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4-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. Doubles down on the view with great benefit -- India the whole movement to mark the end it's -- -- -- And he had good people but. The decency to clear my name with the same. Which -- now especially. Time now we're leaving. News radio 930 cooler -- cool whip and -- cool whip Cooper Gary. W 3 PM. Well I'm just getting word of a bad accident that actually right around the corner from where I'm sitting right now maple and sweet hole. Maple and -- all a bad accident there want -- to be aware of it I don't know what vehicles are involved I don't know what lanes are being affected but. If you were in the area and you can safely take a picture of it I mean I don't want anything -- were. And putting Gloria gobble -- up expert. Senator -- at WB EN dot com -- at WB EN dot com and any major traffic situations. Look -- A lot of the last thing a lot of there was panic anybody. Because it's not really called for the election now. But I do want to let you know that along the Lake Erie shore from Erie and that the Erie Pennsylvania. Basically all the way up and Amherst there's this finger of rain showers that are coming on us right now. -- right that is another finger -- out over the lake with even heavier rain showers that will be headed this way. So be aware it's going to be a rainy night in those winds are kicking. And well I mean it's not like you're gonna need an arc. Because I think Russell Crowe is busy tonight anyway. So just devised a heavy rain and some of the rains going to be -- which means the nicer you look when you grow -- and the greater the chance the rain will hit it exactly the moment you walk from the car to the place. And of course there's corollary to that the nicer you look at the worst the weather. The less available nearby parking issues. Because that's just the way life works nudity you've been their government are like ten minutes after six -- news radio 930 WBP end. So question for actually got two questions for. And before I go to those -- if if there's any other traffic issues of major proportion that we need to know about. You make sure you give us a call WB and traffic command hotline. 803032180303218030321. Is WB and traffic hotline. We always like it well we don't like to hear about it but we do appreciate the fact that you contribute to the safety of the audience by letting us know what the hell's going on on the roads. So let's get back unemployment my question it's. Are you. Scared. To move. Even if you know you have to move to be successful. Sean Hannity has talked about this so much on his radio station and so much -- what -- has to say. Is very relatable to me and should be -- able to anybody in broadcasting. And most of you are. But. I would just enlighten. In broadcasting there are X number of jobs available. I think there're probably fewer broadcast jobs available than there are positions in the national football. -- -- organ player and every job in the NFL. Across the entire country it is a very tight business is -- Tight. Publishers market to break. So in order to achieve success. You got to move around. Sean Hannity talks all the time about working in we work in Huntsville Alabama. And we worked in Atlanta. Sat in for Rush Limbaugh. Eventually was picked up -- -- box I don't know the entire -- on Hannity story but he talked about the fact that he -- a lot of things in his life. -- Refusal waiter. You know before he became the multi gazillion -- Sean Hannity TV celebrity star and by the way a very nice guy. Now. Here's the video. He. That in fact Rush Limbaugh also has said this in the past. I I kind of feel the same way. I think that some of you. Are deluding yourselves. Because. It's easy to say. There's no job for me. I'm unemployed. I'm underemployed. Com you should do shows on unemployment. As I talked earlier folks. You wanna complain about unemployment. Back and you look at your own voting choices. Because those are the single biggest determinant of the economy or lack thereof in Erie county and in New York State. That's on you that's not on. Those of you consistently vote for the Democrats. The progressives this socialist what do you expect. It is the natural order of things now. Are you afraid of success and that's the question. Why is it that oil companies. In North Dakota. Are begging for people. Even with just high school high school diplomas and there's nothing wrong with that. Some of the smartest people in order rescinded. -- college ground. From probably -- Smart but. If you were upset about being unemployed. Or underemployed my question is are you willing to move. To find a job that -- you good money. In the bit in the business I have to sit. That used to be how your world. Now with technology these days I must confess I can work from anywhere. I do my show anywhere in the world. Poolside in Jamaica -- a lot of although I have to tell you that I could not guarantee Cogent -- with any poolside show from Jamaica -- that's probably up bad idea. Will will be back in about ten minutes gang of standby. But