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4-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE at. I wore us down upon the he would -- this thing. India the whole movement. On the pensions and my brother. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's thought in mind easily be 930 excuse me while I whip this out. Thank you. Thank you. And it's just a few more -- Low. That last hour totally made me feel good. It made me feel good because the intelligent questions that gay -- All because we run around I had two or three. Official. Words in a little. And then the 5 o'clock hour happened. And life became. Magical again the show became. Magical the connection is reinforced again that happens in life. Every other roads get pot holes every now and again as a talk show host you run in the pot holes where. My caught even the people who were with me and aiding NYC aides tell -- go to L. -- -- -- But I do want to thank you doctor Maria Cartagena. For brylin for joining us now all I really. Hole. That we are going to be able to -- doctor Cartagena in for an entire show all long -- Somebody. She was shooting -- she respects. And -- recommend it. To talk in greater detail and answer far more questions. About. Mental illness because up folks up to save us for years this is not well he's only bringing this up because of a taxi shooting yesterday. The only brought this up after column by new. Era. We're talking about this since the late 1980s. Folks. And I don't see it getting better in fact I see it getting worse -- have the metrics to prove it now I don't. And I never will. But US yourself a question. This is one of those you know threatening questions but answers a question how many friends do it. How many people do you know very well. And then of all those people you know very well how many of those people have had their lives affected were still have their lives touched. By somebody with severe mental illness. And quite frankly folks the numbers I think if -- honest with yourself. Are astonishing. Absolutely. Astonishing. There is a debate about these -- as our eyes I'm not a chemist I'm not a pharmacist I'm not a doctor. I do know. I mean that sometimes it's question of which came first the chicken yet. Was somebody. Born with a propensity for violent murderous homicidal rage. And even with the SSR IA they did what they did. Or is there cause and effect relationship. Between SS RIs. And there a specific drug. And people do horrible things to themselves or other people. Chicken in the yet we may never know. But I I hope you enjoyed that last hour as much as I'd. Because this is a very. And folks it has been for many years a very important issue for me because of the public health aspect of it. And frankly because of the fact that it was a little boy in the late sixties and early 1970s when. And you know I noticed as a little boy we go to the boulevard mall my mom and every Thursday night -- grocery shopping night back when they had the it was an -- market in the boulevard ball for. But remember seeing. More and more people during the process of I'd say mom what's wrong with that person. Welcome person's talking to themselves. Well what's what's wrong. And I think the problem has gotten worse I can't prove -- statistically. But. Something is is is wrong. And one of the things that's wrong is I think the political we deal. To make it better. Now look government can only do so much can we just agree on that. Government can only do so much government will never be your savior government will never be your celebration. Ultimately you have to do what's best for yourself screw the government. But one of the areas. Where the government can have an impact. On the quality of life for all of us and the safety of all of us including those with serious mental illness. Is all I don't know how about not shutting down so many beds. Oh here's another one how about making it easier for people to receive mental health treatment proper mental health treatment. Which in my opinion as a layman is not just going to a psychiatrist and saying. Where's my script prepare axle where's my prozac. Because to me. While that might be depending on what your doctor says an important component of treatment regiment. For those of you who are. In situations that can actually improve with therapy. That's a big part of what you need to. There's a lot of people what -- anxiety out here. -- May be on some low grade anti anxiety medication. But if they're not actually talking with somebody. With the trained. Insight to ask the right questions at the right time. They're not benefit. And that's why you know. Kind of got a 18. And I give myself thirty years -- -- one day. You know a psychologist. You have to find a psychologist if you're gonna talk to some. Who is willing to ask you tough questions. -- a non threatening -- You have to talk with somebody who has experience. Dealing with the issue with which you are dealing for example. The depression you experience if you lose your husband or wife. Is going to be different in terms of its duration. Its severity. And a number of other factors. Then the anxiety you feel. If you don't wanna leave the house if you are as they used to say gore -- In that you need somebody to specialize. In your particular issue. And it's not always easy to find that person with whom you can connect as an individual let's face it sometimes people just don't get -- Sometimes people just don't get each other. You know I found this on my FaceBook page. That there are times. I believed. That I am communicating as clearly as I possibly. And it is still misinterpret. And that I'll go back and try to communicate even