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4-4 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello does region governor yes I've moved. I didn't get a gonna get my name they don't -- Amazon too much I heard hi this is sandy beach followed by hi this is sandy region -- sign off by saying this is -- vehicular going -- Now we know you are over the -- you don't know -- then. As I throw that in there are not about Dave is retiring within a year will be talking about that. Power right there -- Dave Letterman. -- story broke like yesterday's retiring within a year and to have the questions out there it was replacing him blah blah blah blah blah. I -- different things and so will get into different aspects I like Letterman knows. I've been following Letterman since he was -- on Carson a lot. And in that first the debacle -- NBC. On them deciding. What to do and how to replace a Johnny Carson. So we -- part about today I don't know if they get the ball game and not we'll -- -- you -- road fingers crossed a meanwhile as we -- as the windows. This is like you know what this reminds me of the story out of west Port Washington. Reminds me of NC I guess. I love NCR as a watch it all the time now watch all the marathon. I watch all the episodes and it starts -- some innocent people. Doing something innocent like riding -- signal and suddenly running over a dead body that doesn't have -- head on it I mean and that's and that's where they go from there okay. This reminds me of that in fact of the writers of NC I SC -- today in the USA today they might use that as a future plot. A skull. Found and crab pots. Doesn't match anything in the national DNA database. The skull was sent to the FBI crime lab Quantico and run through the combined DNA index system. Which is CO BI yes and no matches were found. So the deal Wednesday. A crab pot with a scholar it. I gotta wonder. A -- -- that happened. Now I don't exactly know what are crab -- looks like is that like a little. It wouldn't deal that they put down aircraft goes and there and then that's not a -- I don't know it sounds good to -- you have any crab -- information -- no -- not even familiar with what did -- is that well it's it's something they put on the idea in the ocean to collect crabs. Obviously as you can do it that way or just go to bed bar and see what's available at 4 AM and but the bottom up back in the but the bottom line is this is what it was a poem up and these boats in the pack -- But they found ahead. One of the crab -- that's a great opening forensic and that on the home run yes well and run let's see what else is going on Salt Lake City. This is interesting because. We're talking about electric cars the other day -- the the Tesla. And the biggest problem Tesla has now is getting the batteries. And stuff like that and they're gonna open their own plan just making the batteries for their car right now -- of the the big. Model that they have cells over a hundred grand. But anybody else who's selling electric cars light and sound with the -- One of the concerns is how many miles you have because unlike a hybrid. If it's electric only when you're out of Joshi are -- -- and it's too bad no matter where you'd be that's where UB. So I I suggested that because the big -- -- charging time takes so long. That -- some people have that special charging units put in better homes. Which you'll shorten up that but I was saying if you have little portable device should apply again and -- would give give you another 25 miles I think it's a whole lot more. Electric cars. But here listen to this in -- Salt Lake City, Utah electric car owners will be able to recharge their vehicles in ten to forty minutes. That's very fast. You know it's like just like romance -- -- recharge intend to forty minutes you're in good shape and on talking about not. So that's that's what they're looking out. News station is is offering that ten to forty minutes compared to four hours. Or more at a traditional stations like say Tony I see you it was a four hour more. Many as ten minutes. I hate the -- know what I mean you run a race most people after after the race. There doesn't -- or on another race for a couple of days. When the race is. I'm already running back to the starting line ready around the race and probably as -- you can only go -- my short does the job -- Pistons got -- I mean if a twenty yard sprint is really good -- make a budget and a lot of votes no cannon ball one dollar note none of that stuff. The charging station is that Salt Lake county government center will be open around the clock to electric car owners and they don't -- I know a couple of hotels that have electric one as a vacation and going. They have electric charging. Stations there. But what they don't tell you is that sometimes -- charging rate is like ten or twelve hours. So if you are planning to be in one place that -- hotels OK because you probably be there overnight. Except for you to where does so -- so that's okay because it but if if you're using it. And news of the business and stuff you can't afford to leave your vehicle in one place without war on every day. So that's where that is they can buy the electricity using a credit card so you by the Jews I've seen that before motor homes are more home. And I've seen -- charging stations where you can not charged about it while it would charge the batteries apply again. On a motor home exam. The deployed and takes them takes jurisdiction over everything Iran. All the other stuff and then if you don't have accord you run a