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4-7 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring as they future purchaser of the Buffalo Bills. If you're allowed to buys them and pay for them with the revenue you'd get from the team. I'd like to announce that I'm buying the Buffalo Bills coming up. I'll be I'll be there I can I get up there are no and I can be down there by 1230. I'll bring a panel -- maze like and sign any legal documents. -- the debt service on a billion dollars would be. Neither alive but I thought fairway it's a lot more. Then the revenue stream of the net revenue stream of law of the Buffalo Bills for a year at a time. Seward house the -- well I guess at the bonanza as they said. As to what is in the directive vote left behind by EO Ralph Wilson. And let's hope it works out great but if if indeed -- by the team like that I would likely UAW Tony wanna buy it don't count me and now Chris and -- -- season plus will be able to get free parking. If we get so be recognized. It is don't -- and -- 3018061696. 930 whereas in a couple of questions. Will -- a common course dolphins everybody getting a getting into a hissy fit over -- do you believe in testing. I think most people understand that we have testing in our lives. And we know it's necessary and there will believe minute. You believe and opting out of testing that's where the question comes then I think opting out is let's let's be candid here quitting. Assorted as a squinting. Or is so unfair I know I'm opting out because it's unfair life is unfair well they're used to it. You gotta learn to deal with that you don't just quit you going to and you take it on -- first if you win your way and if you don't when you don't win but you don't quit. You you view president veer that way you learn that way. And I think mom and dad if you have opted out of your kids attesting. The common -- -- Mountain. He made a mistake I'm glad my -- glad I didn't have to make those decisions my daughter's grown woman. -- vote I'm telling your opting out as a mistake. Patrick in buffalo Patrick -- on WB again. There. That the departure -- in here that it is time secrecy. I think you're having -- that you want your kids particular. You know what I have my kids went about school in all of Western New York. One it was a top of this class I have no problem they can tout the good. -- If you're asking a question that school and that school refuses to answer any of your question. And everything shrouded in secrecy and stopped. And the results are sacred. And you're not getting any of the result Barack. That's what people have a problem I don't think anybody can -- not taking it past the content not to issue and I think it there's opposition which reporting and which is the teachers standards I totally agree not have to hold them to a standard I don't have any issue with epithet has nothing to do -- coming -- They're putting that in because of it and I think that's what things are getting misconstrued. It was certainly wants that that once the tests have been given. Even if the results are not released the people it took the test could certainly recollect some of the things that were on the test. And I was so. -- -- If you take a test today. Okay and -- of people give the test don't -- release what was on it. You certainly have a memory of what you did what was asked have you you're telling me that. You couldn't repeat what was on the says. -- to take account. They you know I mean he's gonna take it that you can remember some of the stuff I had not all that -- it -- pitcher -- -- -- -- -- you've got -- -- of law. -- that's -- but it but you're you're talking about the secrecy aspect of it I assumed maybe I impression it was some but I assume you're talking about the content of the test. On the other content definitely secret. Well that it's not sinker wasn't says the secret I understand that that I mean. People are going to ask about coming quarry in itself not just the past you know the top secret. But the results -- secrets. But when parents are going to ask about common Cold War. Telemarketing a lot of information and I -- at least one instance in the United States. Apparel was actually arrested for disturbing the peace because they don't want and asking questions. And there's just too much secrecy here -- its -- scared that's part of a lot of parents. Well it will see we'll see. You know we'll see what leaks out but what I'm saying is once the tests are given. The -- secrecy aspect is kind of doomed because remember if these are national standards and national tests. You've got a big sample size to deal VO work and I want would assume you can get a pretty accurate picture of what was on there. If they didn't want to know ahead of time except in generalities. Generalities of the fun obviously couldn't give this specific information on its best. But I understand we we should have more transparency. In all of government slash education. But I once the test is taken. Via a big -- is on the bag thank you. You really think about it you're having a national a series of national tests. -- we have everybody taking them once they're taken. It's over you can certainly get practically every question on every test because the kids talk a marvelously. Must the idea don't have any kind of memory at all like with my target -- jackets certainly tell you most of what was on it tomorrow. When we want -- question if the if the parents want more transparency. I think transparency is fine as long as it's not specific. Before the test is given. Maybe you have the general seminars things like that that's fine amounted to hide anything shouldn't be any new dynamic but we also. Kind of need national standards to see which states are ahead which states are behind. What areas are hard regardless -- on which areas need more help. I