pepper for most of you got to physically beat where the opportunities are now you can look -- opportunities you can create your own businesses. And when you listen to the sponsors on my show. You'll understand that most of these people started out with nothing. And they hope this is up from nothing and they were able to find success in Western New York because they started up their own businesses oh don't worry eventually the state will -- Eventually they will get blown by some state audit. By somebody coming in their place saying that their workplace safety issues always by the way you always 75000 bucks which will be paid because New York State is just a giant mob extortion racket except it's called New York State. So -- park apartment cropping out -- but. Would you be willing to move. If it meant you could get a job where you can actually see some forward economic progress as a real adult. Would you or -- issue. If I told you that within one year up moving to North Dakota. A lot of people have been calling -- lately say they're making six figures. Does that entice -- does that induce you. To induce me. -- unemployed or underemployed. Or not make him what I wanna be make him. Do you think for a minute I wouldn't be out in North Dakota right now making money. Folks you have one shot at life. You have one shot you don't get a do over. This is why I don't understand why people stay at half past marriages. The people I'm talking about. Happily married people. There are people who tolerate each other pretty well other people were just going through the motions in their miserable I don't understand why people do I never will. You got one life. You really want that screw it up on such a big thing when you get out of it that I wouldn't. That's just me. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030 glad they're there. Are you willing and see -- -- of this question ladies and gentlemen and not the question it is. Are you willing. To have the same kind of courage your grandparents. Or great great grandparents they had when they came to the United States. And you know what. I think we've lost a lot of that in contemporary America. In the time when you or Italian or polish or German ancestors were coming to the United States and you'll forgive me if I don't mention every ethnic group. When they are coming to the United States. I want to consider something. Most of them left with a single suitcase. Everything they all in the world they had on their backs were in that they're pants. Imagine that they sold everything they -- if they owned anything in Europe. They got a fair the passage the one way trip to New York City. And freedom and economic opportunity. It was the -- before Skype. You know they could just get on Ellis Island and open up their Samsung phone and say -- Skype thing. It's about guys squeegee like our body. Wasn't like that. It wasn't like dead at all you were going to a strange. Unknown territory. With a great deal of courage and a lot of uncertainty. Lingering and hanging in the year. Why is it that your grandparents and great grandparents had more drive in more courage than you do. Think about that I know so people and they they will give it to my FaceBook page. So many people who -- I page don't make enough money I work too many hours I don't have health insurance but I'm not willing to leave. While -- really writing your own professional epitaph. Your own basically your -- life's. Story. Because your ancestors. Came to the United States why because of the climate. Your ancestors settled in buffalo why because we -- winning football player in 19100. Because the sabres were kicking aspect in 1910. Well. Your ancestors came to buffalo because that's where the economic opportunity was during the air time on this planet. Because there was work available to people without college degrees. That would pay money by the way that is far less even adjusted for inflation the what people are now able to make in the Dakotas working for the oil industry. So what happened to America. -- are you relating to any of us. Because the people who sit around -- to make comments on my FaceBook page like. You ought to do shows on unemployment in Western New York. Folks its not going to change. -- it it's not gonna change. It's only going to get worse if you wanna succeed you're gonna have to move. And chances are you're gonna have to move to a place -- just like your ancestors you don't know anybody argue that. Yes or no. Yes -- -- I don't think that we have that spirit any more in America. It's a tough call to make for a lot of don't go anywhere because Olympics and calls and give the phone number 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yen to buy hourly let's find out about traffic is Ellen ports. All right we've got some severe weather basically look out for the winds wind advisory in parts of our Western New York listening area tonight and also we're gonna have some heavier rain is coming in off the -- it's like we've got one finger that's already here it's right along the lakeshore all the way from Erie PA up and Amherst and then there's another