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4-4 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Precisely down it will be I am I think at least a year or so. But sometime in the not here to distant future 2015. For the love of god in fact Paula and I will be wrapping things up and taken. -- said David Letterman announcing that -- and his contacts up would you be next year he is retiring. So or asking you would be a natural replacement. Our Greg Ferguson of Ferguson is very good. And -- his show is produced by Letterman's company so. That they might have an edge there about we wanna know you think would be the replacement also whom or what makes you laugh. The third question is who do you miss as they performer or an athlete which there was still working. Because oftentimes when our favorite performers or athletes either retire or pass away. And -- not totally replaces I said Ray Charles to me was the man never realized how much of the man he was. And so we lost them let's go to two. Brian would be next Brian -- on WB yen. I think are great -- Okay first of -- and that's the most -- Miles Davis a home. I mean look jazz guys. You're here to -- the career that. -- spiritually decades sort of thing yet. -- proteges what. Like or career. Yeah. And we -- -- and Euro. Yeah actually it's our borders were actually my expert. -- -- -- Right now Jeff Simon is having an orgasm. Because he loves -- And your -- giants there. For what you are -- cheers for. And the firstly the that he was -- -- Are. And so so. -- somebody to replace Letterman got anybody. They're all. Like Jimmy Kimmel and in here. Well it's very you know. Awful -- -- -- -- these are rights are yet while all courses -- out. And -- but it's real early and was. Beautiful. View -- At a mile GO war should. Where they came for him. He also liked the absurdity of of life which. And if you got a good comedian and observational comedian the points of the absurdities not only has he gone through -- you have to sell its enjoying mutual feeling. True now think about how many and you know he's been given nominated for a comedy mounted throughout. Now many -- to do you know period to all of comedy is very difficult group. It's a lot of work. And so special. That's why two and a -- -- Two and a Half Men. Which I never even watched one episode in solar Charlie Sheen melted down. Now I'm hooked on it because the writing was superb of the young. The young actor. Was unbelievably good at delivering lines -- -- with the conviction not smirking like a lot of young kids -- and it's just the magnificent show it's too bad the Charlie yeah. Screwed up. -- -- -- -- -- 00. Record. All Carlin Reagan he will ever see. Literacy course -- -- -- You know Tony saw and I Som I saw many -- Tony Som here. -- -- He was relevant right after the and he never you know sometimes when you lose relevance its sad he never did he was sharper -- and thank you thank you for your call. Regarding who you would like to see working. The beds are no longer is news is performing all our run in a sports venue now not just saying this because of the health challenges at a -- -- and now. But when you're going through a period where your team is doing so well. You'll you're you're enjoying your loving it budget kind of lose perspective until it's been away for -- on how good that war I would love to see. The Buffalo Bills of the four Super Bowl era playing at the height of their talents now. Because now you could enjoy -- you could know how good Thurmond Thomas's. Great Jim Kelly was and Bruce Smith. Even though Bruce can be a pain every once in awhile nobody did about embarrassment and all of these guys. The whole team. A so so good and I would love to see that team together. This ball playing as the Buffalo Bills wouldn't that be phenomenal there would be -- People will agree. Because we did we really appreciate how good they wore when they were doing it we knew they were good did you guys appreciate I can think of how good they or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The job because as you look at them individually you see a good word collectively they were -- What don't forget I mean you know what my time frame is I watched the team when they were really really bad throughout the seventies. And the the mid eighties -- live there. They're brief time when they won a couple of -- AFC east titles was it in 1981. And they had a real bad timing that we got Kelly. In 86 and then in 87 we saw life and then in 88 to zero in the championship game where they lost to the Bengals and then in 89 the dysfunctional team event that's what really saw the team. Bill Polian put it the rest of it to. You know the President Obama and now they got rid of the bad apples Bennett and then all the sought and won I think about -- -- it was one of the biggest things her -- now yup and what you got through thick I got through fed. I remember producing a radio game for KP. The bills against the giants at home. 21000. People where I think I was -- -- -- you know -- 21000. People look like at the -- we -- anywhere we wanted to -- I mean bill it was okay it was here than it was almost like it was a practice as overnight that. I would want to hear from you our various aspects of a David Letterman. Are retiring who should replace them. Whom -- laugh who are what make you laugh. And performers. Or athletes that I wanted to include everybody that you wish they were still working. And -- we'd like to your mobile at 803093018066926. 