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4-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. What. Holes to. The and welcome to the new -- yeah. If they got beat extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- I'm not only by doing. But. Blood. Kind of evicted them you don't know me. I'm very happy for. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request. Somebody has to have sharks where it -- there. -- there's some new ones you don't feel the need for us to expand the base we're working on them don't you worry we're always aware that. -- is tell you something her folks and I hope I'm not on tales out of school but. The operating power I did an on air apology to John Sherman my call screener because without. It being my intent it came off yesterday like I was yelling at John over a phone issue. Which was not my intent. It is my aggravation is with Bluetooth in speakerphones. And really crappy sounding cellphones. And a friend -- I said last night top. Why are you yelling job as a -- John I was yelling at the follow. She said now. Sounded like you're yelling -- John. So I apologize on the air to John because that's what men do I'm man enough to apologize. When I have done something wrong when I have. Appears to have done something wrong. And here's here's the kind of crew we have in the hallway during the break Sherman comes up to me John because -- would you even have to do that and I sit Oakmont prayer John I did it. Because if I need you some what you were doing your job I owe you an apology and I didn't and I do I'm glad I got it. It's again it's his folks have a code of honor and it's kind of hard. It's kind of hard to put it to all out there for you but. IE there are some things I take very seriously and are some things have changed in my life. Up with a better than I've taken very seriously. And one of the things have tried to change is my relationship with the people with who might work. On a daily basis and have been doing that for the past that five or so years. And I have to tell you something it's a lot better coming into work and working with people when you know they actually like you instead of just tolerate you. So that's a good -- we had Sherman said you didn't owe me an apology at all that. And I said earlier to my other code of honor now John I'm not gonna do that for you at least gotten busted vacation. Well maybe. Not the pants but. Admire the -- of latter course is going commando in July. That's part of the -- -- -- so it is one that I want to let you know there. I think anybody's -- in glacial long enough that knows the disdain I have four Bluetooth. And speaker phones and anything that offers less -- awesome audio. Part of it comes also from my own hearing deficit but let's not go there. Are right it's twelve minutes after four at news radio 930 WBBM. Before going further with the stranger topic because again -- -- marks -- -- -- park side. You know Delaware park neighborhood. Not that would be any less important that it happened on the east side. But it did happen in an area that is. An area that is not particularly known for crime within the city -- -- on a break -- burglaries but kidnappings. So where attempted kidnapping is not that this necessarily was but some jerks and Scott not. Apparently approached a couple of kids today by saint mark school the kids did the right thing they ran right into the school. Now cops need license plate numbers. They need license plate numbers so if you ever see something happening that just don't look right. Get a plate number. Hopefully they haven't switched tactics. Even better get a cell phone video get a cell phone pictures. And if people think you're weird so what what do you think you're weird. -- What do you tell your kids about stranger danger. Two other points I want to get to before get back to the topic number one. I suggested this last week but I was not able to act on it but other people have I wanna give them the proper publicity for. You know that the town of Hamburg. Has sent two people notices that the got to remove -- repeal NY -- signs from other property right because of zoning issues allegedly. Even though the Supreme Court would do be Julio has already decided that -- can't do others. Here's the thing. I suggested last week that. -- the shooters committee on political education. And other freedom fighters make these signs available for a minimal donation in the town of Hamburg. Well I'm happy to tell you that one of -- radio station sponsors. And Gary bridges who received one of those letters actually -- now from the town of Hamburg telling him to get assigned down. They've teamed up they will be offering repeal and why say science tomorrow. Tomorrow a five dollar donation this signs have already been paid for by our sponsors at firearms training. Of Western New York you've heard their ads on this radio station. They have already made the arrangements with shooters committing a political education. Usually these -- cost about twenty bucks as a donation. But because our sponsor has already picked up the -- -- asking for a five dollar donation. For the repeal and why safe signs they're giving out tomorrow -- the the town of Hamburg now pay attention to the win in the we're. When will be tomorrow Saturday. Saturday got that may make an -- calendars they -- and yourself on a Saturday April the fifth. From 10 in the morning until two an afternoon. Firearms training of western new York and Gary bridges will be better. There is the lake view VFW post number 1419. Lake -- road in Hamburg. -- last week when I said let's festooned the tolerant with repeal NY state signs. Well firearms trading of Western New York. Act they were on the ball that's exactly what they're doing tomorrow. And a nice job by scope by the way shooters committee