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4-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the time that they were tired it was my understanding that whatever they needed to have in order to take those positions that. That they head. And it did not come to my attention that they did not -- The appropriate certification until just recently. That is Pamela Browner thanks to WI VV channel four format audio. Now it's just that simple statement. Take the statement you just heard where their -- boys you take the article by Sandra -- in the buffalo and those in that I'm quoting brown has maintained that she was unaware. That the administrators did not have the proper certification needed to do their jobs well and this is the important word here. She hired them last year OK Carl Paladino thinks -- when hired him but she's claiming she hired them she also claims she was unaware. That -- that one or two things are going on here. First of all that they submit a resume. Okay go to the resin -- and see if the certification is listed if it's listed and they can't produce it that's fraudulent. If it's not listed. And you just take their word -- -- incompetent. And they've committed a crime they're lying and your income -- Eaten away this does not come out good for Pamela brown because she didn't ask which would make our incompetent or they lied. As she hired them. I mean this is the bottom line you've got to ask you gotta see it. -- and a bearer resident I should be very easily of all they should be on file. When our electronic files I'm sure they can whip our copy of that right out and see if it says that they are certified for those jobs. And if it doesn't she hired somebody who was uncertified. And if it does they were lying and should be prosecuted either way we will -- loaded with -- incompetence and this is only the two of them. I think we should drug commit a hat trick and go for the third one -- should be Pamela brown. I mean talk about them being unqualified. The -- brown needs a sudden this out of training wheels they -- previous superintendent Mary -- member they let her doll. And he and she's not come back as she's not -- back and I mean this is like a cluster of the of the nth degree if you pardon the expression but rarely has its total -- company. I think the school board is on the right track and to cover everybody's tracks. And Barbara never goal the president had said that certification. Is that it's it's it's really up to the candidates. Well yeah op ever heard Ronald Reagan's famous famous saying -- trust but verify. Are you telling me that make jokes and surgeons and -- walk. I can. And this is a billion dollar bail and adding insult to injury boys and girls. Foul foul they're looking for ways to use existing staff took cover the work of those two people. So -- and says upcoming budget discussions. -- are discussing whether they should be replaced. So what they're saying now is there is a way to do the job without having hired those people in the first place. Together it's between now it's at least over 200000. Minimum okay. So they didn't care about saving breweries taxpayers 200000 dollars at all because -- they could've done it without him though before they should have done. But the bottom line is they have no respect for your money. That's it they got the money. We're gonna spend that we're gonna bring people we know in on this whether they're qualified or not. That the people on the school -- how wood down the taxpayers how would down is one big go to a one big party. 200000 dollars it's not like it you know it's it's to a 300 dollars is is that 200000 dollars that -- The revelation but based eyes of openness he's departed. We've kind of done it without him in the first place. I find that rapper. Sensible when I I don't understand here is a V -- -- LeBron has a history with these women right you know they've known each. Yeah now wouldn't you as if you you know knowing your friends you know with the qualifications are you know what they've done in the past you know -- the schooling. What are my friends comes in the right. I know where he graduated from what he's done he or she so I think this is something that they that step Pamela brown no. My guys you know sometimes people will do things that your unaware of -- whatever. But when -- four specific. You're a specific job and it has specific requirements and you know you're gonna have to submit it. To the school board for approval now who said we thought they had -- Amylin brown said we thought they had the school boards that we thought they gotta remember also that remember couple weeks ago. A week it was our assumption that week that -- they had himself. Both of the key players never gold and the Brohm both thought they had a neither one of them. Neither one of them bothered to check. And now if they check now and if any school board members are interest that in a little justice here. Get out there Reza maze are date listed is the certification. Listed on their resonate it either is there hasn't. And that's pretty simple and if it is they lied and if it isn't they shouldn't have been hired in the first place. How easy is that. That's as simple as it gets even that simple talk show holes like myself figure that one out. I think that the hobby you've been great minds that are running that billion dollar business called -- buffalo school district should of figured out -- -- -- -- What -- joke and -- they say it's over kids that however it kids the kids are the kids are an instrument against you when your