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4-7 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with the Beijing company. As a suggestion and it's all you suggestions it's not is not really a criticism. It's more of a suggestion to channel two as you know I like channel two and they do a good job. And they are doing a very very good job are the people on -- like the presentation. That are there they're doing good work channel -- However -- one suggestion I would have. There their excellent and their gym calico -- Except for one thing and and today it's just them something I thought I was just mention. When they transition. Either out of and who's opening or from a previous story to the Jim -- story. They played background music which is for an aerial. It really is and it's it's very disconcerting. Jim -- in a battle for what we all know that these aren't. He's our gladiator he's our hero and and it's it's personal with all of us who have ever seen him play or -- all of them okay. But that that music. The music seems to be inappropriate. And I'm I'm usually the last walk -- to talk about inappropriate any thing. But I did I do feel that either of the music shouldn't be used at all or something else should be chosen. I know what they're trying to accomplish -- trying to accomplish this is a serious issue and and watch and listen to what we -- you. And that's fine the goal is fine. But the the music have you heard that they're -- no I have not have -- okay. So who -- you'll know when you do it because it sounds them. It's -- few an area that's the best way to describe it and that is not what we're thinking right now. Now and I'm -- a real difficult time even following this. Because of so much. You know I love I love Jim Kelly's great guy at the chance to me a few times in. This is really bother me. Chris have you seen shelters coverage I am not a I'm kind of like Tony of following his much of it as like hand but. I have an easier time reading stories about it and watching you know it's difficult it's difficult because these are you talk about stiff upper lip this guy's tough and he's. He's very concerned about is that a more so than even himself and so. It's it's an inspiring story but we don't need the music we can do about the music. Summary posted a wonderful picture of Jim Kelly Jack Kemp in jewel for -- -- saga gather the guys silent house like wow -- no that was terrific. What we're talking about today is an op Ed piece by Lauren -- -- and it's LA URE and so I'm making the assumption -- a woman. And if if warns them -- I'm sorry but I think -- woman. A Ph.D. In superintendent and pre K through sixth grade principal of a Tripoli central school district. And what we're talking about is testing do you believe in testing the do you believe and opting out of testing. Lauren believes in testing and mentions that she needed ten certifications. To get to the position she's in now. And she says asking a child to refuse a test. When we do that we send a negative message to children about their education. And it was an opportunity to help develop skills that will support future successes. As a parent and principal this is a good thing we need to know are extra power students and teachers are doing. In the world loan window of the media reports we need to hear more from the classrooms and schools living the work so basically what she's saying is. Whether you like testing or not. Opting out of testing is not an option that you should really choose. And I agree with that. Because opting out because you think that the test is in fair or whatever. I mean let's let's put it in an athletic ago frame of mind what if you're on a team -- playing a team has -- good they're undefeated. You have almost no chance of beating them in a lot of bit low watt deal is going to be 72 to -- you not play the game. You -- -- up and give it the best shot you can do you feel that rather than lose you'd rather not participate. That's a losers attitude. A winner says I may not have much of a chance to win but I'm going to prepare as best I can and I'm gonna get in there and fight card. And a fiery if I managed Apolo went that'll be a miracle but -- I don't at least I gave it everything I have. That's the attitude I think. That we have to instill in our children because you talk about a slippery slope where do you draw the line. On any kind of obstacle that your child mania may face they're just opt out. Well it's all prepared to have them live we're -- your basement solar a fifty or sixty years old because they're never gonna get a job. And there are tests everywhere they're not -- a sit down and write tests did not call observation their -- test. And you've got to -- take on most tests. In life and not opt out of them because when you opt out you really gaining anything. Do you think anybody is going to want to know that your mommy and daddy had -- -- had to intellectual. Differences with the a common core standards and because of that we have no way to gauge you think they're gonna wanna hear that no of course -- And so I don't think it if you opt your kids out of these tests I don't think you've done -- any favors. I don't know -- you know my mother and father would write me a note for any thing I had to be there and do it in on target about. I had to be either there was attest that to be there if there was an exam I had to be there whatever it was I had to be there are no excuses do. And do the best job again a Saudi gonna ask that's all you can ask and what we did a show a similar to this last week. -- I mentioned sometimes you can learn more from failure than you can from success. With failure you can recognize what you didn't do or what was there that you didn't expect and you didn't know how to -- how to gauge it. Where