a political education to like get those signs into the hands of people in Hamburg I personally do not put up lawn signs. I I I don't I it's just it's one of my things. If you do that's great I just felt it interferes with my aesthetic artistic census. I think I just admitted being gay but not that there's anything wrong with that but now the artsy and kept the arts. I would tell you by ones and I really wouldn't think it's a big deal frankly. But in any event. I have a very aesthetic and artistic sense about me. And the signs conflict with my natural landscape. And I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or annoys -- but it's also the same reason I refused to fly a flag that says spring. Wear a flag that says summer it just seems so redundant. Are admitted that sixty minutes after a 4 o'clock news radio 930 WB EM. Let's get to Carol in a Cheektowaga talking about these creeps and who have approached kids I put some examples up on my FaceBook page which I'll get back to because they know that if you're driving you can't exactly actress -- But -- saint -- school. I a couple of kids were approached by some. Heard and then they ran into saint marks and Carol a WB and what do you have for us. Well I don't believe the article. My. Grandson and I are -- in Paris and I mean. Eight ball. Or 2014. Our. New Orleans that had when he should never say you're a kid the -- one of -- is don't talk to strangers that number -- Bubba. And it's done by Nancy in -- variety expectant -- director for national side -- messing it. What -- open in Florida regional office like. So -- she is all all that is the second got I want people to grasp the significance of what you're saying and wanna make sure -- I'm hearing and I'm feeling you right where this person in this Parenting Magazine says it's bad for a parent to tell a kid not to talk to strangers. Yes how long -- -- other things that I found area I was simply -- I'm. Well I find a lot of things. To be that way but I've learned to supplement my life. -- at -- What what rational basis this year offer to defend -- position that you should not tell your kids to not talk to strangers. Well is like if that is -- very I thought but I I'm -- going to read it verbatim because that is you know little aircraft but it says. This that they talk at -- for young children to grab. Even have a person is unfamiliar. She may end up and she may not think what we met a stranger. If he's right there are. Let's -- that kid made. I think it's ruled the wrong way and restart the -- of a police officer or a buyer quieter more impatient don't now. Good god. What is this -- a Ph.D. current and -- because only somebody with that kind of credential could be such an ill witted person. Now -- -- it says instead of warning. Her about strangers bring up a scenario. What went into -- from -- and you don't know operation in our right. Now this makes sense. Okay -- -- -- what she would do and then I hurt but proper course eviction. Since the vast majority of children a -- in state. And robs someone -- it already knows you might also idea that ride which is the -- Paper. -- -- Scenario I'd say it's as if any more Eddie -- and make deals they all. Scared. Or confused you need to tell me right away while they act and I hope the kid if you -- all -- well. Okay up. The don't talk to strangers concept first of all anybody who's ever had little kids understands kids are not good at new wants -- You have to give them like ten commandment style easy to remember phrases and don't talk to strangers is very cut and dry and is very affective you cannot nuance this with a 3456. Or seven year old so. That advice I think is still good tell your kids not to talk to strangers I don't like what the -- set about compositing various scenarios. And then explaining to the kid what should be done. Carol I wanna focus with you after the traffic breaking -- we've got some things happening but this is Peter you're great caller and I of. Boy you know sometimes -- great callers all of a row and this is one of those days WB and let's find out about traffic here is Allan Harris in WB in traffic command. All right Allan thanks and if you have any major traffic problems that are causing you a headache got to Friday. Make sure you -- WB and traffic command at 80303218030321. We always appreciate -- having many eyes to help us as we try to help you. Now AccuWeather we do have a wind advisory in effect for parts of the Western New York listening area my advice don't park underneath a tree. My neighbors -- guys I've only got the one car on the road right now so if you wanna park under you know under -- street like is -- under the tree go ahead fight for the spot features. Until I get the other car on the road then by by the law of the neighborhood indecency the spot right in front of my house is mind that OK that's that works. -- windy out tonight and a little rain this evening. A lingering rain or snow shower late what do you kidney is this designed to make we need lithium. The overnight low 35 -- tomorrow and be windy and chilly. Clouds and some sun and high temperature 42 now Sunday I think they're lying to a Sunday they say it's going to be sunny and 52 degrees I think it's a lot. I think it's Communist propaganda. Quite frankly. And it's -- 47 degrees at news radio 930 WBE -- you know we should actually do a show on neighborhood parking rules. Because on my street. And this is how I grew up the spot in front of your house was supposed to be for your extra vehicle. Okay. Now -- Some people have one car so that's not really an issue with a driveway. But what I've got two cars on the road -- spot in front of my house always regard that -- mine even though the law doesn't. But always willing to share with -- neighbors on a windy day it's my driveways long enough and