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4-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. And he would rate. That. If India hold look. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what -- happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. Was romantic. -- -- him boom -- -- ten -- must eat these greedy and dirty and IQ. You have woes. Like a load. Well and every life a little Ray Small and it's doing its job today outside and I Western New York out of -- listening -- -- -- from Western New York where whether you want ex pat or whatever but. Boy it's very not exactly a chamber of commerce today in terms of the weather here but. At least we don't have to shovel rain but we do to look out for the winds. I have a lot of things we're gonna get it through today on the program tons of things got a huge response. Two -- yesterday's show video latest installment we did on be mental illness crisis in America. I've -- comment on the drums since the 1980s. And unfortunately it just seems to get worse and worse and worse and to make matters even worse it continues to be a stigma ties disease ever want to be -- with breast cancer boy that's good market. I wanna associate myself with a -- Everybody wants to be on board with colorectal cancer yes I want clean NI. But when it comes through medical help -- don't want to be associated with that don't wanna be associated with a budget -- so paranoid delusional breaks. It's just that much and I don't think it's gonna change in my lifetime and it probably Zachary change in York's. But I have to tell yourself that ever doubt again. I received emails I received things that other people have written. Vet make me say all MG. I usually put another consonant in there. But. I received area. A piece today that was written by a local lady. That sums up everything I said yesterday about families being touched by mental illness I'm not put another mental on the show the race at all. Don't turn often it was a -- -- everything I do has a touch of mental illness do it. Which in case welcomed the my world -- Charmingly eccentric by the way it would be the best script or but. This was sent to me and I need to read this it's a little law. But I -- gonna do it as only I can do it and I got to put up the link on my FaceBook page because this is something that needs to go viral. This is something that people need to understand. And read this is something that people have got to know. Because we show notes on neighborhood characters and you will remember that I have always. Always told you. To have the backs of the neighborhood characters wherever you live. In Williams bill we've got -- The the bottle collectors. And legacy committee kind of looks like the guys out along the Jethro -- a -- album cover. But he's totally harmless he's a very nice guy I shaking his hand he is. He is one of those people. And bother anybody doesn't bother me. Frankly he's got a picture of my little village and everybody looks out for. And I know that we're supposed to be. You know unfeeling conservative. Hate filled with. -- people in the suburbs absolutely intolerant of any kind of diversity or anything different than we are. But I don't know anybody who's ever had a bad word about the -- -- -- -- since the -- is leery. But again this is a piece that I have to share with it demands I read this and I said this demands my sharing it. Even if I'm gonna be late getting in the 330 I don't care I can not interrupt this it is that important. As we move along today I also wanna talk about some creeps. Every day. It seems that some creep is approaching kids in or around schools. And ought to find out if you talk to your kids about dealing with these creeps its only a matter time before one of them hit pay dirt. And gets a little kid into his van into his car and then we're looking for killer or worse. A serial killer. But we'll get into that momentarily. This was sent to me by. Leslie. And it's a piece called he's my brother. And I'm gonna try to do it justice. And you have to hear this if you want to understand what it's like to be a quote normal person. Whose life has been touched by a family member with mental illness this this should go viral this this is like reader's digest quality stuff. You know that sort of creepy looking guy who you may occasionally see walking on the sidewalks in the village and town of arcade. The guy that looks bigger cross between an aging homeless man and a character from Tim Burton movie. That's my brother. He is mentally ill. And I love him. People unfamiliar with mental illness react to someone who is mentally ill and a number of different ways with this stain revulsion ignorance ridicule suspicion. And in some instances. Kindness. But for people unfamiliar with mental illness kindness may be difficult to Muster because a person -- mental illness may look. Or act a lot worse Gary on approachable many adjectives can go there he doesn't look like most people's version of normal. My Big Brother has -- so affective disorder. And has been mentally ill for as long as I can remember because in ten years younger I can't remember how it all began. I do remember however that why that is a very little girl in the late sixties. My brother was -- coolest guy in the world I distinctly remember the music you listen to his long dark here he. This slender stoke white pants guys his age wore his friends and the call motorcycles and cars he growth. He had a purple Ford falcon used to let me steer -- growth he definitely loved his little sister. I think it was in December of 1969. My brother hitchhiked his way across the US to California I miss him terribly. He eventually came back