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4-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon the -- with great. -- the -- -- -- my husband and my brother. And welcome to the New York City. If they -- a bit extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. No. If it -- the. I'm not only by doing the witness. That Cuba. Kind of evicted them you don't know me. I'm very happy for. These greedy and dirty you know I have one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks but. There is. All right it is hourly news radio 930 WB EN. Way if somebody says via email Tom at WBE and that -- Tom at WB -- dot com yet to put up a link to any FaceBook page anybody starts up. Prayers for major Miller. Prayers for the Fort Hood wounded. Be more than happy. To give that the same publicity. I've given the prayers for -- site. We all love Jim Kelly. We all of the man Jim Kelly has become brawl with him in its fight against cancer and were all I'm hole. We -- major Miller from Allegheny limestone and then saint Bonaventure. Critically wounded in yesterday's Fort Hood shootings at all the other people. Who were wounded. And again ladies and gentlemen if your new listener to the show. And who knows maybe it did in January. Because you thought to hear. Your thoughts are gonna here's Upton. Weird. And then something happened -- turn on the radio and it's well. This guy area actually. Seems kind of normal. -- and make sense any seems to have a pretty logical. About it shoulder. I think honest with this guy first of all thank you for being open mind. Thank you for giving me a chance those of you just been listening for the past few months for those who been listening awhile. I do know that one of my passion since the 1980s. Ever since Lyndon Shuster and everybody knows doctor Elaine Schuster. Ever since I remember. Mental illness and families touched my mental illness. Have always been very much in my mind. The shooting yesterday. Another example. Of somebody who is mentally ill. -- used in this case a gun to kill and wounded other people now piers Morgan. Say. You know the old. Expression. They say about liberals. They never let a good crisis go to waste piers Morgan who used to work for CNN. And nobody watched him that's why I have to explain who piers Morgan is. He has been our he has had a hard on for guns. Ever since he came to the United States okay. And he hates because -- European. Europeans generally don't like guns. They generally get manicurist to. Wait I get amateur never take it back -- cut back. But they just don't like guns they don't understand our gun culture. Now piers Morgan yesterday before all the facts warrant. And folks. How many times have you heard Lisa. Based on what we think we know right now this is the story. I always say that. Because usually the first reports are never 100%. Accurate. So I always like to leave that door open in case facts forced me to change in opinion. Because I'm not a TV. If facts are presented. That are better than the fact I can present as an argument. I am open minded enough to say you know what you're you've made -- better argument that I have -- recent example Ted Nolan. I didn't want Ted Nolan hired back as head coach of the Buffalo Sabres I thought it was like going backward. I thought it was just it an easy out for the management at that time. You guys provided much better arguments then my emotional argument. And you forced me with the strength of your logic and your intelligence. To change my emotional opinion. And I'm glad the sabres hired him full time. So that's out that's all right I've played this game that I work now piers Morgan. Again folks are we get the calls right it it just a second here but this is just irritating. Piers Morgan who used to work at CNN. And again CNN if you want ratings hire me. No matter where I've been I've been a ratings smashing success. The one show we did on channel seven during the Erie county budget crisis sky high on TV and I'm not even a TV guy. But anyway piers Morgan. Here's this week. If only. There'd been a good guy with a gun. Such crap. This for good soldier shooter was a good guy until it's a bet with a gun. How ignorant. Can -- -- How ignorant -- UB. He was not a good guy in terms of his psychiatric state. He was troubled he was disease. He had a mental illness. Now he might have been quote good guy but he was also a mentally ill man. And the only way they shooting end. The all of it that folks. Piers Morgan is demonstrably. Wrong. They're shooting ended when the shooter. Killed himself. Wind and the -- kill himself. When that shooter came face to face with their heroic military police woman with a gun. So piers Morgan again. Demonstrably wrong. That's when this ended. And it always works this way. These people are all outwards. Except the Jihad terrorists image unless -- suicide bomber in the jihadist what -- they got as many as they possibly can't. But that's not a mental illness that's a political agenda. All right -- paid some phone calls