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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Board Dismisses 2 Employees - Carl Paladino

School Board Dismisses 2 Employees - Carl Paladino

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And our big story from the buffalo board of education -- -- and Alexander in the -- all that Williams too high level administrators whose jobs have been in limbo. Because they lacked the proper New York State certifications for their jobs. Are no longer employed buffalo school board meeting in executive session late yesterday. Voted to terminate Morrison Alexander and Williams the two were on unpaid leave working to come back into the district those interns. When the school board voted to fire them. Joining us on the WBM live line with buffalo school board member Carl Paladino Carl good morning. -- morning so tell us how this came down. Well it -- It was delayed last week because. They wanted to find out more information -- to district certification. Opal. It was confirmed that they did did not hand -- certificates. And once that was confirmed the contracts became Null and void -- and shield from from the beginning. Because the country acceptable application clause which basically says that if you don't have -- all but given that these qualifications. It is the country occasional Ford. So good after that they were they were out -- and administrative leave without pay. And then. The the board did determine. Well at that point paperwork. Discharged. Under the the country was discharged quickly. Do you police remained employees will soul -- night. Went through lengthy discussion and that's determined that they were. To be discharged. Nobody is above the law. We're pleased to. We make an exception conflicts. Outside the law but the law's the -- and that's what happened. Carl where you're surprised of the vote to terminate -- these two women. It was unanimous. Well it wasn't. It really wasn't in and I think the board could do in the board. Council. Clearly. I had to discharge them because that's with the losses. Don't if you don't have a certificate to hold that position. You don't work at it. When you were in executive. Session there was a lot of attention. You're in the dollar along those -- a lot of action -- -- What was there any reaction from the school superintendent. You know group. Mean you know if. The superintendent and the the majority on the board. Or look at traditional ways to be able to get around situation that -- it just can't. Well after the meeting. Those schools superintendent doctor Pamela grounds into agree that in the future. They're gonna be very diligently comes to examining the certifications of people. But the higher so that has to be a good thing about what do you think it was really doctor Pamela brown who hire of these two people to begin with Karl. No I I don't I think it was -- quarter. Excuse -- de facto. Superintendent at that time that they were -- And they did follow the rules they just to. There's a lot of this stuff going and conclusion of. You have indicated that there may be more. And positions like this are are there still are. You mean more certification sorry older more problems. I'm not aware of any more certification problems. -- we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Thank you buffalo school board member Carl Paladino.

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