friends jobs. That's all they -- let's not pretend you care about the kids. Let's go to Franken is not a one of frank you're on WB again. Hello frank. -- -- I'm mine sounds really dead Tony and it's Franklin's no wonder who is always there let's go to Gary Williams though Gary you're on WVN. You know -- BI maybe got a relocated. A guy who lived in the farming community in Ohio. But they'll. Well below are. -- management. All of it from top to bottom. -- felt like -- all of -- -- it does -- it you know it's all right floor in four audit inspection. That I can't I can't tell you if this is what we see imagine the stuff we don't know about. You know I think that. A certain person laid out the people. Who are now in society who graduated from the buffalo schools. Have a serious case for a class action lawsuit. -- rose. This management. Incompetence. And downright stupidity. I think Purdue. I think the -- on the overriding. Thought that I have to is that there is no respect for the taxpayer. The students the students are -- respect your hiring somebody -- not qualified to do the job the taxpayers don't have the respect religious spending 200000. Dollars plus to bring into people aren't qualified so you don't care about the money you don't care about the students -- do you care about if you're in that district. -- New York Ohio aren't you don't care about anybody. Everybody gets everybody gets sent the market and gets there shouldn't I hear Gary I'd I think you're right it does not take a genius to figure this out thank you very much. -- dig out. There as the race. Is a certification listed on the resonant. Or is that not. If it's on the resume they lied. That's actionable. And we get the thirteen thousand dollars back. If they didn't listed then whoever did die from Pat Brown merry way am I am associated. Mary -- may have. Then they should be held accountable through and Barbara never gold. Tall man and its slump that here is evolves not superintendents of America and follow its. The candidates themselves. -- of that. You'll love to walk in to a job interview and whatever certification and they said is required users tell me you haven't. And they don't walk. And they don't check that's the way the district has -- that's why it's a billion dollar deal and everybody's in the everybody's. Now is in the trough will be back. I think it was -- quarter. -- excuse just the de facto. Superintendent at that time. They were -- higher rhetoric. And they did follow the rules. -- Beijing company. So they're gone yellow let Williams is gone straight Morrison Nam Alexander's Gumbel what isn't gone. Is our inherent skepticism. That anybody's in charge of the buffalo school district. That's still there and you know what grand way to go through life just say your qualified. And if somebody interviewing your doesn't even check. The job is yours you know what this reminds me of -- if you're assigned Beltran horizon of George. Every time George wanted to impress somebody. He wouldn't give his occupation as something he thought would impress people an architect George would say he's an architect -- oh did you do via. These sons and something museum -- that's my work OK then he is a marine biologist. And whatever you needed to hear that's what he was willing to say. Well these two women obviously either lied or they didn't care that they weren't qualified. By by the very definition and the president the school board said it's not. The superintendents problem. It's not assume by the deputy sober and has problem it's really up to them. It's up to the people that they hired -- they have do they have the via the ones that we have the try that in real life. Try that in real life. If your resume says you have the certification -- lying through your teeth collision don't. And the cost thirteen thousand dollars to put in my school trying to get -- that certification is still don't have a guy. If it didn't say it in the person interviewing your whether it's Pamela brown. Mary Gwynn is incompetent and should also be gone and held accountable. What about the taxpayer money do we sit around writing checks of the buffalo school system. We write those 100000 dollar checks will be the superintendent says they go up -- door. A parting gift along with a vote on health care for their entire family for the rest of their lives is dill. Is it is another game show there where everybody that gets on stage gets parting gifts as they leave -- that they -- -- Just boggles my mind you know why because there's no respect for you -- That taxpayer. And there's no respect for your children either they don't care about the children this is say yeah this is a make work project for them. And now after their out the door and -- we've been totally embarrassed if it's possible to embarrass the buffalo school district. And now they say well where looking in these internally we may be able to cover their jobs with people who -- here so. Now it's possible I guess it was impossible before they just didn't care now they're looking. After an all at the let's go to frank frank you're on WB -- All right talk about the old girl -- you know they say it criticized old boys club. These girls they're raptors they're -- guys they. But you know who back these people. That's right election now you at all -- -- half a billion dollar. Of state money coming in here. You heard it all work where you start hiring people facility positions are currently. I expect that there. About it under most circumstances ranked. We wouldn't even know so this happened become delight