have no problem -- that. It's not a Communist manifesto is best nine. Or a Nazi propaganda piece but to be interest thing -- I think dubious since it was test published so we can all take them even lower nod and a first second third fourth fifth quarter grade it's -- so eight -- -- Montreal I think opting out as the as the wrong answer. There was never -- choice before why should it be your choice now it's probably not being made by the student by the parent. And you're telling me rather have your kid equipment take a test. That's wrong in my in my last question if it's right for you that's fine but remember your kid's gonna have to carry the XXX. One nation guard around -- them. Or her for the rest of their lives as to why they didn't do a lot of things. Get him in the game do the best job it can win or lose then your winner if they stay out of the game because they think it's on. -- -- -- they're Moses no matter what happens there -- Will -- take more calls activists. Newsreader and I'm thirty WB. If you if -- point is that occasionally there are things in the educational pipeline that don't make much sense I'll buy that. Because siren call on this is in a curricula Obama peace but I recall going to school and having drills what -- duo. In case of a nuclear. Attack. OK a nuclear. Attack we were true. Hide under our desks. Now I don't know about you know I've yet to see a desk. That would save you from a nuclear attack -- -- that's it. Get under there put your hands over your head that'll make it better true. And adhere to -- because when they see the last surviving person after a nuclear winter. Is indeed you'll underneath your wooden desk. That I think they say these these girls are really worth. Well we didn't get to go under our desk we went into the -- -- a loss or worse yet. With our heads against the wall so you have a -- hallways lined up with all the classes in almost down in you know that the crouched position with your hands over your head. Now we had to get under the desk I remember that that was -- -- -- and then thinking. Wow if this bombers as tough as they say it is is this desk going to give me enough protection that I knew that. But that's what they used to do so I mean not everything in education is perfect. But what I'm saying is with these tests what is -- court things. There it'll be such a large sample size. As some of the information may be able at least because it's it's the same basic. Premise -- all the tests they'll see which would you. Which states are doing better which states is doing worse. -- we stronger in math and science blah blah blah blah blah I don't know -- the tests because I want probably. But that that's but of the teachers are so afraid. I'll vote of being evaluated all god forbid that they will be evaluated for anything. That I think that's that's. Trickling down this track you part of trickle down economics has struggled on education. Because I want I want you wouldn't think about. Where these parents get their expertise and education. I would think a lot of them that then opted out for their kids or teachers. Not much question in my mind about that and so they spread the fear and all that and for those of you think -- -- couldn't happen to Georgia's kids on time. I mean all any time as a school budgets about to be passed its controversial. Some of the kids are bringing home notes from the teachers suddenly strangely enough -- worried about whether there will be jam. Or football or our music are any of those things without this it is important school budget passed and get that information. They get indoctrinated by the teachers so that teachers aren't above the fray there are part of the right. And as well as a recognized this year. Okay whether it's not out of the mayor I'm no expert in this let's go to word Georgian for -- George W -- And it predator from good to talk to you George what do you got. Well -- for a couple that interest law at issue in the afternoon and commute -- thank you appreciate. That you run good programs are two things. You know we've reported this track and measure the effectiveness of picture. You have to ask the question. What it for the kid taking that. I mean they'll put anything -- is that they make it different. If they lower -- enough of them. You know you're not gonna give -- a clear picture. Of what they are -- While the only the only thing I would say -- whether it was common core something else. -- whole mission of the teacher is to get the information to the child. So unless the -- that tests contained questions that were not -- in the classroom. That's the only way we ever judge teachers is is the by outcome of what the what the students -- and that's their mission that's why they're there. Yeah but we have to take into consideration this -- themselves that they see no value in taking -- test they'll just fill in the black. Without anything that a lot that the nature of kids especially today the -- the second issue was. What did you -- polite manner a driver's -- and a car. We have children. Who probably because of their disabilities. Aren't really equipped to do whatever he can't. And the I'd agree. And I am so far you know I really haven't had any. One come and it any school explain this to me I'll. They're going to separate those results. Yeah I've they would have -- you know it's like market on a curve I'm sure that they would have to any. Anything that would affect of the of the ability to learn -- transmit that knowledge two through a test. I don't show would have to be acclimated to the individual's. Ability to learn. As so they're not all on the same boat obviously if you're teaching at MIT might have an advantage over most schools. But I think there's going to be a way to separate that when their value and. I I agree and we have a a child as that kind of issue. And