brought me a suede purse with fringe I love their purse I still haven't. As the years went by he. Began to change. I'm not sure of all that contributed to his illness he is an alcoholic but that doesn't cause schizophrenia. But he receded into his mind while I grew up eventually I've moved away and started life on my own. He -- -- mom until she died. Then his life became a series of ups and downs so very random and unanticipated they were staggering -- Lived in Niagara Falls and buffalo on and off for years motels halfway houses boarding houses missions doorways boxes branches open fields. I lived and -- I had a husband and children. And while I help my brother when I could I couldn't have him live with me and my kids and he wouldn't want to docket -- -- He was not violent -- so -- violent but his paranoia. Drinking. Rambling. And sometimes nonsensical talk was not something I can have around my young children. You know if you stop drinking -- maybe you could gold make the change of life maybe you can get the job. I'd tell him and frustration hollow words however. They were words borne of frustration it wasn't the drink. Although that certainly didn't help. It was his mind. That was distort my words. Made sense to him when spoken but always quickly forgotten. He's been in and out of mental hospitals I'll never forget the people I saw there when I visited. And I thought to myself he's not gonna get better here if any thing he's gonna go more nuts. That's how I thought about it I can call my brother nuts he's my brother. Today I live in freedom with my family. My brother lives in this area also but he has his own place it's pretty worn down but it's a roof when it rains -- when it snows. And shade in the hot -- Being warm is especially important to having lived so often outdoors in all the Western New York whether. Years of drinking. Getting mugged. And all and sundry other events have changed his looks a lot I'll even admit if you don't know my brother and you see him in the store. You might think he's up to no good. He is not violent as I mentioned but he angers easily he's always clean -- sometimes looks on count. He can detect the antipathy in people's looks and mannerisms when he goes into the grocery store to pick ups and staples. Takes a bus to get around he's beholden to the bus company schedules are sometimes he waits on the bench at the grocery store -- He's often told to leave. I don't doubt he's ruined his welcome in some of these places because he's quick to be offended and there were quick to anger he doesn't like to ask for help arrives. So all this puts him up there by himself at the mercy of whoever -- whatever he encounters but my feelings. They go from embarrassment anger I wanna defend him. When your body's been treated -- always been treated at some places I wanna shout. That's my brother he was a really decent guy at one time. He's in pain don't be mean to him. That I think. He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes popular blame these people for their preached preconceived notions. Right now it's raining. The bus dropped them off and Yorkshire shopping for a duffel bag to put all the stuff then when he's on the bus. He's gonna walk the grocery store and if he doesn't attract attention and get asked to leave. He'll have some groceries to put in his duffel bag. Then he'll find a place to hang on to the bus comes back to get. Because he is so friendly. He wants to help every one with -- bigger problems in spite of result. This takes him into dark territory and their problems become his on top of his own my husband and I try to tell him to not get involved. That's like trying to tell water to not run downhill he simply cannot help himself he just wants to help. Alcohol helps -- deal -- has problems so. Pete thanks anyway he quits drinking for months at a time but boredom or paranoia always brings him back to -- such is the life of my Big Brother. So what do you hope to accomplish with this letter I don't know. I guess I just wanna make people aware that we're not all the same. You may already know someone like him mental illness can happen anyone at any time including you and I wish for people to show a little kindness to smile. Hello. Can go a long way to making any Wednesday a little better. There are several people like him and our area. If you smile one of them. You might be just smiling in my brother. And for that. Little effort. They're being kind. I. Thank you. ID rarely. Read. Such. Heartfelt. Eloquent prose. In emails I receive. For anybody national columnists. Do not do. To me what this letter. Has done. To me. I read it. Rewrite it. I told my boss I was gonna start off my show with it. It's that good. I'm gonna put this up on my FaceBook page. There is no direct link so I'm gonna have to originally put it up I don't have time to edit it now. It's gonna look like a wall of text. It will look like a wall of text and I apologize for that. But the message. I have to tell -- I've tears. Right now coming down my cheeks. Because this woman has summed up in two pages. Everything I tried doing yesterday in four hours. With elegance with grace with eloquence. Which style a little humor. And in a heartfelt way. Some copying and pasting it to my FaceBook page. And I've never read a better piece of work from a family member whose life has been touched by a brother. -- mental illness and it was written by Leslie Lang who lives right here in the Western New York. Tuesday remarkable. Remarkable. Piece I've seen stuff. A lot worse than this in reader's digest. Just amazing Leslie I cannot begin to thank you for sharing that -- this and I think that that letter. Once it gets on my FaceBook