and took a long time and it's finally -- and ended and it's done. If it -- And here why are we to believe it hasn't happened at a lot of other places and there's a lot of people who say they're competent who aren't confident or qualified I think there's probably more in the. -- -- I'm inclined to believe that this that there had to be a lot more people that are sort of factor in the position that the grand. An outsider what impact it would have Carl Paladino and I are at school board because. It's a worker programs (%expletive) in the three. It's a that'll be our -- are all auditor in the treaty will govern at all. You know you know what you can practice the warriors there's a lot of people. Don't really care. There's people in the community. Yes and you know you talk about dumbing down of America -- There's a lot of people that don't really even care because the first indoor circuit years ago Paula every are bigger city or its record on these people because that there rates. And it had nothing to do it there. About education. Like particularly to children. I feel like to go out into society. And Katie attic. And that. And -- they're not even Smart about it because let's use some common sense here we've spent thirteen thousand dollars. Four college courses where these two people to get the certification. Now. In order to spend the money in order to say -- to the money. For them to get the qualifications. One what is -- home that you know that they don't have them now how do you say are you already have bomb and then -- -- over thirteen thousand dollars to try get higher education to get them. That's funny but that's not even Smart. Reports well my. Gardeners. Are people. Reference -- what is that they went -- An. -- Day Amman now -- -- -- the matter where you. And the real. -- work in the real world. What it would work. In the background checks at the U. Now that more. Are there in the street in the industry. Could be. Do we not have any legal authority -- the district attorney's office or the state attorney general to look into affected them money was spent fraudulently. Oddly enough I think that you know videos at thirteen thousand dollars. Is something that could be actionable and their their resume either says they have it or rugby is certification are big doesn't say they haven't either way it's very easier for why don't why don't we get our money back. And I say -- -- to it I think they're afraid I think directly afraid that if they if they start investigating. Are so deeply -- for perhaps find out that there's a lot more there. Then -- at the CI. I think it's going to be I think it's a -- to be honest with you and I think oh this list or this is bubbled up to the top. The black -- the city or what again. Way way double -- Paula Paula also at the black guys say it's a Rambo line we don't want anybody accuses. Kind of prejudicial. And weren't out there guys. The -- he -- Should because the bear brown has an idea o'clock o'clock in I mean as an interesting. Job performance record too but that's another story OK thank you frank thank you very much. Gaza it's a grand grand why nobody is -- whatever whenever certification is needed just say you have a -- But never even have to be -- to -- just say you have it that's good but for me. And about you know whether I get on a helicopter tour biography although wanna make sure the pilot is certified. Doesn't just say he's a helicopter pilot with some of the instruction manual -- warming up the machine. Will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and starry night during our test free minus 106169236. And -- A lot of certification for certification that would not allow them to perform all day duties of their in their respective jobs. I was going to be difficult for us to sustain. I'm sustained employment. That is a Barbara never know -- the president of the school board thanks to a channel four WIV before that audio. Yes she claims the proper certification according to -- -- article above on those. Rested with the employees themselves. That's what she says. Pamela brown who is the superintendent has maintained she was unaware. That they did not have the certification. So you -- this is like the -- from Gilligan's Island for ground out. You've got all these people with a trough with a -- a billion dollars and it. And it's open come on and defeating his fine. The education that's the Navistar. This money that was posted on education if that had happened first of all if I were doing hiring. I would have checked I -- made sure I would have been a background check to make sure they're qualified. If I find that -- -- worn -- kicked him out my office don't tell me your qualified and you're not get out all right that's the first they'll. On the next thing as if I found out later that they had lied to instantly been fired and I -- -- I would -- is instituted action to get that thirteen thousand dollars back that we spent on him after the fact. I mean how brilliant mind does it take to figure out if they told you they had something already. Why are you giving them thirteen thousand dollars to go and study so they can get what they told that there. I mean it's insane. And I have a feeling it's insane at a much deeper level on this. Do I have any group. I haven't obviously got a paper in front army that would give me that information. But yeah let's use some common sense. These are two employees out of the entire number there arm buffalo and one can only imagine if this is the protocol they use for hiring. Welts isn't there that shouldn't