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4-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and welcome to the New York City if they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I mean I don't know what that. Cuba. Kind of -- people -- I'm very happy. These media including you know partner one simple requests from somebody -- a sharp -- There is. -- -- -- -- Hey Dave -- lenders ready at 930 WB and welcome to new week it is Monday we actually did get some warm temperatures yesterday and even eclipse of the crap from a regardless of the dead leaves and the twigs of this document to get out of the ball -- -- get out of the ball anybody. Did not did not squared up the garage. Now that they got to wait -- at sixty or seventy for the garage that that's going to be garage cleaning day. Anyway -- -- I saw something very unusual yesterday highly unusual yesterday. Many of you who want to listeners to show might not notice but that appreciation of nature. -- -- -- the sea birds that I didn't used to sit around you're like well I grew up always had groups bear arms about it maybe the occasional cardinal. Was a big deal. But now. We've got Sony really cool birds that have moved into Western New York the woodpecker is back in the neighborhood. He makes day a week long appearance every spring did you hear jumped the woodpecker now he's back. And there are blue jays came back. And the cardinals are every what are. And I hope the one cardinal finds a partner faster than the other male cardinal did last summer I swear it was August before he looked up. He was singing his -- long months and months and months I felt bad for -- gonna have like cardinal happy hour you know a cardinal plenty of cardinal single mingle forum. But that they've never worked that way so I looked into the northern sky. And it would have been about maybe it was I know what time it was it was ten minutes after two yesterday afternoon. And if I have to calculate. Where I saw others may think it's a UFO it's not. It. Would have been roughly over wegmans Sheridan drive probably about 800 through I'll I'll I'll call 800 feet above the ground. Two clusters to -- distinct flocks of hawks. Now if you know your birds and you keep -- these kind of things -- -- hawks generally do not hang out together. When you drive along the young man you'll notice that they hawking is a piece of territory marked out and he sit on the -- that's his territory. -- any other -- did there. But it was very unusual there. I guess probably thirty hawks -- cluster two different clusters I got a picture myself on. But it's not gonna work out well enough to what translate the FaceBook because everything is -- reds there so it won't work. Sell in and even the cell phone it was you know it's sketchy at best. It was not Turkey vultures that people are saying -- Turkey vultures well and I know the difference there's a different flight up -- Between Turkey vultures and -- hawks and these look to be Cooper talks and I showed my neighbor. And they he also want me I don't think he got as good a look if I did at them. But he thought of kind of unusual too. So I don't know of anybody got a picture of the clustered two clusters of hawks. Over wegmans roughly over wegmans and shared and at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon if you did send me an email. Sent a picture. I want to make sure they're hawks as I -- 99.9 9%. Short they were not Turkey vultures. I -- that there are solid that like great -- parents. Oh they're back in the area by the way so those have you have fish ponds and backyard you've got that little -- that you put over. You gotta be careful because the hawks outs -- the while the hawks probably -- to. But the other great -- parents are back and they've been known to absolutely destroy. -- so just be aware. But. I'm gonna think about hawk yesterday. I wonder if they're just having some hawk pre season meeting to divide up territory like he did on boardwalk empire. -- -- the north's -- is up to Madison street up to and including us -- yet. A -- -- that was the kind of thing that was going on I what are you 800 feet above the ground about weight and yesterday they are all wearing these 1920 suits and they just come in from. Wearing a very very nice steps out of shoes on the beach and getting them all walked over. No not not been you know these boardwalk empire references to start and where Arabic. Now the popular aren't let's but presidency goal in the beginning of boardwalk empire. And he takes off just before the bottle crashes against the Morgan appeared. I think that's foreshadowing go to the bird getting always bring a bottle breaks. I've I really I should go to film schools like it really be Smart. -- fourteen minutes after traders -- -- at 930 WB and by the way on a and another note I completely different note. Via people from firearms training western new York and Gary bridges. Nice job on Saturday. They raised I believe 11100 dollars were stroke shooters committee -- political education and a whole bunch. Of signs repeal -- safe sides were distributed on Saturday. In Hamburg at the B -- W post on lakeshore road and nice dot -- nicely done great job. And I know that there are signs that went quickly I know that the five dollar donations that generated over really about 11100 dollars for scope so well well well two our sponsors all that Gary bridges Jerry bridges by the way is one of the guys who's got a letter from the town -- Hamburg telling him to get his sign off of his -- or else even though the sign itself as balanced as signs. Take -- even