big enough that I can. Well -- even telling you it's. Don't come over. Editor at let's go to my neighbors are cool all of the other code of honor thing John and you'll notice from Livan in the neighborhood. Full size candy bars every Halloween you know that I'm legendary for that right. Up you know that's the only reason my neighbors say nice things about me every Halloween full sized candy bars at rallies right. You know why because it's the smile on the faces of the little kids when they say -- -- of its that I always -- to my little tirade about how snack size and fund's size of that guy. -- does get back to Carol and -- Cheektowaga so -- the scenarios. That are presented by the author and parents that parents are parenting magazines. Parents -- art. Does she do those examples make sense. Whatever she cites. Yes they do but -- Are issued read the article the whole article it is there. Really -- -- crazy. And it -- the agency people all. You're not spoke to -- that it's a great job. I can make our bureau say -- out. I'm glad diet and yet or bad note mr. -- finished dinner. If you were -- way honey we're getting way off here here -- I mean I understand I understand -- sometimes people with high -- and degrees don't really live in the real world and have their heads halfway there as is most of the time -- get out. But as far as specific scenarios my dear I would want I think that's a good idea. I think it's a good idea to say to your kid okay. Amanda walks up to view any says. I have free candy in my car because I work for candy company and we're testing to see if children like the candy. That to me I wanna know like it would go. Well I I I agree and -- -- yet. It yet it's Mary on TV at. All. Programs which I think air act because appearance thank all of my you know -- can belt. But I think are some people were taken at a value. And that. That old Muriel situation -- They. All and I agree I haven't. And believe me I'll do that to talk to strangers they argued that we saw the error. Mom and dad that all the time -- a good guy either of course we have these people well like we've stopped yes. Well -- yet. We are well and the security or any we've opposite. On me -- need Q. And last at least stop there's a bit security word you brought out -- way. It's a good thing true. Indeed I'm very grateful for your call Carol and -- as much as I respect people with certain credentials sometimes I think they get so ivory tower isolated that they lose track of the real world. Yes how many children as the -- yeah. Have those alleged call my -- thank you. Are off to a great start what do you tell your kids about strangers. And I'm gonna tell your chances are if somebody's gonna molest your kid it's going to be somebody you've invited in your home is a friend. Everybody I know and boy there's been a lot of and who've been molested it's been a family member or friend of the family. Stay with us on WB. Wow. Time. Honestly deep mastery you got a little close. All round. -- I. Yeah we have. I'm pretty eclectic Iran of a musical bumps on the show thank you -- are keeping up to speed and all of the country happenings and he knows more about eighties music that I do and experience that. 434 news radio I'm thirty WB yet it is hourly and why -- we thank you. As always for -- me is part of your life and I know that. Sometimes for some people I may be the the only voice. It. You you hear that isn't computer generated. On a daily basis and you know we have this kind of weird radio relationship thing going on so banks were holding up your end by listening. I'll try to pull up my end by being an -- It's 430. -- and it. What do you. Tell your kids about strangers. Because we've got a series of incidents over the past couple months of grown man. Inappropriately. Trying to converse with young people they don't know. Now some of these people may not have malicious intent. But. I think it is better to -- on the side of caution. When talking about children -- do you tell your kids not to talk to strangers what scenarios do you bring up to your kits now what. A stranger says -- I work for an animal rescue agency and we have some. The full kittens and puppies in my car and we need a little girl to pose for a picture with these puppies. I bet your mom would be happy if you're a model with them. Look these people these molesters. Who operate this way are masters of psychology. They know how to manipulate. And they know how to and I. But I also wanna go one step further folks before at that were called a lot of people to talk to you but what I'm about to say is very important. You would be stunt I'm stunned at the number of people female I don't. Who have been victimized by child molesters. Every single one of them was victimized by either a friend of the family or a family member I'm gonna say that again. York -- Is in far greater danger of being molested by someone. You bring into the house as a family member or as a friend. Then buy one of these creeps in a van. Please understand that. And if you are -- if you're young person listening to me maybe your 8910 years old regularly younger maybe a little old. If one of these creeps is in your house. And touchy issue. And says. If you say anything to your mommy or daddy your going to be in trouble your gonna be a bad boy your gonna be a bad girl. Don't believe what he sets. If he says if you tell anybody that we just did this I'm gonna -- your kiddies I'm gonna kill your dog. You tell your parent immediately. You tell mom you tell bad. And you know what just to be -- you tell somebody at school you tell your teacher school. I wish some of my friends have done that. I don't care how old the people I know are who experienced molestation. It leaves a mark. It leaves a scar. It leaves a trail of tears. That never quite heels. And those