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4-7 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All it is did you governor and I'm GN a speech. I ever TS Eliot I'm not TS Elliott on TSB. IN TS BHD as stands -- talent and survivor. As I was described by Alan -- over the weekend in the bubble goes. And vacuum bag you'll -- that Allen ever notice a long time and my goal is to do it one day longer than you. So on I -- by email -- of a factor Tony is so ill over the weekend that he can't even look at food now you've got to know. That that's like being admitted it like being struck by lightning Fatone is his lights pull food bar and I his his mother when he was a kid used to bang on the bedroom door because it was always like going. I think -- does that. Tony and so bring him to be that that -- I immediately went back to in my spam Alamo sandwich with -- on the slopes and it was a cherry on top and it was really good so what happened the. I had some -- 24 hour bug woke up Saturday -- I you'd normally have sinus problems. Especially in the mornings I just figured you know science -- -- sinus thing -- and as the morning went on it got worse and worse and we have made plans to go to Rochester to Detroit museum element that storm is what -- throw my brother Michael has friends we're gonna meet up. With IG Lama Tia who used to be a -- reduce aerial picture so I'll go get there and I just like while I'm just not feeling right and it got to a point where. We got to go and nick -- I want something to eat before willingly or. We go to the food court in just the seniors smell the food I had to run of the. -- wow now that's exact opposite usually smell of food you you run toward the smell -- started. Well I'm glad you better now yeah I feel a little bit -- just a little queasy by is should Johnson in the U -- that was -- that was the big countries want a lot of awards is -- -- in the -- legacy I voted for very Virgo banjo. And other Oslo where it sounds really good while we're glad your back. I'm now you Utica Kentucky right idea or not at the beginning it. I would I would love to take credit for that McDowell we talked about and on Friday it well I rooted for UConn because used to working americanized they -- I've spoken on. And I also root for Wisconsin. So I was one for -- but Wisconsin lost by like a point right now is pretty close there last second three off and then anyone up for a shot and it was like and in shock I. As hard as a whole season comes that that I mean. Sport's most sports is just a matter of its match. And you start you know at the season the season looks along and it ends like that that's got to brickyard. Where you remember when to go won the national championship with a famous shot by Christian -- you know when I interviewed him he said that they used to practice that at the end of every I have not yet at the end of every practice coach shafts he would say. You know five seconds and then they would via play. And so was they have rehearsed that some. Now these miracle shots happen and they're cool enough to get close very seldom are they air balls or anything like that so. Anyway so now we got a a championship game. Starting -- almost 9 o'clock I think 910 or something like that says that's to make sure that the West Coast doesn't get shut out because that's sixth and their time but that means it'll get over around midnight and guys like you Chris who get up -- it's very tough. Yeah I I was so angry I thought at least maybe like 8 o'clock when it's on the -- town off. That's crazy and the longest time in sports is the last two minutes of a basketball game analyst Robert -- for. It's for ever the same with the end of an NFL games and think they cram as many commercials and as they possibly can't. Because they know you aren't going anywhere plus it's all the time out yeah there exactly and especially it would be NBA army units in tenths of a second and a cardinal Francis and college but. So it it does take a long time so good like I'm -- all the way for UConn tonight. Too because award manual the ax U the athletic director of fact is he's a beavis rob -- he hits it he hit it. It's about AD with a -- -- -- director at UConn and the great thing is is he against two teams that are opera national championship both the men and the women. Junior go away and got so what is 37 and zip the other is like 39 and zip. That's that's quite a battle in the door neighbor Tim has lost that game. And that's the one inside that's incredible epic you know. One of the things that we suggest that -- we're looking at. Replacements. For David Letterman was Howard Stern. Error apparently were not the only ones asserted that I have a an article here a million. In the paper Howard Stern. Is that being bandied about as a replacement but for now Howard said my plate is lol. He he addressed the issue he was he does America's Got Talent he's one of the judges. And said he sad to see Letterman got a stern has said many times Letterman was the first one to put -- nationwide television. Because stern is known for his raunchy act but he can work claim -- always very funny and very Smart. So he said that these -- to see -- golf I've been doing the show for years and years I've had a lot of funny great times to have him. Lola it'll be weird not to have him back he said there are few people in show business whose opinion matters to him but Letterman is -- So that's that's agree ultimate respect. So that's so he might be one of up. And then here's the top ten Letterman replacements. According to you USA today and I don't know who who submitted days. -- Gary Levin he's handicapping for the USA today. Number one and give me a thumbs up or thumbs down -- way you'd think they'd make a good replacement for Letterman keep in mind now. It's not just what -- feel like -- that's a format that runs five nights a week and you