93. Earlier today in the man who owns this network Leslie Moonves C and I've had a relationship for years and years and years and I phoned him just before the program and I said Leslie. It's been great you've been great to network has been great. And I'm retired David Letterman has announced that he is retiring next year as his contract expires. We'd like to know you think would the filled the bill to take over from Letterman. When Letterman goes that means the long time holes. -- gone leno's gone Letterman is gone so it's a whole new load the group of late night host. Keep in mind. When that tonight's show started they were the only ones doing it. The only ones doing late night a TV. The other local stations would do movies. A lot of the reasons they do movies. Is the idea of fact that there was more money and that because they go run more commercials and as they run a moving coming up anywhere they want and -- and run more commercials and that's what Irv Weinstein used to introduce at 1130 the movie on channel seven. And -- and remember what I I said. That. Herb used to put his neighbors' names in the movies -- get bored every once in oil. So herb would sign up is -- by saying next up gone with the wind. Starring Clark Gable and hashish Jackman and people like her. Is neighbors' names in there. -- -- the haven't thought that's what it was about but now the result is a late night TV. Remember Joan Rivers -- a runner Johnny. And on fox they gave Joan Rivers show on fox and and because that Johnny Carson never had her on again she was banned. Absolutely banned from the Tonight Show all those years. Because I saw an interview -- and a Joan Rivers and she was one of the first guests on -- Jimmy Fallon so I guess the ban -- ended with Carson's. A -- its code to. Today Paul I think would be the next person in amorous -- here on WBM. I'm fine Paul whom did you laugh what would tell me give me the information there. Are right eerie -- so the first advocates say is. Until Charlie Murphy does stand -- like delirious and raw young he is never going to be Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy is just outstanding at -- was outstanding. You lately but. I mean -- -- extend -- counties are just out of this world so I think Charlie Murphy is very funny but I think Eddie Murphy's election. Charlie Murphy it was good -- -- because he was a good sidekick employed good characters I think Eddie Eddie Murphy stands along -- -- go ahead. Absolutely absolutely but one person that would deceitful way no question but. Is that then you then -- female comedian Amy Schumer. Barrel mercy neighbors you know but she's here I will not funny and she thinks you're more attractive she really is an actor at all I don't like your. I for some reason comedians feel that they got to go a little a little extra because. Their females and sometimes they can pull -- up and sometimes they camp but not everybody is Joan Rivers -- they realize that soon enough NER replacements for a Letterman and your mind. Yet it's. It's left fielder. You know -- yeah sure we acting. Some inner peace and -- and he is actually funny and very very very Smart with. I know we did standup I've never seen him do stand up I've seen them and I can queens. I've seen a couple of episodes -- most but a good so it's another road choice there thank you. We that you're never know with some guys summit comes out of left field like Craig first and he you know he'd been our troop Kerry played in in the English strength and and an English department store manager. And is okay that part wasn't that good to be honest with you. But then friends of mine said you know he's gotten so late night show you know listen to him or watch him actually. I don't watch him I don't -- see much late night because I get up real early but the first couple of times I got hooked on he's very funny. Very funny and a big part now about our YouTube. If you can you can put in anybody's name and get all of the best parts of their monologues and interviews and whatever. And if you do that you'll find out that he's quite capable see the difference between I think Ferguson. And maybe a guy like Stephen Colbert or who is very good at what he does. But he's basically a character not a real person and does so I don't think that would stand up over a period of time I think -- can enjoy it. It's like you know it's like a rich dessert every once in awhile it's good -- one of every day. So I'm not I'm not -- Colbert will be over -- This thing just popped into my head and I've always found him to be very funny. We cleaned two and I think he would be great parents who I was Billy Crystal. -- Chris Odierno -- is