so. When we did attend the school meetings sure there was really nothing percent that the senate. They were gonna be treated any differently they were just got to be given the same test. Probably with the expectation they wouldn't do very well a pink. Well what you would find a way -- a great. Equalizer I think and these tests are the fact that they're national. And they include -- huge sample size so like any. I I read these. These things from a polling -- all the time in all of the disclosures on the last three or four pages. And they were all separated out into a aside -- graphic and demographic. Columns and whatever so that you know how to separate -- I'm sure these tests will be the same thing. They wouldn't be one size fits all but because everybody's taking it. There'd be a way to differentiate who learned what under what conditions. Sergeant. That Cuba miss -- on in the afternoon appreciate it thank you George. See that's nice he missed in the afternoon. So I do it I do enjoy being here in the morning because I get to go to the movies. I've seen every movie of one missy in the last few months loves -- yeah it's it's almost it's almost like. It's almost like skipping school. Because hey I'm in the movies on Tuesday afternoon it's not the movie blows I'm I'm here on Tuesday afternoon. I'm I'm supposed to be here on through and -- I realize -- work. That's kind of cool. Did you like they're getting -- and I'd like barrels of water did you really. Yeah because I can get things done in the morning like doctors' appointments and I -- now because I -- the kids out right after school that's what you get for having children yet. Sure it is it's -- well I talk to stay away from or -- -- I knew I should -- and I'm. It's the opposite I can get my car service that I did -- go for a drive by can I can get -- movies I can get things plus I don't like we get up at 545 and more -- I got up earlier you know you are used to be apologize. For yours yours yours so I enjoy it. But I thank you George thank you for the nice words. 803 on Montreal 18061692. Through six -- 930. I think via. The catch term of opting out opting out is such a nice way to say it is an -- All these hazards. Are where my child is going to opt out sounds opting but I mean that sounds horrible -- Why did you use the real word quit. Nobody likes to have that order today you don't wanna have that attached to you hey I opted out of the test is different than hey I just quit. No that isn't how we got things done in this country we don't quit. We don't quit on the stool as they say and in boxing we get in there now we may not win every game. We are we men on base every test but at least we tried. We were in there we gave it everything we have we prepared. And that's all we can do so at the end of the day if you pardon the expression at the end of the day you have no remarks because you didn't leave anything -- done. You did it as best you could and that's all he cares for and with these comical things. I mean as the -- national. It's army national test they'll have a huge sample size. And they will be able I think unless they're dumb as a stump they won't be able to differentiate. Different abilities to learn. And match them up according to different sections of the country. Will be back what more would be agent company under the -- and I birdied WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 -- our toll free line is 1806169236. I get back to Beijing governor I like to formally protests. The length of the stops that snub a subset or when we clustered together. Information in commercials whatever. And I'd I'd I'd like to protests. Too long and here's the reason I'm protests -- you -- know why -- -- and are processing because they're too long because it gives Tony time while the commercials are running to Tellme cute stories about his children. And it really seriously a -- ever come I will pay for the loss of the commercial time. -- so that he wouldn't have time to tell me except for the -- story about his children. Because then I got up fake it. Like my ex wife there -- remote I've got up fake why that's so you don't I pinch my own -- I'd rather pay by the commercials. And get on what Michelle it's possible and they can't think. Thank you I and I might I'd like to hear even more jobless or is. It's time to get the next caller which should be rose in Lancaster rosier on WB yen. Or hollering oh I'm fire grows what you have force today. I think that's what I thought I did -- say they do love your show whether it's afternoon or according to could dialogue with you thank you this week. And a lot and I disagree with -- and a pretty sure I am. I'm opted out of the public school system okay back to. Lecture -- home school my son. It and -- and I could do that is because thirty plus years ago. What school they had phenomenal. Phenomenal teachers a pay an Indy a year and that's why don't because I never heard it. Any. When you're having trouble with algebra. While. -- -- you have to -- that we'll get a bunch of people are still working out together the marketing -- help payment for that thirty year. And as stroke has been. And this is what I gonna say. Instead of putting it but what can I -- calling up I know it is not. The civil society that you and I grew up its act and believe me I'm the first one would be like he does something it's an -- -- But my whole point is okay when teachers. More interest is about boob jobs. -- -- -- And soon not let -- stop and the quality authentication and the caring for it or secondary. Hole. -- -- -- But right. Buddy there room. For those kids he only cares about the teacher and back into what they. To teaching let me ask you Gehry partners. You can't even be. It features pop that the in the spotlight beyond a one or the other -- but it sure. And your key you know it's how will. -- dual