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4-3 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- time that they were -- it was my understanding that whatever they needed to have in order to take those positions that. That they head. And it did not come to my attention that they did not have the appropriate certification until just recently. I all right that is a Pamela brown thanks to a channel four W -- IV before the audio by the way did you Astoria and via in the museum out of the science museum. There's a 600 year old female -- in -- She was seen at a bar looking for 400 year old male -- identical. Really -- Not too active don't usual get on the back your motorcycle but it could be fun could be a lot of fun anyway his Beijing government it's our understanding. That get this now. Pamela brown said it was her understanding. That they had this certification. And then earlier. Account a couple of days ago we had a story where Barbara never goals that it was her understanding that they had -- -- Just on and still. Way -- ever tell you that in the 1972. Olympics I won the 800 meter dash. Yeah I have I have pictures of it or or or gold medal anything but he's a statement it's my understanding that -- -- understand that I won that. As just a way goes a man who. A con game losses there really as I said it's like a jailbreak everybody's rushing to the trough. Grabbing as much money as they can and if they got caught they still get parting gifts as the way it is I think that they if they falsified. This there row resonates and they say they have deserved -- vision. And they didn't they should they should be prosecuted for -- in the thirteen thousand dollars should be returned to taxpayers. And if indeed they never said they had it and Pamela brown just assumed that they had than she should be fired -- It's total incompetence. Just total and it's an arrogance with taxpayer money that you don't get when it's your own money. When it's taxpayer money the sky's the limit who now cares John on a cell -- John you're on WBM. This is that you all can -- OK I just think consulting circuit nobody knew about it a lot -- human resources or whatever I -- a little thinking company. The first thing we ask -- bribery is. Do you ever see a license -- And he spent he spent let me see your license blind. Kitten. A little without a seat -- basically. And I just think it's a circuit that somebody didn't. That question and then ask for. It's crazy to me. It it's an insult to know because it's obvious that there were connections before this up. A personal or roads base sorority sisters or whatever but they figured it was kind of a kinship got a friendship and they they had to know this otherwise there are more confident than I've been I think they are. A happy driving thank you very much. Yeah I wanted to say way to know it was our impression that you just take everybody's word for that is that the way it goes. How easy though when you can write the check in with taxpayer as the as the put the money in the account. Thirteen thousand -- ought to get at least the very least thing that should happen is you get the thirteen thousand back and put it back in the yeah. -- in the coffers via. The district instead you're gonna let them do that you -- -- bit more ready. To have them become turns. And and stay in the system -- only found out that even. Under the under the section that they're covered the interns they would not have had the authority to do everything necessary for the other job that's the only reason. Of the board voted because their back was against a brick wall there was no way -- Rome as Carl Paladino said is that the the state says it's a certification. If -- if it's not certified you know work. And this story should have been an easy thing should have been opening shot and took took all of us it was like a soap opera. Evident panel that our friend there Kevin what's on WB and going on review. Over a year -- wrong Sandia. Or fire arms should bring into action that you need. And down by Pamela brown. Your board -- you know what -- Audio sodium com com I'm -- you know or -- is that not all that arm. But it ended a formal. Actually masses and slaves so. I concede and here is what happens in your common humanity the old right in the Washington we have somewhere we don't own job treated. So. You know what. You these. Woman -- street in the entry tactic here that protected them. We -- into this venture partner. At. Two. African American century I'm sure yet not -- Republicans here registered. Right and you the job is yours. Well that's a president can't ship they are they -- didn't care about the rules because there's some kind of connection before they even. Stepped up to apply for the job and so all the rules don't count. Exactly what a -- -- more -- in the one of their budget unless I'm getting critics meant nothing. Not thing from him you know you. Yeah you would think somebody who has an administrative position with the authority that's not qualified to will be judge trumpeting -- we haven't heard from them. Don't know we we have record ratings -- reaching its upcoming election year I won jurists don't want our regular on this still mrs. Jones parent. A right to run for the border. All beautiful and -- county Pompeo are -- -- -- should say Tom Gordon and imports for them you know what. Is -- same people who you know -- picking onset of a short here they went to reps of New York State who can handle on you know. Ferrari can and I both support Monday right. Probably right yeah I there's not a lot of hope for the future -- that thank you thank you Kevin. If you think about it when the school board elections come up which is in May next month and I think that if you're. I'm eligible to vote in buffalo. You're going to face a decision. Are you voting for your own children if so my suggestion. Is to vote against those that are -- -- bombard. That obviously don't care -- children. And cast your vote in that direction. I think we desperately need dead the the power -- that that board to change right now. It is five black women. And for white men and you're saying -- why would you bring their race into it because every vote goes along racial lines that's that's the bottom line. Every locals along racial lines and you're telling me that that's normal course is not normal. -- sometimes no matter what you cross over because it's the right thing to do. I've crossed over my political lines of several times I and I get hammered every time -- open dammit I'm gonna keep doing it. A dual whenever I think it's it's applicable when it's what is the proper thing to do a match is gonna fall in lockstep because I'm supposed to do something. And that's what I think these school board election things are like. It's not a large number of people come out so they don't have the sway a lot of people. And they know we're all the bodies are buried and they know we're all the favors a -- that's why you see the same old. Mindset. On the board. And you get people who are willing to disrupt their day in their business and everything else like Paladino. And be a part of this we have to apply that. Instead of the same old same old and the school system turns out to be a jobs -- A jobs fair for people he may be -- sorority where the went to college where there just happen to be friends with all -- -- in an existing company with. The doors are open there's -- vault help yourself it's only tax money we don't care will be back after. I think it was -- quarter. Excuse Vista de facto. Superintendent at that time. They were clearly. And they did followed the rules. I think about this time. A bartender. Serving a beer to a twenty year old girl would get in more trouble. Then these two people of the deputy superintendent Mary Gwynn and the superintendent -- grounded. For giving unqualified uncertified. Employees 200000 dollars and thirteen thousand dolls -- all about that. The bartender or the bar where the bartender works would be reprimanded. Might be a fine involved could be more there's a record government. For a simple thing like it while she. She the thought when she's looks they want with that except. Of course not. I -- I see your identification please is the proper response but yet. Neither the superintendent. No V. Assistant deputy superintendent. Nor of the president of the school board asked to see. The proper identification nobody did nobody. Did for all we know these -- could have him drop -- from the third grade. But they they they look well they talk well as that's a hole in a good enough for us. Welcome aboard and buffalo this 100000 a long way as the buffalo. In many ways is is there very reasonable place. Live let's go to Stan and righteous -- stander on WB -- As then. -- a great show a couple weeks ago and -- don't mind it on in Ireland to get -- That was. Yeah and -- one by remote battleground at a very cute. You know I -- conquered that around running for governor would not let now it. He may not one for president either because it white actor if you want to live in it and you wipe out a bit. Well -- -- -- she'd have the step -- step down in her accommodations while what do you think should their being any repercussions that would this should we get the thirteen thousand dollars back should should -- up -- I'll be fired what do you bank. That -- that would. The whole thing -- that it joke yet picked a thirteen thousand back I'll put -- I understand I mean that talk about it but you know what irks me. We sometimes deserve what we get we are so complacent. Only 18%. Beauty of the the qualified -- involved -- 88% sit home and yet. They complain later -- how about getting an active. And -- -- happen -- seeing attending school board meeting ask questions and adorable. A lot of other things to improve conditions but you can't do that -- Langerhans and you can't do that -- 18% of people involved. Well what I love about Carl Paladino being on the board remember I said that when he got the job on the board. At least we know more about what's going on there and we do have more awareness even though they do some things in executive session so maybe there's enough. With this debacle and other things. Then to come next month. When though when the polls are -- more than a small percentage will go to the polls because they realize they're getting short changed and so their kids. Very good people just have to get more active. That's right thank you very much. Yeah you know it's it's ridiculous a very small number come out to vote for via for the school board elections and it it should be the other way around. You know the -- school district is one of the biggest businesses we have buffalo I don't know how many billion dollar businesses we have a buffalo. We could probably name five or sex off the top of our -- might be if you mark but there's not a lot of a Mike and tell you that. And we get a bit we got a bunch of incompetence. Handling a billion. Dollar budget. In box that's a lot of money and it's not a billion bucks and got to make it -- it's a billion this year. Two billion next year it's a billion a year after that. The gifts that keep on coming. And