work and it is tell misinterpreted. And after the second attempt they generally say with all due respect there's just nothing else like and say there's no other way I can phrase this soul. We're just gonna have to say we don't get each other. And the same thing you've got to be intelligent health care consumer when it comes your psychologist. If that's were there the route you choose. Era in which there. The fish. Are it to Joseph you're my boss right now I have not been watching the clock I've been a very naughty talk show host. Outlets they get -- some phone calls let me just you know what -- rephrase the question again. Mental illness. Now it's come up again with the Fort Hood shootings. The guy who did the shootings. Apparently had some issues what caused the issues. Well currently not combat. Because he wasn't a combat vet he served in his own but not in combat. My dad served in combat zone but he would never admit to being in combat. Not a -- -- -- 8030930. Is the phone number on my father in law was definitely a combat veteran. He would tell he's he's the guy by the way you wanna talk about stress -- is in life. When he was in Korea not only did the. Killed. Several. North Korean Communist. But. He also was one of the guys. Who worked in conjunction with the agency. To go up an unmarked airplanes. Without any identification what -- the movie gangster squad and increasing that judge -- okay. Remember how he said lead the badge at all leave all your idea at home that's what these guys in Korea -- And used to take these airplanes these to make sure that no sure whomever was on and no park could be identified. Every guy took every piece of jewelry and every identifying mark off of themselves with they do is they fly it runs over China. They'd go north. Over Korea in the North Korea into China to do reconnaissance. The understanding being if they got shot down nobody would ever now. And they would never be able to be traced to America could about a Russians. Now that's combat stress. And my father in law is no longer whether it's probably. One of the most well adjusted guys I've ever met or use our -- as well adjusted. No no crying for Ken Butler. 620 pet fed news radio 930 W is a good guy actually like my in laws is that we're. 620 news radio 930 WB and I mean to get right back to calls but I also need to check in with traffic which are fortunately today's indicating itself Allan what's the latest. Now I guess the good news there's the interview with doctor Cartagena got into doing the weather for about an hour but now I gotta do it again -- cloudy and I audible that the line. I cloudy and breezy tonight with some rain at times the rate is going to be steady just in the southern tier overnight low of 35 tomorrow we're going to be up to 56 but it's gonna be rainy and it's going to be windy. And Saturday may be 39 degrees I choose not to believe I'm in denial. Because they said last Saturday was supposed to be nice I walked out into sleet and then Sunday morning at my -- snowblower. As Roy took the picture of that -- drag old snowman which may be smile on a Sunday morning. Pulled by the neighborhood kids that -- had a lifespan of about three hours that I took the picture when I did 42 degrees at WB yet. All right let's get back to the calls and hear what you guys have to say piers Morgan by the way. He put out of -- or talk about mental illness but I I think mental illness I think piers Morgan. He's just stupid I don't think he's -- Leo I'm not a doctor I think he's just stupid and he just doesn't get it. Piers Morgan -- people are bleeding at Fort Hood sends out an ignorant tweet which I expect that you don't know the name you're not alone. CNN hired this orifice. When they should've hired me. CNN. Look if they hired me to do a show on CNN. People would actually watch. I don't know how I make the jump but I know that they would watch I don't want I don't VWB yet delicate work at CNN for years. But piers Morgan nobody -- the yet he puts up this tweet because this guy just has a -- beat this guy hates guns. If only there'd been a good guy with a gun such crap this Fort Hood shooter soldier was a good guy. Until we turn bat with a gun. And again folks the facts. Completely contradict what piers Morgan's net which should strike nobody is a surprise. This shooting yesterday ended house. Because piers Morgan was on TV and put the shooter to sleep well. The shooting ended it when the bad guy with the gun was confronted by a good woman -- key with a gun. That's when the bad guy killed himself. When he knew the jig was up. Because he didn't wanna take the chance of being wounded. And end up a wheelchair. Like god knows how many of his victims may end up -- Kirk legions their lives have been changed forever. But he took that way up. He was a bad guy with a gun. And otherwise. Well I don't wanna go down that road because and scared they Jason. -- break now so we have more time -- calls later. All right hey guys I know this might not seem like -- right now -- but I do you favor limited to a break now to give us more time in the second half hour so grab yourself some -- director at takeaways to every wanna do here in the next five minutes goes on to a net. A commercial break. You know -- does get better. And really got -- out of time we get them all thanks 634 news radio I'm thirty WBM it. Is hourly and let's get back to the calls two things number one. Mental illness. It has reared its ugly head again in the Fort Hood shooting. Has mental illness. Affected you know and your -- -- hard pressed frankly to think in my circle of friends of any family that has been immune from somebody. Having a mental illness and