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4-4 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Apr 4, 2014|

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When we saw it. Justice. It isn't -- was set up obstacles that an early age during the bachelor auction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- the date. Obama -- it way it was buried ninth it would it would very lovely nice woman who had done. Recently. -- through a health scare -- came through with flying colors. And was -- the feeling that I'm gonna start grabbing the gusto and living life to the fullest to which I felt like really. This is warriors started. A mile and the bar a little bit I don't think you do that you -- and teaching now I didn't even well you're an NTD -- Well well. He lived and -- the -- I grew up in Clarence before Spaulding lake and all that when I was growing up in the sixties Clarence was essentially mostly. Rural world a rural area and then around all 1971. Some farmers were throwing out some some garbage. And then somebody said to him you know. If you put a coated varnish on that people from the city might come nobody. I. And before you knew where we had a gaga flea market and our key world always so many antiques shops and all that and that was one of my favorite things on. Some days I was close enough I could walk right over to the flea market on Sundays I'd go over there early. On Sunday mornings and and try to find you know bargains -- and my most prized possession one picture I bought this -- food. It was a board game. The home. The addition of you bet your life old Groucho Marx Groucho Marx lament the timers still works out. Yes yes it's got all the little question that little knowledge and I got to tell you. I have tried to play the game with people. And you have to be pretty Smart you had to be very very well read to really do well on -- show they're tough tough. A question about movies or visit the movie shows -- from above stills and and me -- the big box office news yes yes this is this past week -- quiet movie news because. It is the first weekend of April and this is officially starts did you -- -- here as tomorrow. Well -- -- know -- This is Captain America comes up is the first big superhero movie of the summer and from this week on Spider-Man two Gonzalo and a handful of weeks here. It is just big big -- are now left the drive -- is open now Idaho might be snowing tomorrow to the guys you can go to the drive and tomorrow. And watch the latest superhero movie and make sure you bring your right scrapers and its -- off the windshield to be able to but last week it was a biblical. Biblical times at the box office know. Was number 144. Million dollars. The review were mixed. Audience reaction was not particularly good at the polls were alone people who saw it didn't didn't care for that much it may drop pretty quickly. But it was a 125. Million dollars which on a 44 million dollar opening does not bode well for that but it turns out overseas. They're crazy about the world being -- it did 51 million overseas. This weekend so the foreign. The Ford returns may be well not that. No -- may actually float to a profit thank you very much guys I've been working on that one all -- long. Russell Crowe seemed angry before the movie and open well you are bad -- the film now will be open and be able to lob and I mean I never saw hostel. Really -- lead like that really of -- Pro has been irritated since the early eighties from what I've seen enough if he's not a happy guy -- he seem to be one of those guys. Richard Burton. Had a little bit this Spencer Tracy had little bit this -- it's Bogart had -- do this but not as much as Russell -- this feeling -- I'm an actor. And this is no way for grown man from -- saying I think he's just a little ashamed of himself that he plays pretend all the time but. Hopefully. Hopefully some real democracy -- -- come down and number two divergent the new young adult franchise that 26 million and his 994. Million. At number three. Favorite films of the year Muppets most wanted it did eleven million held up pretty well on the second -- it is now at 33 million. At number four. Mr. Peabody and Sherman and continues. To just do extremely well after 9000094. Million. And at number five. The the Christian film -- not dead. Added another 300 screens it's now about 12100 screens acted another nine million dollars it is now with -- two million dollars. Which is. Especially strong considering -- had a very low budget. And this -- me that pretty much. Has been advertised jobs through churches and social media they don't you know if you wanna compare that advertising budget for God's not dead. First is the advertising budget for no real comparison this is the word of mouth success so to. Religious movies 111. At five they've got covered 11 and one at five and personally. If if I were looking to invest money and get -- and return on -- -- I would be much happier if my money was in God's not dead rather than no water by the time everything is said and done you can much tougher time for an profit for -- He always there right -- rivals to all this week. The first one coming and that number seven. -- -- -- The