generator but the bottom line is I think this is a pretty good a breakthrough. Ten to forty minutes. I'll Florio recharge electric car and press that we would have you guys Hebert consider an electric car. The ways that my truck has been eating gas yes I would consider especially if you don't have a lot of miles you have to put on every day and you can plug it in charge at night you know so you would you W -- -- considered for the cancer reasons I'm just worried about how efficient is going to be you know terms of you know is -- going to be as strong as somebody else housing and of work in the snow around here. I think a big issue. I would go more aware of a hybrid. I'm not going to but I would go more with a hybrid and I would a pure electric car. I mean I've talked to -- about a two and a because you can get performance. What performance out of battery car that's a protest Louis actually in a battery power to Wahlberg well yeah because his -- pulling up the powers there. Just -- immediate yeah I media there's not a revs the worry about so it's there. So I'd like performance by Coca. Porsche sells and try to think of the nomenclature that they sell one but it's like 400000 dollars. Its struggle to two guys so it's not you know it's not designed for the average person to. To tool around town with one of those but I you know I'm going to try yeah some new in fact and try some new. Kinds of vehicles and that's fine with me anything with wheels Obama and cool dad -- would -- it. Be bombed out not to hear the exhaust -- because I do love that sound. But it's the money he would save on gas. One other problems. And they I think they're they either are addressing and are there going to. Is it if it's pure battery there's no sound at all basically except the sound of retirees rotating on the road. And anybody who's not paying attention. By texting while walking across the crosswalk or something like that or blind person with a I think with a dogged pro would be OK button if they were just using a cane and did not hear cordon here of the vehicle. And -- -- problematic at CU and of his court tournament which does not but the thing -- set out at the beginning of the David -- -- -- will be -- -- and yes -- can -- the -- more times and you can -- As the longest since guy Tony Caligiuri. Yes it's not that often but it's a good long ride will be back after this out -- weekend. For a radio up bracket fans where you who and seed to -- types. The final four. So I want each of you to give me your predictions on the -- on the first games and then it wildly to first game will determine who's gonna win the championship. And then you give me your opinion on the championships first -- all. Who are the two teams two of brackets the two teams each one who's left well Kentucky Connecticut Wisconsin's hands and Florida and Florida and I have. Ties to Connecticut. As I worked at Hartford ice I've spoken at UConn OK and Wisconsin because I worked at Milwaukee so I'm not even though they're probably not gonna -- papers. Okay -- give -- your your projects. I had and and the only team I had left my original picks Florida. I have -- when Donald -- island and yeah well below what Florida it was a safe bet and some some people were going Louisville program. In others but I thought -- that tough order would be. The winner and I still think that they went so you're picking Florida as the ultimate champion right are what eucharist. Odds Seattle picked Florida over UConn and Kentucky over Wisconsin -- -- -- against both the mine both in my sentimental favorites. Well our stuff but well -- under its Europe the grand champion for you okay pockets under wildcats and you Florida so we -- we've got to differentiation there. -- like that. I have is that. With the NCAA tournament fault of that at all. But except for real rabid sports fans. All of the excitement and in the run up is at the beginning -- when they announced the brackets or whatever. Because that's -- -- -- betting takes boys yeah that's when you start a lot pools in you brackets were not beaten because now this weekend is it is this as the Super Bowl and there's not as much. Excitement as it was a big thing. I with the die hard college is against they'll they'll really be into it I know I'll be watching you Gary are you going to be watching out analyzing do but I do agree. That is a bigger deal at the beginning I just like the fact that there is games on nonstop -- -- there's a lot of ops that is the a lot of small schools in the big schools but demo time again now. UConn and Kentucky are lower seeds refused -- universities. And I agree -- would view of the excitement there's more excitement at the beginning and the end. Is it -- like romance where most of the excitement should be at the end. But sometimes it's at the beginning and there is no organized and all of a -- Oh yeah I was already. In. The past I don't know these things. Our. Dave Letterman is retiring and I was important because I got beat by the New York sanctions. I am minding my own business with them and all of these. Electronic device your portable devices go off. You set different sounds for the same thing. Another words I have some sounds. For the same thing for my phone that are different than they are from my iPad. They have but they go off all the time when an important as -- as breaks and yesterday I heard and so why it was important as any time here and are you now that that's channel different. Portable devices that are alerting -- -- fact that. David Letterman is retiring. Now I've been a