though the town of Hamburg itself has signs on the fence -- -- old dog park. Which dad I put up on my FaceBook page last week because I like to point out hypocrisy. Now. You don't -- its call for. We have so many think it's to get into today and one of the things that I really desperately. Wanted to get into on Friday we finally got into but it took for ever because everything I think they know what's happening at a Friday. And it was just one success topic after another. And are we in this one. And it I think I have the well I have to preface. Without without rambling. I wanna preface what I'm gonna -- Last week. I put up a post about guns. Something about guns on my FaceBook page and what are my listeners said well. We'd all about the gun crusade but you should do -- show on unemployment. And I said. Basically -- try to do the best show I can do on any given day with what I want there. And the question haunted it was in my mind doing a show on unemployment. And then a couple of elements lined up in my brain. And -- and Hannity on the way home. And he's been very big gun that getting America back to work he's probably found more jobs for people in the private sector on his radio show than Barack Obama has done in his term as president of the United States. It dawned on me it was like this tremendous epiphany. It dawned on why are any of us in Western New York. Why. Why were you born in Western New York why. Well because your parents lived -- chances are their parents lived here chances are there parents parents lecture. That's why you were born in Western New York. Now why it was Western New York -- one point. In 19100. Well actually the 100 year period 1850 in 1950. Where Buffalo, New York was a kick ass city. Now why. Was it because our weather was different -- We had 85 degree December's and Paul and race thing now because we had beaches where he could swim well bunting in the people's speeches. Now. It was a growing area because the economy was her. Simply put it was growing because that's where the jobs work. People came to buffalo because that's where the jobs -- 85 1950 that's where you could find work. And when you go back in time. And folks have spent so many thousands of hours searching my family history. And I can relate to your family history very well and chances are this is gonna be good for about ninety -- 95% of -- at some point between 1815. And 1920. What are your relatives said man. This is a pretty hard scrabble like insists. This is -- pretty sad life in Germany than in the same Dong for 300 years. And they decided that America. Was the land of opportunity. So they did something very courageous very brave. And I don't know we have that anymore I wonder if we've lost that. You're great grandparents. Or somewhere in your family tree made a conscious decision. To leave an area of little economic opportunity IT Germany 1923. And come to buffalo. That. My great grandfather left Germany in about ninety under. And came to buffalo then. Other members of the family came here back in the 1850s. Because that was when opportunity. Was really taking place here. In Western New York. So I think back now to the FaceBook -- -- why don't you do a show on unemployment. And here's my question to the is the problem really unemployment. Or is the problem that you were willing to take the risk your ancestors were willing to -- And goes somewhere that is out of your comfort zone in order to be a material success. And that is a huge question now I'll get some. I kind of wonder I I do whether our ancestors were more courageous than week. Think about it when your grandmother hop on a boat. To go across the North Atlantic probably add that up in New York City. Chances are she was in steerage. Chances are the accommodations were grim. And chances are she got very -- along the way probably so OC sixty kind of wish that -- stick putter ever seasick misery. She -- -- where she didn't probably speak the language of us to where she came from an English speaking nation -- to -- language. Grandfather had learned a whole new language and hold it wait a fitting into -- society. You talk about a total midlife crisis you talk about a total -- like adventure. The people who -- this country when it was an economic juggernaut any manufacturing kidding. Think up the courage that took just for a minute. Leaving everything behind selling off what ever you had and getting out of dodge whether dodge was Germany. Or Poland. Or wherever Italy Sicily wherever. That took courage and that was the time I point this out on Friday. Before Skype. It was before text messaging. It was a time before the Internet. You know I told the story on Friday but just because I told entry on Friday does not make it any less relevant hopefully less interest. But what I consider all of the changes have happened just in the past 25 years in terms of technology it's amazing. Because when I was married and living at Saint Louis. We used to run up a kid -- 200 dollar phone bills every month in 1990 dollars. I haven't gone to the inflation and John Sherman go to inflation calculator 1990s. 200 dollars what is that today and the last year's going to be 2013. -- I wanna know what that would be in equivalent dollars today and you can whip that out really quickly. But every single but it was 200 dollars like clock work to the telephone company to -- bucks 200 bucks to order but now. A look at his opponent got. And it will fit it in my pocket. And if I were so inclined I could actually set up so that might face could talk to the face of a friend of mine in Germany. Japan. Australia if I was selling -- Now it's not like being there. It's not like actually. Holding. Hugging and will be whip the person face to face but you do get the sense of interaction however cyber it. -- the -- it is pretty inexpensive. -- they used to do it for for they don't do that anymore. Now it is but it's still ridiculously inexpensive work when you consider the technology John what was the number. 