finger over the -- With even heavier rain. And it's going to be hit here in before too long so just be advised the nice you look tonight when they go out. Them it's gonna -- One of the immutable rules of life we're still at fifty degrees though. And we're supposed to be at 521 Sunday which I don't believe I won't believe until I actually see it does want to its 52 degrees of it's sunny. It's dry cleaning time right everybody's gonna be cleaning up next -- -- is volley 22 minutes after six our right yank this is that this is by unemployment show. This is it. Are you willing to move a thousand or 2000 miles away. To take a job. As many of these listeners who Don let's just -- working in the oil industry. -- -- -- Because like it or not there are jobs out there even under Obama there are jobs out there in the private sector. Every day Sean Hannity tells a story about somebody or somebody's. Who moved from a state like New York went out to the Dakotas during their twenties minimal education. And there are Poland and 75000. Dollars a year. I mean I know people -- 75000. Dollars a year would be like winning the lottery. This one guy called in this week claims he's making like 200000. Dollars a year. Working for the oil company in North Dakota and I didn't think he's thirty years old yet. So my question is. Would you do it. Or why wouldn't your -- family connections are deep. In Western New York I get that. It's not easy leaving a neighborhood you know it's not easy living the city you know it's not easy leaving family. But way back when. When your ancestors came to this country probably in the period 1880 to 1910. They left everything. Behind. Because they know they had one shot. And they wanted opportunity. Are we showed dulled now that we don't want that opportunity. I'm curious. Nobody -- I can do some other stuff -- -- three dollar thirty start like 3180616. WB ENR people -- lazy. Do people does not want to pack up and move even if it means you make six figures you know the elusive six figure job. Does that immediately by -- instant happiness. All right stay with us and news radio I'm thirty WB animate -- break they're news that a gonna get back I want some calls here for you guys. Because if you're whining about being unemployed and -- unwilling to show a little bit of initiative to get to a situation where you can be employed who's really to -- You or circumstances. Are you a victim of life circumstances. Delbert McClinton or argue a victim of yourself 8030 and I'm thirty WB. Art and -- to Wal-Mart is. Six people. Through. Two lead. It's just have to be done on his wife. -- -- You've question 26. Yeah. -- -- -- -- me and -- much in this video. No you sure it's your future I mean that open minded. It was a -- It is 634 who's ready at 930 I mean. You know 630. Sherman like they're really down but -- 634 is ready at 930 WB and it is up hourly so it's FaceBook page said would you do we show on unemployment. And let it has to be the bad news. If you think -- county and New York State will become this burgeoning it. Being -- exploding. With private sector jobs economy in your lifetime. Please send me somebody you're correct. Because it isn't. It will not it cannot. Because New York State is based on the dependency. Class voting in the Democrats. Other places are not like this. Are you willing to be as courageous. -- trying to drain the population. But after understands that and poke several big a certain philosophy in light switches gears Uga a one shot at life. Yet don't get a do over you don't get a make over. So if you're gonna post on my FaceBook wall why don't you do -- show on unemployment. My question to you is going to be where have you looked for jobs and are you willing to actually move the fine work. And Sean -- Again -- -- on this radio station from seven -- ten Monday through Friday and he's been on this put America back to work campaign which is excellent by the way. And not a day goes but. I don't hear somebody call -- shows and they -- I took your advice I moved I left my comfort zone. I left my security blanket of all and I let my thumb I used to be sucking inside of it and I moved out to the Dakotas and now making 200000 dollars a year at an oil company. You will do that. Because you got that you're gonna have to. Unless you've got a golden horseshoe in your. But as sense of people that. Our let's go to -- Larry and I'll -- bill on WBE and Larry talked to are you well here is courageous. As your great great grandparents would have been when they left everything they do to come here. No actually. Well anyway into yet they came from Budapest Hungary. Waved back certainly. The American revolution in 1956. Okay. It. Well got a hard core of people Budapest to stand up against Soviet tanks backing up a puppet regime especially with -- unarmed public which is why the liberals would like -- An -- well actually the Russians that and that's an adjournment at Eton College women -- trenches. And that that that German -- that that Hungarians that would -- so anyways. And that excitement here or there but that's -- topic what you're talking about people