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4-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE -- I wore us down upon the -- with great benefit but yeah. India the whole movie -- Moderately anxious and my -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a right protest it was a because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied me. There really is nothing like a short time it. Hey it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Well it's early on news radio 930 WBE and thank you very much for being with -- Augusta I go to my FaceBook. Page and this isn't the topic today but there. I'm going to pin to the top of my page something I originally posted on March 28. A lot of questions about that -- -- And what's -- -- Dennis now Dennis as you may remember. Is a real hero to me Dennis is an inspiration to me. Because. Dennis was the guy. Who fought for justice for two people who were wrongly put behind bars. And his fight for justice. To see the right thing done got him and that it. And it. The -- -- high. From some fellow officers and people in the judicial system. Because they never make mistakes. They'd have to admit that people behind bars. Who never committed a crime for which they were convicted. So I put that they popped up my FaceBook page Erica and Dennis Khaleda has a lot of fans out there. And only people who have been through what Dennis has been through. In fighting for the right thing. Can appreciate the told it can take on you physically. Psychologically. On your family. On your friendships. And and all of your life. Nobody ever said fighting for the right thing was popular or easy. Dennis knew that. And Dennis did it anyway. So Dennis -- gives us an update on what's going on with his life on my FaceBook page I put it to the top of my age. My topic. Today deals with. Addiction. And I wanna set this up I have got a call but I wanna finish up from yesterday actually writes the guy with the gambling situation. But heroin. -- -- Cocaine. Technology cellphones -- parents. The Internet. -- sex. Wrote. What addiction. Has most closely touched you. Or. Your family. And wanna tell you before you call it. I know that many view -- I'm not Joseph sympathy. I'm not Sally -- -- real. I will be Joseph empathy. Not sympathy card maybe -- but folks that are on the block a few times are right. When you call in and if I have an experienced some of these things people I know -- love. So when you call in I don't want to think you're going to be calling in to a doctor or. Whomever doctor war. You're gonna enter a non judgment zone. Because one of the things. What we just focused on the heroin problem and we're breaking it up every addiction to. One of the things. About the heroin problem. That was loud and clear what we focused on it. That was the day the buffalo school went into lockdown with the guy and the guy and number that are right. Heroin is everywhere. Good parents and good families can have children who are susceptible to heroin addiction heroin overdose heroin death. You will enter a non judgment zone. Does this make me a liberal know it makes me a human being. I know that people are people. And that people have various weaknesses to various temptations. And I'm Smart enough to know that what is a temptation form -- may not be a temptation for you. And what is you worm wood is not my -- You know but we all have -- that. Either for ourselves or in our families. -- which addiction has most closely touched you or your family. And it's going to be a non judgments on a -- and yell -- That's -- bottom line. You're gonna have -- -- Tell your story you're gonna people listening to your. But I'm not gonna yell and scream at you and call you some kind of an immoral eight if you got hooked on -- okay -- our -- can't do. I I stopped being judgmental. Probably about five years ago. I admired my judgment full quota what will aid now. Weighed down. Here is -- Mike again in the Cheektowaga. Now Mike I'm so glad you called in because you're the guy of whom I spoke when I started off by talking about addictions about a half hour ago. I could not get you up my mind last night. And part of the reason I kept thinking about -- was I kind of felt like I let you down. Because you were telling me about basically how lonely you are you had your brother to look after year he had medical issues and that was about it. And I feel like a lay it down by not talking about the opportunity ahead the volunteer. And make a whole new support base of friends talked him. Yeah -- -- -- elect yesterday were talking about -- London. -- sit above. Both the casino and stuff you know didn't even matter because if this record high. You know you're gambling and you'll win -- -- if he's if we can't hide they never did drugs in my life. Sure it. Sure -- met Mike I have to interrupt you because. Endorphins. Are released just like natural opiates you know basically you -- a runner's high when you win gambling that's like quick draw. Attracts a compulsive personality type so you might out of -- illegal drugs but you were getting mechanical fix up gambling -- -- in Europe ago where. Yeah in my old man told me if I ever did drugs -- my neck. And never did any drugs but. I