200 dollars in 1990 is what today. That that that's a question I guess. 360. My gosh it's -- I thought our again so basically every month. Back in 1990 my wife and I were shelling out the equivalent of 360 dollars for all angles. Now the point is it's think about how technology has changed in that time. So when -- ancestor came to buffalo in 1850 to 1950. -- and 1850 and 1950. You have to understand. It took months sometimes for a letter to make it from buffalo to. Our cost of a cast -- right dealt at that place -- -- -- -- -- Marie. Somewhere out gimmick gets there. I'm having a mental. It's not translator Palermo I'm just gonna say polar it would take a long. You know three weeks four weeks six weeks to get a letter from buffalo to Palermo -- Naples to Rome or Berlin for that matter now. Just punch in a few numbers -- yourself on Skype. Skype is right answer call up certain that you're an -- Think about the courage. Your great grandparents. Because they didn't have that. If their parents died and hold it wouldn't find out until a month and a half later the 00 my gosh I realize there's. Trying to ramble but I'm trying to make a point. I actually have a letter. Written about my great camps. In Germany talking about the death of my great great grandparents. And but he didn't find out about it in the United States until a month later that -- Ericsson dot. Seriously. It's not like that now. We are probably more able to move with the least eruption now than ever before. I don't go anywhere because there was a question to go along with Paris. And it was a huge hit on Friday and promised to bring it back. I apologize for my neighbors. Yeah -- is a learning is on board came to work to work today and may have in just a little bit high. It's going to be worse when I get strapped just just a warning but I'll let you know. 333 is ready at 930 WB and it is hourly there anyway. Choosing -- here because my eyes off the show telling you that I try to be acutely aware of wildlife. And nothing for four for hawks red tailed hawks Cooper's hawks whatever and yesterday 210 -- In what would have been the area around wegmans above wegmans in about 800 feet now I was watching this from my house on a guy estimating here. I I didn't have the necessary means to triangular eight but I'm pretty good at guessing stuff. My guess is they were 800 feet over the ground over wegmans on Sheridan. Based on my perspective. And they were two distinct groups -- hawks probably thirty in each group and had never seen hawks get together like that an email alert tells me. Top actually hawks don't gather in large flocks called. Apple's. Not unusual behavior but it rare treat to see. I'm happy that. I'm very happy you know I've learned something and I. Eric at 334. Soap. So I need to do was show up unemployment. NM setting this program up. Because. You are in Western New York because somebody along the line in your family tree actually somebody's made the choice that year and why did that make the choice to be here because of economic opportunity. And basically folks. I know that many of you. And what he's living here is we do every sense of community and we do have deep roots but I want to consider. The first person to lead the European were ever village to come to the United States. You do realize that most of your ancestors lived in the same village within miles of the same village for hundreds of years right. As far back as I can Trace my family tree clusters apparently were within ten miles they'd ever hope they were just this year. So prevent this ever from everything they do. And it -- to the United States. Really represented some pretty tremendous courage. By the way they didn't insist that this country have Bob bilingual Italian and English German and English Portuguese and English. They didn't do that they came here and they learn English. Unlike certain people like and think gov who expect the country to change languages for their convenience. Which I wouldn't expect Mexico to do if -- repatriated to Mexico. Which is going to happen because that -- is redolent with the smell -- All right it is at 336 of one of the use the word -- and I did thank you let's get some calls on that WB yen. Are your seat -- I'll I'll get in the seventy's I don't wanna -- I could monologue this for four hours but that would. You know that would be kind of self indulgent is Kathleen Wilson Honda WB and kept it was the older generation. Braver and more courageous than a week. Yes in I don't think they get more -- Now. Not -- faith in themselves faith in god faith in what. -- and everything yeah. -- -- people like people on the Titanic when it was going down. Please Jesus saved me. Old that was unfortunate. And trying to mock prayer I often wonder why some get answered and some don't. 