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Apr 7, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WB -- The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business stand by Steve Ballmer Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac. Try to assure them that this team -- umbrella handle law office of -- -- rebuild the team that's on your side and hitting your court. Now your host. Buffalo radio veteran AM local business advocate -- Shula. Business my name is what -- -- hear news radio 930 WBE and we have a special showed today. It's our buffalo means business executive. Networking event now you might have heard about this on the radio this is going to be. This Thursday April 10 from four -- 8 PM. In the hangar at prior aviation that's right. -- you see this event. It is going to be one of the finest networking events you'll possibly find -- Western New York ever. And it's the first annual have a great food that you can mingle with western New York's top executives. You could experience a luxury cars and RVs will have piano music playing. And Dallek it's a great food as well and we're gonna work talked to somebody who's going to be here with the food you're just a second you can also see. The live chat set prior aviation and this is something arm -- looking forward to it as well again Thursday April 10 for -- eight. It prior aviation buffalo means business executive. Networking event on the phone with me right now is Russell Salvatore of that name is from earlier it's because you drive down -- a road. And you see Salvatore is probably an app on a daily basis in that scene that you're here and about a -- on the phone with Russell Salvatore I do Russell. Remember Dario I gotta tell yet we were talking off for about this you know I had my wedding at seven towards Italian gardens. It was absolutely incredible that right after that we stayed at the hotel the garden place right down the street. I it was like a fairy tale wedding early west. That's there that's has or don't or in the areas and obviously the what did you -- good reputation that along with little talks. And actually booted -- I had my wedding here as well so what was that's. I it's almost three years ago in October so it probably right around the time I hit it would look like I was pretty pretty close. Like you said if if you know I'm sure everybody knows that sentiment towards the place to go for weddings I mean. I imagine you get a lot of people -- -- is from out of town who may be -- Q and say. You know maybe they have to -- period in buffalo for some reason they say they want the best he -- a lot of calls are people out of town of wanna make sure the go to south towards. I rarely get a lot of Canadian clientele. Also get a lot of people from. Chester -- Armenian and they determined from all over the players were pretty fortunate to have such a good reputation. So you're going to be yet our executive networking event in the hangar prior aviation. And and do you know we're going to be looking forward to the food you have what do you think you're going to be bringing out for everybody who's attending. In the bars at variations so -- Accessed all the bars will do get a couple higher and -- Clinton that we're doing. And -- sort of direct famous statement restorations -- going to be fantastic -- or overlooked important matter what is at stake in grass -- dirt on the line. On some stand those -- for the little statement on merit our stakes options and pretty much comes the other is at stake in the grass and have been done for years. -- steps were taken off since it's on the matter but it and the -- now. Let's talk about Salvatore is Italian gardens again I mean it is an institution here in Western New York. Tell me about the beginnings how to to stand RES -- and. Actually got a bigger problem howling outside dining room and saw what sort of and we got a nine out of town recently in the gusto. By and you're sort of the most understate it is sad. I'm first ever so it was a pretty good template for a some murder fortunately at us now politicians we've changed. We pretty much were very -- -- -- on my family in my mind that my brother mother and crisis are very and that's the real logical entrees. Just like we do our -- only you know in house a lot of people. Dubai and it's it's very difficult to do -- -- in the Nokia so we have -- I -- specifically that pretty much just makes Latin. -- -- checked in under Gregg coaches on our very well. It's actually we put a brick on top of the chicken. Wrapped and sent oil struggle later that. And it keeps the Jews and side district announced airline chicken breasts letters just unbelievable it's organic cereal which is pretty cool what a lot of people don't do that. What it sounds delicious and I guess I gotta tell you know I've been in south towards quite a bit and it's no secret that it's absolutely stunning inside. But I always ask myself when I'm in their moments in -- myself who cleans. These chandeliers or maybe everything spotless all the time who would possibly do that. Again I don't listen we've had people at us for years I mean employers are touched on -- thirty years and a couple of ladies I clean. Have been here for ten years hostages. Are fantastic entering a more just more fortunate as Richard our -- Just as all of our family does for the community and -- you realize that in the days you'd treat people out there if you -- below and you -- patriotism it's pretty much what goes around comes around sort very. We're very happy and everything around here and they get a lot of first that would really be beaten up and so there at the end of the day there. Really what brings everything together so we can only do so much now. You know it takes me forever to clean my computer screen let alone one of these you know what