or any -- this Megan since the year -- maintain as I have for years. You can talk heart disease. You can talk lupus. You can talk MS. You can talked cerebral vascular this -- -- syndrome as a I got to throw one mile an archaic or my daughter's type one diabetes. Throw all those in there. Those are not the nation's number one health issue our nation's number one public health issue is mental illness. And making sure that we treat it properly we diagnose it properly. In that we're doing the right thing not just for the mentally ill but for society. Because I gotta tell is up and folks chances are you know on talk in the truth. When I tell you. That you and your own family or in your own circle of friends. Know people whose lives have been affected by mental illness and ladies and gentlemen one more quick thing. It does not just a fact the mentally ill person. Mental illness affects every single person in that individual's family. This stresses it causes marriages. And a parent thing and children. Are in -- operable. And as a society. We believe in the easy fix. The intellectually bankrupt fix like New York safe. And the same guy who brought us that. Now in his budgets proposes fewer and fewer beds for the truly mentally ill who will never be able to blend -- to society because they will always be a danger to themselves or others. All right -- you've been patient online thank you for a listening to me but I I think I have very important things Tuesday. About this subject it's been a passion of mine for well over twenty years. 8030930. Start like thirty. 180616. WB EN here's Carl first up and -- more Karl thanks for all the dude you're on. Carl are you with it. Do we have a name right on line one -- -- as you. Can anybody hear me on this line. -- put on hold maybe at that precise moment yet to -- it's so it because that would happen to me. So what will -- -- all to see -- -- re materializes. Here is a dam on the west side on WB NIC Dan waited till Thursday because one call and Dan your weather -- WB and hello. -- -- You know it didn't -- Saudi. You know Australia setting your good caller you have to crappy a cell phone can you take -- the speaker. Well I'm not -- typical. The future. -- -- will what you're doing that let me get a traffic report and like guys when you call them. Just just know something that I hate Bluetooth I hate speakers I hate speakerphone is the closer your mouth is to the microphone. The better it is for me. And the better it is for you and my audience and I'm not yelling and scolding on Tuesday in radio sound is an important element. Right now let's find out about traffic to get back to -- Aziz he's very Smart man and he always adds to the show here is -- Harris Allen. All right -- and I -- I can offer you all got a weather forecast but there are they gonna happen cloudy and breezy tonight some rain at times and if you're in the southern tier it'll be pretty steady 35 below tomorrow. We're gonna get up to 56 but it's going to be breezy. And it's going to be rainy but the -- There are worst things right now to get assault from winter off the road so I don't think I'm a bitch it's up 42 at news radio 930 WB EN. Now let's go back and on the west side who is usually quite. -- -- its rate filled with suggested via like bet they're pretty geology better and wisdom Dan your thoughts. -- yeah us. Yeah. If -- in the war like oh great. Year. Well. Were -- local. But in the world are your rupture what. And so you know where her own -- Yeah and a and story a year I mean every -- -- -- -- where people lose their weapons. And shall -- they are. Either. And the NRA magazine they have a feature called the armed citizen which recounts. Stories that you recounted now. Every single day. Properly armed citizens use deadly physical force to defend themselves and their families against bad guys. You know you don't you know -- he has great ability and anti gun guy really. -- Our -- anti gun but it -- letters of them and they. He was using the exploits -- there's -- And the -- they're like -- the inflation. You know the vocal portion. What these. Women -- big courts big shut it becomes available also. Or we'll let what are their there'd did not having any contact at all. The point is that. Book trying to every year so that. We lethal weapons we're. I mean Gary. Well and here's something else and this is something the liberals don't wanna talk about and I say this out of love. For my Brothers and sisters in the black community not as a racist -- black on black gun violence is the biggest single component of homicidal gun violence in the United States it's not -- in the country it's gang bangers in black urban areas and I say that out of love for my black Brothers and sisters. -- you honestly I would -- I was should who hit it. Ed Koch. We're -- the you're all ninety people. Well all those people stay out an unbelievable. In the you know does indicate we -- as your reader either. But. -- you know but the think that again is that will be opening statement