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4-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All well all of what is region governor and I'm sandy beach. Well I can do a show today because for the first time in many many years I find myself. Google us I do not have Google I got so angry at Google yesterday it's a wonder you didn't hear the explosion in buffalo and I live in Pendleton. Tiger about it maybe you're going through the same Google held that I went through. -- All right I know it's it's a generic -- -- -- like jello it's like Scotch tape it stands for search. For you know what -- talk about. Our Google always use the term all the time I need some information it's Google. And has been great. However. And when it used to be simple remember the days when it was simple you simply type in something and would give you all the information needed. And then they started with Google Chrome Google this Google fat you don't -- line extension. It's taking over the world. Well my iPad has been working really great X itself and that about six weeks ago eighties. And update is available for your operating system now I went through an update before and everything got screwed up so I was hesitant. So for the first couple weeks that that was showing. I just ignore it but you can't ignore it because you can't erase that little one is right next studio right next the era a system. So final -- okay. I well I'll I'll I'll go fart I'm a fool I know I know what you which walnut shell BP is under but I'm gonna do it anyway. And sure enough -- screwed up again but the worst part is the global. Here's what happens and it happens all the time and yesterday had enough okay. You're going away and suddenly. A square shows up on your screen. And the square in the middle of the square is a round -- -- ball that is a spending like the earth on its access. With the various colors. You cannot get that off the screen it's impossible the only way to get off the screen is by shutting down the system and restarting. Yesterday it happened four times. In a matter of two hours and I said screw this. I went and I I pushed via the Google icon and started shaking and -- shaking -- did you -- -- put the check mark on it. Put delete it's as if you wanted to delete this you're gonna delete everything that don't although I. And today. I am Google as I am I I don't know what Imus I I tried Mozilla. You suggest the fire boxed up. There's other search engines but I am not I am not dealing with Google anymore there is a machine is a sponsor helpless. That's -- as I -- So I I I want help and I don't need the agreed to buy if I need grief I will work but when I'm at home. I don't have have you guys had any problems that go. I got rid of Google once I heard that they were sharing information. OK so Los somebody said you know like -- article Firefox. And I have used Google in our guys are both Firefox right YouTube yeah I used Firefox four are still go to the Google website says -- search for things but I don't use Koroma -- use -- email to vodka after every every three if you want a -- to redeem miles fine. Yeah I have dumping and my emails worth exploiting so I don't really care and I don't do any banking online or anything like that -- strictly for information and entertainment. But I just haven't. When I was sixteen years old. And I had my first car. I got so mad at my car one time that I went into in my father's garage and took a hammer and smashed lights why -- wanna -- The car didn't do anything that I'd been doing then it started some writers because I'll yeah why. And that I didn't vote them in case a good Seattle one on one -- Every once -- this stuff like that. Through a door at a disk jockey once in Springfield -- the door right off the wall Odom threw a guy out of a window in school. I've these these exit lights in times and so no Google for me. Oh you are completely global Nazi that you and I have resumed -- well not so -- know. There's no go for sandy. I doubt it's questioning whether this is an offense or not this is in the Amber's bitty. And I I always give of the credit because that they wrote an amusing and I think they deserve credit you know -- -- it. I'm just commenting on -- so abuses from the cameras okay. And I thought the law was different a motorist on Niagara Falls boulevard reported that a person driving in another vehicle. Was making obscene gestures. Now I recall there was of our case within the last year. Where a guy was arrested for giving a cop the finger. Okay when -- -- digit organic and it went to court and got thrown out because they rule that giving somebody the finger is free speech. That was in Florida if I'm not mistaken OK now it's as in this. And obscene gesture so it could have been desks which I think is. Is protected or could've been that which is a little more serious it -- been. This which means we -- not a girl now it -- -- -- could have been asked if you're bragging it a lot of things. So we don't know -- -- -- -- -- everyone -- the Italian salute there we go up and out there we yeah that's complete mobile tune exactly with the evil why. Ice -- in any of those. But if they lawyer for this person is listening I -- a little research you'll find that it has been at least in some cases. Judge history's page. I think it's part of what we -- isn't the finger you know is an -- light of all the things that you can do to disparage somebody else. Why this caught on is the economy and who thought of that first person to do that. Wasn't somebody drying their nails. You know get their hand out the window and going like this because the middle