you know moving in making 250000. Dollars a year. Are you mystified the boiled down the topic leaders when people complain to me about unemployment in Western New York my question is why aren't you moving to where the jobs that's my topic 8030930. OK it's not what you -- it's what you don't oh. I am friendly UT keep bans same sort by album dollars a year. There are 200000 dollars you're they earn great wonderful. Putt there married. The large and cute chips so that's 200 -- -- -- 100000. And that 100000. Turned in the 50000. -- So I mean I'm just -- them -- Gloria. I don't really need you to be human calculator and quite capable of making those calculations myself I know that might surprise you but. It's really two different things what I'm talking about sir are the people who bitch to me about being unemployed and how they can never get ahead and my question is why don't you move where the jobs are in it's kind of like I just told them that you know they've got a a staying in the back to the trousers. Our case I can I can type what you -- that one you know it's like people that are you know where it's. Where there's a draw why don't go over the water is that's where you're going with that. And dwell on what would your vice pages wait until the drought ends. Because at first all you Larry do you listen to Sean Hannity -- let's just make sure big in the same fundamental building what frank -- like a year. Do you well listen to show on him. Yeah now I don't know I don't. I apologize I couldn't care less what you -- well I just -- curious as a common conversation point. But if you did you'd know that a lot of people. From states like New York where there is virtually zero private sector job growth have gone out to the Dakotas they call Hannity and they say best advice you ever took they were willing to have the courage to leave their comfort zone. In order to go to a place where they could make money now what you said is very ballot. It's also how you spend money in -- -- -- -- it what you make it what you say it -- it what you make it's -- you invested in -- and money of course does not come with instructions and you can -- some people billion dollars a year and it's still up in the poor -- look at the -- -- with the lottery and then ten years later they're bankrupt. Yeah you hear a lot about that I've seen it. People who won the lottery land of bankrupt. -- I don't need names here but now I mean I think we're we're kind of on the same page I'm I'm glad you -- now -- People come to buffalo. I mention this earlier what's because of -- up on -- Our client. Was that the fact that you look at this guy you could see the southern cross. Now. People came to buffalo because that's where the opportunity was and here's where I need to give you guys to kick. In the hind quarters went about it serious and a Ryder. Throw in a goofy question. When you go up to listen to music would you rather your regional bands -- cover bands. I think I've been too serious Friday I don't think anybody cares what I'm talking about right now I don't I think -- and a lot of people. I think I'm telling people what they know but they don't wanna here on Friday because of upsetting their comfort zone. Because they wanted to close the mommy and daddy into their nineties. And I think of upsetting her comfort zone that's why nobody wants to call -- ambulance department about this because. I'm too close to a lot of people. And no matter how many times I say you've got one life you gotta live it as you wanna live it. There are people who will always find an excuse as to why they can't move whether unwilling to pick up and go where the jobs are. But I want also before -- completely give up hope of having an intelligent conversation about -- I'm -- -- also -- and when you go out would you rather cover bands or originals and I'd much rather cover band I want I want music I know. If I listen to music I don't know I'll watch VH one. Tom -- 107 point seven. They're used to be really great talk show host on -- station. Actually if you look so. I wanna tell you why you ended up in buffalo. Because. This is from a book. By doctor Herman -- as a SS. The bountiful -- of buffalo. -- -- The years. From the mid 1840s to the 1850s. Were the most active buffalo had ever seen and trade and manufacturing. Navigation and real road building flourished. Elevators factories mills mercantile blocks residences church's school all houses went up. And the city became an Intercontinental. An international metropolis fleets of steamers and sailing craft brought. -- her doors the products of the west transferred at buffalo from late boats to canal boats or railways. Buffalo was the main artery of trade between east and west. This from doctor -- -- is biography of Jesse Ketchum the bountiful -- a buffalo. So wait back then that's why people came to buffalo people and your family tree because buffalo was. Folks its not -- New York State is not booming and it welled up in your lifetime. A bit actually because of fresh water. Will be around. But. Guys. If you wanna succeed and get ahead of life and get one of those six figure