Arnold Schwarzenegger. DEA eighty slasher film did five million dollars. Opening up on 2005 for -- green to blue Armas. -- -- and back through governing California. If they'll have -- this is Arnold's worst opening weekend. Cents red Sonia all of 1985. Point oh yeah Arnold. All of them may need. To discuss maybe it's time to team up again with Danny DeVito or something guys that it's been awhile since Arnold had. Film it's really really succeeded either critically or box office wise -- Stallone. Has. Had some success as an AARP action star. As a limited Arnold so far. And at number thirteen thirteen film that I actually saw the week it yes Jason Bateman and some bad words he directed he starred in it. It only did two million dollars -- any good. I personally. Thought it was terrible now I had read about the movie extensively to talk about it -- last week so I really. One isn't that side. Said bands in the -- Like trailers like Jason Bay and they're big arrested development and let's -- This should be fun let's check out the trailer looks funny. So my feeling was. Actually might be in the best position. In that I'm expecting it to be all so yeah me okay. It all turns out we all hated it yes it well doesn't quite work not a particular. All right let's see what we do the movie IQ question before go to break here or are you got a problem yes Robert Redford stars in the new avengers film kept Erica although winter soldier. Name the famous actress he was friends with. And nice high school before becoming a star RI AE -- -- beat Natalie Wood or she Jane Fonda. Our call 6049875. Right now movie pass and -- directives and their ballot through April 30 that -- thirteen and 25 dollars and diverted to -- Torres beat the public grow -- Miller sport or on transit -- expiration date total body of 43 dollars general contest rules apply the movie IQ question. Robert Redford. Stars in the new avengers film Captain America the winter soldier named the favorites actress who was friends with a Van Nuys high school before becoming a star. And that would be. The one and only Natalie Wood and -- later worked together on inside daisy clover and this property is condemned in both cases before Redford was really starred Natalie really went to bat 22 Brigham and for those roles. Years later. When Robert Redford was doing ordinary people. Natalie Wood. Was extremely. Interested in the world and more plate and she really. Really reached out to them and hoping she can get open to record an accord with Mary -- Moore who was very good at. But -- say it is not difficult to imagine Natalie Wood. Doing extremely equally well in in that particular role in that movie really would have opened up a whole new. Area for her career wise. Well you know when I read a biography of Natalie -- not a bad too long ago I was not aware of how huge of a child star she was I knew it was a child star. And we also are Merkel on 42 street. But I didn't realize how big a child starch. Out very very big star and she was in one of those on. Frustrating situations. Where. Our lull in between she was able to make that transition extraordinarily well but -- vary early age. Her whole family and extended family. Pretty much stopped all attempts. At making their own salaries and it you know it was put on to Natalie at a very early age that. You are the bread winner we are all depending on dinner tomorrow virgin mother -- -- nut job -- issue. OK then what is -- going to be entering Captain America. Yes this is the latest -- from the marvel movie franchise which has been and it's just become. The most successful comic book franchise now. I mean in this in the seventies and late eighties early ninety's Warner Bros. and the DC films were doing extremely well Superman Batman movies. But boy these marvel films are just dominating the box office right now. We first -- Captain America few years ago all in. His first film and then he was and the avengers after that and this is the second film that has just Captain America on his own. Even though he does have support for some of the adventures that is one of the things that they're doing which I think is very wanted these. You got Scarlett Johansson in this as black widow. Samuel L. Jackson. Plays actually a larger role in this film that you've seen and the other avengers film she plays nick fury again he you know. His is very integral to the plot and a one point sells credit card Captain America no no that's under. I -- this is all ready I hit this all been in England last week. RT did 95 million dollars -- before even opening here at the box office this week is going to be enormous. The review is at an extremely good for this ice all the other night. And I -- I liked it. I don't know why I didn't like get more I mean it does very good job. Captain America is very much a -- straight arrow kind of like the is that character from the forties. He's it's a World War II soldier from the 42 was frozen and his brought to. Brought back now. They do stay away from. Any of the cheap gags. You know they they can be doing all sorts of stuff like -- there's no court on this phone how could you tell them don't until the next dot. Thank goodness thank goodness