it isn't just one person. It affects everybody in the family. It really -- And -- Yellow thing -- I wanna get into is your response to piers Morgan. Who doesn't understand that the shooting stopped at Fort Hood the bad guy killed himself. Only when he was confronted with a good woman with a gun a military MP. And I do hope she receives the appropriate accommodations. Let's get back to the calls and WB and 803 don't like thirty start at 3180616. WB yen. And who's next here is -- Kevin in buffalo has been holding on Kevin thank you for your patience your turn go. It's album huge fan out there thank you very much. Well the reason I closed because I actually had here it's it's very you know. And I think they'll occupied misconceptions about it -- -- you're excited about it and see here in question. I'd be more than happy to answer them I was functioning paranoid schizophrenic. Sure I know a little bit about paranoid schizophrenic a bit want to tell me about first -- -- Windy you know did it start out with the bipolar when you were a teenager. It because it started. And on the Buick. You know I always been really good on our post standardized tests ago I was sort of in 99 percentile -- you know our relievers for -- I know he's kind of has feeling. You know I was a special person then. And I assume there aren't like entirely corneas are ready for a guy and Marine Corps like I guess I developed. If you can -- What it would it would happen and it that you think your messiah and. So in other words you what from feeling like you are special and you had a gift. To feeling like you were almost wholly and DF five and I know that may be an exaggeration. But at what point did it become such an intrusion into your life this messianic complex that you decided to seek. Hell which a lot of people don't even recognize they need. Yet it wasn't it wanted to hear it started this seat -- it was my mom because I was being upstairs in the adequate. I would sale online marketing in neutral network and and actually my mom calls. Some Arnold -- called butch but actually you attendance came sure and that was the early stages. All right so you've done your hitch in the Marines you're in your early twenties. And did you have any resistance at all to going to -- hospital for evaluation deceit if in fact mentally ill or if there was an organic situation going on. No I didn't wanna go at all played I didn't physically or is this book. You know they actually question like did they ask you -- he's so world backwards like what day is it Billick was the president. And I answered all the questions very. And they left. And I might do later it became acting here. Do you have hospital. And when are okay when you went into the hospital obviously. That can be a very traumatic situation. How long was it before you felt like you started to. Be more like the old Kevin. What I want to the hospital and actually. Decided to tell the truth where I was thinking. Psychiatrists. Gate actually use their report that says you have -- serious mental illness say you know without. You know he's psychotropic medication is going to go First -- and can you order something it certainly can't. Everything everything you've said has been interest. -- I think about this -- One quarter of -- -- -- its -- experiences been like music. I'm sure you know about all about Charles Manson how he'd heard of The Beatles aren't yet there -- schizophrenic. And what I hear a song like some sometimes I talk to people that Syria wanna hear a song reminds me this person -- in order an oddity of that person and I really feel. -- behind the song. Well when your parents get to turn you actually think that. That song. -- Specifically. About Q that's fascinating. So yeah that is -- somebody wrote that song to influence -- somewhere quake it's. Inner. All you I mean I believe me I I understand everything you're saying you were not the first person to whom I've spoken or spoken about with exactly. You know what you're talking about. So you look you said now -- let's let's forget about the bad days you know the bad times were to actually proved to be the good times because now you signature fully functioning. How long did it take for you to to get better and are you still. Compliant as directed them with what the doctor says that you need in terms of -- All of the funny thing is they get everytime -- -- up all my doctors. -- -- -- kind of -- -- the word. Ambivalence flicks like I can see my life as -- on the -- And also as. You know monopoly you don't aspire like -- I conceivable way to insulate. So. You know why go there obviously improper actors some are drawn. -- what I get drunk like -- expert so you're like feel you know it neither am. Your Smart guy what does that tell you. What does that tell you but you and alcohol. Some live video audio editor responsible. Or how about this about not drinking at all yeah. I -- dude dude I've not quite. I I I have a hard time relating to that because of just not a big drinker and if you told me that I could never have another -- again I would say -- okay whatever. So I believe it is -- a little weird in in that respect. How often do you see somebody how often are you tree. The. So the VA. Probably. One or two weeks this is like actors and others. You know. And I'm happy to hear that because we had a guy calling in yesterday the day before who talked about going to the VA they would only let them see the psychiatrist once every two months which in my layman's opinion didn't seem like it was going to be nearly enough. So what you continue to get the help you need. Okay. I think you'd you'd know deep in your heart and in your very intelligent brain that