it's a constant spending barrage in buffalo which 80% of the money come from the state. I'm very small percentage actually go from awful these 56% something like that very small compared to the 80% from the state. And this is probably this is how they spend money when you are really looking to get the most bang for your -- And the most efficient way to spend that educational dollar you don't do this sort of thing. And now we've wasted though 100000 dollars per employee. And we've also ways that thirteen thousand dollars and ready. Are they or ready to go more until the legal advice that block. Even if they get those internships that's not enough qualification. Of that is still so note that. Think about it like this. If they were ready to continue what did you say well it really screwed up this time let's not make the same mistake again let's see exactly what's needed. For the next step. As interns will -- be able to complete these jobs and they found out because the lawyers told them that they couldn't. But they already did though that they are ready to do they were ready to put him through whatever schooling is necessary Qichen taxpayer money so that they can get the certificates which would prove one thing -- not so it's a certified even with the -- So let me show me much homework. It shows me lazy lazy lazy incompetent and competent and confident and just because you have an impressive resonate. As September Honda does not seniors you're going to be -- agree it's a good fit for the job she obviously. Is not fit for this job she should be doing something else she's got a nice smile and that's that as she walks away from Cuba is not answering march. And -- she's always finds it convenient way to movement on the track to somebody else's. Area. And then a lot of these people or incompetence seemed to be very good at that. -- Barbara never at all says you know once it's really the the applicants jobs -- The applicants and -- through their teeth. Wouldn't you 400000 dollar job if you knew nobody was -- a check. I goods. I could be past -- as the president of the hair club for men if if they pay me big money in object on that white -- -- I mean why you don't closes the big noses. The kids and the taxpayers. Kids and taxpayers of the big losers so if you have a kid in the buffalo schools not enough to complain. That there are no jobs and a 48% of graduating and that's it. Think about this wasted money. And this wasted process so that these women could have a comfortable surroundings with people that they knew before. They work -- before they or maybe so -- this is some of them. Are a big -- dropped those suckers and Bob L never even though. By the time they catch on will make sure you get even more money so you'll have this certification necessary at that time even if you don't know now. -- -- Involved we'll be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 80309. -- cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Obama. For certification. False certification that would not allow them to perform all day duties of their homes and their respective jobs. I was going to be difficult for us to sustain. I'm sustained employment. As a school board president. Never gold though who said that and thanks general for free audio so we are ready to go further compartment. They were ready to go further than they already did but they got an area that got a dead in the brick wall they couldn't go any further they were ready. To make sure they got certified as an at the taxpayer money. And how is that interns so they could work their way back to the original job. Until they found out that even as interns they were not qualified so that's the way it goes you've got to check these things. You've got to check these things not checking them is insane I mean how Jews are on our -- businesses example I mean it's supposed to argue for picks and head of engineering for instance and you're interviewing somebody who's this I'm a broadcast engineer. Are you certified assure you got a license. Well welcome up. Are we're glad to have you until of course something breaks and you find out that they can't fix it or they install something it does doesn't make any sense that a monkey Gordon operate. Then you find out that maybe you should reject -- And Asia. That's what kind of work have you actually and so we don't make those kinds of mistakes. I consider a perfect example. Apple don't. So this taxpayer money. And I think the reason this sort of thing happens. Is there's no respect for the taxpayer dollar. Buffalo is should and not getting not enough money -- getting too much money. If this is the way they spend it if this is the respect they have and that not only -- thumbing their nose. And use the taxpayers. They're thumbing their nose at the kids they really are. Because for every wasted dollar in in this case you've got 200000. Of them plus another thirteen thousand on top of that. That's wasted that's a dollar less that the kids could actually get in and useful instruction. And opportunity to make something of their lives don't care this is a jobs program. This is a jobs program it's I'm in charge now come -- -- leave the door opened here's what a pot of -- is come on and grab up fill up your pockets and and Natalie because. Even if they catch -- -- happened. They give us a 100000 dollars to leave. And that's exactly where it's been one of the past superintendent. You find out they can't do the job Gemunder grant -- leave. Let's go to Mary in Lancaster -- on that Libya. I need. -- -- morning. I can. Two. Not. I think that I'm. Hearing