qualities. Things in the chandeliers that you guys here and there means is absolutely stunning and again if you haven't been Salvatore Italian gardens -- for dinner for banquet for wedding. I'll make sure to do that there were on the phone here with Russell Salvatore. And -- couple years ago -- he hasn't how long's -- -- since you put on the extension to the building. -- actually been about four years or an -- and Arctic here now we had a bad 600 person Ballmer over on the other side of the building. How's that how's it going and is it booked a pretty much for weddings. Yeah I mean we get -- announced Communist -- of just letting users trade shows and and we got in the shops catering. We do it on a different things we actually it's. I'm on the event is that -- because every every plane that goes in and out of boss well. All the private jets that our charter and stuff like that most of them mostly 80% of them at Marshall out. Which is pretty cool such. We get we have little time without Caesar salad. -- -- chart that they're the best child Richard Cody is that it has those kind of cool something on an organization summit to reform. It would -- which oh lead and never ended up to catch up with them but it was a pretty good -- conference. Would like that what kind of what kind of heads of state -- at the restaurant. Like -- like presidents or governors or. I always said Donald Trump and it was a great event in accuracy was here and in these different provinces and isn't -- here is a pretty intense Cadbury. They're Cordoba owners and a lot of people obviously in the public dial up but. Here's burnished I mean with Bill Clinton here sorry Al Gore the one of those in the urging corporal -- last year -- just it's also lots of local people that. Obviously coming -- a restaurant can be utilized for so many different things -- it's and a world where we stand them really well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I noticed driving down transit road that you have the patio as what was it may be the last hour. -- last summer. Muscles were put on upset at about 25 tables. Starting in the middle of may Lulu live jazz on the -- you know -- -- It's just something relaxing -- -- there's a little bit of noise and -- by the way that it sent about that nobody can have pretty much dissipate America. It's as unique as redundant that the mood inside the restaurants it's very elegant it's relaxing -- you could arrange you don't have to go on order of everything all covered south. We are critical in the leaders that we actually. And it came -- blitz and they are completely customs so those came out very well and -- -- -- on -- and other. Upgrade to like to solidify dollar appetizers. Monday it would be like. For your own -- Tuesday its twelve dollar dinners at the bar. And one phase -- which is when there's going to be -- it is it is half off line each and every bottle under a hundred dollars is half off which goes over aerial. Incredible on the phone here with Russell Salvatore seven tours Italian gardens in the garden place hotel. I Easter is coming up here and I know you have the a legendary Easter brunch. These tests are brunch is grown immensely years ago -- I moved on from Florida I was estimate that a particularly diligently doing it like Eric or give it a shot against before my time when I was born and minimize. My family my grandfather and great grandfather -- at all. Is to do Easter brunch back in the day in the and the candidates continue to now looking back that's the biggest things we do or we're very -- -- around here believe that it. When it comes in the eastern Russia and the holidays we have Easter Bunny here so they can detection of the Easter Bunny and -- like that it's actually it's -- right it's a lot on. Again on the line and now the west I'm looking into -- -- now seven towards that -- it you can just really. I mean you can get kind of -- picture if you never been inside seven tours. Or the hotel he can kinda get a glimpse of what it's like in there and it's just absolutely. Stunning Salvatore is -- restaurant in a hotel which we're gonna talk about now right down the road and transit. Is the year Darden please hotel and again in my wedding party that's where we all stayed. After the wedding and a good thing we stayed there because we weren't. New Orleans especially if you're in bad shape after that so while foot and we have this great breakfast after he had this breakfast spot stay out. How is garden place hotel don't. The government hasn't been great -- we actually recently underwent. Worst totally under -- renovation. -- -- under arms completely renovated Albert and structure our program that unit and at all and -- everything album -- even structural and it's really. I'm the restaurant in the hotel again like whichever that we updated but he can't do too much and it's a classic it's it's going to be around forever. You don't want to take away from actually don't -- -- modernize it should auction. -- place you can come and relax some lines and -- people don't realize that. Went it's a great. Place for a date night I mean it's like you're going into. Venice Italy -- simple like that when it's right down there you know went and -- -- the garden place hotel. You have -- -- -- things in there too was well right. Our failure Leo Remington lobby lounge at -- at all. And a lot of just before it's more restaurant which was little lounge. At a restaurant that intimacy and alignment assignment on the weekends and Friday and Saturday -- Also that do like his sentence and prospects. Date night match under thing you can make any day -- -- -- everybody that you have to have a special occasion but. SP try to. In the by the Germans really were actually -- the -- tolerant revelations in that we're doing that's pretty much just up to that and we're we're very