strip. And that's represented. Constantly. We're. We aren't -- senate floor right now violating. -- With all due respect I don't feel like doing the safe that show today because it's really not applicable with -- we're talking about right now. Well I guess sort of more big what what what mr. -- obviously stopping -- the legal fees on all. I'll end and we by the way -- this -- said that we have. Oh we need to. Background checks we've -- we've got. It oh yeah and I. Are. But good -- contracts that are about now that expanded because regular private transfer. Well I'm Dan something else and by the way thank you very much up for the phone call something else that people need to be aware of involves health records and the government I want to address that coming up but I need to break for news on WB and don't go anywhere its hourly and it's another excellent show thanks for making me part of your life. Or 34. Add news radio 930 WBM it is -- hourly and the Fort Hood shooting. First of all ladies and gentlemen my thesis number one power leak -- is number one bit. This country's single biggest public health. Crisis is mental illness but you know what no rule but he likes to talk about it. It's much more politically popular to. Champion breast cancer heart disease. Leukemia. Who wants to be the poster child for mental illness awareness. This is something people and psychiatric units by the way and I'm talking about the doctors and nurses go through. You know a lot of times celebrities will two were hospitals. And they'll say hey what's this room what's this floor all of this is the psych ward. And they don't wanna go. You know the tragedy. In many cases. The people who are in. Institutions. In for the long term. They're the ones who probably need more of a -- In at least the sense of human outreach. Than anyone else. And because of the stigma. Of mental illness. Often they -- ignored in the two hours by celebrities. And it's a -- it but I'm not judging other celebrities you because they gotta do what that what -- with what they feel comfortable did a great after. They gotta do what they wanna you know what I'm saying now. The other issue here is piers Morgan. Who basically. You know. My rectum has more common sense Ben piers Morgan's brain. Think that's saying a lot. -- Morgan says. Well basically. He is a -- Our American philosophy. If all there'd been a good guy with a gun he mocked the idea. Yet the facts of this case as we know them indicate that that is exactly. What happened. The shooting stopped. -- guys from the get away. -- -- -- McKinley -- and that's our grad student government through well against them just a few minutes. The shooting stopped when the bad guy. Was confronted with a good woman with a gun. And the bad guy took his own life. They always do. Because -- how courts. Because they know. -- their shot chances are they might survive and chances are they might survive and be paraplegic. And they don't want that they don't -- suffer like they've made others suffered because there cowardly. And to be compassionate about it they're mentally ill or not in the right mind. All right now back to the calls on the WBE and here is Eric Carle in that ten more Karl hello. Good script -- -- I want to put a point across. All it ever Hollywood and the opportunity. In apple local ought to be with this crazy couple there who don't know occupational. When he says and her addiction to appear well it'll be -- and stricter launch and appears. Okay sir but I'm gonna -- jumped -- to a New York say that they were talking about Fort Hood mental illness and and and what is Morgan had to say. Don't protect your article back and right away what they -- complex and got. I hope. I will do that show when that happens but today's topic is not New York's. Wow I thought I looked -- New York State -- Now that was an intelligent call. I don't think I could have made the topics anymore clearly. Any more clear. I don't think that many have you had paid the price I paid for being an outspoken opponent of NY safe. But. When I go to hell sir I'll be sure to sail out your close family members here is John in buffalo on WBM hello John. Yet the whole thing with this guy and we did it you would have talked about him the day before the shooting you call them a good guy with a -- because it was an Iraq War. -- you're making an assumption job. It. That I would have called the good guy with a gun. I mean I know you have a lot of respect for the military is. You don't you don't -- hold on you don't have a lot of respect for the military. Of course they do you say YouTube but according to go out guys have been reviewed power but the -- or did this. Well like. He would go away don't listen to my show anymore don't call -- anymore don't even go to my FaceBook page I don't need Jew I don't like Q I don't watch. Talk about taking words and see this is a liberal. I can't talk to liberals. Because they're all I almost used the words again. Their call or official. I called him diseased. And I called