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4-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I -- down -- you would. Benefit. Yeah the -- -- -- -- -- For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia. But al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Yeah recoup. Destroy all silent. Was a maverick. Back on him we wouldn't rule ten Myanmar to eat the -- and I'm thirty. And IQ. You have -- I'd like loaded yeah. I'm coming he got -- sorry logging in blogging again. Hey it's a Bauer in a news radio and I parity WB ENN on eight or lose. And I almost said Thursday morning but I call myself are we properly -- them. Yes we are. -- One of those three try to get your password and in your fingers just hit that one key the wrong. The story in my life all they long tonight and a way out for. Yesterday we -- that what -- banjo like three hours talking about addictions. And then the final hour of the program obviously we immediately switched to coverage of Puerto. And tell us open if I was driving home yesterday I would have a radio station locked on. Not only because of the show on addiction but because of the instantaneous coverage we were able to bring you from a tragic situation that was unfolding at Fort Hood. And yesterday said. There's always -- Western New York connection somebody from Western New York is always connected to these things and tragically. There is somebody from Western New York who is critically hurt. Yesterday in the shooting his name is major Patrick Miller. And he's from Allegheny limestone which by the way is one of the area's best school districts also from saint Bonaventure. And I know that he is a lot but people prying and setting him best wishes I have yet to receive any FaceBook notification of -- prayers for major Miller age but what I get that. I think it's really up to somebody who knows him. Who is a friend of his to do that I would feel uncomfortable doing it myself. So if you wanna set up one -- the pages and you want to let you know the links and that to me in an email -- at WB -- dot com I'll be happy to put up on my FaceBook page and of course prayers not just for the local guy but also for the others. Who were hurt by a mentally ill person who in this case used a gun. And ladies and -- that once again I need to states and very very obvious things an obvious facts do you but unfortunately. Like a lot of things I say that people disagree with. I might as will be talking to a bag of year. In some cases because of their experience where you know you're right about stuff. And try to make the rest of the world see things your way. It is a frustrating experience. After that quite a bit especially in New York State. And especially. This week with some of the people who are quote unquote allies of -- Who just don't get it. Who just don't understand it and why say it isn't going away with -- have a million people rally every way the only way it's going away is in court that's reality. I've lost friendships over. -- people this week. Basically tell me I'm done with. Because you were not that big because I don't think the rally's gonna work third down with me are well that's. But you can wish a one man that you can urinate and another you can see which fills up first. I -- reality. I preach the same reality preached by Paladino won by the tributes. Yet what I say I'm the world's biggest. I don't marvel at it I'll laugh about it it is part. Human nature which I do find amusing. But the situation yesterday. Is so whole -- -- Typical probably isn't the right work. It is unsurprising. To me anyway. That the individual. Who chose to try to kill as many people as possible. Had a pre existing history. Of mental. Illness. How many time. Times have you heard me say on this program that America's biggest single public health crisis is mental illness. I've lost track. How many times upset. I have done shows. For years. On mental illness and what it does to people and what it does the families. And what a school are urged it years. In every community in Western New York mental illness absolutely sucks. Now I'm not talking about people who are charmingly eccentric. I'm not talking about the lady with five cats I'm not talking about the personal leaves their Christmas lights up your own. That's charming eccentricity. I'm talking about people who are seriously. Mentally ill who do not have a grasp of reality. Or more just on able to handle reality as most of us are able to handle reality. -- by the way I want to get rid of the elephant in the room right now by the way when I do this show because I've nothing to be ashamed of at all I am not mentally ill I have never been mentally ill. I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness whatsoever despite some of the inferences made -- -- unethical newspaper article. About a health condition. So I'll I'll get that out of the I get the elephant out of the room right there I am not mentally ill and I could have numerous doctors issue. Statements that effective that was so needed but I just gonna wanna be honest with you about there never have been hope whenever I am. But that being said. I think it's a huge. Public health crisis. Huge -- that anybody can even imagine. I don't know. In my circle of friends my increasingly shrinking trash her circle -- I don't know. Anybody who has not had an experience with a friend. A family member or loved one. With a serious mental illness. Now why. Here's the question. Why. Do we have so many mentally ill people. Is it because. We used to not see them. Because they used to be institutionalized. And