different place -- and Ian and I and drastically so. It -- well. Again I do a lot of business incorporated is to 99 dollars and camp. Never and so what it is just fantastic that's what we actually at one of the biggest seller in the area so it's it's it's fantastic. Contrived and just try to figure out sometimes -- renovate something that's already that beautiful it's it's got to be. I mean you've got to be just a stickler for exactly everything has already mean what I'm but I stayed there from winning two years ago. Three years ago it was it was it and it's starting then. So what -- When people want rooms if they want a date night what kind of amenities do they want in the rooms. Champions aren't covered strawberries that's included in the romance package that has. Every time you do a dinner package -- in terms of the seventy dollar dinner voucher now I'm pleased to restrict people's failures from Russia needs in order prospered and human. I'll always realize throughout the years that. People wanna be told that they can only order and not a determination we let them choose whatever they want to use a charity dollars towards anything they want on the medical -- They want just appetizers desserts little bit unsure that they can do whatever it wants or. Coming into the customer now am. They can if they want a bouquet at all flowers and there rumor. And the thing we we do all of house when -- actually the -- -- florist and can do whatever you want so it goes it's critical to big family operation. What what's the out more than what's the biggest travel time of the year when your occupancies that is the most. We're very salad June July August. Pretty much -- tell her very consistent. Which kids -- school. A Canadian traffic coming down and I Canadians are huge. Huge catalyst your economy when it comes hospitality. So we we can't complain about I'm -- not at all fantastic some of the -- It's to get a girl in the in the summer in the first night or possibly sold out I don't know at least 90% of the time. Aunt's house and such it's such a great names such a great Western New York tradition. Salvatore is Italian gardens in the garden place hotel. On the phone here with Russell Salvatore. And we want to mention again that -- is going to be at our buffalo means business executive networking event which is in the hangar. It prior aviation Thursday April 10. From fort -- late. I'd get that stake in the grass. Yeah I was one called snake in the grass and -- said that but so I think I'm you know I'm sure about the only -- -- -- yet the F stake in the grants -- -- -- be there with the top shelf -- -- it's got to be real good time. Pictured at your local chamber of commerce if you want to tickets sport. Again prior aviation on the tenth you can see seven tours again -- at seven tours. Net -- and transit road in the -- if you're Goran for a great dinner at three wanna go separate tours and puke or just right down the road you -- romantic keeping. Make sure to go with a garden place hotel in Williams also there literally probably not even a mile right -- part. Now I'm tired recorders are violently which are solid six people sort of promised that statement. And back again you can do it doesn't have to deal like special occasion like we used dollar in on ours we still like him what language that he can make candidates out -- Tauzin and I look forward to us seeing at the event Russell. Sound device that -- thanks for being a buffalo means businessman in his body -- -- listening to news radio 930 WP yen. Buffalo means is this with a -- -- powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch -- saves with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured called -- at 8430167. Or email being Shuler @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and this. Yeah okay. This is this for every joke check out our great deals and auto placed -- that come come visit us and drive the all new 2013. Nissan ultimate. And every new Nissan and we self comes through our exclusive unlimited time unlimited miles lifetime more he had no church why would you buy anywhere else. 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No weekly sales to chase check out I'll let Flickr dot com for additional savings tastings and more. -- liquor Georgia -- Dick wrote if you fly yeah. We're back to buffalo means -- -- with -- -- on news -- 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy -- -- -- -- -- -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WBE. And running his body shall of course we have been talking you've been hearing about buffalo means business executive networking event. In a -- Thursday this Thursday April 10. From fort till eight. And now our major sponsor of the buffalo means businesses event is here with us right now and it is the Western New York chamber alliance we have Colleen de Piero was president CEO of Amherst chamber of commerce. Also Gary groat executive director of the greater East Aurora chamber of commerce. And -- legal president and CEO chamber of commerce in Cheektowaga so we have three major power player here in the chamber of commerce -- First of all he is in sight for our big event at the -- it's an airport and Caribbean as a cool goodness me. What could be cooler. We're really looking forward to I think it's an exciting event it's it's gonna bring together a lot of people on this is something that our members really look forward to in terms of networking. And growing their businesses. So let's talk about the event a little bit you guys the 27 chambers. Of the chamber of commerce up throughout the Tonys. Are are the major sponsor of this event what are you guys looking forward to about it. I'll speak to clean from the -- chamber. I think what's great about it -- security at home business -- sole proprietor that you're the CEO of