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4-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yeah. I wore us down upon the -- with great big thing. India the whole movement. Moderately anxious and my -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not -- these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. New name. It is hourly news radio 930 WB eat and and I we've been a we had a -- have been a bit of a few reports. Creepy guys approaching kids. Apps or around it schools. Another one today saint -- buffalo park side. And folks you got to talk to your kids and that the kids from saint mark's -- Smart where there. Wanna talk to this dumb not they ran right in this role did exactly right think. Now I do got to wonder if anybody who was around -- got a glimpse of the plate number. I kind of wonder if any security cameras that people might have of their homes around her might have caught the car on eight. Because that my security system I can see. Cars going by -- And with certain upgrades it may have put in license plates and really good shots. Nothing to -- a security system is a vital part of life in 2014. Us. It is -- scary but it just. You'd be able to keep my house. And sometimes you might -- stuff that is of no value to you but. It helps out a neighbor. Well in the wintertime lets you plot -- nails her neighbor's car. Where's the plot is gonna deny -- you've got it on -- call your neighbors say that progress. Got you got. Self it is up hourly to you talked to your kids about. Strangers. I've got some other topics I wanna get into as well but I want to go to. In -- one WB and can you are with a solo. -- com alert I feel there have always been an overly concerned parent. I've always told my son he's twelve now. And -- listen to -- table understands. What strangers. And just recently eaten before all this news. These people trying to lure kids and -- -- problem in optical in the park canceled school on. And if anyone talks won't ignore them. And a ticket to close runner in scoring. I may I add something -- that and forgive my interruption can. But something that needs to be set and I cannot say this enough you need to tell your kid your daughter your son however old they are this even goes for adults. If accosted in a parking lot and somebody says I've got a gun I've got a knife if you don't get into my car I'm gonna kill you right now. Do not get into the car you have a much better chance your odds are much greater of surviving the incident if you run like hell away from the bastard. Yeah I I also told that people are gonna tell you if they're bad that they're gonna hurt -- -- -- And I say always say OK I believe you but almost -- true. And when we all that we get lots most of them always meet me at the last glaciers on the don't look forward. Because all go to let's wish I saw you and nine out of ten times that you will -- -- twelve years old and I presume he's got a cellphone. Oh really. Oh -- my kids were hooked on so falls from the age of two I'm up at current -- but their cell phones are great in terms of that. And I'll tell you something else that -- I got a -- gonna get another example of how cell phone might actually be a good thing for your kid to have. Because what's your son -- walking down a street. And he notices that a car is following closely. Simply reaching into his pocket pulling a cell -- out looking at the guy -- pretending he's talking to somebody may very well for -- -- -- Sort -- -- stick it to -- cellphone he's twelfth. I guess some from the old school and he's good news or more for games than not. These twelve years old what you want but you wanna you wanna be alive. But you know what -- as you know I live in a court and my son has always and that court. On I don't let him wander off. Problem if you go to friends -- I need to know those parents are on site I am very. Very odd couple or use what does activities is our our home and I don't feel that he's alone cannot. To worry that much this other thing going back and -- Look at battle that you selling overly protective parent at all you sound like in a god forbid a herders are doing is due diligence and being responsible and frankly you're there should be more people with Cuba obviously as he gets older you're gonna have to loosen up the -- is a little bit and you gotta be age appropriate with these things as well but I'm not telling anything you don't know. I -- because the other seed the other side of the parent who doesn't care enough is the parent who is a helicopter parent who refuses to allow children to make mistakes young so that once they get in the college they're confronted with every decision they have to make all at once and they are going to fail. -- -- Actually I agree with that and I learn every day and being a better parent. And you know understanding is like. Yeah miles doesn't delegate got a pretty much an elder you are you married -- wife who's the same way. Well actually I have residential possibly. On I believe -- -- -- You know she's video games and TV and -- more. You know -- piano and -- quite. Interest. Do you drive a Prius. I can tell myself I'm sorry and so Agile at. You know. -- well I think can -- -- like a great guy and it -- you've got it down and that sounds like your son is learning some valuable lessons. And if he's listening right now. When he does what he says dad can with Verizon to get a cell phone to -- a basic -- Quarter say one other thing she might side sees someone in uniform he told him thank you for your service. He sees a police officer fireman -- the problem be say. -- -- That's. Very much appreciated especially by the people and military uniforms. Thank you very much -- glad you called. Characters that can calling it out of sounds like he's got -- down but I hear there's two