I mean. I just. Brennan I didn't read it I'd listen to a book that Bob let me you have put up by Billy Crystal. First of all he's a fabulous storyteller. And the advantage of a guy like Billy Crystal. He can and it integrates the room so he's part of the ensemble he doesn't have the stand apart he can be funny on his own. But I think you give you the room to do what you have to do to host Chris will be ago when I don't know what if in this stage of his career he'd wanna take on his grueling. But and crystals not a bad suggestion at all. Let's go to all my friend Donna Pennsylvania hi Don you're on W via. I get money -- and Tony are you guys doing. We're doing fine we're gonna see what do you like for comedy their dollar what do you got for us. Well we're gonna start right up what the number one person match you. I I agree with your first call had. Bankers call you know mean and no -- no in my life in the body that you. Well thank you were known each other on time so it's just there's your my friend eleven myself who will make a good replacement for Letterman. -- -- -- I -- I agree with you a 100% I really light Craig Ferguson. These these funny. And you know what he -- He's different so he's like Letterman was on Letterman started he does some physical comedy some outrageous stuff. I he's I mean he's a well rounded guy and a good choice. Yes it is I mean who else in the world that make so it would be yet with -- only. I mean. I mean really -- after awhile you really think he he he's totally realize. Well you know when you're out there that night you know a bit late night comedians have something the others don't have. There's an intimacy between the personal watching and the person on on the -- -- televisions that. But because the room is probably dark there aren't people around as -- he really kind of get into the show rather than have it as passing entertainment. And so if if daylight Q and you do late night -- like you for a long time and I think anybody that tried him. Likes of anybody who like to -- still working that is working. Johnny Carson was it was a well. I mean no question the goals -- finals and it as you mentioned people in the entertainment business owners singers. Every child was excellent I did get to see him once. I don't know if you were with me at that time. I don't think so I've only seen once and I was here but would you would you think Jim Burson. Well it was great. -- the -- that was a long time you don't. Realize how much of a part of your life. And artists like Ray Charles is until he's gone and then you realize that. And he's had an enormous influence even though you weren't that aware of it. It's a good hour of Johnny Carson I mean I have the DV the Tonight Show collection and when I watch it. You realize how good that show was not and -- severance and I -- an interview with several years ago would -- severance and when he was in town for the buffalo philharmonic. And we he and I and Tony was producing at that time just laughed and had such a joyous time. During the entire interview that it was marvelous it was because the Tonight Show was at that time the class act there was a place to -- Absolutely and it's virus someone in the long business. -- not say -- all of you know you getting Elvis. Elvis and I used to really like Roy Yorkers. The big go the big oh which was not describing my wife OK thank you thank god always go to doctor Leo. Good my best friend since third grade. Yeah. Elvis first joke ever did in Milwaukee I get an Elvis joke and I'm telling the first call -- -- says. Don't make fun of the king -- I know he -- the this is an Elvis found what we're back evidence. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. Harry what do what do fire retire or would you want to. And I said well because then I would be able to spend more time with the family. And Harry looked at me and said -- support the family. Perry is the -- obviously -- to amend announced that he is retiring next year at the end of his contract. And that Dan Everett didn't have time to hold on he was busy. On the side of the highway picking up empty Pepsi bottles and and you know -- up and coming driver but he suggestion. Democrats and members suggested that it's going to take over or Letterman retires Jay Leno at. Plane and I would not -- All of that is funny isn't -- great. It really is great I just love that -- he's still got a good joke you know every once in awhile you are talking about -- -- -- now. But that's pretty funny. Yeah I know. If for some reason. I think got off to a bad start because of the way it ended with Carson and then lamenting over. I was so it's it's a shame because Leno seems to be a nice guys decent policies at car guys moments -- a lot of comedians. Who used -- come. Once he got that gig didn't like a non profits professional jealousy. That they didn't get the gig or what because it was the spotlight share. But we'll see what happens now but that the suggestions as Steven -- there -- a means it's -- fine funny. But I don't think it's I don't think he has legs I don't think he has enough