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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Todd Hathaway - Contends Common Core A Crock

Todd Hathaway - Contends Common Core A Crock

Apr 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's turned education now time Hathaway is joining us on the WB and landline Easter are high school teacher. Todd good morning. -- seems like we're hitting a boiling point this week with common core due to the standardized testing that's going on across the state with third through eighth graders. We're hearing in Thailand that parents of more than 25000. Kids statewide. Have opted out of these tests does that surprise issue. You're -- -- -- great going to be big failed to articulate you hear that. The value of the -- -- very critical. You very critical of the way the state has handled this how were you chosen. To be on the governor's common accord task force how did you prepare for your role what happened when you got there why you're so disappointed -- I am I would bring in what we're bored by ID here -- injured you I was part of me. Wait a teachers -- -- Robert pop in his office early meet the other panel. I'm when we got there we met or maybe sit there hour five hour to return acrimony. We spent an hour half barely eating lunch in the I think. Some of these issues you're rushed out there they rushed out a preliminary report to -- -- this very issue were good with. And that's why are very critical yeah has little record -- particularly what's or. -- do think the test course was just kind of a rubber stamp Thomas. I I think it would -- the political well I'm forty governor to be peaceful. Eight. I'm all been there he would not happy. Have you passed on your feelings to any high level people in -- I yet I have -- it -- many are senator legislature -- later -- the men and women as well. Obama compared. Did you attend this meeting in his -- last Saturday that was sponsored by. Assemblyman David DiPietro. I know I was unable to attend but I heard a lot of things about it most of them out. It will this backlash that we seem to be witnessing this week we think this is headed. I don't I'm not sure were added to do it in the Anwar are elect the leader in Albany. Choose to do wearing a bit these parents and educators. Once you pick that spot or are you not going to invert and that is not an issue -- all the eastern area. It's -- or how the implemented on the part of it is lion habitat are laid out in minister. How would you propose they fix it. I think we need to have a real here and a conversation about the value common core value which I think lecture and teachers understand. My teacher play what the standard -- a multitude black it to attract those standard practice at one site that -- -- -- pro. -- three years DePaul or air understand what in the theater I go back regret these standards in -- though there's the need of our student at multiple levels. In an articulate to repair it and work with but -- -- So they know if it -- certainly that fear that -- -- with irony here because of them. We're talking live with top Hathaway toddlers and destroy or high school teacher Todd what do you think of all these kids who have opted out of taking the tests. Is not a good idea. You know I think immediately is it then we've really failed and that -- unity particularly if -- here and the value. That there -- Erik Howard -- -- RP IRT. It appeared there was never convinced than ever a fully explain the value of these because it's never been done it teacher and administrator it and everybody. It would have given out my -- from Albany you want to -- it. You'll do this for no real your reason it back. And it you don't like it. Which -- it kind of animosity from the state level down to the local level it's not a party either opt out. And what's the point of these tests I think I heard you say earlier that. There really isn't much of an incentive for kids to do well on them. Well the most important factor student achievement to student if that still doesn't give credit if anything I'm productive to do it. And these are what provide an -- registered. No region -- that -- ordered by an instructional or. That's not true. Last year it took six months sporty. Are on new report we get back to district and our political -- -- and so -- getting -- pork back he -- backbeat. I applicability of that six months later you -- the window. I'm so there's no real about it -- besides trying to find -- backwards way of evaluating teachers and school district. I'm by using a pool the data were produced in the primary. Have you heard any numbers from your district. And the number kids that have opted out this week. I am not I'm guessing probably eighty a hundred that's just surplus -- but I really have not heard much about it. OK I -- doesn't involve you because your high school these are for third through eighth right. Todd thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it nice talking with you thank you that's -- are high school teacher Todd Hathaway.

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