Armenian mid major manufacturing firm. This is an opportunity from Utica -- in meet your peers. -- recognition for your business your product to your service and have a lot of fun with a great buffalo food that's gonna be offered the BMW's and the great plains. In addition to meeting people there's going to be a lot to do. So power to her house chamber is our the talking about this internally. These days before Thursday. Like you were promoting it with our members and and again saying that. You know your your business needs expand throughout all of Western New York in the -- greater opportunity for you meet with a lot of other business people. Develop new context. You know make new business relationships. And again just work your business throughout the entire region. Just the chamber to a lot of these type of networking events throughout the year. I think it depends on the individual chamber in our chamber does a number of them and we've we've done announced jointly with other chambers. To again for the for the same reason this is a much bigger scale this is just going to be totally awesome. On -- have been of course being held June to August just. Wonderful. Place to be of course. Like you know. I mean it is a lot of what our business members are looking for is that ability to interact with other business. People and business executives services. To be again in the yet hangar prior aviation. On Thursday. People could buy tickets through the chamber alliance which -- which is to separate chambers right. Yes you know they can cast their their individual chambers get more information to get ticket information and pricing in and you know location and directions things like that -- Now tickets are fifty dollars in advance. Twenty dollars if you're a member of any of the year 27 chambers of the Western New York chamber alliance and again. Out of those 27 chamber alliances in Western New York we have three representatives. Here today from Amherst East Aurora. In Cheektowaga so what he is looking forward to -- he offended I use we you know there's going to be a jet there. Simple. I think it the end of the day the number one reason businesses -- chambers of commerce is they Telesis for networking. But what they really need this they wanna make a -- and save a buck if they're looking for a -- apartments dot com if they're looking to grow their business or payless they'll come to an end up like best. They'll be able to meet their peers in the business means they'll be able to witness to check it -- cool. When -- asked if -- if networking events we deal with their networking events for anywhere from twenty to wander and twenty people. He gotten up the chain -- 600 of the business leaders across Western New York in really make a big buck looks at the big buck. So is it is that why you you chose to become a sponsor of this what -- what appealed about this particular event. I think that's just what -- and in terms of expanding that network for our members in reaching out to to include hundreds and hundreds of people. You know we see that within our individual chambers that are members want to reach out but the to expand that. That horizon a little bit more I think is really important and an added value for members. And the -- -- gonna have. Fine restaurants are -- people. The good folks -- Albert -- tally -- gardens she -- it -- -- us. That's what this talk to -- its. We appreciate it -- It's at their records here we have Carolina to speak up -- Colleen it's from Amber's right here the errors delegation. -- from store and here and -- Silence -- area. Perry. County chamber of commerce. And -- -- -- -- -- so we have. We have three geographically. Position chamber horses here today and you know you were telling me some things on talk a little bit about. Wide -- chamber members OK so I don't know wants to take this but but it's it's. You know why why wouldn't somebody -- in business why wouldn't they are Indian -- out. -- -- Stan. They really they really need to be it would. The yen value the chambers and in terms of one then networking event that we're talking to our right here I think Christine Collins said it. That when we tops our membership that's probably the number one thing there that our members are looking for. Other opportunities and that you mentioned geographically how we're located. The things that we offer in terms of benefits and programs and events to our members. Are based on our membership and an -- sometimes geographic and a location. Whether you're on -- cheater off main streets whether you're in a rural community or suburban or urban setting. Those kinds of things make a difference in terms of what you have but in any case everything that we do. Brings -- value to our members in terms of dollars either growing their business or saving their business funny. Colleen Kelly brought up a really good point when we were when we were talking before the show. And she said that it's not about you know. Elena common cause an instant to return in the Western New York region to its former press purity. And that means that the business expands and grows in its jobs and increase his payroll in Cheektowaga it's conferring -- to ask Patrice to Laura. Still we can work together for an awesome enough like this. Where are members individually and collectively can expand their their network. Can hit great food for himself victorious and some of the other places that are providing food and great desserts I heard. Ten sit in a convertible BMW which is one of the premier cars in the country and one we all expired yet. The more they network the more money they can make them more ability they'll have to. I BMW the liabilities they'll have to be able to run a plane a priority he shouldn't fly off to Florida. So why don't encourage people to attend this event again on