finger and dried yet it probably to explain to everybody what they were doing exactly. And then how come how come this the thumb out. Means I'd like to ride in the car with Huey familiar probably a mass murderer and and I'm about to reach up Tibet's. -- out means I need a ride this means you're not driving too well. So I mean who is six. I don't know either a bus so what are you gonna go check Google -- No Larry gave this thing -- doing now is that Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson was playing Vegas. And after the concert a lot of people have visited him as a tour bus you know the best the best line about Willie Nelson's tour buses. Under the cops stop Willie Nelson's tour bus they opened the door and new Pope was elected that is so good I love Willie Nelson who doesn't love Willie Nelson. -- American icon and and truly. A deserving of -- of the unit trauma icon. But they stuffed armadillo. That serves as his mascot. For Willie Nelson has been returned after being kidnapped from a Las Vegas area show. The the big crow was in the bus and there were leaving Vegas when they discovered. That the armadillo was missing -- they called back two officials at the hotel. And they made the you sweep and they found the missing. Armadillo. Days they found it and their returning it to Willie and his next tour -- I'm glad I could get caught up stuffed armadillo. The reverend Texas you'll recognize them there on their back -- their feet up. I saw that -- that either that or -- or the navy ship just. Take a break it will be back tomorrow with the agent count count as operated today now that I'm not tied into Google anymore. Will be back after it. Well congratulations. To Scott Willard Scott has -- got a kind of -- -- will Willard Scott has died and he got married to his long time eleven year. A girlfriend Paris Tina. Paris -- And bitter they're married now and it is eighty. Eighty years old he's been going -- for eleven years so that means that he was 69 women met. And now he is married congratulations dwellers got. Matt Lauer gave the information on The Today Show Willard Scott was with him tenacious is 1980 I -- Willard Scott. I'll tell a lie and I got a good reasons pleasure my birthday -- card -- I hate that because remember when I was on The Today Show. He would wish people 400. At at after -- But anyway happy birthday not happy birthday by happy wedding to view Willard Scott. Okay I'm I'm looking up -- those guys are ready yes OK first made on Buffy season I'm I'm looking under the feces list here. Do whatever it takes to stabilize your position. And enhance your reputation network. Well that's not right now have a reputation work. But that's what it says to do all right. Chris Villarrial I'm a Leo. Leo doing your best to bring about changes that will benefit friends relatives or neighbors. Attending community meetings or events will allow you to take a leadership position grist. Expression of thoughts in your intentions. Love is in the stars. Are -- that Tony what do you rob Lieber. Sign up for an activity hole -- the -- intercom -- it took to deal maybe he should sign up for that maybe I showed him. And you know a couple of -- education and cartoons that we can answer questions it's fun as a net. I sign up for an activity or an event. Or something entertaining you can improve your relationship with special people. If you do things together having fun with the youngsters in your lives. -- -- the uses the Portland youngsters get me out of that room a lot they -- And there is. Plan a family outing or a trip. Are you planning a family on Saturday well -- -- right you're going to -- Rochester right. What are you going to say the -- toward museum. I'll really have a choice of they have they have like sex toys. What I'm still waiting for them to put that winging. Not the bill I think the history of sex is out of -- fascinating maybe we were remote there yeah. Yeah we call it it it. And I can't wait what we're really looking forward to this idea to be fun actually. Yeah so what went museum has its all listening to a museum you better find out yeah Saturday and Amos strong about almost everything in Rochester if you don't -- -- may just put towards stronger as strong -- -- hospitals are -- -- and is a place looking forward to eating their call bill Grey's. 050s style diner. I'm really looking forward -- I think I'm excited about. And let's say April 9 which is what next Wednesday and if I'm not mistaken. People or interest in India Alaska trip we're going to have a seminar here at the radio station. At the -- studios. At 6 PM so people who are insisted. Come through the intercom studios and 6 PM a you can call AAA at 18024. To 4244. Or go to horizon club -- start -- but the reason I'm really excited is I'll be there to Leo albeit they're talking about. Alaska and -- item on -- and all that. But this at 6 o'clock and I'm just -- and if it if it wraps up you know a fairly. -- eighty -- time. Maybe it will take a tour decision and I can introduce each and everyone of you to somebody really cool some he'd -- Cheryl during the show you know I was like a surprise aspect to what he's like right in the middle of something. I'll open the door and bring in forty -- fifty. It's a great idea I think I think that'll be fun yes that'll be one of fun aspects I can't promise that's going to happen. But it could take pictures isn't isn't it exciting part you don't know for sure something's happened but. Maybe it will. Yes okay so that's. That's next Wednesday in San -- got trouble for by the troubled troubles for a city runs a poll what is you las began