have to in and integrate York. You're comedic skills if you have them. With your interviewing skills with the fact that you may not know -- -- for these people are. And it's not like the old days were huge stars came on the show is now there. You know there -- they have a show on the CW UN there of of main guests that night Karen. Number one according to USA today Stephen cold air thumbs down. Yeah thumbs down report comes out for me to Jon Stewart. Thumbs up. Dot go dobbs tonight I'd like with I noticeably character -- that I like what he's doing now I he's he's funny and I like his stuff. The only question I would have about Stewart is Kenny sustain it. It's one thing to to be on a smaller stage with a lesser amount of time and I go to the big stage where all of these spotlights are and can you sustain that I don't know he's a talented guy no question about that. Number three Craig Ferguson. And and he's been doing a really good job number four John Oliver. I don't know anything he replaces. The Eagles. English I thought he was great also comes -- I thought it was fabulous when he filled and now you know that. Even though the writers don't always go on vacation is still gonna deliver the material and he was very good I -- -- Number five I'm not Ellen DeGeneres thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up she in my top choice. I'll tell you why because I said before. People like Alan -- comfortable with -- -- she can do stand up and does it well let's which started where she can do interviews. And she's she's an unlikable person this is the kind of bruising on spend time with. I think she has if you pardon the expression I think she has the legs. As nothing -- -- Jon -- legs but just the legs of of doing that show as much preparation. As it takes and how long it is over a period of time. Ellen DeGeneres if I were running the network would be my choice if you've seen Jon -- -- Jon Stewart has very nice but sometimes he doesn't -- just because it is a rowdy boys everyone's. Get over this one Neil Patrick Harris number 61 lap down one at -- was down I mean it really Chelsea handler. -- I don't know much about her you have thumbs down I don't think she could does that number eight she at all. -- A thumbs down and so I'm tired of Leno leaving and coming back to well usually hasn't been his choice he obviously can do it. But that would be huge huge loans and then we went went -- -- Laphen Danny never to suggest I know us to take it as a dead -- -- -- -- Because number nine all come Mon. Conan O'Brien thumbs down are up on the mountain at dugout and they learn any thing at NBC I mean they -- nothing of course is the CBI should lower Letterman has now but no. And number ten I suggest the number ten. Nobody else on the show -- suggest that it as far as callers are concerned -- okay. Yeah it -- that comes up I like him a lot I don't know how wise he would be able to contain himself he's a pretty raunchy guy and he can't be now here again we've not seen them in that rolls so he's he has a good -- great talent I think. For observation. He's Smart as we said most people are funny or Smart. That there are no dumb comedians that I'm aware of and so that's the last. Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart Craig Ferguson John Oliver Ellen DeGeneres Neil Patrick Harris Chelsea handler Jay Leno Conan O'Brien -- -- CK. And the outsider coming up fast is Howard Stern will be back after this. Yesterday was the first day got out and did any thing. Swept -- garage which is always up a rite of passage in the spring. If you believe how much dirt gets in your garage over winter becomes and I guess with the snow and as the snow melts it stays -- -- you have a lot of dirt -- idea and I -- leaves the all kinds of stuff. And it wasn't quite warm enough to empty the garage out and totally reconfigure release I -- clean up. And tied up the motor home -- the vacuum mountains stuff for the sprinkles on selling it. I get via vacuum mountain it's fighting an up. -- -- -- well probably Washington on the first nice day. Might get that Nextel week and I believe god has made this government or five day stretch of some sun and -- high 50s60s. That's. Wash tomorrow because so large 44 or five feet long. Yeah and you got that big thing poll if you're one of these I drive through RV watch and they have for trucks. But I've never taken a motor homes but that would be Sonoma cheese yeah Illinois -- a lot easier. All right what else we got them Mickey Rooney died it was like 93 now a long long history in showbiz -- you know what amazes me is he was married eight times. Okay he has -- been quite a lover because he wants he was married Ava Gardner it Gardner broke Frank Sinatra's heart everybody in the world. Wanted to be with Ava Gardner and she married yeah. I mean that's remarkable I mean I don't picture -- -- a pair as a -- Leo no no I don't know about eight times it was merits apparently that I do. I do I do I do I do. I do I do I do I do I do. Thought into a lot of times I think that after. Maybe six injured parties much say I don't think I'm getting this marriage thing he had a big hit an all. It -- organ donors 93 -- is three and he just died. You know he was at that Jay leno's last taping for the Tonight Show and you know that out these guys write to us from learning is that not an information found law just falling with -- information birds a sorority here that. And the USA we don't like USC. Ultimate fighting champions. These guys -- tough. No question about it and they have a new game coming out guess it was going to be in the -- UFC. Martial arts game. Don't don't don't have no clue who'd literally like a martial arts on them through Ireland and loosely but this -- It's not he's not actually in -- but some of his moves -- going to be yet. I bet that we could put this on Mickey Rooney's clothes -- Bruce