Thursday it is that many opportunities you get to see you know prior aviation. You know I was there a couple of weeks ago just touring the facility and it really is I mean that you like awestruck when displacing got. Jets and helicopters and everything around here you know something that you know we look at Seattle times and that's your opportunity. To be able to go here join the Western New York chamber alliance some of our responses -- will be there again BMWs. You know of the -- -- bakeries and just have a chance to network with people I'd get to know key executives. Odd decision makers know people were really making this community. I'll come back to life like. For instance in Cheektowaga with Debra I mean. You your chamber has different issues and different things that you focus sand and Colleen and hammers right correct what would some of it I mean she thought what what's at the top the plea for Cheektowaga chamber congress -- -- will. Obviously -- when you look at the tendency to -- you know we're looking at a lot of retail overlooking a lot of manufacturing. Her location being central hub there's traffic issues I mean those are all things that impact the quote quality of life. In their businesses in town. But again I think this -- of an event. To be able to expand those borders to be able to reach out to two executives and business people from all over Western New York make those connections. Have a great time and do it for twenty dollars is well worth the the price of admission. And again it's EU we don't operator error individual needs to not operate by our borders. We continue to expand their businesses we -- grow and grow them. Throughout our throughout the state throughout the country and this is just -- one step in order for businesses to be able to do that. Again Thursday April 10 and -- buffalo means business executive networking event we are here with the Western New York chamber alliance. And Colleen in in the gas chamber and Amherst. What what what are what are your priorities are now -- anchors that are may be different from Cheektowaga. We all share a common goal planning to -- that prosperity and increase the quality of play for our residents -- Geographic service Syria however that two things that he impressed she focuses on predominantly. Is the accessibility in service for health insurance which has become a major issue unchallenged especially for small businesses and sole proprietors. So we have brokers on staff that provide -- for individuals and small businesses. Small business services is where we found our niche however Debbie made a great point earlier when she said business doesn't stop that are -- border. So any time we can increase. The sales and security and wealth of our businesses and our members by giving them the opportunity to businesses within. Does business with businesses in Cheektowaga or -- or clear answer and more tunnel want to. It again increases the value. Of the quality of life and the prosperity of our entire region I keep saying prosperity. But it's award that's not been used often with Western New York in the past couple decades. And we all see the difference while feeling it. And one that the recent I think is because of the collaboration amongst chambers of commerce who realize that we all have our own niche -- -- in a place where individual strengths. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and Jerry had a point earlier to talking about. Some of the things you wanted to mention briefly about you know the diversity offerings at the chambers Albert. One and it's worth little different than than she too long and Amherst in terms of our. Attractions and tourism initiatives that we have. We've got some great history in East Aurora with the -- -- campus and in the end. No film morehouse and museum the over covered museum those kinds of things that it reflected the history for the area but that are still. Of great interest the visitors who come to the area. In addition to the great attractions other attractions the our businesses are retailers. Fisher Price toy store. Those kinds of things that make us unique and those are things that we focus and is a chamber one of the things but I think just very briefly the other thing that we have in common. Is is as initiative I think is the need to meet. The workforce development needs of our our member businesses and manufacturers. And that's something that we feel is really key and is important to us as a whole western new York community. If someone has inform your -- wants information about chamber of commerce. Q who is -- was on number to call or do they just go to their local community. They can and best to look for their local chamber of. And their -- -- they are region as I'm persuaded or it's one of us is there a website just sodium impacts in particular chamber east through greater east -- -- Google us he'll find us where you sit. -- and and I would responsive and you view all three we're going to be at the event in the -- it yes Beltran -- With bells that were nevertheless there. Now I gotta tie in a you do know about the very special guest that we have on the -- and I don't know if you are aware of Internet. The buffalo means business executive networking event again Thursday but we have one very special person who's going to be either that -- all involved and -- -- -- -- A very well right now -- I have a full flush. Hi you doing man and a good thing I would hope I live up to the head of excluding. Yeah. I was kind of get goose bumps that are in and I it's found out it was me ask jumping around I -- a -- -- odds are that in your martone now this year we only have four -- rights and you know taking. And actually we have about two minutes and -- -- is kind of spearheading the event. And the chambers are are are working very closely with