legs into a show like that. Show like that you -- you could it take charge when you have do. Fade into the background when you have to you know how to get the best out of your guest because remember that's -- show. As recently. Really changed and so has the format. Of love of Letterman -- -- they used to come on just to come on now they don't come on Ellis they've got a book must they've got a CD must they got a movie. And that's what it's all about the get a card with -- about two or three things Sula asks them. As a bullet points there they promote the movie and they leave. It used to big guys that John c'mon just one time John Wayne came on riding a horse on the Tonight Show. John Wayne and a horse you -- body that kind of stuff. That's the way it was. But now it's basically. An infomercial. For whatever -- whatever project they've got going on now so you have to be able. To squeeze the entertainment value. 'cause if they don't have something going on that on c'mon. Bob here as an excellent idea because I'm looking at the screen Bob and Angola you're on WB again. What is city. What -- -- thank you but it's gorgeous green your regular steel one -- Ellen DeGeneres she's hysterical. I saw her in her opening act and Carson and years well. Ancient history but she was hysterical then and she's so funny now. She'd be what are my choices. That's you know that would be an excellent choice I'll tell you -- you know -- for you know. But at first of all she's likable everybody likes Allen. Plus she does a good interview a fun interview and she does stand up and she knows. When we share the spotlight and it's a woman. I think I think she would do very very well in that slot. You know facing the other choices of course. I have ever will be you online and at night. 13 choice would be if you play well that Wayne Brady. We used to work he didn't show that it whose line is that I'd go with -- Brian styles yeah now. That was pretty funny and he's very killed in Wayne Grady is separate sharp. You know he'd be a good interview were -- he's funny. I think you hit a home run with -- Ellen DeGeneres I think that that would be a good choice thank you. -- you guys think I was just thinking about the the Chappelle skit with though Wayne Brady does he Brady need to -- help and -- Out. -- -- Robert James binge he admitted it. I was series he did that a lot and and they actually had the real overture from here obviously and they had a real Wayne Brady on the wrong guy it was mistress just talk about it Chappelle was can't make fun of -- before. And then raining Kathy Nguyen in the ring wing -- just -- -- -- is comic genius as Robin Williams's. Another words there more than just writers. The first time I ever saw Chappelle I was blown away I heard a bottom but I hadn't seen them. And the first time I saw him and the concept. On his show. And then it all got screwed up and he went off to Africa -- mistaken and he he signed a 25 million dollar contract. And then left. As I recall. And that's the way it is when when your flame burns that brightly some -- just goes out. And it went out now I haven't seen Chappelle much lately. But I think that he's still a young guy and prize and an obviously very bright. I would love decision -- on regularly. And he's the kind of guy that boy if you get a chance ever enjoyed Dave Chappelle you will on them just we'll take a break we'll be back after us. It really works but thunderbolt. And she definitely had an audience watching and it was all people from the new generation that impact this really. What David Letterman carries as his legacy. We're asking who should replace David Letterman. I'm telling you if I was Les Moonves. First of all I'd change my name and make it something other than Moonves because nobody knows how to pronounce that when they first look at it okay. But if I were Les Moonves and I had to decide who's gonna replace Letterman. I think that the leading candidate from what we've talked about so part of it the leading candidate for me. Org I guess you probably know would be Ellen DeGeneres. I'll tell you why there's so many things that you perhaps don't even notice first of all you're comfortable with her. -- dresses comfortably. She she never looks like she's uncomfortable she always looks like she's ready for Thanksgiving dinner and she just came over in the fire's going. Very nice person who people like. I don't know many people don't like you may appreciate her humor maybe don't appreciate -- -- or whatever but she's a very likable person. She can do good interviews which is important she definitely can stand up I was watching some standup. Last night on HBO -- Allen who works very -- And just really a good fit. Plus if you replace Letterman would just another guy. They're probably all wanted all the candidates are going to be a stand -- guys I'm not standup righteous but standup comedian types. And some of them will be funny have another isn't -- and do better interviews and the other but this is a woman. Who can do interviews. Who people like. Who can do stand up -- at the whole package