things are -- to -- some other topics here. But there's two things I need to point out before we end -- this. Topic. As a topic for today number one. Don't just worry about strangers. Strangers. Account for a small percentage. Of molestation cases. You are so much more likely to invite. The ultimate Lester of your child into your all the all. As a friend or as a family member then you are to have your kid accosted by a stranger. Please be vigilant. Please have a conversation with your kids about well what we've been talking about all day. If by this scumbag touches your kid and says you're up there you're going to be in trouble if it's rainy day. You know obviously you got to talk to kids about the real world at an age appropriate level and the other thing I want to keep in mind there. If you're ever in a parking lot. And somebody's trying to get you into their car he could be thirty and forty years old when this happens never get into the car. You get into that car you bet. You got a much better chance of surviving if you scream and run. And up if you can kick in the nuts. Because that's always a good thing to do even if you're not at wegmans and he's like -- a bag of pecans. You can still pick and some more word hurts. -- I would want to lose the cons are expensive. All right it is seventy minutes after five news radio 930 WBBM. -- 10 up again point out to US something that. -- a couple of things here actually. The topic. A discussion here about. The creeps who exhibit come out of the woodwork as the weather's gotten warmer. Friends you guys have shared some video links in my email doing it exactly the way a lot. So what I've -- I've put up links to the ABC show. What would you do that's the show there's a whole bunch of different scenarios and different. Criminal activities that I guess are shown in this program I don't watch network to be a lot. What would you do I put up a lake. 21 of the episodes and you can use that as a springboard to go to -- to the others somebody also said that you guys need to check at a video of them by John Walsh. The safe side. So I put the wake up to bat. On my FaceBook page obviously in the FaceBook post talking about the string of creeps. Making inappropriate contact with young people children. It well around schools. In recent weeks and months and by the -- -- recently email as far as I know the cameras cops never did find it tree man. No they never found tree train man was the guy auto -- it's crazy. Up but treatment and has an percent. -- treatment and in Amherst. Was the guy way. Who literally fell out of eight tree outside of a -- house late last school year. They never figure out what he was doing there they never figured out -- it was. He's got a vanished into the in into thin air. So another never found treatment these are wondering. Let's see what else what are the thing I was gonna mention. As you know because I've mentioned this the day it happened there is always -- Western New York connection to a national story. Up six degrees of separation for most people western New Yorkers more like one degree of separation. But I want to stay tuned because imitated some things about major Patrick Miller you haven't heard before. And pat Miller. Is one of our brave soldiers who was shot. By this. Murderer. At Fort Hood this week. Gonna hear what one of his butts has to say about the kind of guy he is. So don't go anywhere you gonna wanna hear let's find out what's happening in traffic right now WB yet and Alan Harris has discovered. And AccuWeather -- wind advisory for parts of the listening area ballpark underneath the tree especially one with big ugly dead branches hanging over the streak is if your -- is like I like is you know damn well that the tree's gonna end up when your car and the insurance available by -- not the paper the damages. Goes so look out for the win look out where -- park. Now the rest -- -- forecast. I say this delicately tonight is not going to be a picnic tomorrow is going to be windy and chilly with clouds and sun. Might see your rain or snow showers spots 42 Sunday I don't believe what they're saying about Sunday I refused to believe good news until it actually happens. My nature mostly sunny with a milder afternoon and Sunday at a high temperature of 52 degrees that's the allegation. That's the alleged forecast we'll see if it actually happens and we have lip locked with fifty degrees. We have now just fifty on the lips. Just in time for your drive -- Now I don't -- emails I cannot respond to every email. I tried my best when people have questions to do so but -- I did it I'm one guy and it's kind of it's typical. But some emails to stand out and I received one -- it's not gonna take a minute to tell you about it but we had a Western New York warrior. Who -- done his time Iraqis that his time in combat as a leader of men and women. And he was wounded at Fort Hood this week. His name is Patrick Miller is a major. And what -- his buddies. Tim but. Took the time to write a very quick email which tells a lot about the high regard in which. Major Miller is held at a kind of guy he has quote. I wanna talk about pat Miller. The soldier from Allegheny who shot at Fort Hood. I know -- well. He was my platoon leader in Iraq in 2004. After a deployment. We went our separate ways week ended up being stationed together again in -- drop. From 2010 of the 2012 we were both captains together by that time. Working at the medical clinic on post pat was promoted to major. By our former battalion commander the same commander who promoted me to sergeant in 2004. Bottom line is that it's. The thing I remember most about that. And the thing I admire most about him when we were overseas he took care of us he was a true leader. He had. He knew what Wright looked like and he did it. Friends I