her death are you aware joy of the courage with which your ancestor got her demise. And that today great idea I -- drop in Catholic school to every single one of us. Graduated from a movie are critics are McCray in my area. Everyone in my family and yeah we thought it was a saying. Yeah I don't feel like hitting a tour right now but to -- and reads up on the last hours of Mary queen of Scots. You will will be impressed with her deep faith in her Catholic religion and you'll also be impressed with her sense if you are. And at all by the way her basically. She the person who was just about the ever head chopped off found herself comforting her ladies. She was she was telling them not to cry I I think you -- remarkable woman in the way in which she met her and now joy. Rochester New York. You've got opportunities elsewhere what are you gonna do. I'm in -- -- I love my job that I learned I went in luckily buffalo and I love up on me and I think you guys that he can call yourself. -- -- -- It. Well don't voters stupid as voters on the planet you recounting. Our governor I mean -- you know college situation the people that -- like animals and children and old people that's not. Other cultures and people. Struggling like to pay their bills and I think -- -- should be let people go after so you. I work three dot. -- -- -- You know I like. You know to keep -- guy I would move that idea because. Florida and transient state but the weather's beautiful. -- -- I hope you'll forgive me but I I sometimes I don't hear certain frequencies very well and I had an issue with you. Did you say that you are currently working three jobs. Okay. Not just now I think I need to where it got but it I didn't. And I had to survive I would work -- -- I would. Not just to stay OR -- got to -- the trade off isn't worth the I will tell you it got that trade off would never be worth it to me out. I would move -- I -- first at work one job and an oil field. I'm my goodness if somebody -- somebody needs to happen I was unemployed and I didn't have a pocket change your means. I would I would seize the opportunity -- hurt and I think that more people sitting up -- and outward taking god. To try something new that's gonna that it Eric Robert but what I think. But you just told me that you worked three jobs to stay in New York State and you said you'd -- walk into an oil field one -- I'm not not not not out I think I think we can have a little credit being out now I would leave at I didn't have. A great opportunity I am doing I where where I am but I think another word pirate somebody out they get that opportunity. The work -- North Dakota I would read but I would be you know I'm like Italy but I would go on it better myself. Might get their choice. Well it is -- -- -- out to maintain ties with your family. Because the technology than ever before in the course of human history but basically at this point -- you've got the best of all -- you're living in Western New York you're making good money you'll like what you're doing. And your trade -- is yes you're paying a ridiculous amount of money to New York State income taxes but. You're willing to do that because this major comfort zone and your cool. Yeah right now yeah absolutely. But at that meeting happened you know. And at that anything happened I don't want it on campus but -- anything dead. I would look elsewhere I would I would be apparent that Google would keep an open mind because I think most people. And a bad situation and we can't help but my technical know that there is an outlet for you if you hit -- figure out that the person. You can do things you can you can overcome a lot of obstacles and -- happened at so many people right now. Other people in their forties who you know who who work at their parents need to see them every guy in there in their forties. I hit it -- and I'm gone you know in. Hey you know like she got them up and they'll -- -- the golf and I'd like for her a day of my life. Hi I'm so obviously starting here at all and I am glad you called and I think I understand from where you were coming at this point. But -- I appreciate the call ninety minutes after four so life as a -- folks. I got this FaceBook postings -- from a lady saying to a show on unemployment. And my question to you is are you unemployed or underemployed. Because you just don't. Want to leave the area and is the question of courage. And when you compare your ancestors. Leaving everything of their old lives behind their language their culture their customs and crossing the North Atlantic in all likelihood to become Americans. Did they have more courage than you at a time when they just couldn't walk this tight and see dad back home. Just an idea -- don't three don't like thirty start at 3180616. WB EM let's find out about traffic at forty minutes after borders Alan Harris. All right let's do well whether that we'll get back to Allen has some rain tonight the overnight low 42. Tomorrow it'll be cloudy and -- be breezy some drizzle and rain at times high temperature close to fifty and then Wednesday partly sunny and breezy -- a high temperature of 44. Degrees right now 52 burglaries at news radio 930 WB EM and now I think he's just up the phone with a -- report here is Allan Harris. And it would be pointless to do the weather again although rote memory may be almost do exactly that. Joseph beavers master control saving my bacon once again John Sherman is your call screener. And let's get back to the calls on the WB and. Your ancestors. Did they have more courage than you because I guarantee their roots in their village wherever they went Poland Russia. Italy history. France