the can think on your feet where the your mind is focused enough to do what is necessary in the time allotted. I mean there's a lot of things you can learn from failure. From success you learn hey. It's great I want I got what I wanna but you may not go through all the steps needed. In your mind to get there and replicate them on the next tests because this test after test after test life. So I believe in testing we get tests that all the time. Mere radio stations there's 52 weeks in the cardinals are knew that. We are rated fifty -- fifty weeks out of 52. Fifty out of 52 of his on two weeks or not rate last two weeks in December and that's that so where -- always test. And -- tested demographically psychologically were tested at every -- every which way about us and it's part of what we do. And testing is part of what you do as a human being so opting your kid out because you know like becoming core standards is that as the mistakes. I'd like to hear from you if you will agree I'd like to hear from you if you disagree in Austria and I'm trio wanted on its excellence iTunes six and start 930 -- tell the story. About what happened made Olson's -- serie -- went to -- is to get some mom across months. Because they'll make him during land and a parties and couple more weeks will be certainly want them anymore. So I go over there. In the as a person in front of me in line guy and he's already started his order but I know exactly once I don't look rounds understand America. Okay the collar lady who knows me obviously says I sent the guy turns around looks at me and here's what he says I don't know we're. -- -- -- -- Just thinking about. And that -- you know how I might might mind is instantaneous. MI might as well should you be a Smart ass assured to be -- -- -- I chose to be a nice -- because Smart ass comment would have been a scenario with some in our but he said. He was thinking about me because of a cup cakes. See you at the registers right near where the cupcakes are. The cupcakes are -- and and the cupcakes we do that 102 that promo which we've had gone for like years now. And they just take it up because they're selling so many -- they're great cupcakes right. So he must've heard that he was in line looking at the cupcakes and didn't know I was standing behind him. So that's chemical. -- when he says I'm not used amends saying. I've been thinking about. A would you have given a Smart as remark or nice I would have been nice our eucharist and that situation nice guy young. Guy. And basically. A Smart -- who can be a nice guy at times but anyway it was fun. We're talking about to test or not -- in you know it's funny is that's how -- That is how we you know we headlined our show that we did last weekend and the op Ed piece that's the headline here in the Buffalo News by -- Ormsby. To testament to test there really is no question. In this where Lauren as an educator. As a Ph.D. superintendent. And pre K through 6 principle of Tripoli central school so Lauren is an educator who said. That there's no question that tests have always been witness -- will always be Willis but business is not a fan of. Opting out -- mind. -- opting out does quitting. But let's say it 400 as you know how we all loved buzz words. The word bully always loved to use the word bully let's carry that word around whether -- in our pocket and use it whenever we can. Hey you just bought it last loaf of marble rye you must be bullying me you know either we used for everything now Karen. I may -- has a legitimate concern. To us we don't want bullying. But once it catches on it once it has acceptance then we use it all the time we grind it into the ground. Well instead of opting out opting out sounds. Too nice. It sounds too intellectually. A ride that I'm opting out on the and on opting out according. You're quitting the law says that this is the test and you're not gonna take it. And they can't fortunate take it but you're quitting. That's into doing it quitting let's face it now nobody will say yes my son or my daughter quit on that test tonight encouraged it. No they -- say that but they will say we -- Sounds a lot more. Agreeable launch of thank instead of just walking away from it and how many times. Do we -- Do we -- anything with something like that. Because you can't carry the FedEx exclamation. Explanation. Around with you. A window when people wanna know well I did it for for the right reasons it was a but I just in once -- protest I thought it was an intellectually right thing to do. Scholastic -- right thing to do and a moral way I think it's a send to take -- saw mom against. Don't you think that also could be parents in their way this is this is how we are pro testing. Because we disagree with common. -- that's phony and all you protest a different way you protest by. By petitioning. The the national authorities by school board elections by that kind of thing that's that's if you going to do that at least do -- and have the courage to say why you're going to but that's not a formal protest -- acceptable I think. The bottom line is -- you're having your kid protest. The idea when your kid comes Allman says I bet you're the same parent that when your kid -- I was -- that. All but what do you do are you trying -- -- -- change into another classroom if there's another one who teaches us and you're making excuses for failure if your kid isn't going to stand up at school he's not on her she's not gonna stand up as an adult and you know going to be hero. Yeah I mean of the bottom lines -- -- going to be gone wild hair raising their families at least partially. And they're gonna have to deal aware of problems themselves and they can opt out of them. All this tax bill I got his. I -- opting out of it. GIA idea I may not make that team if