page is gonna go a lot of places. And I think you're gonna end up helping a lot of -- not about me and the letter going viral from my page. To buy you help a lot of people -- -- like an act as a conduit for that you know what. That's good I've I've done by. My affirmation of done you know god given my -- positive and affirmative value for the day which is something I try to do on a daily basis. So anyway thank you to Leslie. On a more serious and typical -- note. I wanna tell you. Gary bridges. -- bridges is the guy who lives in Hamburg who's been told to take down his side. On his threats despite the fact that the town itself as signs on its own dog park threats do as I say it matters I didn't. Well I brought up the idea last week. And other people have run with an idea. I have been preoccupied with other issues so other people would run with the idea heads up. Break it. -- -- NY -- signs. Are gonna be available tomorrow in Hamburg at eight organ donation price. -- -- analyze safe signs. Tomorrow at the lake view VFW post. At 2985. Lake -- road in Hamburg. It's gonna happen from -- in the morning until 2 PM in the afternoon so for hours 10 AM 2 PM. Firearms training of western new York and -- bridges will be offering these signs for a five dollar donation. The signs of actually already been paid for the five dollar donation is gonna be donated to scope. Shooters committee on political education. So for five dollars in donation money which will go to scope you can get your repeal and why stateside and hey bird get. Tomorrow between ten and two at the lake view. VFW post 2985. Lake view road in Hamburg. And if you want more information again they'll be at my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly. And my name is that easy to spell for makers have been doing it for half a century but it's our like Billy power. Who used to go to saint Joe's -- gonna say Jack Bauer came out Billy was good hockey player. I had to play against the meal we smoke -- never forgiven forgiven bill. But anyway. I say that in jest of course but -- -- he smoked but I forgive him. But if you wanna go to my FaceBook page it's our BA UER just -- LE to the and the first named Tom and you'll see the picture of me in the tuxedo that's my professional page. And that's -- All right it is 25 minutes after three just -- that can we talk about some real creeps and I'll let him talk about the obamas -- Cuomo's today on WB yeah. That is. Shannon. Last year. On the. Naturally I. Would like this earlier this week is out today. And a statement still holds his demo version of southern cross. Which is a phenomenal flock to you all. Well how many you know what to presume that. Many of us have a common life experiences may be some -- music although. I look in the next room and I realized that to Joseph and John. Stephen Stills probably is too damn what Perry -- ball would have been to me when I was there it. But doesn't. I will remember when the daylight again album came out by Crosby stills that he's talking about an -- I -- -- -- out all right. I remember listening to that album and universal have like seventy well whatever old wooden nineteen whatever that. But every girl every guy. Everybody with who -- ever listen of that album that was their favorite song on everybody loved southern cross wasted on the way it was a big hit but everybody loved southern cross. And I love the different versions of Jimmy Buffett does one. He writes his version of it. And that was the original demo -- please think with the original demo from 1980. And Stephen Stills anyway. It is this little musical trivia note by the -- have to be really careful right talk about music trivia because if I'm ever wrong if I'm ever in error by just one simple fact my brother gives me grief like you wouldn't believe. So I took great delight in being able to correct my brother on a correct and it pronunciation today in an email so I have to see what he has to say coming back to me. All -- I want to -- from yesterday. -- Wanamaker John -- development jobs calls greater. It's not John Sherman's fault that the phone yesterday with doctor Cartagena sucked originally I'm sorry if it's like I -- it seemed like it was John -- -- I'm sorry dude it was not you -- -- of all I think. Bluetooth I think speakerphones. IP phone quality that absolutely -- -- a jump ball. So I'll make -- clear if that sounded like I'm pissed off the speakerphone and Bluetooth I'm not angry at all John John can work with the rest of his life. Don't know that I really. Wants that but that jobs like an awesome call screener. And I'm I'm glad he's behind the glass of Missouri has landed him I I that was not mind that I know sometimes you say things Wright say things and my intent gets lost between my brain -- my myself. But then that was not the intent so John if an anyways your reform act is -- up I apologize that would not not my intent I think you know how much I love you. Like like a brother I would like to hold his head under the pool water for -- you know that that's how much of you. If Joseph beamer needs no introduction now. Ladies and gentlemen. About that. What my friends and I'd just like I wanna pick one reference of how yelling at John Sherman yelling at John Sherman I was yelling at Bluetooth. It didn't sound that way Tom. I said what do you think she said it sounded like you're yelling at John Sherman you owe him an apology of like oh my god if you're my friend McCain that -- came up that -- -- you either came -- that way to a lot of people. And I owe him an apology if that's if that's talking about I do and I I sincerely apologize I. My god that would be like Garrett meet 20/20 five years ago except