Norway. Mentioned Germany. Their roots. Went back. Three and 400 years. In a single area around the main villages in which they lived in Europe. They left everything behind. And entered into a completely new in -- to better themselves. And sometimes all right -- about people in their thirties or forties around her who are doing what they thought they'd be doing financially. And they're unwilling to do anything about it they're willing to just moved a thousand models. I wonder if the tradeoff is worth it because everything's a trade -- -- -- -- thirty years Erica and myself all guys for holding Eric Europe. There is no problem I mean there's the -- everybody with a blown out you outscored us. Eric with a blown out all yes yes what the I I remember yeah we did the demonstrate his way in which you're hurt yourself and you were doing an exercise and ended up. Totally destroying your knees so welcome back to show. Thank you what the good news sent there following are shall we did edit -- actually got a the VA so it is in front of them. Re having now archer is capable electric Booker well. -- happy to hear that they took carrier and and -- and hopefully you'll get a full of collection extension and mobility of the neat. It's -- brought along nicely saudis got to keep edit but. All green -- got great -- with -- like -- that sure. What are you it would go. But what's it going error occur real story is amazing I mean look I've integrates a few rumors you do too but what -- people are facing sure death. And they can manage to control themselves. I'm sorry I have to respect and I even respect Saddam Hussein for the way he comported himself on the gallows I'm sorry but that took balls go ahead. It'll probably -- Certainly in the international ask. You yes I I I kind of know whether the problem but. It's hard unemployment told them you know not yet been able charge ninety. Late 97 I've been home since. Wide Altria on the partnered Campbell's job -- -- recorder which side. Right now. My son -- a sophomore. My daughter's seventh grade lecture series on -- greatly quieter so they reward on his once graduates. That are cheap water of the market -- he's honest with -- Well but once they're built right school. Pot smoke break that reform via the -- they were heading westbound. And this is -- they know what this is such a typical Western New York situation. We're you know you can do better somewhere else but because you do not want to disrupt the social and educational lives of the young people local kids young people in your lives and -- lady's life. You're not gonna do that took you'll make do until such time as you can leave with a minimum of -- and -- to them. Yeah exactly it it's all about working smarter not harder. So -- and my guess that you know not either my children my son in the -- doubts of one achievement and goal sure you know it would become an eagle scout and so on. All America I'd like to talk to further about this because this is such atypical story and you're telling him very well don't go anywhere and WBE and. Are you guys that. My Brothers song -- -- lady fire with a group from the movies baseball's. Actually like up to that because my brother is in a band called joy ride. That opened for Jay Leno with the casino on Saturday and that my brother Dick sent me a picture of himself with Jay Leno to put my FaceBook wall. And people are commenting and I love this my brother wore Saturday night I was up there but I I've seen pictures and I want a suit just like that except it's got to -- custom. I cannot buy off the -- does not work for me. It is up for thirty well it doesn't major got -- -- it bites you you don't wanna buy something that looks like this act. -- -- You know three on -- thirty starlet thirty. 180616. WB -- If viewers joining us we think about your ancestors. Hundreds of years ago. Or maybe a hundred years ago giving up everything they had -- generation after generation after generation around the same village in Germany. Bjorn bought and bill indignant. And I come -- over to the United States learning all the language all the way of life. And by the way not insisting that things be written in German and English or Italian and English or French and English. But learning English. I know what a concept. They were an extraordinary group of people with great courage I wonder we've lost some of that courage. Did we lose the courage. Or for those of you -- work perpetually under or unemployed in Western New York. Is it just a question of the ties are just too deep leaving here. Would represent like an emotional trauma. And what does it if you're making 100000 bucks a year -- -- at 101000 bucks a year of epic. I ask you. Everything's a trade off -- like folks you don't thrilled like thirty. Start at 3180616. WB yet now let's get back to Eric. On the cell phone who is -- stick around here and I've heard this story gazillion times from other people because he and the woman he's gonna merrier right. Have kids end in grade school yet. And they're not gonna do with thing until those kids are out of graduate from high school into the last one graduates from high school. And the nice thing about it is that it might. Surgery to recur in kill me. -- finally broke the 30% mark for be that -- com. What they call patiently yet so a -- -- it also -- Or back to college thirty years and sort of people for two years. -- engineering degree which is. A great thing to fall back on whether it again here and then. You -- people here are awful and Rockport. And he lives in 00. -- -- here. I content and -- Of course there make enough quality. And the public -- cool. All of prospects so -- it just -- in the end -- -- under which. OK but -- like anything else you know at the end of the show a close it with no yourself. What would you find most rewarding what you wanna do when you grow up. I think if violence that's been in the engineering side and be with my military background I was going to something -- a government contractor like whether. It's so much trash that builds the but felt awful Huskies felt like there -- -- that you liquid probably used to take the Marines I ignored for -- that general dynamics. At least they make from the end I believe I know general dynamics has submarines are not -- -- Connecticut where I capitalists and he's in the navy. -- -- works they're going sub sub units of I would probably go the route toward greater government contracts like my bullet falling. Well you say government contract or a private sector business that does military work for the government upon government specifications and awarding of the contract. However here's the fly in the ointment. You do know that our current president wants to shrink our military to pre World War II levels and its submarines are expensive. And that our edge in technology may be lost by this administration to the Chinese and the Russians because this administration. Is be they British spy on their own people the look out for the defense of the United States. Of cracked yeah I mean that's that's that's very. That there are Bengal but the same time you know I mean. Like you can how where when they immigrant came over from Germany Italy I remember my grandmother. She just got split this year earlier this year she told when. They were in the house on the west -- of buffalo -- -- first came in they were told this kid. So speak Italian learn English learning what's became a delicate thing. Several votes be careful where not very festive feel like personal. You know it is so funny. That you say that. Because I was literally just gonna bring up the point. And part of why -- -- in the show also is I know quite a bit about my family history because that put thousands of hours of research into it those that people at a certain. Dead -- publication -- a local -- that as a propaganda sheet in an unethical one of that who think that the talk show hosts are are are more owns an electric Hayden and if you -- check out my my my family -- work on line. And my analysis of my great great grandfather civil war. Diary which I'll put up against any scholarly research done by anybody but I getting back to a sorry just had to get that little jab -- But but getting back to it you're right my grandmother. My grandmother's number one priority. Upon arrival in the United States in 1923. Was learning the English language that was not want. She didn't rally in the street. For bilingual. You know when she called the cable company in 1925 they didn't say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although it can when they came over. The war epic debt your record when they got here and it's something though I mean what ground ball on the work I mean it made textures so. I think -- raised by you know having a very strong. So intently my mother smaller side. And of course the German -- on my -- is so what it's just the work ethic that was there and you know I can -- be returning rated like is that like. Nothing is gonna Hannity got -- I mean in at all. I don't care what -- like electoral worker like when he does I make them out there believable -- of the National Guard products like. The October storm afloat now by New York -- -- it's still like that you know what we talked about we -- army made about -- it's. It's a hole -- the now in my. My genetics apparently it's also my -- -- -- it's just. I'm pretty much I kid. I'm a social order volume. Like a chameleon and that's that's accurate Vietnam or anywhere. Beauty situation I can adapt to it. That's great I'd -- it. Don't fit in anywhere nobody wants me around and actually hey look -- great phone call and I found out a little bit more about you other than the fact that you've got a bum knee which is hopefully on the -- good hearing from it and adult wait so long between calls next time. -- -- -- -- partner. Arguably. Virtual -- -- think -- it would be it is from the movie clips where. All -- them in the locker room it their way street you know logistic problem -- there. If you substitute where they could -- from. Earlier there are I think going to be partners shall. But what you're wondering how we can get some slap shot references in two hour intro is and that is a very good idea. My favorite part of the movie though is the fashion shows it. I'm gonna do it -- I'm gonna do with the exception life. That is one of the funniest movies that has ever been made low budget Paul Newman and yet it is enduring and endearing and a classic thank you so much. All right at 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WBE. And what a great call and -- -- If you are that did not. All pissed off at me I love Spanish Spanish is a great language in fact. When I'm in a Spanish speaking country just -- I try to speak Spanish. I try to and on -- little language sponge with Indo European languages. Correct I'm a little sponge and I might get stuff wrong. But I try to show the respect as an American in a Spanish speaking country of trying the language I'll do it in French I'm pretty good with German. Never been to Germany but that's beside the point. But I don't believe -- -- bilingual crap in America. America -- language ought to be English just like Mexico language is Spanish. Just like Portugal's language is. Portuguese. Which kind of sounds like Spanish. So. I don't want you to think that