institutionalization. Went out the window in the early 1970s. -- Robert -- at a hearing all about the institutionalization. And actually. Always had an interest in mental illness and believe me Jesus saves as the day has long. And the longest day of the year she hears and she's always been interested in that as as a concept. And I remember hearing about all of the people with mental illness or -- all the mental patients -- being released from hospitals the idea being that as long as they were compliant with whatever medications they were issued. They were going to be fun. And able to function in. Normal society and by the way this was normal society back before the Internet FaceBook Twitter and all the other social media back when normal met people actually I don't know talked to each other -- -- god forbid on the telephone. But we reach this point in the early 1970s. And here is where the balancing act always comes and my difference. The rights of people were mentally ill. Because if you ever visit somebody who is any psychiatric facility. There's one thing they all have in common. What do you think it is. None of them want to be there. How to say that again. Nobody. Wants to be in a mental facility. And one more time just for good measure nobody wants to be in a mental facility so. In the late sixties early 1970s. The whole concept of patients' rights for the mentally ill. Rose to the national forefront and the national consciousness. And we began systematically. A program of -- institutionalizing. People. Who it was believed could function in database society without. Being basically cooped up in a hospital. Now that sounds great and believe me. Mentally ill people deserve humane civil rights. You're not gonna get an argument for me on that. However. Here is the particular problem. With mental illness -- May very well be a problem with with other medications to. Okay. Here's these special problem with mental illness are all listening. Because I'm gonna explain something that you need to understand every time where these the end shootings takes place. Here's the problem with mental illness. Somebody is medicated. Or don't. Dolan fired. In fact they start doing so well. Something happens in their brain. And they think. I don't have to take it anymore and she hurt. That is a special phenomenon. Attached to mental illness so what happens is without doctors -- consent without doctors' supervision. The patient you know literally goes off. The medication that is allowing them to lead a productive mentally healthy life. And guess what the results are. You got it. The person the compensates the person becomes mentally ill all over again. And then the person is gonna had dealings with law enforcement the person is gonna had dealings with that medical personnel the person is going to be taken to the hospital the person is gonna have a setback probably in a residential rehab facility maybe 28 days maybe a couple of months. Before they can stabilize again then once they're stable they're released and things Michael along just fine for. Couple years three years and the same phenomenon happens again of which I spoke earlier. Based -- feel so great they think. -- -- -- Because it up not five. I do not understand. I don't get it and I never will because that's not my area of expertise. Why it is that people who were mentally sick. So often decide to go off of the very methods that make them able to function -- today in a normal capacity. That's beyond -- can our capacity to understand. And I'm not and by the way I'm not preaching I'm not yelling I'm not screaming. I'm giving you a dose of cold hard reality. Now. Mental illness I've said this -- I've been saying this for years. I can't tell you comedy shows I've done about mental illness and how it is affected you. Or your family or your loved ones I don't think there is one single person listening to my voice right now who doesn't know somebody the who is watched. My mental illness either as a family member of somebody who is sick. Or. By some or maybe yourself. -- -- And the tragedy is and his great compassionate governor in New York State by the way Andrew Cuomo. You do realize that his big play. For dealing with what I consider to be America's biggest health crisis. He is actually reducing. In in this budget out of Albany the number. A hospital beds available for those who need to be institutionalized. Because they never will not. Be a danger to themselves or others and those are the criteria. By which doctors generally judge whether or not somebody is going to be released from a facility. RT a danger to themselves are a danger to others. And by the way. Despite what happened yesterday with the shooting and the other shootings that have been I've -- -- taken place. Statistics bear out this fact. A mentally ill person. Statistically. It's far more likely to be a danger to him or herself -- to you. Are right that is the fact Jack you don't have to like get you don't have to agree with it but it's just a cold hard fact. Now. A -- your calls. Is any of -- at all what. Because this latest -- It wasn't the done. It was the fact that the what caused him. To go crazy. And forgive my using the vernacular. The fact that he had a pre existing mental illness. Now. He was on Ambien according to some reports every as a sleeper and do anything for me. At ten milligrams of Ambien forget whatever -- right you've -- a damn thing. In terms of in terms of his RSS RIA that apparently was part of his daily regiment of medication. Now he did self report and get folks this is all very early. So