gambled that everything -- not -- you know I want to Odeon I want it took me British tracks dog cracks. I worked normal job -- many years I had a good job. And I went I haven't went to a lot of different states gamble -- It was just there was like I. Well of course I mean you know and here's Mike you have brought up something that is so important that I will emphasize over and over and over again Thursday. The reason people become addicted this stuff is it makes them feel better now it may be a pseudo high. Not based on genuine happiness were genuine contentment but it's still high whether it's opiates heroin cocaine what ever makes you feel good. That's why you keep doing it even though it's deleterious to your mental or physical health. Mike are you able to get out of the house to make some new friends so you can enjoy. Your life because you seem like such an awesome guy. And it seems like you're depriving the world of your experiences. I have. A group of friends that. I go up but in the wintertime I don't caught too much true that I have a hard time market. I don't quote too much in the wintertime but I have a group of friends that still keep in contact with -- and the old neighborhood and and they've figured me out on -- off. You know it's just that the game -- that was. Goal in the restaurant not have -- wait in line that they're free dinners. Breakfasts -- -- And you know every everything else that goes along what -- I think Nolan talking -- I don't I don't wanna private I'm gonna make an assumption that that there might have been some OC influence there you're getting everything on the armed. -- I mean that the dude it's cool you're -- you're you're not the first guy I've known who is connected in some way trust me. You know the women and you know. I'm I don't know -- in India but. Based Enron the last I've been around the neighborhood for a long time they've been around a lot of old fires that -- open anymore. -- corner remain in known names I -- up close -- missed the corner of main entry answer. Now Walden and I was young I was eighteen years old and I used to walk around. Two -- 3000 dollars in my pocket and we guarantee it's amazing how many friends you have. Yeah. Full pockets equal Pitt equals friends. But I mean you you've had that life you're not in that life you know I mean and thank god you got out of it. I'm glad they did. Because I mean who knows what would have happened had just state and it. But it would you give any thought to may be volunteering even talked to school kids about how easy it is to fall victim to gambling or maybe volunteering at a hospital. Or something like that would that be helped me you know yourself better than -- would that be helpful to -- Probably would be for. -- Here is our premier really differ from music to get around. Not only. I don't know I really don't -- -- which -- Mika. And then of people would know. -- -- -- -- It's it's good and you you know what you've told us a lot about yourself. And and you don't have to that you don't have to be that specific I just want you to know that I'm thinking about just that I'm concerned about your. And that I just hope you continue to develop that support system. Because it's one thing to have 3000 FaceBook friends it's another thing to have somebody you call at 4 in the morning to say hey guess what I'm -- and more mercy I had a heart attack. You know -- you know I'm -- and the way I can get them. That unfortunately unable local auto but you know I still have. Still think -- -- and I haven't done it in over four years but I still think about it and its. Mike I wanna pick this up on the other side because I don't wanna give you short trip and -- -- yesterday but I'm waving to rule for obvious reasons as I like -- so they'll -- Obama got more calls coming in but I need to finish this off by I don't want -- and right now hold on. Let's go to traffic right now if not already couple accidents here's Alan Harris. And we're looking at 42 degrees right now we're gonna -- down 29 tonight it's like back to the future would be back to the past and then that tomorrow's gonna be rainy specially did you talk -- and general -- counties and the high 43 Friday were going to be up to 55 with rain the governors is hopefully -- get assault off the road and that will help your car if you have a summer vehicle that your little -- Let me get back to Mike -- end and -- blog because it -- wanna make sure that we are all up to speed. With that with Mike and that we are helpful as we possibly can be to one guy -- without trying to play doctor work or psychiatrist Mike it's been four years since you've gambled. You still think about it. And you know that that is not uncommon to think about your addiction and the difference in you now is you are not acting on that addiction and I know some of that might be. That might be some of the reason you don't wanna leave your house that's why you need those support friends to keep you away from those temptations situations. Then there's the problem is my. So my friends still are in that boy. So. It's and I tried it from and I try to keep away you know sometimes. Some of them are still in that and I don't want -- Know I just don't wanna go back to their. Dude