I try out. Because. Because I may not make the team I'm opting out of the tryouts a c'mon. What does that squinting. Does anybody favorite quitting. Anybody remember oh reverted to Iran Tomas Tomas is a great champion. He was -- -- you couldn't beat Roberta orbit around but when he was getting beaten that time and and and sat on the stolen said no mosque no mosque. He is a loser after that no matter what kind of career he had you don't quit. You you carry on you don't always win. But losing is better than quitting. As far as I'm concerned losing is -- currently sure they're trying you get your best shot for some reason you didn't win you can always went anyway nobody wins all the time. Nobody. But if you quit. That's permanent -- quitter so use the right term okay Chris so what are you have a. FaceBook this is from Susan she says I'm a former teacher or three kids I believe in a set of common core skills. And testing for dollars and learned I'm just not a huge fan of these current common core tests. Well I may not be a fan of me there if I had kid in school but it that is not a referendum. You don't get to vote on everything I'm not a fan of the IRS collecting money -- check without media. You know having any say about either. There's a lot of things I'm not a fan of but I don't have the option of opting out I really don't. And there's a price to be paid for everything. Nothing is for free. So you're going to pay the price dropping out at some way shape perform some more normalized so you might as well face it now and deal with a and a former -- a wave of protests is the proper way to approach does not just for your kid out. Because they're not gonna say. The officials and artists and wow log goes 7% to opted out so that says the beds when -- now they'll just doubled down. And then you'll have to opt out of the next test in the next -- you talk about dispersal order resident. Let's go to Mary in Lancaster Mary on W via. I can ERC. Era between I wonder kid that cannot but you have number and that's. I've been number that I saw -- zone above thirty something percent. Which is which was a high percent army is nearly one in three that I read over the weekend it was not a wrong number but it was a percentage. Well I don't want her that I did a they had children their parents are our teachers. I think a lot of Omar yes anecdotally certainly we we've heard that and I think if you've checked you find out that would be true. -- they don't wanna get down to being judged there again. They don't wanna be judged and they don't want tests. Of student achievement to be used to either reform or against them. So one of a teacher is going there are opting out of that I mean that's the way it goes thank you Mary. I mean that is the way it goes you know anybody has a job that isn't the valuation. You know it has a job that a president the United States gets evaluated every four years. Sometimes you make a mistake in his and the back for the second term but that's enough about Obama. I'll take a break we wanna hear from you do you believe in testing. I I do you don't always do well sometimes you fail sometimes you. You'll learn more by by losing the Dubai winning I know that's hard to believe but it's true. And do you believe him opting out of tests that I definitely don't. -- really running away from something now I believe in and it's standing your ground saying screw you know I do believe in that. But I don't believe in in just running away and quitting. There's a whole different ball game that. Under is greater -- third you have like your opinion we are WB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- -- call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Tobacco eviction governor a late last week we said -- or not attest that is the question. This op Ed piece and -- Sunday about windows. Another voice by -- Lauren Ormsby Ph.D. She's superintendent. And pre K through sixth great principle of Tripoli central. Believes in testing and also does not believe in opting out as I don't. I do believe in testing we don't like them well we're tests at all in our lives all the time. All the time and their various forms of testing. But if you op if you just opt out you've dropped out and let's use the correct word let's use the correct word if you opt out you just quit. Aren't your son or your daughter -- -- they probably didn't decide that themselves you decided that they should quit. And it's a bad decision they imam. And I think a lot of it has to do with teachers not wanting anything to be evaluated. In which that is not real world. In any real world that's why they say they use the term ivory tower of education eleven a dream world in the real world we get judged all the time. In our jobs depend on doing a good job and their decisions are made by our employers often times come from. Various tests maybe not even formal how you doing how was your productivity. Things like that so that you're setting a really bad example by telling junior. Little miss that now this is -- a good test so you can opt out of let's go to Andrew in buffalo and earlier on WB -- Hey. I. Just thought I'd still like it that -- He. I have to agree with the idea of opting out. Yeah. I can't agree with that at the concept. But -- and it might. Dated the general idea of the test to begin with the task it is yes we should be done up by the teachers themselves. Because although it with this it is sort of has. The teachers. And -- just specifically teaching. But -- they don't teach classes the material. You'd spend. Six months out of the year prepping. For. Some major state. That six months where the regular education has been going -- Let me ask your question. Will these tests not either sink or swim viva by their own weight. A -- the reason I'm saying