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David Bellavia - Perspective on Fort Hood Shooting

Apr 4, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about this week's Fort Hood shooting with decorated Iraq War veteran David bella via who's in studio David great to see. Hey thanks -- I appreciate so many questions with since the motive still unclear we know the gunman was taking medication. He had been getting assistance for what he called mental and behavioral issues. Also he was being evaluated for a but not diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder what are some of the first things that are that come to mind for you. Yes well there's a couple of a red flag right off the bat. That there's always exceptions to the rule but nine times out of ten. When you get the diagnosis of me and anxiety and stress. It usually is an alternative to the posttraumatic stress diagnosis. So whether or not this individual. Was cleared of post and they simulate. Because of York and he served four months in Iraq he was basically driving a truck out of Iraq. They determined he wasn't in combat zone that's normally an alternative diagnosis. The same things he also applied for traumatic brain injury. And traumatic brain injury he wasn't involved and I AD and he didn't have a brain injury so. There might be some some issues with this guy in in terms of you know what did he really wanna stay in the military didn't wanna get out of the military. But again ever once speculating but those two things anxiety and stress. If they would've put it it's from those two diagnosis are not gonna put you into a a funnel of potential. You know individuals -- And so I don't think especially for -- of all places they're gonna be hyper vigilant. Of anything that's out of the ordinary because they don't want a repeat what happened last time. So I think that we have to just kind of allow this thing the investigation go further and see what if anything they could have done. You know to -- to prevent this. But yesterday we talked with a military consultant from CBS and we asked them about this latest incident in which followed. The of the incident four years ago. With the Nadal Hasan. And they disagree is that you know this base is so big it's almost impossible to have the kind of security that they would like to have. Because they wanted to secure that base to make sure that something like this didn't happen again. But it did the guy went off base wanna go on and then. Just walk back onto the base with the gun so there is no -- Early at those gates and we think -- there's security but at the same time these 82000. Troops and lived there. And worked there you know we get upset with TSA. When they won't let us take -- you know coffee -- Who do idle -- 82000 troops you can only search every tenth car. You know everyone's going to be late otherwise it got to go two hours early and these guys are waking up. They're basically have your shift in military -- and I mean there there up at 5 in the morning and and running PT and everything. 360. Square miles is the size of Fort Hood the largest base. In the continental United States. You know that I mean. In the ninety's a federal law was passed that prohibited military personnel from carrying concealed firearms. On base I'm sure -- gonna be a debate. About repealing that allowing -- to think about this. Every day these young men and women carry live grenades and bullets and rifles and machine guns and rockets. It's it's an 82 amendment. You know protesters nightmare what we do to combat zone and how many reported cases do we have a soldier on soldier violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. You know it is an incredible marvel to the discipline and the professionalism of military. And when these situations happen why can't we trust. These military personnel to defend themselves. It the other million talk about how big Fort Hood is there's only five military police precincts in that entire base. You know that's how many actually be an. And we still had a female and two you know practices -- Second Amendment that you and I can in the streets of buffalo.