Letterman fan as I said of for a long time. Idea went through all of his is fun stuff like over the velcro soon we're talking about some of these things before the show started. And he was a guest on a Carson a lot and people thought that he. Was going to. He was going to replace Carson as it turned out -- and it was a real debacle for NBC. In it turns out that the Jay Leno got it and I think the reason a lot of people had a problem with jail well is the perception that his agent Alan -- Pushed Carson out that she was kind of like a wiesel behind the scenes to get Carson now before Carson really long ago. And so there was resentment -- while. I think levels a decent guy came up to Milwaukee once when I was appear to have -- idea Hartley anniversary ride. Seem very nice guy amenable to interviews and pictures he's a big car and motorcycle guy. And it's always in a decent guy but. NBC. I work for obesity their bony hands I'm just telling you blown heads they make bonehead decisions. Who am I Howell thinks it's a good idea I mean think about the logic of this okay. It's a good idea to push Jay -- out the first time. When he was -- and everybody's ass in ratings he was making a gazillion dollars budget pushed him out said he got five more years you know why. As we don't want to lose Conan. Makes me -- Does anybody talk about -- nobody nobody talked about him then nobody talks about him now. OK but peace and nothing that you. That you -- you know terror down all of your plans for occasional well moves them god forbid you'd you'd have to compete against them. If I were competing against them at that level I'd -- it was on opposite but anyway. So that they screw up so they have to bring little back and and what does bill. Even on the last day he was there. He just beats everybody you hear so much about all the other comedians and now -- -- wherever they are. He beat -- -- you -- on the day he left. He was still the king live as far as ratings and revenue -- concerned. As we talk about when a -- -- that's going to happen. What is going to happen well Lisa will be CBS making up their minds that of NBC's -- we might get a more logical conclusion will be back after this. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WB and. -- backward vision company remotely show us today at 11 o'clock we'll find out what movies Bob doesn't like that I love and everywhere to say I'm Bob Bob -- right. He really knows what reason if -- of the movie show that's -- -- happily -- approximately meanwhile you found out yesterday is as though we all did that. David Letterman plans to retire next year when his contract is up. So he's had a good long run very successful obviously. And is probably just had enough of it and that would mean that basically all the people that where they are a long time are gone. Think about like that -- Carson is gone Leno and Letterman were fixture for all this time so while Leno is gone and soon Letterman will be gone. And they're asking well who'll take his place of people throwing names around right now. It's I heard on the new who's that the front runner will be Craig Ferguson. Let me just say this Chris Ferguson. If you if -- not seen from Michelle and he's very talented guy I was I was not ready to jump on the Ferguson -- bandwagon when idea. First saw him as people Tommy was really good but he really is good and the advantage I think that Ferguson would have. Is that his show is produced by Letterman's company. I'll think about it -- worldwide pants produces the Ferguson show so it but if CBS. Feels you know or can ship the Letterman they might than I do that meanwhile. This is good this would be a monumental mistake. Steven called bears is mentioned and these bet and I like that from time to time. But he plays a character people forget that I don't know if you can sit behind that desk five nights a week. In play a character so maybe he's got enough talent outside of the basic character. But I think it's one of those things where a little goes a long way he leaves the audience wanting for more. I think if he was sitting behind that -- -- the audience wouldn't be wanting for more smile on opinion. What do you guys think about cold there. I don't see him as -- that is a good fit for doing remember any type of format he testified in congress in character right. Remember that it was a character. It would be like Chico Marx testifying. In Italian in front of the senate. On -- it was ridiculous. When you go cold there are like over a lot but I don't think he'd be good for straights alike in his whole career has been a character he was a character on The Daily Show and -- -- here -- got the aero on after The Daily -- everything about him. He's out false I don't watch much television it's all an act and I enjoy it but. Mean you're gonna have to and the -- you're doing a normal late night show I would think I. I enjoy his character -- but I as I said I don't think you can stretch it that far. So whether he would make an adjustment. In his presentation through the characters some time and and the Steven called bury the rest of the time I don't know but I think that that's one of those things that straw and into the arena. Are quickly because of people like him like until it. Just like Jon Stewart I think of the tool between Stewart and cold I think Stewart be better equipped. Then -- -- but even even even Stewart I don't know if he has a -- for this kind of a show. Because for one thing. The host cannot over power. The guests and the presentation. The holes should compliment Johnny Carson