you want to look who we expect it. At the event well it's it's something that will be pretty cool because it's in the -- Private jets you mention before they -- -- tour the jets themselves. And there's a 42 million dollar claim that fired Pryor he reached the aviation of irony here rated it's a bomb body eight is the company that owns Learjet. And they're gonna put that out just their flight interest for this. And will get also to see this of these relieve high enough of course the BMWs at times can talk about a little while to bring finally -- asefi. Partner bring your cameras on. Yeah -- at a record a little bit and and they're going to be healthy ninth inning that you'll think they're very evident BMW parent and. Ken -- going to be playing the piano in the background to Soviet elegant setting real -- and bars that are set up -- -- tours. The plates are going to be lit with those special deleting from hello and and -- -- lights and stuff so it's not going to be. Real bright and there's going to be you know on a night club and setting so I think the whole evenings. Really classy and unique and Thursday people could start at 4 o'clock o'clock to 8 PM this coming Thursday that tent. April 10 and they can get tickets the N dot com world fast released ago. And look for Indian point seven chambers -- Western New -- which covers eight counties. Changes check with your chambers you can buy twenty dollar tickets there regularly fifties so it's a great ago. And before we we we only have a couple seconds left again we're here with the Western New York chamber of -- From Easter. On Thursday from four -- 08 but we are we're gonna have. The folks in the chamber back on the show to talk about. One other issue that we were talking about may be that we haven't got into fully. And if you quantities that a little bit. I think the what I had mentioned earlier briefly was the workforce development issue in terms of meeting the needs we know that there there are thousands of jobs locally that are going -- filled. That require technical or trade skills and we know. That we have the fellows and I think that's important thing that we wanna work towards -- in our members to fill those jobs -- So Colleen to bureau president CEO Amherst chamber of commerce Gary -- executive director greater -- shore chamber of commerce. And Debra legal president and CEO of Cheektowaga chamber of commerce. Think you all three for being on the show today thank you buddy will see you at the event on Thursday. And -- will be right back when -- but he surely you're listening to news radio 930 WB -- and. You're listening to buffalo means does this with a -- show a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch -- saves with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured called buddy at 8430167. Or email be Shuler @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and -- Robert -- here I'm just -- kick him back for my friend heart stopped the buffalo he's achieved -- officer again these fancy. 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Afternoon or evening however you choose to look at the 6 PM hour by name is body Shula and we spotlight local businesses this week for having a lot of fun talking about. Our buffalo means business executive networking event which is this Thursday in the hangar. At prior aviation. Lot of great sponsors including the -- chamber of commerce the Western New York chamber of -- Salvatore is Italian gardens blue rock energy Holton RV. And our next guest with town BMW and we have Tim Connolly who's general manager of town and now I actually I was telling him. You know off the -- time I missed my BMW man that's -- forehand that I got from about once. A drive on it's hard to drive anything else I remember when you picked it up it's hard to turn one of those cars back in. That was something else are you guys are going to be at the hangar at prior aviation displaying some BMWs. Yeah we're really excited about it. One if it helps Western New York businesses because of the chamber commerce is involved. To we have BMW has history. With jet aircrafts and and we were talking about it to what's what's his win was a BMW have to do with cats not many people know -- BMW was Bavarian motor works and a German company and in 1916. Is how they first started in business and it was building. Aircraft engines. And that led them into BMW motorcycles. In 1923. And they started building BMW automobiles in 1929. So when you guys gave us a Holler and wanted to be part of this event at prior aviation with million dollar jets. And 500 people businesspeople from chambers of commerce is. We knew we had to jump right in. And we want to bring some of our hottest models. So -- get a lot of people drooling all over can you give -- kind of read like a sneak peak of one or two of those models like -- -- I'll tell you tool for one is gonna be the BMW 650. Convertible. And that is also now available in all wheel drive so talk about a perfect Western New York vehicle. All wheel drive sports coupe that has. A soft top convertible it's all four seasons. And the other vehicle we're gonna have as the new six series on who paid. Which is an idea a Ford or sleek sedan and people see it -- their jaws drop -- you have these vehicles on your website via website town BMW dot com but -- people gonna want to see these are these absolutely broke up and crazy thing is now BMW we have 73 models. We won't be able to bring seventy miles to the to the prior aviation for this. Great event but we will bring five or six. Really -- one. Once you've been at town BMW for very long time and at 2526. Years now and general manager of the dealership power things going. I'll tell you. And tying in with the chamber of commerce and jet traffic. Things are going very well. Some of the newspapers easier on