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Roswell; Science Museum Team Up On Mummy CT Scan

Apr 3, 2014|

Dr. Peter Loud

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A mummy that's -- the buffalo science museum collection since the early nineteen hundreds it is subject of this interview. The folks at the museum has sought out medical science to help them learn more about those -- how old it is male or female how the person died. Let's talk about -- -- of our next guest is doctor Peter allowed. The vice -- but diagnostic radiology. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor allowed thank you for joining us. Good morning good QQ so this mommy has had a CT scan is that right. Yes CT scan was performed last night on the money. And he's gonna let me spend. -- -- him for over a hundred years put the very little was known about it and hasn't been executed. But now with the upcoming. -- of the world exhibit this was a good time to. -- this money out and try and learn more about it. How well preserved was the -- actor. Oh well it was very dried out yeah they're different types of mummies. -- that are preserved. Are officially in those that are. Naturally preserved in the -- on the and then naturally preserved. Sort of money way that the body was very dried out. We were very pleased that the the skeleton itself was in very good condition. Not -- stand measures are crushing but the soft tissues are very dried out not let -- goes. Are you able to determine how long this body has been mummified who's a thousand years. More than. I don't know that CT -- doesn't really help put that. The game could do you know of carbon dating and advanced. Technically path and actually going to they have made it who -- over 600 usual. Now it was a child right isn't that then have been out there before that this that's what -- -- But it will be a moment and what's -- if it's possible through your scam that you might know or learn how the child died. Well it was certainly one of the hopes of the exercise. We gravitate to get a pretty good idea the agent. The considered soft spot on the go continental. Missile opened occasionally see and took -- their under eighteen months to years of age. Both -- very young child. And then. Are the cause of death you know no smoking gun here no. -- obvious trauma to the bones -- Other injuries and at the top -- issues where now will preserve some. Navy men may remain a mystery. And you don't know if it. And you don't know this is a male or female will you be able to determine. I expect we will. Preliminarily. At some of bony structure in the pelvis contestant. Likely -- but we need to penalize them more the experts that the painting him -- -- that in the last time with the the images. But we understand to be four to six weeks before all Leah analysis is done -- but. What I -- I -- you probably wanna use this as a teaching tool but what else might you you get from us. Well it certainly it was a unique exercise stress we haven't had done this with the money before they were using this sort of technology and patient every day. In diagnosing and -- up cancer patients. But -- was and great collaboration with the kind museum. I mean we look forward to in the future as well. The CT -- doctor how long did it take. The. He's going to be very rapid and the order of ten to fifteen seconds and -- very thin. Sub millimeter. Actions undertaken and and those can be reconstructed into a three dimensional image. -- to see some of those images on the buffalo. -- web site. So he'll have a 3-D image then. Eventually that you can probably release of this child. Yeah and I expect -- will be part of the upcoming exhibit -- -- him. OK doctor thank you for joining us this morning good to talk and you. Doctor Peter -- is our guest is my share of diagnostic radiology at Roswell park cancer institute and the smarmy of this child will be on display. Along with thirty other mummies on the money so the world exhibition. It opens April 12 for a limited engagement of the museum.