that if their national and everybody takes them if their faulty isn't it going to show up or therapy a productive isn't that going to show up because. -- in any kind of a test. Or any kind of a survey the sample sizes all important this should be a national. All inclusive sample size so would handed it to show that period are worthy or not abide their own way. I had. What can I -- -- I'd sit there and say it all depends on how it's. How it's hard but. He gave it a few years. And where prior tests exist. You're going to be seeing teachers not teaching material you're gonna see them just going. -- They attacked from three years ago goal for that these questions will be if not the same very similar. So -- -- action old material on the test is material that perhaps wouldn't have been covered if these tests were not present. You'd be able to eat it you've been covering more without that without having to spend -- on the overview and -- Yes it I don't know that if I'm gonna get a driver's license in the state. I read the manual OK and usually once is enough when I might be more than one that's all I need to get through that. But if I'm taking six months to read the manual something's wrong. It. Okay thank you. I guess it in a requirement. No I mean if I if I mean a driver's license and I'm in the state of Delaware are going to the Delaware manual I read it and take the test. But if I take a Delaware manual and takes me six months. Before I can take the tests on his round of -- I'm just thinking that unless there are things on these tests that would not have been taught. Except on these tests and that something's wrong with that but if -- general subject matter that would have been taught anyway. And why would that teachers be teaching to the test except to make themselves look better through better scores through -- children. I see that doesn't work either one has to happen is that tests after the general in nature on and on general subject matter that is commonly taught. Because if you start getting too specific. And and just teaching for the test and it takes six months well that's obviously. Rock as as he just pointed out. But I've not I've I don't know that to be true I don't know the timetable I don't know the content of the test. Are the tests general information tests are they specific to something if you if you sit down you take a test. And you have no idea what the hell they're talking about. Then something's wrong. But if it's general subject matter and is supposed to you know remember some of it research some of it whatever they give you general idea is a word ago that's different. But the opting out part is the part that disturbs me. Because suddenly. I don't think many of these children opted -- by themselves they probably had to opt out with their parents permission. So you're giving your kid permission -- quipped. Would you have given your your kid permission equate anything else probably not. And you're setting a bad example I mean the things we learned in childhood stay with us for a long long time. And if you didn't like this one. And they would give the boogie man is there who hold your you don't not -- chance the past this it's a terrible test so you don't have to take it. Well what about the access what about the next this is perfectly legitimate. And the materials all been presented. And you are familiar with -- most of it might have to bone up here and there on something but basically are pretty confident. You just picked in shoes and only entered -- attest that you think you have the best chance of winning a -- to do that. Will be back with more -- -- and company administrator and I'm thirty WB again just reminder if you'd like no more information about our trip to Alaska. On princess cruise lines almost a free preview at our ever -- studios right here. This Wednesday at 6 PM -- ought to be a part of back called AAA at 18024. To forty through 44. That's 18024 to 42 for reform go to horizon club tourist. Dot com. All right -- op Ed piece by an educator named -- -- Ph.D.s superintendent and pre K to sixth grade principal abruptly central school to test amount to test there really is no question. She very I assume it's she's the way name is bill. I issue very much favors -- things as we go through walk -- it's as she went through ten certification test for president a position. And also does not believe in opting out I never even heard of opting out. To be honest with you opting out was never an option when -- school but then again. -- books. And paper and simple things like pencils weren't available either so we used to write our homework Schobel. With a piece of coal on our way to school where we walked barefoot uphill in the snow we chisel it out which of the Lawrence. And I was the best -- and school. And so basically -- think he. Now you -- you're you're taking your your high in Fullerton position that these tests are worthless or not worth the time of your your son or daughter and son you've opted them out years Oprah. What did you do you quit on them. You quit on they probably didn't even quick themselves you quit on them you quit in their behalf. I don't know what you expected the game from -- but I think it's mistaken them in this as the educator that I just quoted does as well. Let's go two up had a cell phone about Iran WB again. I say -- I'm -- I think there are some misconceptions first the are never on the score. The teachers are not made aware of the score of individuals to and neither are the -- so I don't know what the it has to -- Second I think it's good if the teachers are kicking -- that I would normally they would normally not teach. Accurate America reporting third in science 26. And -- We need a standardized. Educational system so that all of our kids are. I I think