while it -- if that teacher is doing their job. -- -- government valuation. He had been to work. You've done your attendance is it you know everything you can't actual -- to see. He didn't get great upgrade your -- The truth and in the putting. Well I -- selling your Santa Rosa and -- A there's a big difference between opting out for a test and and then home schooling home schooling is you feel as you just said that you could do a better job and have I have more confidence in their learning ability of your child to -- -- -- home. That's a whole different ball game. But -- because you're you're trying to not get away from having to be evaluated your your thing you have a better plan and you're going to get more out of -- so I applaud -- for that if you're willing to take on the project. And and a lot of people don't know this into my. Old and the cult leader. Court and a lot of people don't know -- and some people. Well propaganda. -- -- It's gonna be teaching school. Year. But it's going to be useful to indoctrinate them and what in what area in an area politics OK okay I did import pre book. -- Did you come in court ordered that bought it as you know. It's a lot like twelve and it was a story about why -- Barack Obama couldn't get a break. Who rarely. I'm really I'm not familiar with -- I did I did. And they see that and Egypt to put the -- he. Believe that teachers. The extent. You know. Great teacher is the good ones the ones early care. Personal politics. Religion. -- think about any other pertinent and should be kept out. I totally agree with that and not only the of the material a good teacher has a way to motivate students because. They are all motivated by different things and and a different ways to do it. And that's the key opening up opening up the minds of a knowledge now if the Barack Obama thing that you just quoted. Is here's a man who grew up a modest means and even though it was difficult raised by different people he managed to become president of the United States I'm OK with that if it's Barack Obama was put down because he's a black person and whatever then I'm not -- -- that. Absolutely. Absolutely I I truly great -- -- all depend what how you're not and you know what quite frankly. I -- I don't what -- him. -- we'll introduce them -- about politics. I am going to teach him. My politics lightly in the world -- he got religion and my views on people we are and I know -- said it a million times and don't US senate and knowing. According replicates -- -- Jim Warren how and the character not the color of the skin. Absolutely and you know there -- another good benefit of you doing home schooling is that. When your child goes to college. He he or she will not be as influenced by the professor's personal views as they might be if they if they didn't have home school. If your foundation now. Here. Well thank you -- I appreciate it thank you very much are you guys think about like this. As the public schools graduate your kid and then they're handed off not all not every -- college but -- this as an example. To the college professors here they are suddenly at a college or hold bigger stage. And their professors are going to be treated with great respect probably. And the respect the professors we have all of the the of the battling left wing material they have to to spew out -- great influence on your kids. But if you home school like rose just talked about you'll be instilled not only education about a foundation to work from. You have your own thoughts they may contradict the things that you learned that you appreciate from your parents may contradict what the professors saying we're talking about it in non. Curriculum ma statements were talking about basically. Personal feelings of the professor might have. And you might even be able to stand up and challenged a professor if you. Feel so inclined on certain things buses over home schooling would be very beneficial something like that not not everybody can do it. And it's it's it's there it's a big challenge and it's rigorous but if you can do it and you'll want to do what I say go for I think it's there would be of a very good to get your kid started in an area where other kids coming out of the public school system may not have that advantage. Go for rose. We'll take a break that's stupid it was said they liked the show about that so I guess our program was right Sunday paper said a lot of bar area. Talented survivor TS America always FTS -- Like that I think it sounds very unprofessional scattering to and I could be a discharge -- -- -- Jeremy after the OK more Blatter was chatter. -- that. On caller goofy disc -- voices not as good as NASA will be known as Sosa and overbay each yeah my favorite all the towels sales of him the very much in demand at flea markets. We'll take a brake -- bag after this last caller was good. India if you were ever inclined to home school this is a way to make sure the information gets your child. Make sure it doesn't come with superfluous though other information that might be opinion rather than fact. And them and then when you hand hammer off to. Law college -- they can differentiate between the professor's opinion and what should actually be taught at the course -- like that. But not everybody is equipped to do it. And it's not easy for sure it's not easy. Let's go to you. Next event will be surely. In north -- wanted to show earlier on WB again. All hi good morning I -- I don't guilt this army corps district -- And my teacher retired and I try to security -- here is that the element for example. And I was taught. And teaching college. Debt you can attest to kinda out the stirring up and the week after that you're. Kids and of the kind of as a whole jerk so that you could construct. Remedial. Teaching afterward. Now as I understand it. The result of this