it's it's a hard life to leave. I know that. And you're making the right choice. Because if they are simply go to drag you back -- situations which are gonna make the whole situation worse for him you know what you just need different friends without judging the life they have chosen number Hyman Roth and got -- -- this is the life we have chosen. Tom they've chosen that life you've chosen to get out of it you know what thank god you got out under the all right -- Wake up on particular bit and you know stay in touch -- Article thanks Mike. Folks -- to be some now. I don't a lot of people and -- believe me is that the only person I know who had similar stories and by the way -- I know people who were and are deeper in overseas than Mike. Were no longer in that life and it is in away like the end of goodfellas. Where Henry -- says. I'm just a chinook like everyone else that can be the feeling you know what. All of life. All of life is a tradeoff. Henry Hill died in bad. If he had not gotten out of the life he would have died in ago. -- -- -- -- Yeah well. Home care. -- -- Apple. Wondered how many people took the drums after hearing that song how many kids started playing drums at the very moment they heard that -- Collins. -- don't spent a lot of time dwelling on it is just one of the little things I've marveled about time moment it is I've spent a lot of time alone. 433. News radio 930 WBM. Once again thank Mike for calling -- and you know there's so much I could say. If if Mike and his wife even though -- if you think that that's the worst story I've ever heard with the OC theme. My friend that I'm just glad you got out of it I'm glad you get out of it on your feet and let you get out of it hopefully a New York terms. And I just hope that you can enjoy the rest your life in a state of tranquility. And peace. You know your weakness. Is nothing about which to be ashamed and now you move. And I know that's easier said than done but thanks Mike for via follow up phone call. 434 news radio 930 WB EN and I'm doing as I promised the addiction -- and I'm branching out. I spent four hours on her. Rephrase I spent four hours on heroin addiction doing a show on it. The same day the guy got spotted in the buffalo school with the guns or trying to get in erupted and I promise you some more on. And it's not just her -- opiate painkillers. Cocaine. This quote food addiction. Sex addiction. Cell phone technology addiction. There is FaceBook addiction. And Twitter addiction which I know technically is the technology. Addiction but before I get back to the calls just very very quickly. I wonder how many of you know somebody. Who they forget their cell phone going to work they have the goal hole to get their cell phone god -- -- -- text. Seriously. I know people like that. They spent. All day on their blocks all day on FaceBook. My friends. There is mortal life. In cyber. No computer is gonna ever be able -- No computer. Is ever going to be able to bring to clean underwear to the hospital. You need friends you need people. You need real live flesh and blood people in your life. All right I've learned that. Passing it on the what addiction is most closely. Hit your life. All the food one. And of course and addiction you know hoarding is a psychiatric issue you'll find the people who -- materials will also hoard animals. As they map the brain that actually found out there's a certain spot in the brain. That is. Identifiable in people. With a hoarding issue. Are putting it back to the calls on WB at 8030930. Start I'm thirty. And what 80616. WBE yen and the best thing that you could have if you're dealing -- addiction. It's a family that will stand behind -- and a family. That will hold. Not judge you. You sound like one of them flavor of liberals Tom now I'm a realist. And I know that even conservatives can get hooked on Coke. Even conservatives can get hooked on -- And even conservatives can get hooked on sex. Addictions don't know politics they don't care whether you're Jane Fonda Tom Bauerle Ronald Reagan they don't care. Here is -- in this and born on WB MP thanks for holding talked to me what what's undermined their. Would go to top seed is popular and thank you armed. I was addicted to heroin throughout our within six years but for the violence there between our spirit. You're out there and got. But I mean what you -- know. I respected -- right and that's. Well I -- just start from getting mean. Witnesses this is like a case study and this is seeing what you have to say. And -- before you even start here's what you need to know. There are people listening right now and I can actually probably name to them who work -- automatically assume that your some kind of a low life degenerate. Bad bet that you were a weak person. And bad at your own damn fault -- got hooked and that we shouldn't have any pity or any mercy on yet and you know what you ought to be in jail you ought to be in prison. I'm not one of those people. So tell me how nice clean cut kid from -- Ends up. Being addicted to heroin because you're gonna speak for a lot of people. It's kind of funny. And then -- and -- drug free so -- point four I didn't try anything. And the since they want my neighbors and -- out