they stay away from that. Personally though. I like Captain America when he's bouncing off of people like Robert Downey junior's Tony Stark where you know he is such a straight arrow. -- In this particular film. Days they go in two lomb. Kind of looking at what the new technology can do as far as tracking down. Evil and problems rather than just defending against attacks on our country which is certainly the way a World War II soldier. That has has come up to to believe and in this film the government and shield their gathering information. To try to take out bad guys before they do something. Which. In Captain America is feeling is kind of like that's not he while this is a quote. That isn't freedom it's -- year you can't stop people before they do something helping you quite. Do that so they go into the whole -- discussion there if you think of -- Welded yes. A bomb bay -- Basically. The film has a lot of very good visual effect action scenes are very good. What the problems for me I I don't know why I didn't have more on during I kept hanging -- and often. That's more. And I tell you maybe years to. Maybe it's because I'm becoming an older more mature guy a more right here is part of the problem for me with enjoying a film of this support. This is a very violent. But it is PG thirteen violence in that. -- a lot of your earlier Superman -- Batman movies you'd have big one on one confrontations. Between our hero. And the bad guy and -- villain. In in films like a man of steel. The avengers this particular film you have scenes of extra ordinary violence and destruction were obviously. Are losing their lives hundreds of people are getting killed a lot of soldiers are are getting killed in that sort of thing. Because you don't see the bodies through -- -- it's just implied that that happened because somebody might be killed but you don't. Necessarily see the blood or them slumped over after words. It's able to remain PG thirteen -- able to have that feeling. A video game violence of yes there's a lot of stuff about let's. Let's not. Think about the body count let's just look at the fun of watching stuff blow -- And that because I think we've seen so many situations. That rare. A lot of people have died in extraordinary terrorist attacks and all. It's harder and harder for me to see that -- just kinda. The joke on the audience reaction of the audience reaction is very good and I think people will like this I think if you enjoy the marvel comic book films you're gonna have a good time -- this. It because it is a marvel film. Keep in mind that you'll wanna hang around for the credits -- in the middle of the end credits there's sequence teasing the next film. And it Marianne you've got something else that teases. Avengers too which will be coming may 2015. And we alone knows he's coming up by the greater I'm thirty WB GNT. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach -- for me tonight ten to one on W. Heat and tiger right well worth listening to all tell you that it is a movie show a set of above stills that -- may sandy beach big movies him the victory one would assume that they box off his dominant -- we go be Captain America. But maybe it'll be upset by the lunch box I don't think I would be shocked. We we act say the rest of the movies we have here we have a very interesting group. Unusual foreign films and one they'll make here in and -- this note the lunch box is the first film by retention for. Andre if this is a film from India. With it's subtitled. Extremely namely well reviewed a romantic comedy it's star's ear and c'mon. I'm don't often saying that properly he's a wonderful actor I'm sure your friend for your -- I hope so he's like a very nice guy as your -- yes he played like central -- myself he narrator. Down like imply. And I was also the police inspector in slum dog millionaire. Are you familiar with the double Wallace I couldn't be more familiar -- double. I had a double Wallace on my -- behind and I MI on pro I don't know please god it. Must be embarrassing at the gym but com. This thing in in here it is launched and sports system. Knew where they'll they'll pick up hot meals from somebody's house and taking somebody's work place so a spouse can make hot no that's a cool idea. I got a very intricate system for this that that they they do that and wintertime -- or whatever but. It's it's a big thing that they do there. Now a young married woman young housewife is sending -- Wonderful lunch she wants to bring a little excitement and a -- cause problems it is a I'm not sure it's a post AB. Something that that will just make him so thrilled. And and excited and it's got a little note and little launching but it is not sent to her husband. Me and arrive to get out in arrives to and older women or. Who. Finds it delicious is a little confused as to why he's he's getting this. And the tour of -- Write notes back to each other kind of explains how there is mistake here and the two of them and developed kind of -- A friendship start to launch its restaurants you ask yes this is kind of mix and you've got -- well and lost in translation. That type of situation here basically to people who. Help each other get a