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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>GM Recall Thoughts - "The Car Coach" Lauren Fix

GM Recall Thoughts - "The Car Coach" Lauren Fix

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The massive GM recalled the hearings this week in Washington before. At Capitol Hill we're talking about the swing with Lauren fix the car coach who's on the WB and my -- nice to have you on thanks for joining us. -- you were there this week yes and hands reading through a lot. You know how all first of all -- in your opinion how is GM handling this. By Mary -- you know -- -- position three months so she during the -- and -- Attorney she's got experience there. If you were to supply chain and engineering and global strategy and development. I mean it's -- you really think it could put the company in jeopardy at the -- -- 86008. And documentation. Then they'll let it looks so bright torture -- -- Lauren -- GM ignition problem. A lot apparently initiated a string to the associated problems with the vehicles involved including power steering power brakes airbags. Can you explain for our listeners. What does was about wasn't just a loss of power or is is there more to. Well really what -- -- -- parking lot or parking garage where every park you vehicle or no power to what they called -- that need it and. -- you're here today and that airbag a lot of the. Practical or at all that the in the current -- He just pure. When your key in the ignition. And that particular vehicle and you turned to eke out 30 and then the mode. That was the car in Everett and charged up obviously. He didn't have a spring this spring when you turn it -- and -- -- -- If it bounced back in the country already op mode because the fact the remote propped open there. And the -- adopted. You're driving on the road at apple a bumpy road trip by actors. You're about what our whole country. He could back out easily omni -- that are off. You -- actual action it. I don't care who you're you're like or might actually happen. And -- your natural reaction did not turn the car backpack and unfortunately the car behind you or I'm going to -- -- -- about an hour six. All cars from you war there's no we determined we all the brakes don't work. That's the problem they weren't prepared meaning and a bigger concern when -- you're trying to get the cargo ports on the road make -- an -- factor. There and fortunate enough to twelve. A three hitter in Reno Air bag deployment and many more -- that we completely Estonia. Obviously Jim customers are gonna have a lot of anxiety over this but I mean when your opinion. A what -- what's your advice what she UG two algae and customers to do. If you own 100 vehicles that are recalled that -- -- ignition switch current -- dealer operation beginning a little replacement -- replacement. Our Tumblr then. It's boats you can -- -- next week Sergio it's a shame that it two dollar part that that ain't got in the accident. It's your concerns are not driving -- -- and go to the dealers what's -- you'll rat hole. -- even at Eckerd and they're no longer whip up dinner -- at -- GM -- should be -- Chevy should be able to help you if I want to other recall list. What are you order and EL ROX Cadillac you -- bring Chevy Silverado there are other problems great problems and their district be proactive about I have to get GM credit for that. I think that this is something that you should be very aware and act out like you might it to. Something's telling this is something deadly serious -- -- have a car analyst. Please call your local shut your reporting accurate here about well we'll get you rental car GM is paying for -- -- I don't know of the number one. Lauren and because of the bankruptcy. Would a GM many people are aware. The GM released a different company than the original General Motors and all these cars were made GM legally cannot be held responsible. For problems. Like this ignition switch. They say however you know GM's. CEO Mary Barrett admitted though the company as a moral responsibility and they are going to address it. So there has to alleviate some fears because a lot of people don't know that GM really is not responsible. Legally. I -- -- bankruptcy legally when Steven Ratner came and they hired. Wet Rick Wagner and I didn't attack and Ballard checked it goodbye get. Ignored could be found who could have. Probably had to repeat probably won't disclose that -- -- obviously -- check. -- do what can disappear. They took over the company and it also owned Delphi at the time and -- I was the manufacturer of the action which who the plight of all be part. And the old GM and the what looked up to all be part. We've got at least you party at fault here we have the government involved running the company. Before you put them into bankruptcy. And I get up and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here. The problem it would with the economy -- very very bad Bentley years. And the results are -- if they can prove that General Motors the old GM was legally hiding. During the time of the bankruptcy. They lose -- bet you protection and they're gonna go after the old Julia here's the problem who revealed -- It would run by the government Steven -- which means you're tired back there will be footing the bill. And I really think today Delphi who could afford a billion dollar MGM. And potentially of the federal government general aren't put. A very -- -- Japan in view of victims aren't. So that the company that was lost a family member had to figure accident can get some sort of payback. While -- nice talking with you this morning thank you. That said Lauren fix the car coach joining us on the WB Ian lifeline.

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