that's some kind of vague. Speech. Well I think it's a gift. For an individual to speak many languages. But you cannot be a nation and speak many languages there must be one language. That language must be English. Which by the way. Has become more of a universal language and Spanish. Or even Chinese. One of the reasons it is English is exceedingly adaptable. And assimilate words from other languages. English is one of the most amazing. Tools of communication. Ever invented even before Al Gore invented the Internet. The English language was a an amazing tool of getting ideas across the -- permanent break that I am insulting. You if you are Spanish surname American or Latino however that apply yourself. I would love to be able to speak fluent Spanish I think it's a beautiful language. And I respect anybody who's buyer Trier quadra -- I think it's a great skill. But a country to be a nation must have a common culture and certainly a common language. And by the way common culture does not mean you don't get to enjoy other people's cultures. Made do you think that. I don't. Enjoy big is that. Not polish. Biggest greatest fun. I haven't -- into the greased pole festival. They probably wouldn't want it and that's the local apple could community. But I. It is 444 news radio 930 WBE and it is hourly -- before the break I wanna share something with you because this is a perfect. Place to leave off. Before the break as we get more people. On hold wanna tell their stories about are you in Western New York because as you work -- here. By great family bonds. And it isn't worth the tradeoff. Or argued simply trapped here because of those bonds. And you just can't get away in other words they become like an anchor as the water rises and you're stuck. It was a choice or are your stock. Never be a family oriented long route community has advantages. Disadvantages. Today's think there is no perfect place the -- to based think life is a trade off. But this is what the doctor Herman access route. I'm in a biography of a guided Jesse -- The bountiful bear and a buffalo back in 1984. And just like our previous caller in the first hour had to say the reason. Your ancestors. And that up in buffalo. Buffalo was the North Dakota. From 1850 -- 1950. Buffalo was a polling place. For many reasons. -- The years. This is from. The book by doctor -- -- in 1835. The population of buffalo was 161000. A round. By. 185015. Years the population double. It doubled in buffalo. And numbers are boring radio. Let me read just a couple of sentences. And you'll understand have a better understanding why you were born at -- more mercy Children's Hospital or wherever you were born. The years from the mid 1840s. To the 1850s. Were the most active buffalo had ever seen and trade and manufacturing. Navigation and real road building flourished elevators factories mills. Mercantile blocks residences church's school houses went up. This city -- and -- truck continental. And international metropolis. Fleets of steamers and sailing craft. Brought to her doors the products of the west. Transferred to buffalo from late boats to canal boats to railways buffalo was the main artery of trade. Between the east and the west seat that's why your ancestors and that up here. This is where the opportunity ones today that opportunity is not here like it once it's in the Dakotas. Listen to Sean Hannity if you doubt what I'm sure he's on seven to ten on WBM. And that is very good friend that Michael Savage from ten until one. Its hourly under his radio 930 WB and we'll check in with traffic just ahead and then the more calls as we to a great show on un and under employment. And how you got to where you war. Reality you know it's deadly is being on a stretcher -- with which you're not familiar and the water has filled in a pothole and you think you're just going through water and come home. How many of those accidents were gonna have to -- Hopefully a -- -- AccuWeather for today yes some rain and 42. Will be the low overnight tomorrow cloudy and breezy some drizzle of some rain at times forty holding a 52 degrees news radio 930 WB yen and again April showers to be expected. And hopefully it'll -- some of the salt off the roads. And I heard mark all of our scout executive talking about the fact that a lot of work can't be done. Yet because the ground is still. Just a few inches underneath the surface good point. So we'll just have to wait I know they put tar in the some of the more pronounced potholes. Driving down Sheridan I saw summit Detroit -- weigh in north forest rather try -- but at this point good grief. I still like sandy beaches idea he said that whatever government awards a contract to do -- stretcher road they should guarantee it. For like five or ten years to be pothole free so bear on the hook and not the taxpayers. When potholes and if potholes developed I wonder if that. That kind of a guarantee would give us better roads. Because I always wonder about the level of built in obsolescence. With the government contracts. That aren't. You get this road this bid and it's gonna last for about seven years then the next guy's gonna get that contract is educate the donations coming my way. Let's just keep those keep those road works ago. Wonder about that. Maybe -- watch too much boardwalk empire or The Sopranos but. Life experiences taught me that. That's a lot more close to the real world and when it party UB all right it's 454 we need to. Check in with what's happening in the news -- real good word on -- Malaysian airliner for those abused or following a story on news radio 930 WBE.

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