jobs. You're odds are much better in North Dakota. So when you complained that there is to make it seems like people can always find a reason why they're unwilling to be successful. For many -- you your family your connections. Are too important. Or more important to you than money. But if that's the case at least acknowledge that to yourself that you -- surrendering your own economic freedom. Because you were emotionally unwilling to -- That's acceptable. It you're like it's not mine you've got to do make you happy. Are they don't thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. WB EM I think we've lost her courage. And is as human beings when you compare what your grandparents great great grandparents did. -- -- These days you moved to North Dakota you can still see your friends and -- Skype. Cellphones Shelby's. Person to person phone calls a cell phone comes with most plans. Not like even in 1990. When I worked in Saint Louis -- my ex wife would run up to -- dollar itself a 200 dollar telephone bills which in nineteen and he was about like for twenty tonight. Every single month are let's go to dollar in north tunnel -- the connection aim be political. Donna you're a WB and thanks for being a Guinea -- you're on without. You are so brave to do this that this show in in western York. Called the -- transplant I'm not from here -- in Western Europe for 25 years. And there -- particular Colleen and is I don't know if they're they're frightened but having lived typically -- it I'd never -- in an area. Where people are so. Determined not to leave no matter what now buffalo was only the number one and one thing that there was and the number one place for working women. Because there's so many extended family and I have friends of the ballot gonna have a baby and they just like the names are relatives and is -- -- certificate. Not to go off topic but anyway. Oh that's quite -- topic actually because of the emotional component look we're not a transient area places like Florida are transient you don't put down roots in Florida. Absolutely absolutely but. Optical equipment my daughter has people that Europe which -- they have never been set by anyone in the related. That you know that one element out. In my own experience here I'm shocked at the number of well educated educated people with excellent marketable degree. -- -- willing to work for twenty and 30000 dollars a year because they won't be and I had one woman to like twenty years old court it's very qualified. And if you look at the waitress and I said. Here to Atlanta for a job to open up that acts like -- -- as to why it's just you know goes to element -- -- parent. I was like well you know -- it appears ago. I got -- here you took the words right out of my mouth. And I have I've done with this so much not not to get too personal my situation I try to leave the states. I hit it I wanted to Pennsylvania. I -- Our military there and everything else. And do the thick of battle with our and I have certain benefits might like -- -- of the -- and is gonna follow me struggle right now America's. Do you wanna marry -- Insurance that's all but. I'm really not that. It's not it's not immediately. It's not a -- It's not at it's -- lucrative but -- any year was keeping -- here is the benefits that go with it. Which remember your job in the private exceed the benefits in my benefits right now my fortunes are going to change and up by seven years and I can't in my. What can -- state. About my bad I set down that the demand and I have a nineteen year old you know college aged daughter and I sit down at the map for my benefit that I get. Health care dental the whole thing. -- it would be virtually impossible for me to recreate that without wiped out the pension and here's the real kicker here -- -- a situation where. I'm willing to move I wanna work and -- because of other. In its hands too I'm survivor benefits and interesting. -- was appointment like put it in my daughter I could not make over certain amount of money right now I can make as much money is I want. Category employable degree from an engineering school. And I can't I'm not work here for twenty Korea and -- one which is good -- I was making more than ordinary my husband. Why yeah -- there's no reason for you to do that -- no reason at all but you know what's gonna happen the minute they're going to be in a position to leave. I will guarantee a month before you're gonna make your plans you're -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna fall in love with them and he's not gonna wanna leave western new York and then you've got that decision to make is that the way like -- Well that's how -- you know it's an interesting point inability regularly with the show but that's how I wound -- here. As my late husband I -- -- I was working here for the companies notify Pakistan I worked for Beal aerospace and I was brought to Western New York. And while I was here I met my husband with the work in Philadelphia -- only -- here. But yet compiled because his father got ill and his mother had died many years before and that's how we -- that and we have