him a coward. I called them up because he was a war veteran. No I call them that because he according to the releases. Was in fact. In treatment for depression. And anxiety. That is what we think we know based on the early reports. Now I know people who are good guys. Who have experienced a tremendous him. A PT EST who are being treated for PT SD. I don't cops. I don't on the job cops who take psychiatric drugs. I would never use names I know on the job cops who have seen paranormal things. I would never used names. So it was a nice try by the -- To try to steal the argument. To try to make a point where there's -- to be made. But. The only reason the shooting stopped. Was because the guy who is killing innocent people with a gun. Was confronted by a good woman with a -- Now I find it very distasteful that the liberals are the ones now well we did have the NYC call. The liberals are the ones we're trying to politicize -- again. This is a public health issue. And you guys are gonna reelected governor. In November. Who. Is closing one by one. Mental health institutions were people can actually be polished. And received the treatment they need. All right. Is there anybody who is not. Orifice listening today with a fault anybody. Anybody we damn. -- Dan was off his game to. -- 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. Apparently this is. Is -- more on they -- The liberals I -- I find them absolutely hilarious. Because if you notice what he tried to do. He tried to get me to say that. Iraq and Afghanistan were veterans were diseased and Howard that's where he was try to go with that argument and that's why I don't need people like him. To listen to my show I hope you don't listen much. I don't need Jew I don't want you I don't even wanna socialize with you I don't wanna shake your hand I don't wanna bake bread with you. I just think that we're never gonna get along and really just. Eat it here's Dan -- port on WBM hi Dan. And Dan plays be a good caller. Well I didn't agree -- -- and serotonin uptake inhibitors being our common thread through this year being my. God we have proud intelligent life holy crap notified NASA damned. We have proud intelligent life you are yet on the other end of the phone alleluia thank you Jesus. Now please content. Well all the -- shooters are now one time and threatened the power and serotonin uptake inhibitors. We've known since the early ninety's the field. Between three and 6% of people would take prozac. Other serotonin uptake inhibitors have an adverse -- they can commit suicide they become violent. They can have hallucination. -- and the thank ya -- yeah it will not every bit vicious you and the reason it happening. There's art therapist today no longer talk to a client they get much grip. They're human three months they write another script that they get paid big box right now at Purdue in -- Check in and make sure about frogs are still working but they don't talk to the patient. And here you know what you're right. And you are wrong. And let me just explain something about medications whether to heart medication or whether it is a mental health medication. And and and obviously Dan your Smart guy so I'm preaching require you already noticed but. Medicine like anything else is a balancing act what are the benefits vs what are the chances of an adverse result. And it is still -- we're just finished. It it is still. Believed by the mental health professionals that the benefits. Of these as serotonin -- medications. Exceeded. The ill effects and the statistical probability. Of ill effects and you notice. Okay but let me get to the other side and I used to be wanna go well -- virtual. We used to talk to patients yet we find out what was going I don't know why but we don't do that anymore because -- too busy generating. -- Trouble I brought this up just yesterday because I I said I don't did you yesterday showed all led them. Well it it's so funny that you would call in because I said the exact same thing yesterday that when somebody sees a psychiatrist. Too often psychiatrists and 2014. Do know talked therapy whatsoever to have a basis on which to write a script they're too busy. Push in the paper and for people to get -- therapy a lot of times they're better off seeing a social worker or a licensed doctor of psychology. And you know this damn I don't know what capacity you were in in mental health but again -- I think we're on the same page numbers. Well psychiatrists to make 960. Dollars every three months and a thirty minute visit our managing medications. It doesn't take a lot of time to figure out what you can do what your time to dictate an excellent money. Not true however. Call me old fashioned I've always kind of believe in something called ethics. And I happen to think that that's unethical. Maybe the AMA would disagree but what -- like you're the only represented 50% of doctors anyway and they were all for obamacare which by the way is gonna do nothing to address the mental health crisis in America