have you been there I apologize for bringing it up the way I'm bringing it up but my intention is that if we do we have kids listening. Who had been told by a so called family friend or family member or don't say anything to your mom or data or your going to be in trouble I'm gonna kill your pets. That's where the kid needs to take action. I feel I'd be remiss in my duty I did not mention that. Right let's get back to the calls on the WBE and say hello to believe in -- like yesterday -- talked to me. Well that's. Carter's children so if you're talking about. Eight years old -- a vote in 1976 and without state and etiquette. And I got abducted by a guy except it wasn't on my car in some. Thought I lived on the street problem and the court means and how -- got in now watch in the bathroom and -- edit. I'm Smart enough. I knew something wasn't right and it was it anti knock out the window I went home and a marker and honestly I don't know I don't know whatever ever and you know undeveloped -- -- he got a lot or is it like because he didn't. -- get to the point where he was -- they do anything. He got you into the house he put you in a room and locked you into the room that would fit my definition of kidnapping. And it -- and I -- what part of the get out the window you know I I don't know all the governor Crawford I don't want that got it -- Getting up by that one guy and she was up here and she she got out the window using Apache or something problematical your golf. Very vaguely. Very very. It was going to be out what -- -- Yes yes yes yes in the city tunnel wonder about the town. Our city and it was buried or oh it they get it shall but the opposite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any chance you could ask them what they did and what happened to this guy. Well like you know what critical marker and probably not cramped and where that happened and what that. They're. To me about stranger danger pakistanis -- horrible they're currently and I have a child now litigator and we've really am eager media center around and talk to about it -- -- out. -- ball well that sort of thing. -- and -- by the way let me that's not an important -- at this especially goes for women women women if you're a parking lot. And some guy says you either get into my car right now or I'm going to kill you he's got -- it either way. So run in the parking lot do not get into the car the minute you get into the car you are screwed. You have to stay out of that car even if he says he's gonna kill you all you say is their security cameras all around and run. And try to get plate number. Yeah and the most important thing I'd come by and -- -- net that the big thing now. But you don't have that yeah when you get abducted from our screen juror or whatever it doesn't have to be up early to a car it'd be orderly. Someone who -- partners street. And you know all of that support like the one in the thought that your way. -- Dave I am very grateful for your call -- drop me an email Thomas WB EN dot com to let me know what your parents did with that information because. Quite frankly I know certain families where that individual would be at the bottom of Seneca lake. Pregnant thank you pretty much -- I don't. I don't support vigilante justice in cases like that. -- -- -- giving courts I do for 41 news radio 930 WBE and is that wrong. Sorry that that's -- that yet understand folks. On my list of crimes it doesn't get worse than that strewn with kids you start doing that. My anger news. Let let's just say this. I will go Wednesday with -- anger in a situation like that. Let's go to bearing in buffalo -- WB and hello buried. Hey it's down hey my name is buried and off. It very I think you're on the show yesterday in my correct. I didn't call yesterday okay. Well what I wanted to Saudi whereas if you didn't know me personally like I -- Come across as somebody that you would want your children just stay where -- Well. Why. -- made it. I don't mean why why would why would some of the scale is just try to be rational about this okay why would somebody look you. And out of everybody of the world tell the kid to look out for you what is there about you that make you look different. Well I -- swept into every day and. Does -- buffalo. To weddings. Apple buffalo -- sweat pants to church. I'm talking about -- fans that don't have any -- although we're probably you know. Swear that they get from McCain more like prayer card. Yes I have a collection of those myself. So where I do it there were swept and and I agree on that and people would look at -- -- covered his stay away -- you know on the crisis you know what's going on in person in the world. Well I mean this is something to bring on yourself. I mean if you want people to stop saying those things about you buy yourself a pair of pants. Are swept net and that I get yourself to not police get yourself and make sure for 500 bucks and -- stop drinking and then people won't say those things are much. The day or rather it. -- -- -- Camera there are things in New York control -- can change people's opinions of -- If you need an example looked at me listen to me. People with whom I used to work on a daily basis used to hate me do you understand the hate me because I wasn't asked to them. I stopped being an ass to them five years ago I brought the hatred on myself. I changed. And -- I mean if you can't afford a pair of pants I'll give you which. I'll give you fifty bucks you go to Joseph -- bank get yourself some slacks get a shirt stopped rank them. And then people won't say those things about future. It and I knew that I wanted to get her appearance and Brett I know I love wearing sweat you know there's so much more comparable to. Well -- -- dude Witten every choice we make in life as a consequence. And the consequence of your