how they rank. Buffalo, New York. But I gotta -- idea for. 27 years BMW and their sales have gone up and up and up every year. And it's it's indicative of of people finally moving back in buffalo. We've all been treating customers around for 25 years now there's people come and and buffalo and -- private jets and buying. Some months will sell almost a hundred BMW's in one month while buffalo new York and yet how -- you use our business. And you used cars very well just in March we've -- record with or use cars on main street Williams though. Graduation tanks and just a lot of hard work yet just it's so people know where the dealership is a right and means it is releasing its -- just. Just east of transit wrote. But we serve all Western New York. Right so you get a lot of customers from south towns have a management -- -- -- -- lose interest and and BMW -- right that's right. And -- down. And like it's that I have before and just it's five star service they're they're great vehicles. And we look forward to have -- in the hangar at our executive networking event. Gonna bring in Paul here it's -- Paul has some good UH yeah actually -- to questions about maybe some of the latest stuff that's coming on BMW estimate -- The gadgets I heard one thing that was superiors didn't know this was and offering -- of course. I'm sure Bluetooth. All kinds of cool things that are available at with his W standard -- of that but. Yes right it's standard vote what are some of these interesting other gadgets that you know our our well bill. Real futuristic but there are available now that we'll see at the airport and you well you'll see this up. The one of most popular options that people are taking on their BMWs is what they call heads up display. In a pretty much puts all them important information. Miles per hour and your navigation. Commands it's almost a hologram. That's projected up on your front windshield -- don't have to take your eyes off to go look at the navigation. Problem or your telephone or any of that it's it's almost imposed up on the windshield in the vision of where -- drive and now what we're looking at on the road. So it's less distraction. The other one for safety is the infrared. Night vision. Yeah just like on the helicopters the night vision goggles BMW now has. Night vision in their front grille and it'll show up on the screen. So if you're driving down the road at night it'll go out -- -- thousand feet and it'll pick up heat and it'll show you animals on the side of the road. Years it's my right my wife always says. When I leave for work because we're a fund to push forward in Amber's from a lot of gear which is watch out for you -- really early in the morning and in certain times a year and it's it's more dangerous but. So this technology. -- you'll see it a lot more cars. We typically lead the arena. In new technology. But we never forget about were always the ultimate driving machine. No matter how many times you hear different slogans from other companies BMW is always spend the ultimate driving machine. And buddy you've had won before and and you know when you get behind that -- got a hundred years of engineering behind it and just nothing feels quite like that BMW so you have safety and fun. Rolled and rolled into one and was 73 models now available. There's one for everybody. It's amazing that when you see 73 models how do you read keep something like that street. Yeah Paul it's it's getting tough for the dealers we have diesels. And over in Europe 68%. Of all BMWs sold -- diesels so this is super. Clean burning ultra low sulfur diesel fuels that that. The local on gas stations are putting out so now when you pull up. You'll get these this Paltrow. But low -- clean burning diesels. And the torque it is incredible and there's no smoke that comes out of the tailpipe and so I think a lot of people think and -- -- -- right diesel lose there's and most obnoxious smell intuitive. Appeared you know this unit we stardom on the -- -- early and -- you know who knows what it comes in Ohio. Oh. They've changed that technology and our X drive our will drive systems best in Western New York for arsenal. So it's hard to keep up with it but it's also exciting because it's spring and new customers true we have electric cars coming out so there would have to I three I three and I eight it's our first pure electric vehicle it'll be out in one month. And that's I three BMW pure electric starts off at 41000 dollars so it's very competitive price. So again -- viewer Tim Connolly general manager of town many in town BMW. All right and main street in Williams silk. I you can see them at that their website which is town BMW -- com or better yet. Stepped down you know for a test drive anytime and test one of these vehicles or. Come to the buffalo means business executive networking event which is in the hangar at this Thursday from fort till eight he'll be able to see some of these great BMW's. Along with jet aircraft. Along with our. The others are called -- also bringing he told me it's. Real over the top. You know for executives to to drag this special our view -- -- really really serious. He wanted to showcase it to the type of people that will be at this and your party which we mostly executives networking amongst each other so. This is a chance for you also to see something and and actually walk on board. On the not only the the the jets that we have there but also to get on the serve -- And then I know ten we want to -- open the doors to the vehicles to some people consider an enemy and get a feel for how comfortable only the keys -- there. Yeah I'm gonna drive and an idea that -- in -- note that now. So let's talk a little bit about. The electric car -- it is just real quickly would -- little more pop and really it's very interesting that the the I 