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National Perspective On Fort Hood Shooting

Apr 4, 2014|

CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Retired army major my clients CBS news military analyst is with us on the WB -- when we talk about the Fort Hood. Shooting and Mike good morning. I think that -- -- learning that the shooter at Fort Hood was unstable he was on -- Mike tell the world does he have a gun. You know that that's a great question I talked to -- -- so one of the leaders there and he told me that they've done ten things different. Since that incident -- -- in 2009. In order to prevent what these from happening again everything from early notification to the rapid deployment force. Two good communication but what. Missing -- that link with the fact he's able to -- a weapon off post without any notification to the commanders told him about weapon. I didn't know linkage back to his commanding officers that he could say -- he's on medication right now is not stable. And they thought the -- put a red flag up there so you're getting to Second Amendment Rights are getting into all these things but that's. Really one of the -- that could possibly prevent that whole thing from happening. In that we need to talk further about guns. Mike listen we need you to explain we have guys and women who serve our country they protect us please stick their necks up. When they protect us and may have guns they use in the process. Why can't they be armed. On base the shooting this week might have been abbreviated lives have been saved. That some of those victims held a gun. Well and that the -- because. Because they are trained on the specific weapon it for a soldier it's they -- fifteen -- -- to -- forward that it's not necessarily hand genocide on. If the military went down that route they would require an extensive global train for each individual weapon. -- I don't know where it steroid. And I think why they prevent it is just people because of that there was that whole process so. -- did you attempt at a military base indicate that soldier on soldier violence is the worst thing from a soldier's perspective. -- -- -- and everybody -- having that capability would have would have seen anything. Would have changed anything I think that's -- most commanders domestic and. Well it is now the unthinkable has happened twice at Fort Hood. So when it comes to security on bases what will need to happen going forward here. Well I think in this particular situation they're gonna have to take a hard look at each of these bases upon external. Gun control laws and what's going on each of these communities are gonna have to try to push for notification for one. Guns are being purchased. But I think what they had in place at Fort Hood -- Helped prevent and perhaps it did help prevent on the other lives after being lost. Because they people were in place they didn't move and he didn't he couldn't create more damage obviously a very brave military police officer that. That approach them did that stops and more from happening. But it's difficult to pat down 80000 people that come in and out of Fort Hood. On a daily basis. Well speaking of guns and how easy it is to get a gun on the state like Texas we're learning now that this gun store outside the based and then of those guns galore. That's where you from Lopez bought his 45 caliber pistol were finding out now that. In 2009. Nadal -- that's the same store where he bought the semiautomatic pistol high capacity magazine as he used in the shootings. Yeah I'm very clearly the soldiers and that base no. That that's the place to to get a gun not a place to go and they obviously a lot of the soldiers have done they have them in their homes they have them on base. I'm an additional soldiers and military you can store your weapon and -- room I want to commend her nose but if you're caught with a gun and not in the arms -- and that's. That's a big -- that's a big penalty. On -- this guy obviously was the one that's selling guns in that place everybody knows it and and that's probably the only linkage between this case in the last one. Mike it's great to have you with us this morning thank you. I mean that's retired army major and CBS news military analyst Mike Lyons.