Parma a tulips for. Spaghetti. -- so. Who's making Matt she acts -- is doing spaghetti Parma pizza I am looking at a picture ID. One. Ball liability or do you have anybody in the kitchen and -- went up. That's what kind of tired out there seen yet it's not a good idea Asian all right I eat sleep -- is spaghetti apartment chefs. But a spaghetti arm pizza because I'm good yeah people at that comment and the chefs. FaceBook page just go dot com so it's been out for a while this is restaurant weeks it's a good time for them tool. To let everybody know yeah they posted a picture of yesterday in my eyes just attacked the screen this to be the greatest pairing when you have spaghetti -- pizza sensed chocolate and -- water. Like that that was by accident. I'm sure somebody in the kitchen accidentally put spaghetti -- on a pizza. You know maybe they had -- there -- rumors regarding apartments fell on the pizza by accident and they said well let's see what it takes like. And -- military said. This is fabulously itself. And that that's how it that's a great inventions camera I mean this is just inquire your member of the anchor bar we're trying to Theresa and I was accidental. Scope of an accident will find out yeah leftists will seriously that I'm just one yeah anything and we're -- is an. I -- we got to do today any any fun stories about the children you know how much enjoyed. Hits I mean I do auto -- -- a moment there want your children that some Q that -- didn't -- -- Samantha runs up and hugs nick now and she's about one -- she's sixteen months six -- one you know 13 -- here in. And nick is six yes all right so that's Q is the its Tokyo is a growing. He's still do. You put your you put your -- his pictures and -- well. I do a lot for my mother because my mother can't get out of the house -- -- -- be able to go I'll always go to see her so. Is that Chris courtesy of the Heisman. Videos now that I've learned how to do the -- eyes on the phone. Very thoughtful view you don't think of your mother never enjoy it while other people read your FaceBook page is the deal the deal of the day just a little like if it's just like Google in the goal that you won't hurt my feelings I -- figure out how to put their Google square box on your -- -- -- Are there any else's having that problem. I have not heard of anybody mention but then again most I think most people at least that I know don't part of Marty Pasko OK -- always come back. I'm used so many -- hockey terms okay. We've had two scores to this is a hi cookies and now we're looking of our hat trick I hat trick from home in buffalo school board. Yes Scott -- out unqualified candidate -- got rid of unqualified candidate who but we still have not so great and a higher number three Aaron Maybin would like -- -- the -- make him a hat trick will talk about that or combat under greater event Saturday and I'm thinking you know. Spaghetti arm pizza from ships are through ago will be back. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WBA and. Backward vision governor I'm sandy beach. If you -- a town if you're from another area and you've been following what's going on on the -- school district -- of the two administrators. Who were not qualified we don't mean that they have all of the all the educational requirements as as Warburg O'Donnell they didn't have the educational requirements needed for the job. In any other area it would be oh you don't have the proper credentials. Your fired Donald Trump would say that immediately you're fired on -- OK he -- this. It is a long saga. And you got this side got that side got men and women the all kinds of stuff getting involved well. You wonder why it's pretty simple. You don't have the qualifications needed. And both you know the person that hired you should all be done however -- of the two people. A year amoled Williams and faith Morris and Alexander are now officially done it to -- it was like war and peace. It was like took forever. With all the posturing and whatever all of the innuendoes but they're finally gone and I'm thinking. At least it's two steps in the right direction. What about a -- trek. For both of you know -- that means three okay what about a hat trip. I'd like I'd like to see -- them look at that Pamela brown because I think Pamela brown has been. Very ineffective I think she's been times. At least of the public very devious. Is she's like the Teflon you know you're -- or Teflon Don on -- were nothing stuck to -- of course the last one them. Government put him in jail. And he died there but so we're talking about nothing sticks to Pamela brown. Even even as there are going up and it didn't stick to Pamela brown for some reason she is the the the Teflon superintendent. I'm here I'm working from an article by Sandra ten. Sandra is stand. It is December 10 of the Buffalo News okay. The about a school board voted unanimously. Wednesday to fire higher ranking administrators. -- Morrison Alexander and you -- Williams because they lack the certification to do their jobs. Now that's all is necessary. As a whole story right there they didn't have been required certification. If you get stopped by a policeman and you're driving a car. And you don't have a license. And he gives you a ticket that's noticed that. That's restored complete innocent bottomless and provide a license and are going to be -- to prohibit so the bottom line is that should -- Burnett. And as I said everything is dragged out everything's theatrical well. Finally the aboard -- right and to show you its legal. Advice they probably had is it was a unanimous vote. That really shocked me. I think