always compliment he added to it but he didn't over power. And that's the way it should be a Letterman occasionally will overpowered by -- he has enough material there to make it work but if you're doing and act like cold -- I don't know about that -- asking would Letterman retiring. Who should replace them that's the first question our next question is who makes who -- watt. Major laugh. And this is strictly personal. Because some people see certain things in there they think they're hysterical. And others just look at go what are you thinking all right who are what make sure laughed Tony. Right now I think Chris Rock -- like you I think he's one of the funniest guys out there I love Eddie is tired just like you do. I'm not follies too many comedians -- from -- up to date as to who fresh rate now like guys that -- -- I don't feel like -- like contemporary observation humor deal like a a -- that is a bit and rehearsed I like observation humor in dutrow. I would say. I would say your name to my top three. I I was trying to figure out how I Holland Ohio hollow to a 123 and there's no way to do. So you mentioned Chris Rock love Chris Rock I don't see a law. But I do when I do see them I'd like. Odd doesn't mean there -- good host on the Tonight Show just aren't what make you laugh. Eddie Izzard fabulously funny I also -- Louie CK and the reason I -- Louie CK is he -- whole group right. Earlier router or a reverent just totally out there right on the edge. And I just I just like now when you wind your watch and a guy like that. There could be some time. When they go a little too far but that -- that comes with the territory. That means if -- hear -- pushing the envelope and sometimes you broke the envelope. But I like that I really do and so my top three not in any order. Would be literally see Kate Chris rock and Eddie -- about you Chris I light a couple guys around anymore or like a lot that George Carlin -- Richard for all of all genius and Joan olive -- all played -- guys -- So yeah Carla and inspired me and prior vastly out. I don't know if anybody's ever been funnier than most -- do well -- constant -- -- eight 'cause down and out 'cause. It is the first of all causes. Bit of a ground breaker remember. He he hit a lot of humor. That other comedians hadn't covered you know and talk about talk in the garage and stuff like that. If they did they did it varies a small amounts. And and he managed to stay relevant all of these years clean and clean Cosby has never been irrelevant nobody -- and and you know it's. The gets a lot of respect. And if you ever saw. That did that special that it was actually a movie. That those are -- -- about about being a comedian first -- -- being comedians top job. If if you don't think so try and come up with five minutes were the materials. And you'll find out company -- But when size unfolded this a documentary about all these comedians. Every one of them. And they ran the gamut from eight is the of the types of comedy they did had. -- respect for costs. They also have respect for the -- you just mentioned Pryor and Carlin these guys were -- -- there's no question about it and not afraid to take a stand. And so -- And really. So. Or you have agreement then that it's because agree prior Carla and the loser Chris Rock we see okay. Basically I'm in this some obvious. I tell you somebody who really and I may even be in the minority and this is Jeff Dunham. Yeah about twelve requested but he's so talented -- any just kills me. Now I think you'll will give you that -- And a member of the -- lament -- -- -- I'm not a done on spam my mother in law loves -- my eye and a comedian by an out of heard of that I've picked up recently is Jim Jefferies like I don't know Australian community over. Yeah I I heard them on on the radio doing working clean and I problem it's got to stand up he's got a few specials over the last few years like Camelot. Yeah -- go the opposite way now and tell you ago when I don't like. I don't like cheap humor I wanna know when -- comedienne is standing on stage that he he or she put some work into you know what I mean. The ones that come out and within two minutes use the F word. Or or use the N word. Just to get the audience reaction. I'm not into that at all I want somebody who's worked on thirteen. May -- tried it out a lot. And a fine tuned it and this is their best shot that anybody can get up on stage in and out of the the F word the -- word VMware or whatever you want and get a reaction from the crowd but that doesn't show me. A much at all Michael was at least 110 Lampanelli yeah -- she's outrageous. Our staff members down dumb I'm not say which one and don't say if you know okay. Well our staff -- she and her husband went to see Lisa Lampanelli. They hardly seem like that Lisa Lampanelli tight to me. But they want and they had a good time of and it -- it is because there's no written no reason for -- and now all of the idea now it's just. If it's as vital for the sake of being vital way what's the one there's no point. I would take a break we'll be back tomorrow at the beach and company. This one. Reiterate my thanks to them for the support from the network all of the people who have worked here all of the people. In the theater all the people on the staff everybody. At home thank you very much and what this means now. Is that Paula I can be married. So Letterman as retiring we want an -- you'd think would be a good replacement. For Letterman and home or what makes you laugh so far some of the name's Louie CK Chris Rock Eddie