from them. I don't administrator union. -- You're not hearing and. I'm surprised those saying that she they would have authority in some union matters that he isn't claiming why -- they not as certified but he's not he's very quiet ahead. Well and the other thing I'm -- -- you know. -- ribbon -- like that electing. These people. But you know with the situation and I wonder. And at the proper certification credentials. And maybe you can see 20250000. Dollars and hire someone that everyone document how can you hand that's necessary paperwork. That we'll -- position that they. Our compliance officer now now that would be money well spent I know that we have the radio station when the sign forms yearly. And year after year after year they have to be -- Stating their various legalities. Why is -- that that this kind of thing would slip through the -- taxes it's unexplainable. Actually I -- I have a couple -- and and my employer. Called how to graduate from and in the eighties and all previous employers and you know make sure that I had all that accurate information. To them I think it's crazy. Yeah this is an -- of to us because we live in the real world of the the world of business the world of reality. But we don't have access to the taxpayer trough as they do so hard for us understand because it's not right thank you. If you really think about it -- we don't have that kind of flexibility. Somebody go to waste 200000 dollars by not. Of verifying that they had this of the certificate. Would be fired instantly. Instantly. And I think that we should at least as taxpayers get the thirteen thousand dollars back. Now one thing that is problematic however when your check your resume is is that when people list references. Where they worked especially. And you wanna know what kind of a job they did it's very seldom in today's litigious society. That the former employer is going to be very forthcoming usually what they'll do is they'll tell you yes. I'm Harry Jones worked for us and his date of employment started on this day and that it that day and that's all they'll say because they -- -- for it being soon. And it ended that started -- several years ago. Where they would not give you a straight answer but I'll tell yeah I'd have told a story it's funny not the particular find the person involved. When I was a programming KB we had fired mr. OK -- fired him for a good reason he was gone. And how how good -- reason that I met him at the front door with a cardboard box in my hand that had his belongings and I said it will melt your -- Goodbye. And that was that OK a few months later I get a call from a program director in New York City that I happened and now. And he says it's as we're talking true and the name that guy we fired. He's I was on -- -- tell me of bottom. I still out you know my hands are kind of tied as to what kind of information I can get -- but let me give you a little. Direction. 'cause ago -- was a friend mine is that here's here's the direction or give you. If two people. Apply for this job that your trying to fill. And one of them is Adolf Hitler. Hire him. And that was enough. Because I didn't want him to have the same problem we had but you're like your limited. Because of all of a sudden somebody's as well I didn't get this job because -- bad about -- and it wasn't right it was these veggies and whatever Bob Bob Bob Bob up. And people are very nervous about lawsuits all the time anyway so it's very difficult to get a straight answer but it's not difficult to ask. To see the certification and even if they haven't hanging on there long have him take it down and bring it in and show it to you okay. If they have it. In the safe openness and bring I wanna see it a wanna see the certification. Pamela brown says it was her understand saying that they had them. And Barbara never gold -- getting the handoff from Pamela brown when the board had to approve the contracts said it was. Understanding that they had -- everybody has an understanding but nobody has a look at. I mean that's insane it's crazy you know why is -- in months ago. Like these people they know these people made it work -- these people are they socialize of these people their friends. Let's bring a man we got an opportunity. That trough is realty. Will be back activist. Really wasn't in and I think the board could do in the board -- console. Clearly. I had to discharge them because that's what losses if you don't if you don't have a certificate to hold that position. You don't work at it. Our Chris well we haven't used any of FaceBook opposing today and by the way if you -- post to FaceBook. Just having you know we try and at a little something extra. When what where we post some things a little something you don't get on the radio like at least the rate cut a deal. Today poster right next of a picture of the debacle in the buffalo school system. Is -- photo of the person who came in second to Pamela brown for the superintendent's job. Just barely -- it I mean it was close. It was very very close and they were both qualified in fact. I think this person was disqualified it's Pamela brown if you asked my opinion but one line. Chris are couple of vote opposed -- this -- for Ronald -- is going for the hatchery is not a bad idea what happened last night was a start. Brown should be next but it's probably go even further than that. Yeah if you think about it the incompetency. Is one thing but this looks like planned incompetency. It looks like because if it wasn't how would you explain that once they found out that they women did not have