they had no choice but to do it and I think you know I'm sure that. Yeah about Latin faith are wonderful people there are very nice there -- kind to animals. And the remote afar and from up all of a lion or whatever they did. I'm sure there -- great but they weren't qualified. At the end of the story. Educational lawyer Carl Chris -- made it clear. Two superintendent Pamela brown and board members that despite earlier intentions to try to retell them. On as interns what they were going to do as. Let them go as administrators. Where there are making 100000 plus each. Okay and then bring him back. As interns. And while bring them back is intern did we forget -- value of it. They spent taxpayer money to the tune of thirteen thousand dollars for an extra education get him to where they're supposed to be before they got the job in the first place yet. That's what they're gonna do there are gonna. A suggests that for using grant money. To send them back to school to learn. And get the certification necessary to do the job. It's required and they didn't. But Alexander Williams could not fulfill that role according to a lawyer. The internship certification. Granted to them by the state Education Department last week. Did -- make them eligible to perform some of the duties. But it did not give them -- full authority to execute all of the responsibilities. And that was really taken -- consideration. For the final decision so it talked. To get that final decision. Able -- that are leaving out the fact that they didn't have the qualifications or lying. The interview process. In which the person interviewing them whether it was Pamela brown are terrorists then who also was cut -- and she brought back. Either not asking or being lied to. A -- Barbara liberals said the chairman of the Sherman president of the board said it was her impression. That they had this certification and they didn't so the school board voted okay for a contract aren't but it truck that that they didn't have it. And they spent thirteen thousand dollars to get education to get it. And they got an internship certification that would let him do some of it but not all of it and they couldn't do the hold jobs that it took. That to let him -- just amazing just absolutely amazing. As -- neither administrator would be able to evaluate other personnel. Without having another certified district administrator actually shadowing their work. Going out of the superintendent out just. How we have we have a Pamela -- Who are paying a boatload of money and that we have her training Wales who are also paying double the money. So you you got that at the exact same thing in the in this -- and office. Video resolutions Safire Williams. She was the district's chief of curriculum. Assessment and instruction. And Alexander -- on this -- she's -- school leadership. Syria that you're gonna have good leadership one of the -- and leadership is the get things are not qualified for okay. The lawyer Crist offset in both cases the board approved the terminations. While stating that the actions and and this is nice this is a little going away kiss okay. The actions do not reflect negatively. On the administrators competence. Or contributions to the district. Via. All that the word confidence. And it means the ability and the legality. And this is my own definition. Of love being able to do the job. Okay if if if you're not licensed to -- the job it doesn't matter what kind of with schedule our bottom line is not competent job because you -- credentials. You don't have the credentials. Brown called the decision very difficult. So that was made after a lot of fact finding you know it would have been nice if she did some fact finding mutual before she hired some folks who is gonna think that. The do the work -- a higher but it's not as hard to worry about getting rid of them. And does a lottery search over the past few weeks she praised them both. For the work they did until placed on unpaid leave. We appreciate the contributions that they made to the district. Go watch -- a way out. She said they certainly in every way appeared to appeared most what lawyer -- this recently have appeared. To have the qualifications the work in the district all via. Like your brain surgeon may appear to have the qualifications but I want my brain surgeon to have the qualification not a have them but to actually have. This -- spent thirteen thousand dollars of your money. Intuition to help Alexander way -- Williams completely course work necessary at Sony does wiggle state. For them to continue it will be up to the two former administrator -- side whether they want to continue their participation in the program. And that's that so it was a cluster. From the beginning to the end but the bottom line is if you try to get people into the jobs that men are qualified for New -- caught -- that that's the problem. You've got to be either better editor stop doing it doesn't hurt when -- don't that don't do that. Anymore so I'm asking buffalo school district got a two alleged administrators now wonder ago. And I should we go over that trick and find out. You know if we if we thought about these 20 you can imagine. How many others are that we don't know about wouldn't -- like to see some kind of audit. Top to bottom. Every person every dollar every penny of the buffalo school system because keep in mind that's a big on -- get -- billion dollars. A year we'll be back with more with beach company. There are more problems. It had not aware of anymore certification problems. In his region company well to have been Rome to already the 20 administrators