medical issue. And -- introduce articles. And I I'd try to I'd -- -- I think. We're not talking we're talking Hydro Cotto. I took which is an open I think that invite them why it. Occurred late a -- In the world. -- trying to say it's a good feeling that it is degree. Did you all. I mean that's why and that's when I have to be honest about we talk about opiate addiction the reason people -- -- is it makes them feel good. Well I eat eat pop he opera or two in the night it would Superman I mean that it. You can talk people's view it's it's like elk it's incredibly. Early during. -- -- I completely believe it meant I I believe that it since you brought up just in the first thirty seconds of the call one of the most important components of addiction and that is. It may did you feel like Superman -- all it is like you just ran a marathon. You're gonna hide baby. Now and it's not like you're out of control stumbling drunk it's I feel. Hi please go on. Ode to watch are eight to eight house seat -- need to do anything and the. The CI I -- the ultra low. Let's see probably about a year a year and a half. And then I met friends in the front circle and then when he tried the drug circle. You push your good friend Carl Richard good trampling and hang out the drug circle. And the drugs horrible watching you see more better I mean -- taken by Ayatollah educate one of the -- he's and that in -- -- -- Right oxy code on -- -- Cotton -- I call on her. -- -- -- to everything Dubya started with the -- tab and then he went either oxy code owner OxyContin. Yet in and I I graduated. -- And I was I was taken out -- early and then what they want somebody's faith impressions of the beta TE LB real quick. That it Lleyton 3040 minute all. -- -- The bowl -- In two minutes -- do you feel like quarter. After that and the price whoever -- way you have the price I drove it till 253 hours when I started. It also depends on that how much -- opiate isn't it I mean I've heard about proxies going for like seven to ten dollars a pill on mystery. Arctic arrogant self I know you're talking to -- we -- thirty. It is like 3040 hours to -- prices are doubles. And plus it's independently from I mean I've been around many times that trying to get some Hydro and -- some -- and retreat our seats were -- It's surprise and somehow put some up to me you know I mean. I'm when he uses those numbers folks he's talking about the different. Levels of narcotics in the pills he's taking that and that is gonna give you more high if you will then -- five. Just that because using jargon and not everybody knows -- -- talking about and so you start it's important oxy dirt. I I I -- was and my peak I was then. Honesty to eighties today and that federal civil war and I'll remind you. When you first start out the vote. Are we have taken one or to fight them by your tolerance goes up you -- four and forty got to keep it they got to keep I mean it's not I mean I was up -- -- on I mean an aunt grandmother. Yeah it's an app I don't drug that had aspirin answering you do about like no other. But. Yeah after I started doing that in and we -- not act and the job I don't wanna say yeah I mean yeah. I don't -- -- up. I -- you can't come to our knowledge India but. But it's clear jab let me about well and that's where it happened global crop up hot air when Ernie and not. Arrogance that playing 3048 hour from 10 -- -- -- and hours and get a bank of Ireland. Now I have to interrupt you because this came up yesterday and again this is one of those things I say that gets people upset and gets people angry and gets them to call my boss. One of the unintended consequences. What I consider to be the insane war on painkillers. Is. They have made painkillers that are manufactured under strict controls but reputable pharmaceutical companies so hard to get. That people like Pete find error when Kaye is cheaper beat easier to get. Now there's something wrong with that picture because when you buy heroin on the street. You don't know how it's been cut you don't know to what degree it's been cut and god forbid some idiot puts fentanyl and. Our I was up there wrote to fixes you are being a couple of those. I mean. So we just say oh well I mean items such a feature called a miracle out. When you start doing all these drugs. The word all you can eat it all soccer and suckers -- back on them for cancer patient. We're going at soccer and it's the warning label on it in the all of the you gonna do it ordered once you get out graduate like sixth grade -- organic. Hard to stick it out whatever drug addict I mean it's it's. Anything -- the rule. That. Anything -- Ireland. I have to ask your question and here's where I have to interrupt you you said you had a job. Which took you into buffalo and you stumbled. Upon a heroin it kind of reminds me up all staff. Saying to one of the rebels -- You know he there's trouble just fell in his way did you bloody year wait to score heroin knowing that -- in the neighborhood. I know it's but that's where I was utility worker in buffalo and I was working on the west side and believe and I walk in the house in the settlement. Where that they had no intention of hiding it from me. And -- or not they asked me if I did think