Izzard. George Carlin Richard Pryor certainly Crosby. There's a lot of vote very very big names in comedy who still make -- -- also I wanna throw him best. You miss as a performer or an athlete. And wish they were still working. You know there are performers that when they pass. Nobody really seems to take their place I'm thinking I'll give you I'll give you my personal right now that I wish you were still working is Ray Charles. Brother. When he died I never realized how much. Brother -- meant to me my whole life had Ray Charles music and it. And when he pass any pass at the same time as Ronald Reagan so Ronald Reagan got all the publicity. But brother -- -- when I wouldn't get to hear him again let's go to Kathy insult buffalo Kathy you're on WB -- Good morning. Well. I have somebody in nine there would be perfect for that tonight -- He's a people person is gonna open quickly and it is really Smart knows about everything going he's articulate. And you keep it makes my day -- can't be you know. I'll miss out on nice that you know they weren't. See you that your team and -- -- the fun and I would be -- actually. I don't think -- team between. Yes staff and you you absolutely. Make people who days wouldn't like something would come up and I couldn't hear it would be like when you look gone and what did they say. What a nightmare. Well thank you aren't present Tony. Chris a crescent Sony do a great job and we we worked together and we have a good time we have a good time within the confines of traditional broadcast. What would be so great yeah well it would be so I just wish you could. Kill yourself and ended. And I think you guys could be the Tonight -- up. Are you are so great thank you -- appreciate that that's very nice. Hand for Kathy I would demand a limo everything I'd have to be driven I'd have to -- who works. I don't -- as one -- it was on NBC he didn't have that more of a corporate look that they have on CBS. And this CBS as the pinstripe dark -- but he still or like White Sox I guess that's that's the last bastion. Of of protest well OK I'll Wear the suit I'm wearing White Sox and I go further I would Wear underwear. -- you know I can tell you one thing. I would give my right testicle. Okay which is my favorite one off I would give my right testicle. To do a show once years. You know why because there's no regulations now just like our ports are no match and imagine us doing a show with no rules. No regulation except our own judgment. I don't know the -- to handle that they'll be good Howard does a really good job he's an excellent interviewer he's funny when he has to be. I I I can do about midget porn stuff like that but at the rest of the stuff is good stuff. Okay you online tool because they've been -- for a while but the name isn't on there lines who would be. Let's go to Tony Tony on WB ENN. Or or I'm fine Tony what are you thinking. Might he might argument apparently worked arguably -- -- car where -- True rumor frequent and much funnier than ever he's very funny and which appellate specialist. You know -- out in about. Our old portrait for the court shortly -- Robin Williams ordered generous you know. Well Williams is fabulous but could you handle that much Williams and meet him the older you might be a pile of ashes by Friday night. -- -- -- -- -- Former record for -- like that -- There are misses are accurate -- mourners are Jim Belushi and John Candy. Oh yeah now you're not you're talking you Jim -- Okay his brother all right I'm candy I love of candy. And they haven't really replaced him the lovable old type in movies either good choices thank you very much yet can you imagine John -- -- he's a -- all that's -- brother yet as a human jumper was dimensional object. Yeah Belushi I don't know. If you would be a good host I'm not really shore mostly out of control I'm a very talented we do we know that. Robin Williams. I don't that's a -- to force I don't know. If you good deal with Robin Williams that much you know until it's up a lot of that gust of tornado tornadic wind coming through. And -- I don't know if you could sustain local weekly mentioned Dennis Miller too Dennis Miller will be fantastic because he cerebral and he's funny and Smart guy he is really good I'll tell you one thing I want to go to effects -- the and I were going to duet. We is and I both. Loved. Watching. Watching them. Now -- live with the -- withdrawal would Charlie Murphy rocket ship now is twelfth pain. Okay now -- we got the dvds my motor home we're on vacation in the motor in my motor home has that an outdoor televisions. And you comes out from underneath the motor home all right. We wanted to put the Chappelle show. On the television set -- outdoors sitting around the campfire where other people could see in here. As Chappelle. -- talk about. I know the words geniuses. Were -- a -- loosely. But the aid ship now when he started that show. The concepts. That he came up -- Hysterical like the race craft a match and yeah I imagine the concept. Dave Chappelle is black inclusion don't know look at a match in the concept of this guy who is super -- racist. He hates blacks okay. But what they don't tell him is he's blind and he's black but he doesn't know. He doesn't know he's black and he hates blacks and nobody would tell them and it's inspect concept. Was its oracle. -- -- -- it would anyway narrow that IIT as -- come out of my eyes. However back with the best ways that here's my problem and we'll be back our doctor doctor mr. MB Rebecca --

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