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Letterman Stepping Down in 2015

Apr 4, 2014|

Pop Culture Expert Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ER. Right it is. -- -- We're -- about that for about one more year let's talk about that doctor Bob Thompson is our guest on the live line is with wires under the TV and pop culture. At Syracuse University doctor Bob good morning good morning boy here's one we really did not see economic David Letterman retiring. -- I didn't see it coming yesterday but of course we knew it was coming -- -- happen. Sooner or later and I suppose this is a symmetrical time for -- they happen then all of these major shift the Tonight Show. I get to new post which does really really well Leno leaves. And I think probably. Letterman wanted to stay in that seat. Longer than Leno Leno beat him out of the Tonight Show Leno beat him in the ratings but at least Letterman can say he stayed in the building a little longer than. What I suppose the long warning the long notice. I think nowadays you want to actually as they didn't Barbara Walters did the same things she gave -- about a year warning that she was. She was -- I think when you've been around for so long when you become so much of a of an institution. There is that idea that you wanna do you know fans can -- get used to it and then you want to also. Beef up your. Programming often times is something gets closer and closer to the end the numbers go up interest begins to. Get -- generated so part of it could be I mean indeed part of its marketing ploy. But part that I think is. I mean I would like with the producer before we went on. This guy who's been on the since 1982. He's Letterman started. Doing. Late night television about the -- might professional careers start so listen this is a big deal for a lot of people. Okay let's talk about who you'd think might be in line for David's job. Oh boy well. -- the obvious choice would be a Craig Ferguson he's been doing his yeoman duty. After a Letterman he'd been in the Letterman handpicked guy to peace. On the late late show. And generally that's how these rules of succession go Allen took over from. Leno. And Conan had taken over from Leno the first time though Leno left. -- -- that no -- definitely Letterman and we've gone after Carson and he didn't get the job but. It -- Ferguson seemed the obvious choice. But I don't. Think that CBS maybe adding maybe they won't go. In that direction for -- -- uninteresting kind of act and I'm not sure it would work there. Or if that would CBS is looking for. There's been talk of coaching Kimmel from a -- saying there's been talk about bringing over either Stewart or cold air from Comedy Central. And it would be nice maybe for a change to see a woman in one of these position -- Car that's about just what I was gonna be a little short list. We didn't see any women whose names who would you favor. Well -- predicting Chelsea handler just adults what last week she was leaving her cable. Late night talk show throw. The issue that possibility I don't know why she let the people. One -- it was because she didn't like where she was received like doing a talk show but. I believe she'd be one might that between opposition is never gonna happen and that would be. Yet not Tina Fey not Amy Poehler but Tina Fey and eight people they do a great one -- active scene about a bunch of award shows column you do get not only the first network woman. Almost could Joan Rivers indicated he'd get two of them one. But I don't think those two are going to be willing to sit down for four fight -- two week for the next twenty years into it -- When syndicate start a petition drive -- now. You don't. So just changed Bob since Letterman went on the air with -- late show including technology do you think most people watch it live or are they DV airing it or finding out on social media the next -- about it. Well I there's still are surprisingly a lot of people more people still watch television the old fashioned way then all of the other. A new way forget the short answer is yes most people are still watching live but a lot of people. Are watching it in all of those other ways I haven't watched it late night. Talk she'll win it was gone. For a long time until last night actually want to see this is -- capital and watched it live but I almost always do all my late night viewing media the morning after. And some people aren't even watching the episode in their entire were the other DBR many barricading the little chopped up clips of their helpful to their. A tablet so yes there's a lot of different ways people see this stuff. That would be available in 82 win Letterman started on NBC or even in the ninety's police started -- CBS. Doesn't it show -- relevant people say that I these -- -- dinosaurs I think they still are real that I think there is a certain agenda set by these. -- -- -- late night. Comedians -- every weeknight it's still matters and if nothing else. It is chilly there that -- -- big enough news it's CNN has. Quit talking about the missing airplane for ten seconds in order to cover it so I guess that coach -- Doctor Bob always go to talk with the elderly weekend thank you thanks. Doctor Bob Thompson yard TV pop culture expert at Syracuse University.