wave. Who died in 1973. Will be in the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship video game. It has been more than forty years since he died but apparently via the the the big guide you'll -- I had a Dana White. He's the president says having him as a character in the game it's fun. And being grossly can be involved in the UFC -- -- I love it he's a big grossly spam. They've released three videos. Since 2009. None have any of -- likenesses and however the next generation gaming console. Allowing more realistic character models so Bruce Lee will be and a -- I mean he's the the gold standard. Who is the next most famous which is not our Norris which states are. Chuck Norris and then they fought in one of the old movies and and the gas and -- we handle them yeah I remember -- Kareem Abdul Jabbar wasn't there he trained under Bruce -- -- its -- seven feet tall. You wonder if the if the just the math works on the same moves -- the guy who's 656 in -- Pickering was in one of the movies and Korea and it was -- mostly is also an airplane accident that. Yes -- hybrids look for them who you are you'll see a video game coming out and video place -- Meanwhile I have some tickets giveaway for the first annual buffalo means business executive networking event. But -- Thursday's report way to prior aviation value as a hundred dollars general conference rules apply -- -- -- though. You can rub elbows. With -- western New York's finest. Imagine if you did that say you know that somebody's really successful. And they've done very well their business and you go to an event like this and he walked up next so when you start rubbing their elbow. I'm -- it would happen. They call security of your limited number of tickets available get yours -- my buffalo perks dot com. -- locally -- buffalo food sample fine lines buffalo made Beers and spirits. Tour sleek private jets and luxury automobiles experience opulent. At a opulent RV or so ago bigger and arbiter -- those critical. Like going on. Let me say let me -- don't forget if you would like to come to our -- Here at WB and for the Alaska cruise. It will be April 9 which is Wednesday at 6 PM here. Call AAA at 18024. To 4244. Or go to a rise in club tour dot com. And it is certainly isn't necessary but like you want to bring an autograph book or something because we're going to be here at six and -- until silent. You know to stop by while he's on the year and ask them sign your Booker. He'd be very happy and gracious. Totally agree so please do tell what a big fan you are. Okay after all you don't want to bring an drone and besides that besides I think you're like that. Imagine having your own autograph signed wrong that would be that -- collectors. Our comeback we've got stuff to talk about. On beach company under is -- and I'm thirty RW media. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WB. Heat and. Thank you Michael Savage we're back live -- governor I -- sandy beach. And we -- a lot to talk about today. Had a big firestorm is going on now is though is whether to have your kid. Take the tests as assigned or whether they have them opt out. In this common course stuff aren't and the people of come on both sides of the issue. And usually they'll come down on I'm in favor of testing. But these tests are outrageous and blah blah blah blah blah. And and -- they don't they're doing good and they don't show you. The exact nature of what you want alarm and and they all the stuff suddenly every parent has an expert in education right. A so they'll say I believe -- testing but I I I also believe that my child should be able opt out of -- opt out opted out of a lot. A lot of them -- where reverend. Our kids of -- whose parents or teachers or at least want him as a teacher. But if there was an op Ed piece in the buffalo and those are yesterday. Regarding common core from the -- arms being. It was a Ph.D. And his superintendent of pre K to six. And principal of Tripoli central school. Associates a superintendent and principal. On many Ripley central school district. And and what Laura says I assume I tell you Arianna I assume it's a woman. -- about what she says it is there is Camby name Lauren. And beer guy Lauren Green remember from bonanza. And his name was -- goal members man in his voice -- a great voice and that's Sonko Ringo but anyway. So Lawrence says yes she believes in testing and she also does not necessarily believe -- opting out because there are more negative. Things -- mopping up and there are positive. Let me give you -- -- a video of -- -- the basic information I give you a quick view of what her op Ed piece and then we'll ask you. Your opinion. As the -- As as New York State common core assessments get underway. I've noticed that the anti testing hysteria. And that's a correct word I think. Seems to be ramping up. Many opponents of test things because of testing is an entirely new concept in education. Humans have taken test for hundreds of years civil service testing dates back to 1883. As a superintendent. I had to pass more than ten certification exams I had to take three standardized test just to be accepted into college. The ability to take tests is essential. And as a mother I want my children to be able to master this skill I want them to learn how to manage stress and identify the strategies that will help them to succeed. As parents we wanna protect our children from discomfort but ultimately it's our job to prepare them to be successful. In life and haven't always said that the main job of apparent them job is to prepare your kid. For a successful. Life your your kind of like their -- besides there -- teachers. And if you do that be your very yeah they're very happy parent. By creating a culture where tests are harmful enemies we may raise children who may not only fair test. But may lack the necessary skills and strategies to