put an asterisk next to everything I say about the suspect in yesterday's shooting at Fort Hood. But he allegedly. Did that self report to people on base that he had suffered a head injury. A noncombat. Related head injury. Now that makes me ask the question. Did he really have a head injury if he did what caused the head injury. What -- Was he mentally enough to bang his head against a brick a few times the cause injury. Folks that happens. I don't think unless you or somebody you love has been there. You can fully appreciate the complexity. A mental illness nor can you appreciate unless you open your eyes just a little bit in -- honest with yourself and your honest with people around you exactly how widespread. Mental illness is and why it really ought to be regarded as this nation's number one public health crisis more so than -- more so than breast cancer more so than heart disease more so than -- -- aura of cerebral vascular -- or group got its inaugural. Notice I put -- of mine and their two. Mental illness is America's number one problem health wise and we as a society. Are too cowardly and stupid to recognize what the hell is going out. Now some people are gonna get crazy sounding at forgive the vernacular some people are gonna say it's not vaccines. Have you noticed an increase ever since we started popping vaccines and the people that people have been getting crazier. I don't well I don't know what the research says about bet. I chose not to take a flu vaccine this year and I don't think it ever will get -- a -- -- flu vaccines to mayor wasted time. The vaccines they guests. They guests watched -- -- is going to be out there and more than half the time reflecting wrong. So why in the hell what I wanna have a flu vaccine in this is guesswork. What the body through that to me that's just stupid. All right is Megan says that these guys yes no in between -- it sure. Because it mental illness doesn't concern you you need to look in the mirror and take a serious reality check in 030930. WB. -- Yeah. It's. And then. Moon. You know that song has always been a big favorite of mine from 1982 Crosby stills -- the daylight again album actually Graham Nash wrote it was across over actually that the country charts as well just as says CSN came in buffalo on the daylight again to work. And that -- was the first time I had a chance to meet Graham Nash and that despite the fact that he is in fact a liberal Jewish bag I gotta tell you he is. One of the nicest guy I don't always savers but he is one of the most he's one of the biggest gentlemen. One of the nicest guys I have ever met in the entertainment industry he is the real deal. And you know what he's kind of like Paul Newman -- you know we can have different views but Graham Nash is not a bitter man our act Paul Newman liberal. He gave his money from his foods to charity. And rather somebody else has on a Franco. You know she put her money where wealth is by taking care of that church it was fall apart. You know I'm sorry but you can -- -- Sometimes you gotta be a capitalist -- funny story about Graham Nash you know what newspaper you read when he came into the radio station one day out of all the newspapers we have laid up. The Wall Street Journal. Act after mr. night at 9% -- himself but it really is a nice guy despondent mentioned that. All right it is at 335 news radio 930 WB -- a lot of talk about mental illness today. Because once again folks guns are gonna get the -- Guns sure it that's gonna get the quiet. That's not the problem. There are two problems number one we refuse. Because it makes us uncomfortable. To deal with the epidemic. Of mental illness in our society. I don't know when it started to. Expand. I don't know if it is a true statement that we have more mentally ill people today than we did. Thirty years ago or whether we simply exposed to them more because of the concept of outpatient treatment as opposed institutionalization. I don't know what the statistics are and frankly. A reliable metric would be almost impossible I think because of the changing definitions of mental illness. Which which one which one he'll talk about. Seriously there's about a -- them. And I'm trying to be funny about this folks. And I'm gonna I I hope I dispensed with the elephant in the room in the first segment because frankly I have nothing to be ashamed of and -- nothing to be embarrassed about. And I'll I'll say this -- one more time just for those who didn't accurate. I've never been mentally ill I've never been diagnosed with a mental illness. I have never even come close to being diagnosed -- -- mental illness. I've been through a severe episode of exhaustion I've been through it has a very severe episode of brain inflammation but never mental illness. So and if I word I would not be embarrassed about it to tell you the closest I've ever -- And I I told you guys this story before. And one of the reasons I think I can empathize very well with people who. Are mentally ill. Record your conservative area. Yeah okay whatever. I would tell you again a quick story. That will I think enlighten you as to why this is such an important topic to me personally. Because. Back in ninety. -- AD. Nine. I was doing Philly and work at a radio station in Detroit. I was so nervous. I wanted the job it was up big money job I was auditioning for. I couldn't sleep I was in my twenties I could not sleep. And of a doctor. I saw in Detroit prescribed calcium. Now how Saddam is a very interest in medication. Some people did very well -- it as a sleeping it. Four other people it triggered -- psychiatric problems. For me it triggered a short term psychiatric. Problem. Note that is different than mental illness the drug itself. Made me absolutely. Irrational. And I told you guys the story before. My ex wife -- saint. She came to Detroit I told her I said sandy we were married at the Thomas at sandy I'm not I'm not too well I don't know what's happening to me. Nothing is making sense I took this medication. And I think it's making me wacky. So she drove all the way to Detroit. To make sure of it I got home to buffalo say please so I might actually get some sleep. And at one point just before we crossed that it was the Garden City sky where. I had to pull off the road and I had talked to her I said sandy. I can't go over the Garden City -- Jason why don't. And I said because the weight of my blazer is gonna cause this thing become tumbling down. I almost blacked -- going over the Burlington average. So no I'm. Look folks I'm gonna be honest with you on the show I always promised to it would be I told you guys this story before and I'm not ashamed to tell you this story now. Because what in the hell good what I BTU. -- anybody talking about -- a subject like this unless I told you why I could relate to it. And why I believe it is serious nationwide. Because I just have let's say maybe a day or two days. Of being absolutely. Positively. Your rational. Because of a medication called LC on. That was enough to enlighten me. As to the seriousness. Of what must be like for somebody who is like that all the time. It's not fun it's not a picnic now it did get out of my system and I returned to normal. It was like maybe three days before I let my system but as my ex wife that -- year. Ratio target and she's got my permission to talk about it there's no secrets that are -- -- -- issues -- She was their -- and I. Just you know. I marble what I tell that story. Because all these years later I I still remember what it was like to not be able to think clearly. For a couple of days. Not to be even able to sleep for a couple of days. Because of this bad reaction I had 21 at sleep it was like ten pilgrims one's sleeping pill called calcium. And by the way if you go back and look at the side effects of that medication it's very common. Unfortunately. Me being the medically. That meeting the guy who always gets hit with the impossible that district I was we got a woman app. Let's just go back here a little bit. How many of these shooters. How many of have been mentally ill here's the answer all of them. How many of them have been on SS -- Almost every single one of them. Except. The G -- Except the Islamic fascists. Because their motivation is terrorism. This guy's motivation yesterday while we don't know for certain right now in all likelihood was not G -- terrorism or any other kind of terrorism that is to say. Violence to achieve a political terror result. This guy was insane. Now. I want your stories if if any of this is make incensed the because I happen to think it's big guns. That are not the problem is mental illness that is the problem. Air what are the ways in which you can stop this from happening on military bases. Is to allow our soldiers to carry guns on. Base it makes no sense to me at all that we send our best and bravest young men and women. To Afghanistan. And elsewhere. To do our dirty work force and I say dirty work because you know what it's really no fun killing somebody. I mean the you can glorify it in movies or video games all you want. It's not exactly a barrel laps. I know a lot of people who killed. It's not. Not something they dance around the campfire singing about it's a very somber experience. When you kill. -- It's not like it is in the movies. We let them do it in Afghanistan. Under of course very strict rules of engagement. And we don't allow our soldiers to carry on base. This does not make sense to me. And I need to bring up something folks and I hate to get political and stuff like theirs. Because I always run the risk of feeling like Ambien a political pork. But piers Morgan started it and I have to finish. For those who don't know the name piers Morgan is a guy from the UK. Who is given a big money job at CNN when they should've hired me if they wanted ratings. He was given a big all. I will get a lot. CNN try me for a month I will get you ratings you might not like my message but I guarantee you I will get you better ratings -- what you're getting now. Chances are slim and none at least I look at the suit now but. Getting back to piers Morgan used to work at CNN. He sucked. And he was always on this anti gun crusade it. That was his big bowl ticket with -- America our love affair with guns. A lot of Europeans just don't understand. Our love affair with guns. I love to remind those Europeans of the courage of the Warsaw ghetto Jews. Who did marvels. Against the bastard Nazis. When the Nazis tried to round up Jews in Warsaw Poland in the ghetto. -- brave cadre of Jews using the limited guns and ammo they had fought back and fought back bravely with the tenacity of heroes against the Nazis one of my all time favorite historical group of heroes the Warsaw ghetto Jews. I don't wanna be -- Warsaw ghetto Jew. If the government comes for me corporate view or for all of our freedoms. I wanna be able to kill as many as I possibly can't. I love liberty if the government ceases to love liberty I shall be an enemy of the government an enemy of the state. Because Thomas Jefferson said that is our duty. Not a choice it's a duty. Now piers Morgan. Each waited in the media after the Fort Hood shooting you