it would have been really obvious to me or yelling at. So something got lost between the brain in my mouth and the radio but. -- -- -- But a real man is willing to revisit something like that even when he doesn't have to say hey if I screwed up dude I'm sorry it's part of being a man part of my code of honor. My other code of honor is. In July I go commando. Now very important to things you need to know about. I -- question for you guys and again I don't know if this is going to be one of those topics it's gonna work or was gonna die. And I haven't done it on WB and ever not that I can remember. But. It seems like every week now. We are getting reports. Of creepy dudes are approaching the kids. A round at schools. I wanted to know if you have talked to your kids about. -- this is so -- stranger. Danger. Have yet talked to your kids. About these fruit cakes are coming out of -- work. It appears. Trying to strike up conversations. With people who were inappropriately. And meet them in -- Normal thirty year old men do not seek out little kids for conversational company little kids they don't know that is not. Normal. They don't well and they certainly don't do without parents' consent. And even that being said pretty much everybody I know who's ever been molested as a child was molested by either family member or family fret. So I wanna put that out there as well because -- just stranger danger. It's also that special uncle who comes over every now and again that close friend of the family -- over. Like you know what that's the biggest problem when it comes to being molested. Or being groped or having these traumatic experiences child. Mean yeah I get the stranger danger is real but the bigger danger is the one -- -- your home -- a friend thinking got a friend when in fact you got a predator you're letting into your minutes. So be aware of and if your kid listening. And you've got somebody who comes to your house who touchy issue where they shouldn't be touching you and they say if you tell anybody up to your -- I'll kill your dog you tell mom and -- that doesn't work you call me I've got friends will make him disappear. Wait that came out wrong that just totally you know I don't sound replacement though. I'm just saying Joseph I mean things can happen to people all the time so absurd to talk to your parents about it. Don't let don't let them intimidate you do not let -- W. If some -- your parents touches you and says if you tell anybody I'll get to in trouble you'll get in trouble if I touch you you tell your parents I'll kill your dog -- your -- You tell your parents right away. In no uncertain terms what's going on. Impact. If your parents don't wanna listen to you call the police you tell somebody at school you tell an adult who gives it to him. Now. Do you. And it's a parent I'm on past this point in my life. I don't worry about stranger danger for markets. Because -- kids anymore they're they're young people. Com or they won't be. Little people until -- 26 on my health plan but that's another story altogether. Out. Have you talked to your kids about the dangers. Of these freaks. Around schools folks we've had some -- me get this straight the city of buffalo had one. Orchard Park has had at least one if I'm not mistaken Amherst has had a couple. And if you are in local law enforcement. And you want -- report something. Send me email you know your your press release it if you're not authorized the call in as the PIL or whatever send me the press release. Because there are -- the common denominator seemed to be these are white men. That's the common denominator white men. And it seems to be black here has also been a feature in at least some of the descriptions of these guys approaching tips. Now I wanna point out. That it's a different world that was when your kid. And when your kids are when you have little kids because now kids have what what are what does every cadet. With this every kid. All right in a book bag that will break their back and give them scroll -- is by the time -- twelve yes but what else to they had. Cellphones. A cell phone picture of one of these creeps. Would do wonders. In getting them arrested. A cell phone picture would be awesome. Pay your kids at this damn cell phone out every night at dinner anyway. They can light up a camera shot with a cell phone faster than most of us can sign our names they are so technically adroit added depth. So. If that doesn't work try to teach your kids easy ways to memorize license plate numbers. Now your outlook given a choice between escaping. And getting a license plate number obviously escape is the first priority. But you can't -- witness from behind. Some creep getting out of a vehicle trying to approach children. You can't memorize the license plate number with a license plate numbers long is that a switch tag you can do wonders. A cellphone picture is even better. Because these -- -- got to -- out. Because folks. Are our guy named ultimatums and shares. And he is the bike path killer he's the bike -- murder. He didn't start out as these serial killer he progressed. Well regressed to being a serial killer. All right so you be doing society a great favor. Do you talk to your kids about strangers cannot be honest with. Be honest every week out it's not parent. Of a -- with a look at every time one of these stories would come out. It would send shockwaves down my -- Like geez. What's up -- these freaks trying to associate with -- little kids that just think let's just not that's right baby. You talk with your kids about strangers yes -- -- It seems to be that time of the year. While the molesters all go to Florida in the wintertime -- they come back