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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Another Shooting At Ft. Hood - Jeff McCausland

Another Shooting At Ft. Hood - Jeff McCausland

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBOs military consultant Jeff McLaughlin joins us next on the WB and lively and as we've sort through what happened yesterday at Fort Hood Texas. Jeff good morning thank you for taking the time to be -- The former Iraqi war veteran being treated for depression and other post war issues. I guess we would think. But authorities that the base would work to be absolutely sure. That this man did not have any access to any weapons. Are we right or wrong about this. Well throw it again -- our regulations for a soldier to have a concealed carry and be on the installation that being there isn't clear at this juncture whether Lopez who lived on the bases Taylor -- -- off base housing. But he all these bases live within the you know within the social structure of the communities that where their located. Obviously. Fort Hood in Texas. There's pretty easy access for purchasing firearms and stated taxes he obtained a concealed carry permit from the state of taxes. That's the question to gain a weapon on the base. Fort Hood has over 45000. Soldiers thought about 9000 civilians work there. Plus all the failing to just not physically possible. To check every individual within the -- checked there automobiles. You know every single day as they come on and off so my guess is he could very easily brought the weapon on base. Karrie Webb who have been conquered over regulation he could have been prosecuted for that from there aren't you -- object but obviously you ignored that. Here we -- -- to put some of the pieces together on this and among the first things that we're learning about the the shooter. He was in Iraq War -- he was being treated for mental illness and the commanding general at Fort Hood lieutenant general mark -- So the gun was taking medication. To get assistance for what he called mental and behavioral issues. Is undergoing behavior help psychiatric treatment for depression. And anxiety and a variety of other psychological psychiatric. So Jeff where do they go from here and that's. But it ago Mir through this course -- look through those medical records because one of the questions are going to be. It'll what motivated this young man to do what he did and is -- -- connection between that behavioral health treatment the medications he was taking. And this particular -- -- is my understanding. But the full diagnosis had not been completed in which case that go to get a quality actually had PT EST that was still. An effort in progress. While there may be a connection I think would be you know what an appropriate force to adjust to the conclusion that every person suffering from PT at the is the vocational on the -- of -- America vote that obviously. Not true the tech connection between behavioral health issues in any easier access to weapons. Once again and seems to -- a central issue in this shooting as it has been so many others on military bases and offer alternatives. I look on the base with his wife but apparently those psychiatric issues. Were apparently not serious enough to require. Hospitalization. Were you might have been closely watched. The there appears to be the case Jonathan there are many people who suffer from Pete yesterday. If there was the issue of behavioral health issues. That are you know -- treated and an out patient manner and only those who you know benefits really extreme problems are in fact hospitalized. Did this play out the way it was supposed to once this happens on the base and it was a female officer -- and gauge the shooter and a standoff which eventually led. -- self inflicted gunshot. Look they it has yet to -- it as they -- worked fairly well quite actually is the consequence management. Once this year have been identified that a struggle locked there on this massive base. A pretty darn quickly in the response while law enforcement at least this early juncture. Seems to have been quite good as you also pointed out you know -- confrontation by female military policemen but actually stop this. That is -- from creating further actual. It or Jeff after the previous for a -- hood massacre we thought that security at the gates of the base. And other vigils around the country would have been improved -- those guys bought a gun outside of the base and got back into the -- is about being searched. Yeah it could have been there it would begin to let's say others there's 45000 people working -- objections and as you come on the base security saw him there. You're given a Victor sticker for your automobile which is allowed just beat back that can you're coming on -- off very very routine I do that the bases closed by the work. I live right here. -- -- to physically search every single automobile every single day from literally tens of thousands of people coming on off military installation. He is just not it's just not possible. Because the grants due to the weapons on and off I think is a fairly easy thing. The real line of defense here anyway it is frankly the soldiers in his unit those people side with him. Who could identify when this person starts to manifest in over a series this year. Green at the attention of the proper command authorities or medical authorities -- in fact received treatment. Like Jeff good to talk with the a lot of good information from you this morning thank deal. CBS military consultant Jeff -- -- on the WB -- line.

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