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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Defending Common Core - Regents Chancellor Bob Bennett

Defending Common Core - Regents Chancellor Bob Bennett

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Bennett is with us on the WB and -- chancellor emeritus with the New York State Board of Regents Bob good morning. The concourse being challenged more than ever about right now what about these numbers of kids that were reporting on. Opting out of the statewide tests this week 25000. Statewide. Well and in Western New York or 98000. Students eligible to take the test I don't know what the numbers here. But I'm told by the state that the number statewide is about the same -- slightly larger. And last year wouldn't be my recommendation to opt out. These three story tests that a requirement. No Child Left Behind for fourteen years. I am gathering that the people are objecting to a bit more pressure of -- more thorough. -- the first country learning standards called the common core. So -- -- I'd be asking teachers and administrators more about the common core standards. Since all of these questions and all of these tests are based on one or more of the standards. In each grade level but suspect they don't determine whether the child goes to the next grade level or I never pay out. But are used to when you talked about the at the numbers he said the same -- taking about the same are taking it this year that ticket last year sorry saying then that. This number they were reporting and is not much different than than than previous years. And what I would -- yesterday but all the numbers aren't in yet that they think it's slightly larger show. They of course toward the 2000 last year let me 25000 this year but I'll I'll -- out on the veranda. I tell you folks what it is what I signed. And I'm Bob we have talked many many times over the past few months about common core learning standards but. You know it's only been lately that folks are really beginning to pay attention. Are you disappointed that the governor. And there's laundry list of state politicians is lined up against a common core because it. Just isn't cool anymore but the State's concerns have been expressed or handled differently. Well -- assembly and legislature are. Supported our recommendations regarding timing or -- the governor didn't know anything about the common -- this really has always been in my opinion about teacher evaluation. They stand the common core and quite frankly most of the destruction by Erica. Got on board three and a half years ago started returning their faculty. Started to shift their teaching and all the other at a OG and the market places I visit the mart sees it. And making of the biggest deal out of it but the protesters are so I think that -- supported and that. People are not well informed about the nature. Of the learning standard and about the use in the schools. And are finding them quite valuable what you can't do what -- standard -- each of the past. And that has spent a custom courses are very bad one should bury bad article you can do that. And so test prep this should be a thing of the past. About a website we're running a web poll on whether kids should be allowed to opt out or not and it's almost split down the middle and 5050. And when I wanna get your reaction to that -- and whether there's a penalty for students who opt out. I don't believe there's a penalty and the probably shouldn't be I don't think it's a wise decision. And I really would like to dig a little deeper stroke wise apparent shows. -- to have their child opt out. One of the reasons why it is too stressful. Well life is stressful and I think that this is one indicator and only one indicator. Of a child's progress. But the real change that it appears as turner what's in the legislation is that every single teacher spoke to have a student learning objective for every child their classroom. I don't know why -- could ever be dead. So parents should really go in and ask are what do your object -- -- -- -- for this year and how they asked about the state -- two granddaughters to take the state test. I -- America and that's not the important question important question are there teachers is how they've been trying to teach to the standards. Well Bob we are talking about the standards they're very very controversial here in New York State. Especially controversial here on the buffalo where you do you know is the same thing going on. In other states were common core has been adopted in -- making a big deal of those two isn't as controversial. In other cities visitors here. I don't I don't think it is controversial. Here. Or other states that it is here and and I do go back to the issue of I think that via. The teachers and then. Mobile Irish Jews say this isn't a bad thing the teacher evaluation -- not fair. Shouldn't be done and by the way that's under polish and trying to point -- based on -- state assessment. Eighty are totally local the curriculum has totally local so people really objective should really -- -- deeper on the teacher evaluation law commonly known as a PPR. -- another question Torre if more and more kids decide not to take. These tests howl that impact teacher evaluations. Well -- it would it would jeopardize that I think from it being an honest evaluation I think that stroke on purpose. Each has their -- have a moment in math and English and 18% of the teachers are teaching math and English so I think that that would -- a relatively comparatively. Small number. Yes in fact that the test administration becomes very seriously jeopardized. And we would be jeopardizing about three billion dollars in Adelaide and the state. Our Bob -- to join us this morning thank you. -- that's Bob Bennett chancellor emeritus with the New York State Board of Regents.

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