except a disaster are exacerbated. -- -- so what do we we do stand -- by the way may I ask and you don't have to tell me I don't wanna invade your privacy -- -- there was a church mind. What capacity you were in as a mental health professional. Well he -- a lot of art therapy just like you -- mentioned earlier we don't do anymore. I want my practice sometime Adobe I got frustrated with the fact that there was nothing like it -- help people anymore and they don't -- -- What would you say there is nothing you can do to help people. Maybe I'm wrong. And Dan if I am please feel free to tell me because I'm happy to take criticism from somebody who is a well intentioned individual as opposed to somebody just wants to be a huge -- Because I'm on anti -- -- patrol every day in my life by hoping you know that but isn't it really or shouldn't really be a combination for the patient. Making sure first of all that you're physically. Well. That there is not a physical component to the mental symptoms you are exhibiting that you were neurological -- and physically fit number one. Number two. In terms of stress and dealing with anxiety. And mental issues about which you need to talk. You're better dealing with a psychologist. And then working together with your primary physician. And a psychologist. A psychiatrist. At that point. Upon the recommendation of a psychologist. Can write a script doesn't that make sense. Well I would go one yes you yes and three out but I would add one other thing most people quite frankly they just have good friend they -- -- so. I'm probably gonna recover without the need therapy anyway. You know you're gonna have to differ with. And I think a couple of calls this hour have illustrated the point brilliantly. Not everybody is created equally intellectually. Not everybody. Is created equally in terms of the experiences. They have -- which are relatable to the patient and one of the things that seems to me about a psychologist or social worker. Especially psychologists somebody who's earned a Ph.D. in psychology is that they are trained. To deal with all sorts of issues that people go out through. From breakups and divorces two losing a child to death to posttraumatic stress disorder. And you have the best friend in the world but -- the best friend doesn't know what he's talking about -- -- lot of good. I did I love you was a caller Jim I wanna give you more time do you wanna hang out with -- Well thank you for the call you my friend can call any time. You know carries you you've got a brain and your shoulder your respectful you know what you're talking about we disagree but you know what you're good man and I appreciate that. Well the way you do it it was great. And you very much respect get respect. For forty at a news radio 930 WB and traffic next by the way we're gonna speak with a mental health experts from brightly and in the 5 o'clock hour. And AccuWeather for today cloudy breezy. Gonna see some rain at times but. I'm gonna complain because. This salt is gonna get off the road you know what I mean and then. The -- released deadliest in the southern tier the low 35. Tomorrow we're gonna be up the 56. It's gonna be windy and we're gonna see rain -- to complain about it because these are April showers which bring. May blizzards right now 42 degrees at news radio 930 WBS. Are again we are talking about. The Fort Hood shooting yesterday. And of course liberals like the one guy call my show. And I I don't want liberal listeners so I as far as I'm concerned at all just tune out and go somewhere else I don't care. Com I really don't by the way and other pets. Not what -- radio consultant world would say but I don't want them I don't need them I don't care to have intercourse with them in anyway. I just it's like I'm as we'll be talking to people from your rates -- Mars. But. -- felt that way for a long time. Let the people are WB and FaceBook page who seem to live to bash WB yen. That's a sign of the mental illness is called upsets. Upsets. Are upsets over WB -- not healthy really is. Now talking about mental health as the nation's number one. Public health crisis for a long time I believe it is and number two piers Morgan is dead wrong. This incident was stopped by a good woman with a gun against a bad guy. And by the way the guy who did the shooting did one -- work they do one tour. Of Iraq but he did not see any combat. So. PT SD at least induced by the military was not apparently an issue in this case. I need to break when we come back. You've heard what I've read this after -- don't go anywhere because where are going to talk with the person in charge let me just get the exact title. We're going to be talking in the next hour with. Doctor Maria Cartagena. Who is chief medical officer at brylin. And by the way. Words cannot even describe the great people who work at brylin. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of them over the years and they're good people every last one.

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