'cause of the Titanic that was a real big Christian announcing please god get me out of this get me out of this and that I felt like people out of the water I would be so pissed off. Just what you anticipate. What a joke and -- believe I'm going down this road. Aren't. Well. -- and -- the other thing is. My grandmother came here actually as a teenager by yourself. So. -- you know that in itself took a lot of Kirk from Poland. We -- And in 2 years. I am. Going somewhere -- never -- before Moreno nobody. Com. Because I think. That there will be something better. You effect -- -- a lot of this to you gotta do some due diligence and research I would -- and waiting two years why are you waiting to -- Well my daughter. Is graduating in two years. Mean you've got to do your preparedness you can't just pack up a U haul and -- -- spin the wheel and end up in Reno. You've got to the got to put some thought into where you're going and why you're going here enemies -- a lot of people out to the cultures and they found really really. Good jobs and I applaud Sean Hannity for the work he's doing -- I think he's there he's got a great public service. Now I am I'm looking into it I mean I'm you know I'm getting my ducks in a row and. -- life is a tradeoff that Kathleen how -- -- reconciled between the fact that your your family's been here now for a what two or three generations. At least part of a bigger two or three generations. This area does have deep roots this area has a sense of community which you do not find in places like Florida which tend to be more transient. Made everything is a tradeoff -- you thought about that -- thought that through. And your conclusion is. -- -- I have to do this for myself. I'm doing right now. We're okay what do you need to prove yourself. Yeah well. You know what stirred up because sometimes -- challenge makes you do things you ordinarily wouldn't do. And in much the same way that I do much better -- a schedule and when I'm regimented and most people seem to according to a question I put up on FaceBook -- last week. You may actually rise to a challenger ever thought -- could rise to an only by escaping from your comfort zone will you ever find that out. This jury and I would rather do it and fail. Then that do it and wonder. Well well I I applaud your courage because. Big decision here and sister in Poland and everybody else who came over here had to make was monumental. In the Arab before FaceBook and Skype and cell phones and instant communications basically they they they permanently left everything they do and came to a whole -- place. Right it was a blind you know it was flying. I think you're blind faith basically and and and they wanted to and they wanted something batter in their life. -- very interesting -- call early to start off thank you 340 news radio 930 WB the end so my question is. And you know one of my theories one of my philosophies life is a trade -- This area. Is great. Everything for. That I don't value the deep ties and connections that exist here. This is an area and a community and I say community with a capital C where roots are deep. At the same time. At the same time as that can be a solid foundation in times of turbulence it can also proved to be your undoing by holding you down to the ground so you can't. Really self. Achieve what you wanna be what you wanna do. Everything is a trade up everything is a two way street. Except for way street -- and -- album which wasn't very good let's go to Brian in buffalo WB and hello Brian. -- What I wanted to mention is. That the question was why are we here. It has -- -- court -- go out and I'm an auditor airing -- it is great girl why is this the city. What what's important to -- and up. And when you look at -- off all all the while. Yeah. And sororities. Auto industry. Indicated it would -- -- would be greatly and so we go to. And then you know who want bigger now go out to -- -- Well today today you know I've a got a piece from a book by eight. About Jesse catch him that I wanna read it it won't take very long just a few minutes but what you're describing is what would today be called an intermodal transportation. Hub and basically that's just a fancy way of saying they -- -- degree from a late -- in buffalo put a month can help packets and railroad cars and -- in the market in the east. Here from problem. And it's the Bill Belichick or lose oh airmen you know likes -- that Obama. But but but the point is -- -- could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right but my question but see here's here's what you're doing the show and then if I have not communicated this Brian don't feel bad if you don't feel bad because there's no right or wrong answer on this topic there really -- But while doing the show is the lady who chastised me if she didn't mean anything ill she was trying to be a mean lady but she makes me think about doing a show on unemployment. I'm thinking to myself I wonder how many people are underemployed or unemployed not because they can't get a job in the Dakotas but because they just don't wanna leave their comfort zone. Well these figures in a different sort witness I went intact while -- In Delaware -- coral. And there was theory you know the first exit from the rest of the world -- Well here we have very. Most he tries. Unfortunately. What are -- fictional wrote that -- it away. Because Lugar are striking there -- -- -- And soul what we give up cheers -- real you know there are approximate and we agreed educational. Pedigree -- are also some. I I -- you right recruit new -- and pat. You know. It's frustrating when you look at the fresh water we got fresh water we'd get. You know we. I under -- everything you're saying is true and were gonna (%expletive) off people again is by saying we have the dumbest voters. Any county in the United States here in Erie county and across New York State we are stuck on stupid. It's not going to change the private sector is not going to -- as long as we of the