having a wardrobe consisting only of sweatpants. The consequences people think -- low -- come out and don't want their kids stalking you. You got to accept. -- -- my ever you know local because we try to start a conversation what I just feel it. People when it -- mediate collar kids they were -- not stay away from. Well it's one thing to feel that it's another thing to know. And I do hope I mean we did a show yesterday Barry and I and I'm not making any accusation here we did a show yesterday on mental illness and if you don't have a therapist. Please. Take it for me. Get yourself a therapist who can help you on a one on one basis more than a guy on the radio. -- -- are my brother thank you and hang in there a carry it just remember every day you should ask yourself. What am I doing that makes people think the way they think about me until I change. -- -- Actually got to take a break you're in a minute I got a couple calls again -- -- -- I gotta I gotta go do it again and again -- some of the folks let's go to Tom in Cheektowaga on WB Ian Tom -- I respect your years they'll use that don't always agree with you with so much why you gave that guy. Hold my levered you know last call what -- in the way it looked and I drink all day. I don't understand what you mean by leverage. The idea ID. Drink while I have not that it -- -- all the time. I I thought I offered him some very wise advice culminating with the fact that I think you should see somebody who specializes in mental illness therapist to talk to. He has nothing to -- what you're talking about either way okay. Gary are absurd television. Okay. Good. -- -- -- I'd amok and will allow you to pirates hijacked. And -- you're you're trying to takeover the show you've come in here aren't you coming here. You got your Saber out you're ready to do battle. And I have done nothing to you except to say hello you're on the year the first thing you say the first words out of your mouth he gave that guy. Too much leverage my friend is my show I will do it the way. I want to do should understand that. I do you must leopard I think went. OK so say your piece without just coming -- like a deck I. I didn't I didn't the at all now what do you that we shall help with. What what what certain. -- I started my show off with a magnificent letter written by somebody whose family member has mental illness about. Yes. Really feel these people in bands or whatever on up -- hit -- a mental illness they can't help themselves about defending them. They cannot help themselves. And now I I I can't buy this thank you for the call I I can't -- Some criminals are mentally ill some criminals are not mentally -- And and you don't get. You don't get a pass. For child molesting because you're mentally deal. Most mentally ill people are far more danger to themselves than they are. Two other people. Are there mentally ill people who have murdered and kidnapped of course. And they are also Christians who have kidnapped and murdered and Jews and Muslims and short guys -- blond here and black guys. And some women were blunt. Mean you know if evil had a face. Police work would be easy the problem is evil comes in every size every shape every color and frankly in every car. Merit I don't know what else to say I. Started off the show with what I thought was one of the most beautiful letters about mental illness and its effect on a family member that -- Everett. And if you're an issue with that I'm sorry I'm probably not the guy you want to listen to listen to savage. Sport 48 WB. And look out for about women will be wind advisory for parts of the Western New York area tonight is gonna suck tomorrow's gonna -- Sunday is gonna be a warm they say 52 degrees I'll believe it when I see it it's forty degrees. Fifty. That's ever learned about the -- right to left left the right things are fifty degrees and news radio 930. WB and so what do you tell your kids about strangers because again at saint mark's. -- side neighborhood some free. Tried approaching a couple of kids who smartly ran in the school. And this is like about the fifth or sixth report of about theirs now may not be the same guy. Probably isn't but now there are creeps up here. There are bad guys there is evil. Out there. He's ever gonna deny that. Let's go to bar in Orchard Park where one incident took place our bureau W Ian welcome. I'm. All that and expect that have a great memory but it shall be admitted at all. Your column. But they think it would around the time issue when it can't see it. Eight the bank and make. -- -- -- Think he has talked about don't that don't break your party and that. They let it get out. Everyone at every bag every tag went with the -- -- well prepared lot. Did you -- could Alter windows your window down. But I looked -- -- and very -- -- -- up free -- Okay this mess -- or are we do not allow people who drive Prius is on this program I'm sorry. Now do you have do you have -- Obama sticker on the back your Prius. Do you have a co exist sticker on the back of your Prius. -- immediately. Yup I'm bragging on you in good natured fun I hope you understand that. -- -- -- Actually that was a series is -- call was just a sixty minute show there's actually a show that focuses on that now match joking about after my kids were older so I don't know the title but somebody's gonna send me email letting me know the title -- my email -- at WB EN dot com. And it just goes to show sometimes with kids it's in one ear and out the other how many kids were told not to smoke when -- growing up and how many kids smoke. -- now it's unfortunately. Thank you are. Not thank you very much and I'm glad you called and have fun in your plan. That's. Fair and tie it. -- is jealous actually portion Prius. Made bad decisions.

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