better feeling of what they want out of life and and just kind of appreciating things more especially for the older man -- he gets. All a bit more problems. A bit more excited about the idea of embracing. The wonderful things that light on the offer and that serves -- a very funny. Charming film. One of them probably one of the best reviewed films of these. The concept that is excellent. Surprised nobody's doing that America. Syria. Well you could all could be a future business opportunity about all of those at home to make these hardline elements in this country you'd have to make a big guy would have the negligence and with a woman in the workplace and it could be the only person at our house would be Charlie your dog he's not a very good in hot hot hot. I would not want to get lunch box from Charlie Miller who did what he pitched tonight. Dead squirrel are not that's not what I -- next up a child's pose -- though whoever isn't new -- the George drew. I don't what you wanna yes yes. This is yet another. Big movie from Romania. They're they're just flooding the market is actually. Two. Film scholars Romania is having a big resurgent -- narrowed their own thing. This is a very very. Heavy duty film. A a woman. Who she is she is affluent she has. An older an older son who and he's driving too quickly and has fast car and kills. A young pork and she essentially decides to do one over. Hillary takes to clear her son. From any of these charges. This is the sort of film that Joan Crawford might have looked at and said 02 nasty lie yet this is this is the harsh harder until you know the real housewives of Romania. Meet a really ugly episode of dateline. It's it's harsh. Heavy drama and looming it is George always do just that and stick and castor refused. If you're in the mood for vary heavy drama is one. Is of famous soprano of the same last name and I love her but every time I see her -- I can never remember how to pronounce that. Okay my dream beside me is the next film. Yeah this is actually a local. Local production that was put together by tabernacle. In Orchard Park. It's based on a book written by Mary -- flushing rich. She. Apparently. Was widowed in her sixties. Met this man. Who was in here is mid to late eighties. And who was off to a win at work after having been married for 66 years. He -- whether he wants them to get togethers she says no no you're too old but eventually falls in love with them. And the two of them have many many. Terrific years together this is very much -- romantic. Comedy slash drama filmed here in buffalo. The crew is from buffalo it you know it's on the two we were you can look at and be like I'm back where I draw on real time is one of those a lot of actors are local. One of the usual things about it though. Mary -- slashing your rich. Please -- so she wrote the book and was in charge of getting the year of the film together here she also stars as. Her self and Jeff rose. Actually plays Paul Richie in that he eventually in his late forties so he team you know basically acts older and does kind of you know coal each make up in -- -- should remember rich family that's an unusual at all I don't know I have not been able to -- -- -- looking to see if I declined -- one radio but I haven't noticed that -- the case or not. But very much if you. All enjoyed movies like the notebook or a lot of your romantic dramas that might be on the Hallmark Channel or lifetime movie this this is Richard along that -- OK next the other side of the tracks. Yeah this is. Is just kind of wild and not. This movie that asked the question. Of Beverly Hills cop was made in France -- oh yeah. -- and don't just with a permanent. Two mismatched cops team up to investigate the murder of business moguls wife. Now this star's old marsh side who starred in French and I'll be untouchables. A couple years ago very did very well on the Indy circuit and here is African American. He has street Smart he's funny guy. He keeps during arrest he keeps -- mistaken for one of them perhaps. No I'm not upper making the -- the way he's teamed up with more into -- feet. He is a by the books career cop he's white he's uptight. -- Felix Unger -- the two of them have to solve this crime. And it is a tribute to eighties buddy cop movies and it's -- -- that lethal weapon 48 hours. Sort of thing and I -- -- and then I want the people are going to foreign films that -- letters and -- wanna go see something subtitled. Are they thinking is there something subtitled. And feels like 48 hours I don't know -- it's. Has itself ordered a -- will be back with marvelous -- on -- I'm thirty WBBM. It is -- ratio -- probably sandy beach. They movies hitting the big screen he's already told you about Captain America the -- sparked child's pose my dream beside me and the other side of the tracks how about. Bob players. Yes now if if the last movie the other side of the tracks was basically Beverly Hills cop. In French with subtitles. And the players. Is basically love American style in French OK with subtitles this movie actually. Came out in France two years ago. John to Jarden who starred in the artist. 