what you read. Is reported no problems. What the kids are saying some they were saying this is nobody nobody did it to prepare anything extra they didn't it was a big -- Suddenly when they search the parent parents are saying -- they don't like it because they don't want their teachers and is that greatness here are some old by the teachers union that I've ever seen says. They undermine. The entire educational process because they don't want to be evaluated this is just outrageous and I'm -- that the state. Bob Bennett who's in Serbia in a decent -- will allow kids to opt out. -- odd to me today that was never an option report and your right. Vote the bottom line is what they say teaching to the test well unless you're teaching of tests it and excluding all other. Things that would be important for travel and we all get taught to the test any time you're taking a class. You're you're being you're given information that's going to lead to a test to see how profession you are with that information. But unless you're just excluding everything else I don't think there's anything wrong with teaching to a test because that's what we always do. Exactly Indian. You know the -- the first to say there would get a great educational system. Here in New York State but what about those states that don't place such great emphasis on education or don't on that the way we do your New York State. Shouldn't there it's to have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of yes and said the just the pursuit of good job it's -- they are plastic. Shouldn't we be telling kids then I don't know access -- or North Carolina State your work as much as the jets and New York State or any other state that's spend all the bought. -- -- -- Well that's right because some some states spend a lot like we do some a very very little. And that we don't need some kind of standard position I'm not a huge. Federal government -- but I do understand that there are times when we need standards they're a cut across all fifty state lines and this might be 10 well or well thought out pat thank you. Very very good yeah I mean there are standardize. Things that we have to hang out. I don't like the federal government. Overseeing -- state government anymore than you do in the founding fathers gave most of the power to the states. However the feds have usurped a lot of and surreptitious ways. By withholding certain other programs alone should comply specially in anything to do with the our cars and highways and whatever they withhold highway funds that's there black males legal blackmail where. But you do need some kind of a guide a standard guide to see maybe one section of a country. Is is more proficient -- of another in this area. But a little bit behind in that area. You have to have some kind of guidelines that say however students doing and of course Howard the students doing is a direct. Relation to power the teachers doing and that's the rob. That is the -- but if the teachers don't wanna be evaluated. I have won a one thing to say to them what planet are you living on. Your valuation is no different. Then they Foreman at the Ford plant overlooking the line or somebody had an accounting affirmed by doing an audit. I mean this is what happens all the time you would you get to a monitor. You get evaluated. And whether you produce or not produce or whether you if two teachers have the the same materials teach. And one of them is outstanding. And his or her students who great the other one is not I mean shouldn't we know that information. Believe me it's it's it's standard in the workplace but because education itself. And unions them on the second level. Their -- regulations and if if part of our own rules is that they don't wanna be evaluated those are unrealistic. Expectations. Because everybody goes and as far as teachings of -- Let me tell you this. If you're starting a subject. And you're going to be tested. Them they are teaching to the test it's the information you learned in the classroom transferred to the test. Does anybody expect that it you wouldn't teach to a test. Because the detention reflecting information and the information should reflect the test if they're throwing things in there that aren't even being -- well that's a different ball game. But I have been the -- that to be the case I don't know that but nobody's brought it up to me as being the case. Let's go away in the Michelle on the Dinah Michelle Yeoh on W via. -- He had not -- but it'll get they had ABB. Did he cured completely. Stressed out -- yet. I learned that he got a he -- and and I'll bet -- Sri -- people might get cute little don't worry about it. Don't -- more about backing. Obviously the reflection -- -- a teacher if you don't mean nearly you don't hear. It you don't you don't. Mean this is. Yeah sure Kelly let me teachers doing GAAP or. Still think content I hit and let's remind and that other guy that extra picks on -- -- and they did little. They get -- and public employee and I. That was in kindergarten paycheck and how it's like your computer and and they're not someone else here. Well we hear someone else's pocket about I -- The -- kids they're doing all EDD and all. And that will -- going to stop it -- him being pushed so hard in the old. You're not even again it's almost any car you can end. -- -- -- How would you credit when you -- high school. While there is no question that the curriculum has accelerated since I went to school and maybe even since UN school. And there's nothing with pushing as long as you know how to -- and how far to push. Where you get good results if you push too much. As suddenly the results and are going to be there thank you Michelle for your call will be back after this.

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