know when the rest of us are are trying to send positive vibes prayer. Energy. To the victors. Piers Morgan gets on his anti gun duke shorts. And sends out the following tweet. If only there had been a good guy with a gun. So botched crap. This Fort Hood soldiers shooter was a good guy until he turned bat with a gun. Piers Morgan there is a certain American slang word which is also big in England. And that's -- word starts with the letter K. And it is synonymous with the rectal orifice. That is exactly what you are piers Morgan. And here's what you need to understand mr. Morgan and I'll try to explain this in some very simple terms that even an englishman can understand. Number one. The lesson. Of the bad Islamic massacred does anybody remember the bad as one massacre. When Muslim fanatic extremist Islamic fascist terrorists. Win and it was school. Little kids hostage. Set up booby traps. They were able to achieve. A very high kill number. You know why because they were allowed it. To set up everything they needed for a siege the last of best one. And our intelligence people know this. Our military people notice anybody with half a brain knows there's. The lesson of bass line is when confronted it with a situation. Where you have terrorists trying to kill people whether they are red headed Christians or whether they are black -- Muslims. You must immediately. Immediately. Get in to where they are with overwhelming firepower. There will be civilian deaths. But there will be far fewer civilian deaths the sooner you get in there and the last time you get the bad guys to set up that's the last in a best line. That was what was learned. I just explained to you in one minute when it took researchers. Months the come up with as they report. Number true. Why piers Morgan is wrong. And our time problem at your -- or you get -- Right I wanna give the architect mr. fried food. Here's what these statements that. The statement from the military backs up my point of view. That the only thing that -- a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and -- piers Morgan is up. I almost used another really bad word starting with F synonymous with lovemaking. Piers Morgan is up. Orifice. Here's why the shooting spree. Cost. The dead it did and the wounded it did and not a death poll in the twenties. Lopez he's the shooter. Lopez died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. He killed himself at a parking lot at the based transportation brigades administration building. And here's the key. After he was confronted. By a military. Policewoman. So despite this. Appears. Piers Morgan has to say the shooter the bad guy only killed themselves. When he was confronted by a good lady with a gun. Just like all do. Because they're all sorts. I'm gonna continue with this it's too important to let ago. My phone number 8030930. Start I -- thirty. 180616. WBBM. Your body by hourly hey thanks for including me in your life I I know that for whatever reason I touch a lot of people. And I know for a lot of reason. Sometimes I might be your only friend you're gonna. You're gonna have all -- you know welcoming your house and that's a great honor to me thank you. And AccuWeather -- tonight it'll be cloudy it'll be breezy some rain at times not necessarily the worst thing to get some of those -- salt off the road you know the rational beast that is in the southern tier overnight low 35. Tomorrow it's going to be windy it's gonna be rainy where going to be at about 56 degrees and then Saturday. You know what I don't wanna -- Saturday's forecast because it doesn't look good number one has probably gonna be wrong anyway number two. Like last Saturday ought to be sixty degrees sixty degrees my ass we at six inches us well 42 -- news radio 930 WB EN. Yes I'm a man -- can use Polly's elaborate intellectual words mixed with some of the polish language now onto the Anglo Saxon community. Following by the way in the tradition of William Shakespeare he did the same thing. Now yes I just said that I -- as Smart as William Shakespeare that's -- some people picked. I'm I'm a dwarf compared to him and his intellect 353 news radio 930 WB yet. So I get back to something said by piers Morgan. Who is. I wish I could use the word on the -- because I think it's the best the script or of him. He is a post -- orifice of the first magnitude. While people are being hurt and bleeding at Fort Hood. He sends out a tweet. If only there'd been a good guy with a gun such crap. This Fort Hood soldier shooter was a good guy until he turned bad with a gun. And here's what appears needs to know it here's what people who think white peers need to know. This and didn't win those sure was confronted with somebody with -- and they always good -- -- -- He killed himself. In a parking lot. After he was confronted by a military. Policewoman. With a gun by the way. And according to what one of a spokesman at the base. It was clearly here Rourke what she did at that moment in time. She did her job and she did exactly what we would expect of the united states army military police. And as a citizen of this country. I hope that that female MP. Is awarded. Whatever citation. Can be awarded. In this kind of a situation. Is this congressional medal of honor material. Maybe. Is it something lesser certainly something. She needs -- eight she needs a commendation for -- And anybody thinks women can't be or shouldn't be cops stop. 355. News -- we don't have any of those neanderthals around still doing at a news radio I'm thirty W media.

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