thing there I mean that rarely. I don't know if she doesn't have a negative usually high acceptance or rejection. Is the theory. Shares higher acceptance I don't think she is our rejection. I really don't. And so. If Les Moonves is listening I would suggest Ellen DeGeneres now she's in a syndicated deal now. I don't know what her contract would call for -- You know things can always be worked out money talks. But I'd like to see yeah I'd like to see that -- be good also Craig Ferguson is I think is excellent and that show is produced by Letterman. So who knows whether that's just on the slide and -- Let's go to Anthony and buffalo Anthony Iran WB yeah. By and -- -- -- errors to just think right now the -- that -- cute they are out yeah she does very well -- Yet but. I just wanted to bring up right eating almost cost us. Arm. To look at -- and an error but -- -- which -- many I'm stroke. On consumer debt load which he played it would be older girl. Ever. Done. Oh yeah now the French connection Woodson likes the whole line out there that. -- would end. Up like -- -- very. Start. Beyond tremendously got some great memories than thanks for your suggestions appreciated -- pero. The French connection and that would be a good Dangerfield Rodney danger for -- awesome awesome so. Eight jet or first call. -- come and has a big advantage. If you look funny. A lot of comedians look funny so as soon as they start. You are ready don't laugh now some of them don't look funny and they have to compensate for that like a comedienne like Sarah Silberman. OK so a -- the very attractive woman I think. But yet garbage comes out of Vermont maybe she's used to go out -- on them say maybe she feels he has to overcompensate. For the fact that she's an attractive young woman. So I don't particularly like Iraq that much below or Lampanelli art and -- those kinds of acts they don't do much form. But if if you look funny in Dangerfield definitely look for -- how to pick his spots. Admitted it was great in the movies. Are you kidding caddie -- There are funny movie yeah I mean it's replete. It and all of the -- stuff there again with the YouTube I mean if -- do is I've been Rodney Dangerfield. And that because the -- own comedy club there's a lot of stuff there on Dangerfield. And of people on people of all yeah public promise ring now that's a name I love this guy. Let's see what Paul says in north I don't want upon -- WB yen. All yet. Oh yeah yeah that's going -- I think Russia coherent very -- comedian. He's still young and aggressive I could be key in fact the human future abuse and pretty -- more guys are as well my favorite all time. Polio. Several -- nor does a boar that's my favorite -- Right but I I really think it. You know some election would -- as a -- old little bit of course he could be is. You know law. Say a lot of -- things -- -- as well -- hit it down to the point where. He would protect against. -- you know. I saw I I would I heard him -- at Kansas on my heard him interviewed. By Howard Stern and that was a funny images they were both excellent on -- so I wasn't sure when people have a character. Embed their character's very funny and then they write for a movie in the movies very funny you know not really sure how the person is going to be. A without that and he's -- now I think that's a good good idea vault by Q. The -- -- movie is is Eric call. I mean just hysterical. Those people did not know that they were remotely and that like at the dinner with the judge and and the plastic grass thing ethnic. God did you ever see here is is college here the it's kind of funny it's okay. But the trouble I have it was Sacha Baron Cohen is I like -- had so much. That it's like going to chefs and not getting spaghetti par you know the I'm sure the rest of the menu is fine it's right. But what it shows you gotta get spaghetti par you know zigzags from pizza pizza and now when you see this -- of our car and you gotta have bore. I mean the other is a fine but -- sort ago. You mentioned about col -- not being able to pull it off as a character book canned. -- -- it -- more that I don't think he goods orders Bora that would be too much if bill the whole show is for. And I'm Italian another name to throw in there and don't just dismiss it out of hand as Howard Stern. How stern made his millions and his notoriety work in dirty okay he doesn't have to. The times that he gets away from you know midget porn and that in. Silicone -- that women and that kind of stuff he's actually better he can work very -- he's bright he's very Smart. He's very bright -- can be very funny and does -- interview so I'm thinking bad. Under the right situation that he indeed would be an excellent choice. And he's got the kind of carries himself he's got the -- of a winner this guy's a winner and a finals so. That that might be a good suggestion to. Why we've gone from mom Ellen DeGeneres to Howard Stern we we've covered it that way I'm telling. Will be back where is set. In the -- show on -- and -- darted over Libya.

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