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What Would It Take To Own the Bills?

Apr 7, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jill on money is with us this morning Jill Schlesinger CBS news senior business analyst. Who is celebrating five and five year anniversary at CB congratulation well thank you very -- that's that's right. Hey -- but the big money you make of CBS you could you can -- an owner of the Buffalo Bills yeah I -- Donald Trump. -- that there's there's two it would definitely don't belong in the same sentence Donald -- accurate he's somebody else's money and then and that that eventually go bankrupt and then everyone else who's and he would just have been naming rights not loud you don't want him to be your honor that. -- -- So I am just check now how much I think the the buffalo team might be. Gang you ready yes. Somewhere ran 700 million dollars. Yeah we've heard that figure to weave in her right -- entered -- yeah they take seven that's 8750. Well look. Originally at the -- and 25. In 1915 right is when when an investment that as a party get. You know it's very difficult it depends you know he's you know when you buy eighteen B unit. -- in the money get from the public that you could actually. Have done some teams that are owned by the thing right like the Packers. Right made it available that that allow that anymore under NFL rules. That why -- that's crazy anyway I think if you if you. It whole bunch of money and you got a big ego might be fun that they're. I know the big money is going to be made at this round of the NFL I think it. In fact there could be a lot of liability because I think a lot of the and it fell. Earnings are going to be eaten up by many of these compression cases -- is gonna have to be a big shift in how much money all these -- -- but I mean that this is something. It would take billions. I mean would you you have to be so rich and be willing to lose so much money that it wouldn't -- -- And it's not I don't think most people buy these things as an investment. They buy them as of that project and it's awesome if you've got. Get four billion dollars UH you know -- -- -- all this money I don't really needed that much -- get some. Public financing involvement and you know maybe you don't but it's very easy to -- That and it anyone's really an accurate to say it on ate a lot of money it's it's an end you know. I don't wanna be racing like it's not a team that is. Shown great results only about that well I wanted to put water hole. Wilson made his initial investment back in 1959196025000. Dollars several other guys in the American Football League. Also invest of those same kind of -- look at the capital gains taxes. I'll agree and that you have -- -- know brilliant but hey listen you know he died at least at a time when the windy state taxes change very devastated charity so. At least the first five million was adamant -- crystal under the -- cell and I presume that that. The family head made me. Estate planning meetings about had a best protected from taxes. But you know what if you made -- 25000 dollar investment and it was worth 800 million today we -- be complaining about tax -- -- capital is -- estate taxes is there a difference you know yes there's a big difference capital gains are taxed at a different level stay at it there's an entire estate tax structuring that is different that income or capital gains. So estate taxes the value of the estate. That is let it it it it taxes -- above certain levels five million for individual and paper cup and a quarter actually now. And and it you know capital gains as separate tax that would be paid so two different things what is the sale. And if the sale occurs inside the trust the trust me capital gains tax end there's also estate taxes paid bag yet I presume that there is lots of planning that went -- that -- So you're not a fan -- Donald Trump. Like. I know people who worked with and that's why I -- is just he and it. I'm -- to people who are our talk about being on orbit -- other people's money so you're not to minorities your money shot. A kgo our eyes next week daycare that's jails lessons here Jill on money Saturday's four until six here and WB.