did not Wear the uniform. They would have accepted me anyway. Well -- would have exempted. But. That is the kind of guy. Major Patrick Miller is. When you get an email. About major Patrick Miller from somebody who was there with him who served with him. Illustrating the kind of person he is under fire under duress under stress and -- strain. And looking out for his guys. I don't think there can be a high. I don't think there is a higher compliment in military circles. And what this guy wrote about his body major Patrick Miller and wanna thank you Tim. Bot for a taken the time and trouble email me and Tim obviously thank you for your service as well as well as -- all the veterans were what you have done. To attempt to preserve the failing constitution. Of the United States of America failing not because well because of the people. Because the people are easily manipulated easily fooled by bread and circuses and they typically vote in. Incompetence as we have in this administration. And people who are less than up to the job like anybody named bush and I will never vote for bush again in my entire life. Probably will never vote Republican again in my entire life. Woolsey. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is a 25 dollar certificate toward a dinner for two which Shogun buffalo Japanese steakhouse and Williams -- To geography lesson there check this out ate dinner for two at Shogun buffalo Japanese steak house in Williams -- For only twelve dollars and fifty cents. Get forty dollars to a dinner for four for just twenty dollars. Go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo -- logo and check out that deal. For Shogun buffalo. But. It's kind. -- -- Okay yeah -- But. Compared. Back and you can happened -- the and as and he and friends and it was not some things then. Really though. I wanna let this out as a reminder to these local cover bands vet Van Morrison had more songs than brown eyed girl. Okay every local band insists upon doing one van Morrison's song and one van Morrison's song only. Brown eyed girl. Please. Local musicians. Most of old with hate me by the way. Because. -- on the conservative area and beat I'm better looking than they are and get more checks. What you want me to say. But please learn glad high ratings by Dan -- -- more debts. Third it up a little bit -- disservice to van -- by only focusing on brown eyed girl. That's the song were. I think I'll go to the bathroom. Bath and Skinner everybody will all give me three steps. About a way props to hit and run. Hit and run did free bird last I saw them by scattered and I've heard them do. Simple man. So at least they branched out with -- still waiting for van -- Two be more thoroughly explored by the local musicians. That I mentioned most of whom hate me because of my politics a and the fact that. I only -- work words and give women and they can ever imagine. -- -- -- -- have a stroke 535 news radio 930 WB a British German and he's like about his head up and downs and yet Newt. Are right now we are out with you at 535. And I want to well up old. Get a couple reminders that a wanna get into another topic that have been blinded to all week -- First of all one of the things that I've been due in -- -- on -- -- if you go to my FaceBook page. Please understand. I spend. Way to much time on my FaceBook page for work I don't really have a personal FaceBook page anymore. But what are the things I've enjoyed doing this week is posting a different picture of -- different but haven't. Every day I have to think is -- president zone for my brain inflammation. Yesterday at the picture up of a face on the move. Because that is one of the side effects. Up red zone which is historical medication. Today I put up a picture of -- it was 1920s. Silent era movie star -- above Roscoe. Eddie buckle. Previously put up pictures of about swallowed elephants meant at its otherwise known -- seek dollars. And as the other stuff but it would make eight different picture every day they had some. Because if you can't have fun with your own brain damaged what else can have on. Curiously well that's -- damage just cerebral vascular -- it happens and the water up the bucks back. You know misery may export to market itself so that's what the -- are -- pictures all about but I wanna point out something. Also on my face. We're page. Those of you who are upset with what the town of Hamburg is doing. And yet there's only people. It's particularly with. Couple of people have been in the news lately the latest Gary bridges. Jerry bridges almost sounds like you ought to be famous doesn't Williams he's been talked about a -- Naturally -- -- Jerry bridges. Earlier this week received a note. From the town of Hamburg saying he had ten days to take down his repeal and -- safe sign or -- gonna go to court. Well I don't think he's the kind of guy who's gonna back down. I think he's gonna take listening to court and I hope he wins I think he will win and I think Supreme Court president 1994. Julio via the due to do the Julio whatever. That should be all he needs an LP sues the town of Hamburg and LP wins a lot of money. To at least recover his legal costs in defending his rights as a citizen. And if you want more information on why Gary bridges is right and the town of Hamburg is wrong. Scroll through my FaceBook page remember capital lot of -- -- you'll hear audio of my interview with. Local attorney Paul camp -- who knows a thing or two about the First Amendment. Right up there on my FaceBook page check it out share to every along with -- it's all good. But. Pressures that these signs -- and look at a poll I don't know where his office coming from kind of weird week though of course. The legal. Say it's a -- B it's a gateway to what you understand that everybody who's ever smoked weed as