pay one dollar taxpayer dollars being spent that shouldn't be -- you know those strangely quiet. Buffalo teachers federation. Always fell. I would think that they would raise -- held by thanking our unqualified. People. Who have management jurisdiction and management authority and they have to deal -- them. How come we don't hear anything maybe nobody wants to be too loud about it because -- In fact there's there's too much to -- or. And the next time you hear anybody stand up and say. We need more money for the buffalo school district I want you to remember this this is just a sample. Of what goes -- Let's go to Marion buffalo merrier on WB yeah. I think -- being. India and so furious that the business. I can't even begin to try you and the bottom line is that -- got whipped -- the ground she can count either. She got the ball. -- -- -- Is one of the home they -- doing anything. Like get on bail it would be you know and the other three. And how well. All can that woman the FBI -- Don't want to get they. Don't get thirteen thousand for their education. You well -- appearance of age. Children why don't get a little -- and children and it good. We are seeing more parents protesting in fact there was an article said that they were surprised to see. Black parents in the audience applauding. A applauding them trying to get the school district better in the past they were set on their hands so I think there are a lot more aggressive now than they used to be guys who think about it it's it's a misuse of taxpayer money and worse than that the kids are not getting what they're supposed to be getting it's going through incompetent people who shouldn't be there on the first. But then I love is not ready to -- Pretty. I'll -- -- and I'll be a couple that he liked. Ever experienced. People out. Well we've had incompetence before but not this and not because of this Vista from front and center stage I mean this is like it was spotlights on that right now thank you Mary thank government. Yeah I mean there really is you hire somebody and take their word that they are certified. And they come back here and there we'd like thirteenth -- That we cannot. Go to school to learn to -- -- -- I haven't even on yeah. They were prepared to do before the legal Eagles got involved -- this was to let go and then hot rehire them. As interns. And they're working toward that certificate but what they found out because the lawyer told him. Is that even if they get the certificate for interns it won't allow them to -- Albany duties that the jobs says they have to -- So this -- you talk about doubling down Obama doesn't all the time. Doubling down okay our economy's going up here or now double my bet on this one company again I'll double it again. They're doubling down all the stuff if the lawyer hadn't gotten and the legal advice and gotten involved and said it looked even if they get the internship. Certification which they don't have. Even if they got that it wouldn't be enough. And finally. -- -- Who who who do know I don't know I think we've got caught. And let him go and then I'm able. He said he says nothing to do with their job performance -- gag me. -- gag me would you stop that. And ways and we wish them all. Now. One can only hope for a better outcome in the next person higher -- you don't have to hire anybody. As we really have this job -- -- existing employees doc. How were the first place there willing to spend an extra 200000. Dollars why because they got too damn much money now. That's the reason. Tried that in your business. Try it in your business I don't care if it's the biggest business in buffalo a garbage rich products or Jerry Jacobs or any of these successful well run companies you try. Putting 200000. Dollars on the expense ledger. And find out that you were duped. And then and bend and not even come clean -- -- by admitting that it was you that did it and then try and get them rehired and another position. To get them back to the salary that they shipment got in the first place it would be on your key star. But it's taxpayer money so that's different. Taxpayer money. Weaken weaken waste always want that and don't forget it didn't we all worked together in the past. Some of us have been sorority sisters bring everybody aboard and then later when we find out will find another Abdul things. Experts ball on the -- and catch. There is trouble with -- nine Paladino. Will be back after this. Really wasn't in and I think the board could do in the board and council. Clearly. Had to discharge them because that's what losses if you don't if you don't have a certificate to hold that position. You don't work it's -- Let's go to -- in buffalo banks holding Rhonda you're on WB. I'll let and look -- -- a group. I -- support growing concern. All the New England -- the -- -- completely and if they're -- for a land and ground money should be. The district beginning. -- -- -- The money they're spending and what the outlook for the potential. And ensure. Adequate medical content to let people. -- Going to work. Again in the -- let alone at the bottom line and I went out and omit something on the application can tell you -- what. Mean why and you -- the arm which is absolutely right. And questioned -- it. -- not even took a while Clinton and you. I don't like this Rondo when it was uncovered that they didn't have the certification. Why weren't they fired right then instead of giving him thirteen thousand dollars. I like that because if I'm proud to have -- I don't applications. That come back to put your seat -- -- and well let -- a quarter from the bill. You are exactly right you have nailed it Rhonda and I can -- -- outrage that I share with you thank you thank you very much. I mean really think about it once you've found out that they didn't have a certification one of two thoughts. Went into your head. First -- might be they lied to me they said they had the certification and they don't at that point your fire your gun Paula Donald Trump you're -- okay the other is. Well now they don't have the -- of an officer division. I thought they had it so I screwed up. So let's get some thirteen thousand dollars and hopefully they can get to a level I don't have a before anybody finds out about it. I don't like this this is an embarrassment of riches there is instead of bitching and moaning that there's not enough money in the buffalo school district. There's too much money in the local school groups have an idea. And the fact is that now now they're talking about covering those who jobs with the existing employees and the simple question. From a very simple man myself is if you can do it now why couldn't -- -- -- then you have no sympathy for. The taxpayers at all and you know another 200000. Plus a thirteen we're gonna throw that in there another 213. Thousand dollars as a mean anything. It's it's meaningless because it's an empty yeah it's an empty supplies of an endless supply of money. That the -- is really deep and no matter what happens you're gonna get yours your friends are gonna get there as your sorority sisters are gonna get there is and as Rhonda just said. If you present an application. And you faults of via U or you don't have the qualifications. They say the body -- done. Think about like this if if somebody didn't find out about this I'm I don't know if it was an accident or was a purposeful. Odd that it's still -- there. The big question in the scary questions. How many more are there on you all sound like the congressional subcommittee. We have McCarthy but how many more are there this is just to a lot of the whole -- roster of people there how many others. I have these certification or don't have the sort of division I gets -- stuff all the time. -- and the and better come every year we get things like for instance pay all the forms. That we have to sign every year and keep in mind -- talk shows station would -- and why -- it but we got assignment. And there are other there are other do we owns stock in a in other broadcasts and -- -- and all law calls disclosure forms week Adam every year and we have to fill them out. So if if that's the case if that's the due diligence that you need in private industry like this there why do we not applied the same standards. To public education which is big box. Humongous books. -- let's code to a Tony in Amherst Tony Iran WB yen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's going on me. Anyways what this. The border component Mary went with east -- Bring him back down an executive meeting at midnight to require them for the positions that are -- -- -- it's certified. -- -- -- -- -- the chairmanship thing wouldn't have certified him either they're gonna have to go beyond that and so maybe maybe maybe go public shame if they have any would do would come in the -- Mary went oh yeah I didn't didn't know what it is if someone offered you any jobs are under 35000 dollars a year. And you went eight. Federal school in thirteen thousand the certified what you do -- -- are bigger investment. Since the position our agent and they are waiting for you. Because -- theory yells into a dark side then we -- your back while they can't. Particularly here there -- -- black women. Well I think the -- the odds of them hiring these two women -- kind of slam but not say impossible because you said Mary went and then that's it that's a -- -- -- -- -- In retrospect. We -- these two positions or shall I. I got a good sense of humor Tony I like a -- dude -- I'm not I'm not laughing. No neither of my am laughing on the outside crying on the inside there's this this is something that worked. Out -- you know. You bet you got that right at number about -- 000. -- number. It's five are up five black women for white guys and we've seen that or. Oh absolutely got to Tony thank you. -- I would do I would pull pull it except the as he brought up Mary Gwynn that's -- trump card. They had less merry way and go anyway forget that they have let her go. And then at night. When the press and all laughed. We -- about as bad as I bug adjourned bomb she's now the assistant principal I'd be assistance of Britain says she's back. So his question about. What's that say these two won't be back is a legitimate question I think it would take so long what's. The duet but they they're not short on -- because they're glad it deflecting. Blame or responsibility. The barber never says it's up to the employees. To present that yeah and there's certainly a Pam brown says. It was my assumption that they -- -- just takes a month that word. Our resident is not checked anymore. She says it was on the -- our astronauts do they not know these things. It's amazing. So let's go let's all pretend that we can do any job that pays us what we want without any training or certification lets just do it. And when all else fails let's apply for a job in the buffalo school district because they'll hire anybody. Will be back -- would be your government ask where's that teachers young man strangely quiet film. Oh mark is doing a Marcel Marceau imitation.

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