dumbest voters in the world living among us but that's the trade off you make. Thanks what they took the private sector to test orbiter because the private sector -- what we are -- Okay. Why lol lol why would it. Why would I want to start a business in a state that were I know other state operates you've heard me describe how they shake down restaurants and hair salons and everything else right. Oh. Okay that's why -- yet I'm an auditor in nickel it's like it's. -- -- -- Just. It's it's it's day. -- Let's. You said you want just as the private sector I cannot chastised the private sector the private sector is out to make money. And New York State is out to extort money. And get money and you mentioned earlier that there your CPA and I've told this story zillion times about the people I know in the restaurant business and they get bad visit from the state. And the whole goal with a state is to collect money because they know that the business we don't these businesses take and they know what the reports are we taxes and they figure out OK what is the what is the breaking point for this person. When they just write us a check instead of taking us to court. And that's New York State I can't blame a private business person it's drew. All right Brian I'm I'm glad you called thank you very much bigger area at CPA. But you know here's the thing folks know what you think about this as we head into the brick. Deep roots in deep ties are great. But if they become an anchor that -- you down. And you can't get up from a rising tide of stupidity. And you're surrounded by more items. And there is no private sector growth. Then the same routes that are so good in terms of community values become a personal impediment to. And keep on my life is a tradeoff you will not find heaven on earth my friends I don't care where you go there is no such thing. I wish with everything that is in. Bet we had a thriving private sector economy here in western new York and smarter voters. I also wish that I was in doubt like Johnny Holmes some things just aren't gonna happen on W media. All right Allan thank you and at a rate is coming down and the -- -- today's gonna feature -- 42 degrees tomorrow cloudy and crazy some drizzle and rain at times the high temperature 48. I'm gonna complain you know why is this race is get salt off the road we need the salt off the road that you guys can get your toys out of the garage and you ladies to 52 degrees -- All right ladies and toys. Automobiles folks not everything I say has been a double on on the it is hourly on WB EN and ladies if FaceBook post last week asking them yelling at the -- I'm glad they put up because you know what she made me. At first it was a little it's marquis and I thought you know what she's right. This actually should be a topic but it can't be your typical -- unemployed topic I make it compelling. I've got to make it interest because which audience how they end up in buffalo. And in the great cost in sacrifices. Ancestors made to get here. I got up the great stuff of being in Western New York along with the bad stuff. Community is a two way straight routes can be bonding and binding and a good way. Or bonding and binding as in there's no safety word and you were trapped. 80330. Start I'm 3180616. WB yet again some reports of some traffic messes up there and if you'd like to add to our knowledge based. As long as you can safely do it you may call us at 8030321. That's the WB intrepid command number. 8030321. And we always appreciate your help here's -- itself on WB Ian Williams hello. Yes I've ever do it they gave me everything that is what I -- territory. An airline about a crowd would create the. Yes this originally was knew that part of a new battle fronts new threats. Yes you -- really got a lot. -- Yeah well not vividly I wasn't there but pat we've been -- WBM would have covered it extensively. That's -- like it is area. -- What we're talking a long -- Go -- do -- talking like the sixteen hundreds are we not. Yes that we that would make it here. -- an airline about the crowd for treatment. And when you -- came here. How far back can be a -- wanna get too tied up in this but. Like what year are we talking about and specifically where did they settled my ancestors help settle Montreal. Well it. What. Mistreated by. -- out -- -- -- the electronic. Well that we're we're talking much later than than the sixteen hundreds because the first group. Recorded white man to live in that area wasn't until the seventeen hundreds. Out of about Iowa what date they were well they -- being chased. By a crowd was out of luck. Medallion a game here now because it was French territory. Well that's that's centrist think now obviously with that kind of history here. I'm kind of curious is it a good feeling of being bonded and one with the community where do you sometimes feel like it's a rope. Like yeah Anthony soprano junior trying to drown himself in the pool and it's -- and -- now. I -- I'd -- different places throughout the United States I did you know. So back here because of my -- out bears were olden. I take -- of them. I'd I'd like to talk your further after the break as -- wanna find out what your future plans are and a -- -- export this idea that life -- a -- folks don't. Ever under estimate the importance of feeling bonded to your community. But you also can't underestimate the importance in the -- that you get one life you don't get a dual. All right you want a Corvette but you can only get part time work here it'd happen. 803 on like thirty WB.

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