and that up in the streets as anger when -- -- you get that. Every single person. And they will be offering. Tomorrow in the town of Hamburg. Gary bridges the guy who has been cited by the town of Hamburg. And what our sponsors firearms training of Western New York. They have a whole bunch. Of repeal and why safe signs for you. Somebody asked me if they're only going to be offering them the people who live in the town of Hamburg. I really doubt going to be checking IDs I doubt it very strong I think is pretty much for every. But. Firearms training of Western New York. Has bought a whole bunch of repeal and why -- signs. From scope shooters committee on political education. They will be distributing those signs 485 dollar donation. Which will go to scope. Tomorrow Saturday. From 10 in the morning until two in the afternoon. Now folks I have to terrorism. These signs are incredibly popular. Usually they cost about twenty dollars as a donation. Tomorrow the donation will only be five dollars because the signs have already been underwritten by firearms training of Western New York. I cannot say this enough. If you're really wanna make sure you get one of those repeal -- safe signs tomorrow. This shooter you were there the better it is going to be. Don't wait till till they might run well I don't comedy they've got but they have this much they very well could run up. So it'll cost you five dollars as a donation. 10 in the morning until two in the afternoon tomorrow you can get your repeal NY state law and signed. And you're probably saying hey idiot where word awhile ago and was waiting to get -- the lake view VFW post. The lake view VFW post number 1419. -- at 2985. Lake view road in Hamburg. Again that's the lake view VFW post number 14192985. Lake view road in Hamburg. 10 AM to 2 PM tomorrow get your repeal -- sign. I mention last week I hope by Hibbert residents festooned. With them. Just as a kind of up yours to the people who are against. These signs all over the place. I have no problem with -- -- at all. So I've also got that on my FaceBook page feel free to share that feel pretty go to my FaceBook page. It's all there in writing for those who still lead directions. Is that it is edit -- what more effect. Art is or any traffic -- after the Joey and he traffic thing I got a group now are -- -- -- do what I mentioned before I introduce the next topic and that is there's. I'm -- -- read it again right now I don't government read it again before the end of -- -- or not. Probably yeah. I didn't show yesterday -- on a mental Willis in light of the Fort Hood shootings. I received. An unbelievable email. From a lady. Who is hoping she is a writer by traitor by profession. Think she's just an ordinary normal human being. Ordinary and normal being defined as somebody who's not in the media. But she wrote a beautiful. Piece. About how mental illness with her brother. Has affected her family. And this lady encapsulated in two pages. What I tried to communicate in four hours on the radio yesterday. I put up on my FaceBook page. The letter is there. And actually it's turned out I did have the time to hit the space are -- few times in the -- -- few times so it didn't just that you like a wall of text. Now this is I have to tell you ladies and gentlemen. This is the best piece I've ever read. About how mental illness affects somebody's family and how it affects a person we would consider to be normal. You have to read it it is absolutely positively must read. And you'll find that on my FaceBook page I hope you read. Because it says everything I tried to say yesterday. And it really will summarize for you. It really will summarize for you why this has been such an issue for me since the 1980s. All right I've been on this I have been on this it's a ninety days try to make people -- of mental illness what it does to people what does the families this lady did it. A couple of pages. So my FaceBook page top dollar hourly Tom is. Easy dot is easy my last name is spelled like -- the German power is -- it means present you let it -- at a hockey stick. BA EU ER thank Jack Bauer 24. Just -- the LE trivia that's -- and our. I probably should use the different name before get a radio but huge bag was -- taken so ruled out. All right 544 news radio nine they're well I think -- one over now my quota for the week dammit I'll make up -- next week idea. Talked about some other stuff. That is really important. To me and I think the -- How many -- you listen to Sean Hannity. -- radio station from seven until that John Sherman says as the author John you have to listen to Sean Hannity you work is show your run ratio. Well everybody is listening Sean Hannity. Notes that he has been a big advocate. For the Dakotas specifically North Dakota for people going out there and getting jobs with oil companies. There's a guy who called and they Hannity show this week. I think he had high school diploma and that's it he went out of the Dakotas started working for an oil company. This person is -- is around thirty years old Britain might still be in his twenties. -- late twenties or about thirty. In this young man. Because he had the courage to lead his comfort zone. You wanna guess how much money he's making right now we told -- Are you you're ready for this are you sitting down. 200000 dollars a year. High school degree high school diploma. 