kind of collect it. I'm not to be released to the parents know the teacher correct yes. No -- what the heck is getting to test results. It seems like the government would be the one getting it and you're right away a text is given it's a group. Grade it's very it's a student and the teacher -- if you took it and to a sporting thing it will be the players and the coaches. The same kind of thing the end result is is the record the team has slowly and result here is the is the collective vote. Grades but if you don't see them out of the teachers learn from it. And out of his students learn from a. Exactly. And I'm quite adamantly. And map out. A raving conservative. It. Don't as -- -- Well it sounds is sounds different for sure and because of when not in it it's hard to judge -- -- a lot of people don't like Google will see word goes and did you enjoy your teaching your surely. -- vote for -- the that the children it just be a great feeling to see some other kids that you Todd go on to have very good lives. -- -- -- -- -- Quote heal up and the police fighters. I am I tell people about little. Dog that is great surely bank -- is so much all that's funny. I remember. One of the first talk shows I ever did. With Dave -- on WBN. I was doing you know mornings that want to and I you know often ninth at 10 o'clock on the and we do an hour of talk. This is when I first are doing to -- with de Mayo and Kevin Keenan. And one day we got into a subject. Not exactly what which are -- today but close to it. And I said. And I said. It must be as as I just said to her it must be great to think that this child. Could grow up and learn to cure cancer or something really meaningful and you don't know. And then Dave Mason and or he could grow up to be Hitler. And remember. I remember Lego like it was yesterday. It just me right off the chair and I thought of -- exactly right. You don't know you don't argued that pressure can. You try and get us started straight given good information good examples. Motivation but in the end you don't know you just don't. But that teach us money. It. Mom on the police -- you're telling me don't again to you and some of your speaking of the police blotter. You on some and a your your grandma your book again and New -- your friends. I have via a reunion photo or photo from the past. Yeah I just posted -- grown up I posted a home picture from 1983. My senior year per guard and you look at the picture in her face we all look like -- bunch of thugs are. Or criminal look like you're much of its okay my parents had every intention of meat turning out okay he's not. No idea really weren't as they did a good job -- on him to open up to a club I. Always want a guy that made my day that that's good. Our pride whose next about so let's go to Ron in buffalo run here on WB -- This is very important but I and I noticed how much time and wonder what they think I'm. -- teacher's -- in this buffalo public schools and one of the things that -- was appalled -- was you know what to that the testing device are going on here. Now I'm I'm a big proponent of testing you know the matches to get me wrong but the way they administered this test. The kids paraded into a classroom with computers they have trouble logging and finally after ten minutes a whole class are done with computer. And they downloaded that count -- -- web site which were associated with the -- -- now. That's a -- about it and tell him. There were so -- question down there -- that I densities and so he had retired engineer would have had trouble getting through the test myself. In the period of time but -- -- appalling thing to me -- that is how multiple choice answer. And the teacher didn't have any idea what was on the test. And so these kids get. Then there's no way they could finish on time. And even if they do they took it have a 5050 chance probably no maybe one out of that 25. Or point 5% chance to get the right answer because of the multiple tries to. Yeah that's the first thing when you said it was though he says it was math and may have multiple choice yet and and so are you saying it was an age age -- grade appropriate that it was over their heads. Now if there was great appropriate catastrophe wait too long. But the problem is that the teachers are -- is supposed to be a mechanism for teaching. You know what they don't know you know so you can go back and corrected test there was no way to do this because -- -- had no knowledge of what they even went on the past. I happened to hit because -- get -- -- to the classroom and over overlook these displaced. But that testing have to be really look at pretty close and and you know. Not just debt -- common core and this is good that that. Well let me ask you this. -- Let me let me ask you this if it is part of the test that they don't expect -- the students to finish -- you have to you have to think -- -- fairly efficient manner so they -- -- purposely trying to push the kids that to act a little faster than they normally one. That that material was covered in the classroom but some of that some of the -- of the questions. We're a little more just guys I mean there was just as it's available to require little thought process to. Well we're about to do it I think lol I -- they were not -- to the cash. But that there was little point in how the teacher ever go to. Solve that. We don't get the result. I. I agree I totally agree -- about -- they should know and that's how -- that's how we learned okay thank you for your golf regenerate. -- -- today I love that teachers were stripped of the she sees or is there where is water. Well if the teachers are listening did you ever have a student named Tom pocket. Will see you tomorrow morning at nine under greater I've -- -- Libya. -- -- never has to -- to be used.

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