demonstrate their full potential to future employers and admission offices that's true. You teach -- overcome what might be perceived as an obstacle. It doesn't have to be benefit as strategic and overcome -- of them throw in the towel run away from -- -- one that become our standard. I don't like it. I don't think it says what it should be so where -- not participating where opting out and there was so many parents who was so proud that their kids ought to know I. That held him to be proud that not every product you've -- -- very very analysts I think. -- back to a -- here. The common course standards. Represent rigorous expectations were a child is expected to learn. Providing additional data about a child's learning as a parent I want to understand how my children are processing. In the progressing in reaching these standards similar to the annual -- the child Jack. The state assessments provide an annual look at the academic health of the children so you know when you go to a doctor once a year and get your check right. You feel good about that which you don't complain that it's once a year and it's not everything opponents will say. We do not get enough information back. To make it useful however I would disagree in my opinion the one to four rating provided by the state is enough considering the test similar to the well child visit. Is based on one date in time. Considering we accept the thumbs up from our family practitioner. It would seem a rational scale. The largest concern I have with test refusal. Is the message sent to children when directing them to refuse the tests are opt out. In asking a child to refuse a test will send a negative message to children. About their education and -- an opportunity to help develop skills that are going to be important to their future success. As a parent and principal this is the good thing we need to know about our students and teachers and see how they're going. In the whirlwind of media reports we need to hear more from the classrooms and it's a school living. A work in and a living and breathing the worker actually. So that's from Warren on arms me. The superintendent and pre K through 6 principle of -- central so I think she's right on with that. I'll tell you why what do you think the tests have value or meaning or whatever or you don't. Opting out I think has more of a sinister. Impact on your kid than any tests they will take even if they fail. Because what you said. It is you know. I was always taught if you do the best you can. And you work hard this night is not always gonna guarantee success but at least you tried. This saying don't even try. They're saying it's big the cards are stacked against you don't even try so what happens. This does this is a lesson learned by the kids that may may -- don't wanna learn. What happens any obstacles suddenly you don't wanna try anymore because you might fail. People who are afraid to fail very seldom succeed. The ones who are not afraid to fail. Are the ones that do succeed as I said many times in the past like a poker game unless you put something in the pot you're not gonna getting out of the pot. If you just a Folger hand you're not gonna -- man. Okay but even though you might be an underdog who knows though who knows was holding what cards you don't really know. But as -- might have -- or is planning might have a you might win the pot but you're not gonna win it and usher in. All right so complaining about it and taking great pride. That that your child. Opted out I think is a fool's errand to be honest with you really truly is because what happens the next time you want that kid to try something. That is either very difficult you might not does succeed and here she says no I don't want to because I might not. I might not succeed I might fail. A boy have you -- the wrong. You are going there give it your best shot if you win you win if you illusion -- -- you'll learn something from closing as much as you'll learn something from winning. Those little lessons I learned and I think those -- the lessons that should be taught and obviously a long arms big. Is in education and believes that and I believe -- strong so I have two questions. Do you believe in testing first of -- I think most people will say yes but the second one is the one morally. Opting out of testing do you believe him that. Some will say yes and they'll be so proud that junior didn't take that test and why your proud. Beyond me 803093018060692. Of the sixers are 930 it has BJ company do you believe in testing. Do you believe in opting out of testing those -- the two questions I think most people say they believe in testing although summon up. But -- they wanna pick and choose what tests they today. A are you have those coming towards us and on numb opting out as a and opting out is a different story. Because in the real world. If you opt out of a test your probably opting out of what the task to bring you. If you opt out of a test two. To join a company says no I'm not taking that test and it's require a woman and are getting the job. You can opt out of a test for the military and expect to be in the military. You can opt out of a test because not all tests are written by the way. Some are verbal and summer physical can opt out of a test four or via the basketball team. And expect to be on the basketball team but for some reason scholastic -- you can opt out of a test for your lofty reasons that you know more about education and the people who. -- presenting education at the time. And so to me that's lame it's weak and you're not doing a -- any favor by allowing him or her to do -- go to. Built on a cell bill here on WB yeah. I'm Dolan do you believe in testing and you believe and opting out access. I believe it's because they're obviously ethnic age. You know progress it they're doing all -- are progressing in school opting out. Well you