though and as I said -- -- at this time -- -- what fourth grade drug addict. I mean yeah I'd say it and he gave me a sample the product. In -- am I on air when I hit that area and need to do it. There's like 45 ways you do it but I -- there and believe or not you know I. One bank -- you know I. An oxy you know I mean it's so and as the price it's only the price simply out of those -- it was like sixty at all. Well it was cheaper okay -- price in this is so important. The price of heroin -- cheaper than the price of the painkillers and here we get into the on intended consequences argument. Now these people aren't getting the pain -- from these people had injuries I and they are -- -- -- Mean after hours and again -- get the script sort of power dramatic it's pretty you know it means they're making and all this money off it goes in and look at are -- we're we're behind. Me and I mean I would go I would go. I don't know arm's length to find opiates I mean it's I -- to talk about the sick part I mean -- -- the worst part. Is being sick is that you aren't albeit an assistant act in what you're addicted I mean do it's put it this way it's like -- wanna say it's a -- -- flu like I'm not talking about Louis block. Growl at little reform and I'm talking about the flu warrior you're opening yourself everyday I mean you can't sit still and not your legs that are. Jumping around them. Dogs would draw me got a monkey -- Edgar Jones in big time. I'll hold on Pete because when we come back and -- keep -- -- I've got tons of people which stories to tell you happen to be a particularly. Adroit. Teller of the tale of -- I want you to focus when we come back after traffic and the weather on aid when you realized you had an issue and B how are you quick -- All right so we'll continue with -- in Sanborn on news radio 930 WB -- Which addiction has most closely touched your family sex porn heroin. Other opiates. -- technology addiction which seems tame in comparison. And AccuWeather the rest of today it'll be partly cloudy overnight low down to 29 degrees 42 news radio 930 WB -- I addictions. By popular demand I'm doing the topic why because there's a demand for there's a lot of addictions out there painkillers. Heroin sex food technology you name it -- alcoholism gambling. -- you in touch -- half the race. Let me get back to -- in Sanborn. -- two questions number one when did you realize. That you had a real problem and beat. How did you get off of here. Or the 1 I am what I found -- -- -- problem. I wanna say that it took pills for a one -- quote some years I mean I'm talking every day. I took home for energy it took the work and so calm. Is for everyday like agreement without. A product I have problem probably what I couldn't I there's there's probably couple basic confined -- drug -- manager couldn't we couldn't -- couldn't. Everything that the worst imaginable. Basically going through your body hanging it it was just horrible and the first pilot found out that those where one believe it or not was I was there on -- house. Under the body that what you -- And and -- -- -- a -- nothing like it was you know like taking candy. I crusted up on cable and he was -- do what you do. This is -- this -- and that the -- you know you're doing Ireland they can't get out here or to be talked about Maryland Caroline. Elder felt that it is pain pills. So that was the that was. The first I note that those were airline. Or Alter -- Same family. So how did you get off I I need to know because I got a lot of people wanna talk how did you end up leaking the problem you've been clean since March 6 of 23 team what worked for. Believe it or not I agree Arabs first floor and make -- -- that -- Florida violate this. I had enough. And I believe it or not it exists and that's -- it I mean I just I wanted detox and I was I was in a facility in Niagara Falls. That things are turning things and they are just locked the door at bat I was better when he I gave me. Army Medicaid and other similar type to my doubt do audit. Got a Medicaid it's -- means -- when he -- program and then after that I want to play out. -- every six months and I guess that I could just sit and not what we're not. And I guess that it we are not just. The statistics. Of birds are dedicating -- invite. I have ten people probably do well succeed. And the other eight probably law and I learned a lot of rehab it and and I got sent the first or public -- might not do it or. It's your hearts that you -- -- honest outlook on the lights and he might be a normal person and right now rather addiction shopping after the drug so they don't start. So now your shopping addict and we're gonna have to have somebody else call and about that one but. You know what is it took you five. Practice try arts at rehab before the 61 did it four year and I just I hope is they claim buddy and you know godspeed brother. Might my pleasure thanks for the input folks addictions. Now there's a heroin addict. Could've been your son. Could have been your debt. Going to be -- grants. Your brother. 8030930. Start like 3180616. WB yen which addiction as most closely touched you or your family. -- a news radio 930 WBE.

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