3COM. It's the first time a car manufacturer. Put a carbon fiber framing system and and that's really. Where you're gonna see a lot of cars it built into the future. But we're the first ones -- do it so you have a frame down below for the for the engine in the motor for the electric motor. But vendors -- carbon fiber tubing system. And carbon fibers is. A lot less than steel as far as weight goes as five times stronger than steel. So -- safe cars getting even safer than that on the outside of these electric cars. The I three and I eight will be a high density plastic. -- looks like she medal. But it won't dent so you won't have any -- getting into your vehicle but it is the first manufacturer in the world to be able to. Introduce this technology of carbon fibers on a mass scale. There are some small niche companies that did it but now. It's it's it's -- mass scale on the factory that's producing it is is out of the state Washington and it's here green factory. Using hydroelectric. It's pretty interest in -- actually send the parts to Germany to be so that they they they make -- carbon fiber rolls and they shipped the roles to Germany where they will use those. There in -- manufacturing process and even the scraps that are left over with BMW in this production system the scraps of the carpet fibers or are used as well. So it's April the weather's break and people wanna buy BMW. Water the what I had a good insanity etiquette once in April. I'll tell you those that's the two months that that BMW most manufactures do is April and December. So that is when the deals are -- and there's so many models that we have but. Mainly they focus on the three series we have a 323283. Series diesel gets almost fifty miles to the gallon. Which is incredible. So yeah that's really the the big -- the big deals during the winner were on the X threes and -- five your sport utilities and notice on the web so you have some payments and things like head of some of the vehicles -- here very very starting starting payments are very low order agrees that no matter reasonable it can you -- matter -- injury yeah we do typical the 399. On a three series with 2000 dollars down plus your typical taxes and -- payment and not only is it a great car for prepayment but the -- -- the BMW ultimate warranty covers all your brakes rotors. Oil changes for four years so when you leasing a new BMW talent. -- having to pay any maintenance for the first four years 50000 miles and an even if -- did you have an impeccable service department then and that's we know anybody can sigh -- BMW but you're not gonna come back and less services the top. And and and we try to really -- we have 22 technicians. Again hundreds of thousands of dollars of of technical equipment to fix your vehicle -- reducing their two computers per. Workstation right we have with the news before and and hear how you were describing how technical they are -- we have to category six computer lines dropped it each of -- service slips. And we -- process fifty to sixty about fifty to sixty cars today. -- -- loaner vehicles while your cars and we provide a courtesy dollar charge and clean it up nice and sparkly so when you pick up everything's. So really no reason not to at least chucked it out and take an honest nice test drive and then. Irish you know and horrible in in if you -- see if you'll come together in one place and -- nice setting with. -- -- Weiner Heidi and a liquor come to the anger. From -- means business this week and a. I'm really pumped up for this this is going to be a great event one that high end food the high end cars Lear jets. Executives throughout Western New York -- can't think of a better. And -- our policy gonna -- sort of his jets. I think that's going to be here where we're gonna -- -- and maybe you can help with the down payment and we can and fly off somewhere and you know but he should be great I'm really looking forward this. And -- themselves tours. Doing high -- stuff on the food that's going to be there it's it's a great for twenty dollars and you'd -- -- chamber remember. But many 27 chambers you can buy a ticket it's it's very reasonable so. Again the first annual buffalo means business executive networking event in the hangar. This Thursday four -- eight at prior aviation. Again best way to get tickets at somebody I would call your local chamber. Or you can get online WV UN dot com in the about the middle of the page and our home page. You'll see what we call flipper but it it shows different things that are going on. And you'll see the logo for buffalo means business networking event -- -- on you can -- right there. The only thing is those are fifty dollar tickets if you can pitcher -- pitcher code from if you're a member of the Chamber's call chamber to get the code you can get for twenty bucks. So it's a great deal. And we'll -- since -- great BMWs to thanks a lot Tim Connolly general manager town BMW in town mini. Right and main street in Williams though could place the bank are good people to do business with and then we look forward to seeing you at the event. On Thursday. Thanks buddy -- wait for it yet look at port 22 thanks Bob ball. You my name is -- -- sure you're listening to buffalo means business -- news radio 930 WB EN we will see you next Saturday. You've been listening to buffalo means business -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WBA and the weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen and brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance resource for small business and vice tee ball go forward and Steve almost should be Buick Cadillac. Drive assure them that this team follow umbrella. And the law office of Ralph C will rebuild this team that's on your side and in New -- court. Tune in every Saturday at 6 PM only on news radio 930 WB EN.