alcohol you and your drugs do not mix very well. And what goals do you have vote for the future you have your plans at all for what you might like to do. Once you. Totally are fully functioning. -- Yeah right let's. I would like to -- -- you know to be part of community. -- No not do you have it might get my final question breakers coming I think this is Kate. You mentioned your mom earlier do you have a support system in your family. That has your back and that will advocate for you. That they're not scared of the disease they understand the disease. And they're willing to do what it takes to call me down when you need to be calmed down and get -- the help when you need to help do you have a good support system. I'm not even allowed to go to amateur unions. Really. Now and says who. Everybody. That's sucks there is or Noelle is there one person in your family. To whom you can relate. That you can talk to. -- -- that he will probably ornaments there's certainly hit it just cannot. Say this is breaking my heart. Because. You know an Italian families is I don't know of I don't think you're telling Kevin actors this wouldn't be happening. I don't mean to stereotype that is lowers it to good stereotype people never seem to mind. Italian families generally seem very very close to each other and if somebody is in need if somebody is in trouble. The family will bond will unify. And will offer a support system to the person who needs it when they need it the most and it sounds like your family is not doing that. I don't watch and hate your family because I think that they're acting out of ignorance. If I were you. And I hope you're psychiatrists have told you -- The bonds that you do have is it possible for it to work on strengthening those bonds as an on -- back into your family life. -- -- something interesting must. I lose a reconnaissance Marines. In Marine Corps and a lot of time permit it -- earnestly and myself like maybe march and we sent me out there. You know on my own plate you know articles. Gather information let's find out what's actually -- on oral. There's something in there and accept me back -- part of a different view of the local thing on the police. You know you're out there on lexicon especially mission. Which you know I was very content -- -- indoctrination -- I was with sick -- constant dialogue. A dirtier I hear it but I mean you know in your lucid moments like right now that that is not reality. What a blessing to myself maybe I was out there and some remarks and the military how -- -- could be welcome home party or me. I think that's something if you haven't talked with your professional psychiatrist about it. That's something you need to bring up and if if I were you. You think you're poor people would show up wouldn't it make if I ever on my provider of -- it would organize something like three or four people would show hopefully. You know -- will feel real. Kevin here's here's I would like you to do because I'm not a professional and I'm not a doctor but I know I know people I know human beings. Would you do me -- -- Kevin the next time you see your psychiatrist. Would you ask your psychiatrist. About ways you can form bonds within your family. And make them stronger so you have a better support system in your own family would you please do that for yourself. -- -- appointment tomorrow Nigeria will. -- -- Kevin I think. I I hope you do that and do I wish him nothing but the best and thanks for much effort for call him and I appreciate. Are thumbnail has never been in big. Right Kevin hang in there really hang in there. Folks I eight. I if you heard that ports. If you heard what Kevin had Tuesday the voice. And what he says. That's precisely. What we're talking about. And it is my personal opinion not a -- doctor. Which is my personal opinion. That what Kevin needs more than anything. Is people who work is what people words family. To. Enhance. The bond with him to educate themselves as to what the disease is and what it is. You know were so kind as we ought to be to people with cancer. Yet when it comes to mental illness there's that factor of the unknown. And the freak. And this theory and the misrepresented -- stereotypes. Of people here. So much my best to Kevin. And I think if I were -- my number one strategy would be to bond with family and then hope that bond increases over time. I hope camera. It will thrilled I'm thirty start -- 3180616. WBE NN. An hour right it is 648 news radio 930 WB EN that's answers these questions that I haven't gotten through today -- questions I put up on FaceBook just take -- lives of their own. One of the questions I asked -- or single what works better for you. Just blow them out on FaceBook. You can visit my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly B is in baseball. Age you. ER LD. -- everybody knows about our. Just at L lead to the end to it that's my name Tom dot hourly FaceBook it'll be a picture -- with the tuxedo not the picture of me with the Dominican share. Before my stomach exploded. Now let's get back to the calls on a WBE and the who's next well surely and the one has been holding out for a long time surely -- thanks for your patience and on WB yen. And surely you take the time to turn your radio off. We're gonna let surely go turner radio off and we'll get back to -- let's go to rose in buffalo on WB Ian rose John you -- surely. -- rose around hello. Yeah hi I've got an era this story and I can empathize with your last caller. Who clearly are rejecting that. My sister and brother lived in different age like forty years and when I was like 42 iron I believe -- -- against a lot in life. And I became very attractive fuel. The