200000. Dollars a year working for an oil company as he told Sean Hannity. Well. Earlier this week on my FaceBook page. Somebody said you spent too much time talking about guns you should be talking about unemployment. We don't there's only so much I can do about unemployment. -- county you're the dumbest voters in New York State in New York State is the dumbest voters in the country. Don't look at me look at yourselves. You have enabled a political system to run this area and to run this state. That Chase's private industry a way that does not want drilling in New York State. That does not want energy exploration. In the empire state. You and you alone who vote for people like horrible and his -- you are responsible for the economy not not. Because I believe in a conservative area approach. Many of -- however because. Well my dad was a Democrat my grandfather was a Democrat and the union says to vote for this guy. Many of you. Don't look at me I'm just the messenger. What do you expect from a pig but it brought what do you want from a blog at a market cap from a me about a male. That's what you're gonna get when you -- dumb voters are very county and New York State put idiots in office. Who chased down businesses for shakedowns what do you expect is gonna happen of those businesses they don't want to do business in New York Tuesday. In every week. This state. Sends out its guys with pencils on the pads. To go to restaurants. There -- salons. And manicure places. Emphasized establishments. And every other business in which the state has its fingers. And right out silences. And here's the game they play and I talked about this before. Here's the game they play. They figured if they can find it 3000 dollars or 5000 dollars worth of fines they can collect from private business in New York State. -- a business matter business woman is gonna say you know what. It will be far less expensive for me. To pay. To -- the states beat basically the state has become like the black man a lot of them. Become the black can't it's like the guy in the white suit god father to our right. By the -- That's what New York's status. It's gambling that people will not have the resources to fight back legally. If they're just gonna take the summons the citation the violation and write out a check. 5000 bucks done that's our New York State deals -- business. I know one local restaurant I won't name it. Frankly folks I would be willing to -- the toilets in this restaurant in his Oakley. All right I'm not really got a -- toilet at a restaurant. I have to I have to backtracked on that but if I was. It's a clean and place. The state inspectors came in this before. And by the time they left. These restaurant owners ended up following New York State 20000. Dollars. And the state correctly assumed. That these local businessman. Being businessman. Would understand that it would cost more money to litigate. That it would be just to pay the shakedown artists. Of the New York State government. But don't look at me about the unemployment in western new York and New York's -- Erie county is all of the dumbest voters in the world New York State is all of the state of the dumbest voters in the world. I can't change that god knows I've tried. So when you bitch about unemployment. Consider how you voted. This is the area that Ronald Reagan's second term. We went for Walter Mondale in -- -- even the State of New York went for Reagan we -- Erie county went for Mondale. You just don't get any dumber that we are here as voters now don't go anywhere I don't go anywhere because. I've got some great stuff coming up right along these lines. New wings in their thing Allan what's going owners -- -- something good. -- And I just curious as smelled something around here and managers act actually wings don't smell good to me anymore got a reserve announced. AccuWeather -- that would really breezes. By the way if you're in an area where the rain is coming down in sheets and torrents called -- safely do it started 930 on yourself on star 930. Start nine threes are all we've got areas along Lake Erie works is coming in buckets the rain -- The rest of Ted -- will be cloudy and windy and overnight low 35. Tomorrow will be windy and chilly and 42 Sunday they say it's going to be 52 and sunny and I don't believe a word they say when they say sunny and mild. At 52 degrees has a -- when I see it. -- I don't believe what we will dissect last Saturday open up the door expecting to feel -- the sunshine stepping in the three inches of -- -- It was like every Indian guy for every 7-Eleven on Western New York property. In Western New York listening -- came to my house and dumped a giant -- all over my house -- circuits. And I get the same things like that because of my very close tight and special relationship with the local Indian community. Anybody which writers separate -- you don't know what you're doing. Now it is up -- 54 that the news radio 930 WB yet here's wanna get into. On the program. In addition to if it's coming down the cats and dogs and it's really a nightmare weather wise I'm always willing to take those goals. But. A lady chastised me mildly injured and ride and for not doing shows on unemployment. Sean Hannity. Has done a bunch of shows on getting America working again he's lined up more jobs for people Obama. Just remember that fraud in the White House and his lackeys in the media. Every time the unemployment numbers come out and they talk about obamacare. -- we have the ministry of plenty now. We become orwellian America. Not having a job is it being underemployed or unemployed is it because it gives you more time to spend with your cares folks. As much as I detest the bush family. If George W. Bush had said that. He would have been written. Like a sick donkey the rest of his presidency. People behind Obama's say it and think every word they speak his goal here's my question. Are you willing to lead your comfort level. Of this area. To pursue. Employment. What is amazing to me is a number of people I know who were unemployed. Underemployed. Who make crap bunny who could make great money. But. They are unwilling to take the risk of -- Talked -- 80309 there.

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