11. After that he -- best actor Oscar sitting around at home from that movie. On the greatest human a lot of American films after that but that is see he does have that. This came out just two days after he won an Oscar he co wrote this. This particular picture. It is basically. A series of short films. Built around. Fidelity opened an -- -- my favorite insurance company this is meant to Omaha of infidels if you're in Ingraham. Basically you've got two men playing all of the central characters and here. And playing different characters. This kind of movie that would only happen in France or. You'd have to go back to the 1960s. For this movie to be made. In in this country and think and act like a guide for the married man like that we've Robert Morse and Walter -- this is an extremely. Chauvinistic misogynist -- film in which basically they're going off the idea of infidelity. Cheating on your spouse is. -- Larry. There's nothing funny here than yeah. And guys who do. It's all they are such stamps. They car I mean you know right now as bill and Hillary's Billy shame honey this movie looks great. We need to -- this bill. And this this is why I'm just -- people. And people. This is America. Gentlemen. If you are going on a date tonight with somebody you want to -- Or it won't you if you're gonna world and carry her around wore them hoping for a little later in the evening or if you are married. And you wanna go out for a date night with your wife -- -- scheduled to do the mommy and daddy dance -- now -- to notch. Take them to a movie about in the -- because. You'll find this funny or charming would get the -- overall. Is not that funny it's not that good a film it is an -- re just French farce. Which. I'm not surprised that it took you years to get to America I'm kind of surprised that showing up at all. And I've been looking at the poster here. The posters enough to -- most women here. Let -- over -- through the air as the poster -- -- that's -- president proposed. That's right Gloria so I imagine first date night -- -- -- -- look back to -- doesn't just look like in those -- -- you're walking down the -- they're looking at -- when she's there at the younger. McClellan well let's go to see this yes yes rarely solved the next -- is called -- and yes is that correct area than. His GAI and and it is Jin Jen and I wish -- wish -- -- this is another. Really weird movie. Good shoot here is. Basically. Yeah yeah a movie about job and other world. Forces. And using Goss and George Murray show that while -- it like the underworld movies words like you know. Haiti's killer battling fallen angels and demons in this sort of things. But. They've done -- this film is they've said we took that kind of movie. And melded it where. The fast and the furious. -- you've got all these computer generated ghost goals and demons. Getting involved in. Really awesome chases with a tricked out Pontiac Firebird Rome so this is here's the other shocking thing about this film. There were no critics' screenings whatsoever. There have been no reviews of this movie I don't know why they would my short to to decrease. Citing a fast cars and -- -- -- -- goblins and those kind of physical cricket tonight this sounds like a movie Tony should bring. Should bring though let's go through what -- -- all -- I think he might well hourly and Tony going to. Oh good I'm glad they cleared the he's got monster's OK I'm back -- -- and I thought you update. I thought you undertake no accurate like this is like the nut job part two all of this is the movie sounds sounds weird. It's always sounds weird at all so even I haven't seen or read the news just come on the scene from the trailer Colin. I think it might in fact be extraordinarily bad. It up as cars in crashes are beckoned me to each yes but they're crashing into a computer general the -- and goblins are for those of you want something heavier middle and rarely show about anchor and yeah just a this is this is a big big pack. If you want a whole lot of anchorman Q I mean you can you can probably get it on demand this third can't get enough but if you get it. On. Blu-ray the gambler you get three versions. You get the original theatrical version the unrated version. And then the super size. 763. Alternate jokes and the first one hand. Which is basically like saying with any comedy yeah we -- all those jokes and here's the ones we decided not to use there's Ehrlich. Yes yes there's an upgraded version which is probably more did you lose you've got the theatrical version which is PG -- you know. And you've got rated version which has style of our rating may be even be. And our regular bush and there and you got a you've got to cache table read and they also going into the big plan for the movie originally which was to do it at the musical on Broadway. OK I argue body and the extras I've never seen deleted scenes were set up that one in. I do have a few that are. I -- high fidelity -- might figure it seems as an alternate scene. Erin Brockovich my favorite -- -- is that the -- did see -- might be something to talk let's they just don't actually say they are not wraps up thanks audio will see you Monday Monday Monday at 9 AM on newsreader at thirty WB had. Wish they never dreamed could be -- --