or not academically qualified for the job. Are finally out. I only it was like gestation period of an elephant. But it's gone all right but I think maybe we should go for the hat trick the third one and that would be the superintendent. By the way if you want to -- FaceBook page. This is a rare a follow but it wasn't generally available you'll see if you go wanna comment on this a photo of the person who came in second. Two in the superintendent's. -- race when there were looking for a new superintendent. In the race where they hired. They actually hired a ground. This is the personal came in second so if you wanna see their picture as they. You know you don't tell people who came in second but this is that I think it would give your good handle on the -- school. -- trailed 9301806. -- a -- -- music star 930 Bryant a cellphone. Bryant WB. I'm -- what do you think should it go for a hat trick or -- -- slowly you know it seems very clear that these apparent that you know. -- brown and a you know credentialed and well. She's just not up while patients shouldn't have what it takes. You know it's you have superintendent then there's the alerts you go corporation. And I you know we're seeing what's going out with GM you know -- forged earlier just like the -- that it really the current era. You asked -- we don't have any a vote of no confidence so like they doing in some countries in Europe because this would be what we get here. The only things she points to as an accomplishment of any consequence is better attendance records that's yet. The the other numbers don't show much of -- -- apprehended this is a district in desperate need of of reform and improvement. Well as you notice that its CEO. Sergeant you know all -- site cute you know -- that's where you don't have you're getting people that are qualified. Don't let anybody in the play ultimately. Don't want it to her you know the older you get the person that. Fired -- and prove you brought little or recommendation. You don't. So this shouldn't happen where there should be dismissed or you know that particular warriors -- -- ten million dollars that happened. As you know I'm glad you mentioned that because in this article in the problem goes. The board president Barbara never also the responsibility. For these women have the proper sort of creation and lies in the employees themselves. Another words she's saying it's not our fault and what she's saying is we thank them for their service but they lied through their teeth in order to get it. Couldn't agree more volatile all district and maybe they shouldn't. I'm here in Britain. Back the thirteen thousand plus salaries. There you open a document out there that's all that I believe it at -- Yeah I had everybody here is bending over backwards to thank them for for the work they did while they were here so this is like it. It's like that car has pulled up a little smoke aren't all the clowns are getting out of all the same time thank you Brian I think we're on the same page -- this one. Yeah got a look at these quote keep in mind everybody's point and everybody else it's like the circular firing squad there where everybody goes in the hand. Brown has this is this over and -- has maintained that she was on the way her. That the administrators did not have the proper certification needed to do the jobs that they were hired for so here let's let's play let's -- the players here. Brown person responsible said she was unaware. Barbara never goal the chairman of there is the president of school board said its really up to the candidates another words. Anybody that shows up that tells you they have some there's there's no verification and is known -- checks and balances. Soul slapped. Baby Mary. Any any fingers pointing at merry land because nobody now is taking nine credit wouldn't be in the right or responsibility for hiring these people nobody. Pam brown said. I thought they were. Raided its. Okay. And and -- well it's up to them to really say we haven't heard anything from when it's incompetence. It is incompetence of laughed at its incompetence that right. And that's what we have for our billion dollars of taxpayer money. Barbara never goal. Said the responsibility for the women will have to have the proper certification rests with the employees themselves. Though there was an -- expectation that the human resources department would assessed. Williams and Alexander have received no pace while that's good I thought -- we're gonna kick amount and give a lifetime of medical coverage and a car. Some parting gifts like a quiz show. No -- says there -- -- that label receive no pay now they've been fired she also said there will be some restructuring of existing staff. To cover of the work Williams and Alexander were going I would have to ask this while I was met them before if that job they each earned. Over 200 -- over a 100000 okay so and I'm looking at. Well let's rounded up and say a quarter million dollars between the two of them by benefits and salary whatever. And now you'll find that you can cover with the existing staff. Why didn't they you know why didn't they do that in the first you know lines because it's too much money there to be spent. -- many you know many cookies to hand out. Exactly why buffalo school system may have too much money instead of not enough yeah and maybe. Maybe the other members ever -- sorority or ever. I already had jobs maybe she just ran out of places to find good incompetent employees. We've -- what more would region company under is greater amount that we are WB yet.

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