certification. Instantly they should have been fired but instead. They send them to school. With taxpayer money so hopefully they would get this certification. Before anybody found out about it and it hit the fan but it didn't work that way. They didn't even after they were discovered. They weren't willing to give it up they still had a plan to get him into paid internships. And and and they would get that and then they would slide him into the original jobs until they found out from the legal department. That the paid internships would not have allowed them to do the things necessary. For that job so they didn't give up at all until they got to the brick wall. As Carl Paladino set of one of our -- It is against the law to do it without certification. They didn't have certification. Why did it take this long to fire. And why aren't others involved another Chris this is from -- as I'm wondering about the paint these women received before being fired and obligated to give an even bat they shouldn't get a diamond -- money because they shouldn't have even been employed that's a good point I would like to see some I don't know who would have jurisdiction there. Whether it be the district attorney. Whether it would be via a state attorney general. Whether I don't think will be a federal deal but I would like to see somebody look into this. For a short to get the thirteen thousand back and also their salary was gotten under false pretenses. And -- I don't know if they're allowed to keep that are not. But the bottom line is somebody has to zealously guard the taxpayer money and when you see this sort of thing. In -- system. What it tells -- -- for all their complaining that they need more money need more money need more money smaller class sizes which means more teachers which means more money more money more money. If they got this kind of money to throw around. They don't need more money they -- last money. They need less money because if this is the way they're spending it there's an arrogance there with no regard to the students or the taxpayers they're just saying. We have the keys to the ball and we're gonna take what we want and the hell with you and believe me even at the end and they weren't being praised. By the school board president and by the superintendent. On this saying it's it's not a reflection of their work no it's not a reflection of their character. -- a reflection of their honesty. Because 11 of these to -- what at least three people is lying. They said they had certification. And the superintendent didn't inherit in which case they lied. All our. They didn't say it and the superintendent is saying that it was her understanding that they had it so did the airlines so somebody's lying here. And it's costing us money. Another place this is from Markey says the employees are responsible for having proper certification a wonder how many other administrators -- teachers were hired under these conditions you could have more unqualified people on staff. That's. You know that's a good point and and he is quoting -- that Barbara never gold in the -- to an article today -- problem is. Said the responsibility for these women to have the proper certification. Rested with the employees themselves now what she said. Is correct. The responsibility. To have this certification is what -- what she doesn't say is that they either miss represented. At. Or they didn't say it at all edit the assumption was made either way there's a guilty party here. But so her statement if you just look at her statement. The responsibility for these women to have the proper certification rested with the employees themselves. What she's saying is it's not our responsibility to train them to get the certification and she's right about that. But they did it anyway and so either. Pam grounded mask. Or she did ask him they lied and she didn't ask to see. Either way massive it -- incompetency. And I think where we got away with a are a couple of 100000 dollars and thirteen thousand dollars and it and a educational expenses and they were willing to spend more on these two women. I'd like to know who the hell is going to be step up and do an audit of the buffalo schools them. From every dime spent I wanna -- a paper clips cost. I'd -- it will be eye opening also -- -- compliance officer. Somebody who could have vote authority to go to every one of these employees that has a job that requires certification. And prove its certified prove it's up to date probe that has not expired -- all the things you have to. -- that would be money well spent instead of throwing it down a hole because you like somebody or you know somebody. And to me that's I think we are taxpayers got a lot of bang for the buck wood bat and god knows how many there are. How many incompetence there are in this is -- -- just a matter of personal judgment this is a matter of fact the fact is they were not qualified. Nobody's opinion the facts as they weren't qualified and prepare brown to hire them as unqualified. And she's responsible for -- and -- responsible for lying if they did. All right that about wraps it up by one what you all know that both Chris and Antonio fire fully certified to do it talks career. And they check our license regularly in fact we get these little cartoon videos we really like going and others. All right about wraps it up. We'll see you tomorrow morning ads and I am a movie show tomorrow we're always like that to eleven. Under is -- I'm thirty WV. English they never have to need to be used she.

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