here for the summer. I mean and we got descriptions of vehicles. And if I'm not mistaken. There might be one of the suspects who may have access to a number of vehicles because. What I. Remember hearing about a guy with dark hair and facial here who is any different vehicle than the one that was described around saint -- now that's the same guy he's got access to more than one vehicle. Just like by the way ultimate of Sanchez -- except this scumbag uncle. Lied to the police after the Delaware park rapes. Frankly his uncle should also be imprisoned down in the Carolinas. But that's another story altogether that bastard deserves everything he's got to come into home from a criminal justice system light of the cops he has blood on his hands from Joan diver and every victim -- Galen and every victim of his scumbag nephew -- cameos and shares. Now the talk with your kids about strangers -- now what do you say -- -- do. Have you gotten the note yet from school saying we've just been advised that one of our students was approached by a man who and it it it's man. And they're usually alone. Now sometimes. Sometimes. Men and women operate as a tag team but that does not seem to be the case in our recent approaches. Does anybody remember those who listen in southern Ontario you know whom I'm speaking. Carla humble -- Member Carla humble cut and Paul Bernardo. -- do crazy this madness of two together. They work evil. And today. -- serial killers. And torturers. And -- Carla by the ways out of prison Paul is still rotting as he should. And the government in Canada made a deal with -- Monica who frankly I think going to be exterminated off the face of the -- along with Paul Bernard. But that's just me I have very little tolerance for people who. The most jackal like individuals preying on the most innocent people in the most heinous of ways I ever real hard as spot for those kinds of people. Think sandpaper blow torches and tires. Employers to. And you gotta get where I'm coming from a that. It 030930. Is the phone number do you worry about. Strangers. By your kids' school -- he got -- the note from school do you talk with your kids about this do you give advice. Yes -- no. Because I guarantee the first time some kid ends up that you guys are going to be called me sent the Jewish past. It 030930. Start my third. 180616. WB yet you don't three on I thirty start -- thirty. 180616. WB and its hourly on a rainy Friday. And AccuWeather we do. From the National Weather Service the wind advisory in effect were parts of our listening area if you hear the wind howling that means you don't park underneath the tree. Tomorrow windy and chilly clouds instant sun rain or snow showers in spots the high temperature 42 and right now Joseph it is. 48 crew at news radio 930 WB MR I'd buy hourly with you. And I'm serious if I don't do this topic and god forbid something happens you know I know a long time I got the game is play. People who were the most skeptical on FaceBook will be tough ones to call saying how can you would WBA and didn't do this is a topic. Because you're too busy being right wing. Hate -- is talking about Obama. I know how the game is played. All right let's go to who's up first Debra LA we'd have the first person whenever the first person today yeah. A decided to to do what you want a website our writers Deborah in that -- the log on WB and Deborah what's on your mind. I guess I was the welcoming -- appearing on the -- while you know -- fortunate children and you're asking you you know do you touch your children about -- -- to the street injured. I was just say you know I've tried to optimize and about the dangers you know people that you don't know. You don't -- my parents and treat -- And he didn't understand yet counts. You know the danger is that people that you don't now. You go to everybody that was there -- letting it for me us. -- When you say he wants to go to everybody can give me an example. Around. We were at -- one day. And they with a young young Tyler what -- daughter. And could have been my commitment. Couldn't let it could it have been distressed how I'm excited about Al don't know. Look at running towards -- -- and with a little. You know and I'm like yeah I got a -- his blood pulling him back because not all the mail. He's going to be he's seen people and even actually outgoing friendly person and you want to say how can anyone know what -- -- well I guess he's in pre K so -- my understanding would be chances are he always says adult supervision around him. I'm barely out I'm doing -- -- public that this teacher like street teach that they didn't do you know -- -- it's needed -- requests about seventeen clips that. -- huge. Yeah I mean eventually eventually he's gonna get -- cognitively he just may not be able to put two and two together right now about strangers but given his age it's not like you're gonna -- to the store to buy a loaf of bread. Do. Oh yeah he. Fear that it -- one look at problems and at -- landlord. For back toward greater -- why. Have you and you told about men with puppies and free candies in windowless -- Does he seem to get the concept. -- rule is sort of kind of but. And I don't seeking court fully entered into a key dispute between everybody and delayed yet at wegmans steak cream candy and cookies I. -- well I mean I guess going onto the Internet looking at the remains of the Lindbergh baby might be a little bits harsh form at this point but. You know obviously keep an eye on him until such time as he's cognitively able to Prosser -- words of wisdom. If you got more to say hold on otherwise I need to break on WBE. And it's our.

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