don't -- right and all that stuff I wouldn't want my kid got out of -- -- -- it. But I think I think the bigger picture of that whole almond court saying is bad. It overreach by the federal government. We have independent state that are supposed to know better how to govern their own people on how to take care of their own people because each state is different -- the next state. And if you if you get the government out of that stuff. Arms and let this state take care of their own people. That you can't actually a better opportunity for education to to do better get better -- that you actually -- states competing with each other. When people gravitate to where they're children aren't gonna get a better education a better opportunity. Look at look at just been in -- Payroll tax income tax bite by state. You see were people move from one state to another. And -- states compete against each other and that that state they take care of the people the best settlers are gonna have a better populations are better. Opportunities -- better businesses and jobs. The whole nine yards. You can't just blanket whole country. In a lot of regulations because it doesn't apply it saying. And you know Californian in me nor Florida is in this state of Washington you know -- -- they're they're just different. Well they're different cultures well first of all of the founding fathers gave the State's most of the rights however the federal government has been intervening. Many many times when they're not welcome and an education might well be one of them as the example you just give right now but there are some instances. But where -- it makes more sense to have one overseer inferences your driver's license you get it from one state. But you're allowed to drive in all fifty states so there are some things just by economy of scale makes sense. But played the federal government knows how to blackmail the states still in certain things if you don't conform to the -- there was hold Gerard your highway funds and so you don't have to do you can you can -- the fans that you won't get the highway funds I understand what you're saying I'm no believer in the federal government. As -- being all knowing -- -- hard pressed to know anything to be honest with -- but you have to have some some standards. -- -- that's got something benchmark. Currently reviewing. Standard by by federal government where. Well and the Democrats are in there and I don't want a certain way. These standard would be you know when the Republicans committed going to be a certain way. Bad they want it could be an encore. Will constantly be influx. And they expect the problem with. Me with with the federal government has its you know what what's going to be in on the court for these four years. And then the next four years gonna change and again. They can you know use the power of that of the dollar and the almighty dollar from from the government to court worse state. Communities into. Submission indicators one -- and other. I think it's a matter of whether you want federal indoctrination or state and indoctrination begins but let's face it. Let's face it if you work in certain states it would be dramatically different than other states I think you get the local culture in the local. -- attitude and the local politics and in politics is involved. With the education has been forever so it's a matter what you want national or local politics. Well but but don't you think bill that would if there was more -- local level. You know let's just say for example. It graduating. Out of this school in New York. Personally in just aren't -- to. Now with the -- for -- idol you know I've seen a better. You know all the education system or that would force New York to look at all I don't see what we. We we can't be -- -- you know one way or another we have to be -- line with what they -- because our cute aren't. You know action well we're. In this now. That that's -- that's a classic oranges and apples because -- Ohio did have a better than New York. If we have common core -- our national standard you'd be able to judge how much where the differentiation as if you had local. You'll be you know your your -- the subject matter and you have a New York's version and you have Ohio's version. New York is not go to Ohio -- You know what they've they've got a better deal we should follow them each day this fiercely independent and so I think the only way to gauge them is is a national scale so we can see where they stand. Attic could be but I guess that would have to be. We then bet at making the Department of Education or -- -- endorsing that maybe it needs to be some I'll an independent group. That is detached from political -- I would yeah absolutely I agree with that because as you know politics rears its ugly head and everywhere he should perform. And even locally I mean look at how much politics is involved with a school budget. The kids will be bring in letters home and they'll find out they don't have music legitimately issue vote for a I mean there's talk politics and -- Right and and -- -- the biggest thing it means that it should be. I'll have from the of the political and the banks in court more in two. Independent where. It's just you know these. Three are pretty right -- there. You know get that biases that make it the the social structuring out of it and get each working the sentinel. You know history of the United States may reading. You know -- sciences. And. So that they can grow in when he went to college if they want to go out in his direction -- and direction -- you know they can do it. But that's right school should be very strict in what I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they did I I think we'd all be better off thank you thank you very much will be back tomorrow newsreader and I'm thirty WB.

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