guitars. Paper and the holding your -- -- and started calling up Cornell -- you know and. People based studies and -- planetary -- like this and I want to look terrible good protestors which. What happened people come -- intact he donated money in my name. To participate studies institute OK with the fact that MySpace Queen Beatrix for the prince and in 1990. My sister and brother -- and different states across all of them into our little problems. Wonderful thing that happened to reach people try to put -- get meet committed to console -- mental competency test. And didn't date -- -- that -- -- to our wedding tonight okay. I think -- accurately and yet we can't acutely it might be and the opposite is deeper. And that I'd like it's going -- -- -- -- -- after the pair at cardinal on the senior and his sister and brother little edit and rejected me treat me like I mean human. Very well are they do they and obviously on the aka Michael look into your your your name on a Google or anything right now because I I just I I don't feel like doing that. Are they maintaining that you are delusional about your relationship with Carl Sagan knew what was the basis for their. Sir sir what is the basis for their contention that you need to be evaluated. Which is ridiculous and one very attractive woman eagle at -- -- -- -- it isn't that. That they get the ball and don't believe they don't believe and that hurt myself and the indication based you all. And -- greater all that it doesn't matter they just won't believe it true. Iran and federal agency of which Egypt's streets certifications. I mean off -- -- -- and -- administration. Cornell. You will not an -- Albuquerque they don't believe -- -- I -- So if everything you say is true what you care what your brother -- sister have -- Well ill -- -- very loving person and I used to associate with a lot of attorneys and what you people and Bob Welch. And I'm always there for people are always there and I believe in community and at all this and my sister brother. Our eject opposite -- like I said it would be different -- like. The only thing you guys -- DNA of everything you're telling me is true. All you share is DNA you're much better off hanging out with a circle of friends you've got. You know apply it's something and I love being with real people that I you know I -- Except maybe a get a signal for lamb and everything aren't. You know like -- they're pretty amateur active. It'll sound accurate but I am pretty -- and. You know it's like a lot of beautiful that -- don't they don't care take good care are laughs it's awful it's awful awful to be rejected. The -- bit schizophrenic I call them it's terrible to be our rejected by your own question what. Well rose IA. I understand what you're saying and all I can tell you is if you know you're right and you can prove your right what else. What the hell do you care what your brother and sister you rarely see think have you. Don't allow that negativity into your life hang out with people who know you respect you who accept you for what you are. As this guy who's into super -- activity in space and everything else. You're right and and like my uncle living in Amherst when he found out that my brother wanted to do to me when he was living -- yet my brother actually. Took all the -- stop what do administrative law judge got confiscated by. Workers for law the opposite personnel management offered to step. My uncle said I'm never gonna speak your brother -- -- on a pilot and you know it was like this is that it was huge -- in my life. Didn't stay -- just today I can't cope well that I had a week. Well I sure. I put it out once and awhile I really -- Bros you you have a choice you can let these two people with whom -- this year DNA. Control your mood control your destiny control you choose to live your life or you can say screw one. I'm gonna hang out of people -- like comes around don't choose your family you're born into you select your friends. Yeah that's true that is so that your -- is so true. But look thank you for your time but I I'd give me this beetle is seeing -- -- -- because it is a shocker -- how the family can react to things that. There's so stupid that they can't understand how you know -- contrary it would -- about reacted that way would -- in our. After the America at Cornell Elmo big -- consider me as. They considered me as a woman they wanted to protect and then doesn't take care and pop and and get out to Cornell -- even with them and start getting to work are right that's. Rose I will have a gonna leave you with with one thought and edit simply there's bad. And again. I have no reason to doubt everything you're telling me is that -- right -- no reason to doubt that. But if that's if that's true you have a super high IQ. And super high IQ individuals. Naturally don't fit in with the rest of society super intelligence can be a blessing it can also be a dependable -- I want to thank you and the best of luck to you thank you. Are right. Folks. I don't know what to make -- right you know by irate talk to people and the -- go to Google or any thing. All I have to say folks at the conclusion here this again is a very important topic. I hope you don't forget about it once they leave the air. For today I hope you look -- little bit more offline one -- John Sherman for great job call screening and making sure a proper audio today thank you John. Big part of his job making sure I can understand things because in half -- And joke ever ever has and pastor control I -- have you. With that -- very very simple words. What -- those words piers Morgan that no yourself.

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