to we went to was in college. Not even though. I have to break gonna -- other people wanna get on here. -- even though you don't think I'm hot yours was one of the best calls all day long so thank you very much. -- at 8030930. She was good -- it exactly what I'm getting. So many people whine about being unemployed and underemployed in Western New York what do you done to look for job out of your comfort zone in another state. I don't I mean look this is bitter medicine I told my kids that look don't worry about your father dying alone in a hotel room. You know chances are it's gonna happen and I'll probably be don't hog tied and sexually we will look at the toys but. Well elected I give my kids' heads up as to what they can expect but. Half humor at a certain dark sense of humor. But I think I encourage them you like the opportunities that are. You can copy a prisoner of your genealogy. In terms well like great great grandparents settled here therefore -- must -- you're not known and unknown. I get a look for the winners tonight wind advisory -- some nasty rain showers. With isolated imbedded thunderstorms heading our way off the lake so it's -- be -- tonight you know of course it's a Friday -- going -- what else would you expect. It is 651 usually these things happen on my garbage there. We're talking about how to bring the show back on Monday a bank because now see now you guys are getting it now right now anger you guys. For people whine about the private sector economy around here my question is what have you done to look elsewhere for work the Dakotas are hiring people to work in the oil industry. Right left and center in their -- and 750200000. Dollars a year. And -- and if you think that's gonna happen in New York State under and -- ball where the idiot you guys keep reelect here in Erie county. I don't know what to tell you. I'd like some of your drugs here is Randy in buffalo on WB -- Randy hello. -- some are -- doing that and I'm looking at there right now and I'm 66 years old. The reason is this the State's -- on free. And their checks. A living out of those there and I just don't see a good future. So retirement time. I'm going to do that a -- just get out of here. Well let me ask your question why are you waiting for retirement to I mean -- do you think you committed to the Dakotas in May be -- puts an extra money away but work import oil company. Well yeah. You know I probably could I would just mention network Morris just. Told her that like go out there and make money using an older like me -- lot of experience a lot of what kind. I can -- make a lot of money and helicopters Alter. Are you fly choppers. Yeah altered you you know what if I review I -- -- in the -- yesterday. But they need people see that's one of the things they need guys to fly guys to where the work zones every single back. I know they -- out there were also -- you know I mean it is you got things you know like like. Maybe they might fly helicopters were forty and. You got him Ellen yeah its hourly for a cure all ideologies doctor Steven per load new -- I do -- I -- back when I was nineteen -- buffalo I went to New York City to work for United Airlines. -- people can't wait this high school -- I try I tried flying united once but then the stewardess came by and got the blanket office it was very embarrassing thanks ready I gotta go. -- -- go to a Mary in California whose son has courage Mary have got 452 shoot. I play that -- and doesn't have because he's going to be twenty and about three weeks. And he just picked up the left -- buddies say they're like we're out of here we're going. They're traveling cross country right now that the. But does he have a plan. No now and then like hey wait a new job someplace so we're taking that and staying and then. And then bet they're just they're just lying in in other -- and it. And you know we always encourage. Just do what you gotta do you know get -- -- of -- you know. Don't don't feel like I'm very -- And where we're scared to lead you know only because that's the only time isn't like you're. -- -- -- -- Understand the emotional attachment to deep routes but then if that is most if that is the most important part of your life then don't come to my FaceBook page and bitch about the employment situation you -- conscious choice of what's important in your life. My dear I love you want to call back on on Monday would you do -- out of resurrect -- and Monday it was something big happens over the weekend and are no thank you hey guys seriously and I had to kick a little bit in the backside there at -- -- because this is a great topic. And I want you to think about what the priorities are in your life and why you haven't made them happen. And it's homework assignments. Says the guy who was married for four years all right wolf thanks to Justin Bieber for another great week at master control thanks to John Sherman for another awesome week -- call screener. And I will leave -- with two words that everybody should ask. Every single day actually to statement no yourself. Yeah yeah.

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