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4-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE yeah. I wore us down upon the -- with great. But hold to account bought the engines and my brother. And welcome to the new yeah. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not only are they don't go -- and put this. The kind of evicted them you don't know me. I'm very happy for. These greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks bit. Yeah yeah. And I doubt. It is up hey good afternoon newsreel I'm thirty WB EM I. The good old days yesterday when we're up to like sixty. Days by the time the show -- over and we're not. Going to make 64 degrees today I. Now people look -- waiting for the senate and I cannot officially say the words you want to hear. The words on the infamous -- -- sign here at Entercom I bring them up every year. And the words have to be said in a certain voice in a certain cadence and -- a certain amount of exclamation that. -- -- -- -- I cannot say those words with meaning yet. By the way I have the official approval of my hairstyle is -- jury. To use that voice when I say it's spring has sprung I have turned my hair guy. JJ. In through a local. I cannot now I've told gauge today to send a self me to my cell phone so I can make him even more famous. -- -- He is eleven I -- each of these -- great guy he's funny as hell and you wanna talk about stereotypes of gay guys. You can forget them we -- at all don't get me wrong -- yeah. Bodies -- with guns. He's gay as a camper. He's gay as a patriot. So well this is why ladies and gentlemen. I choose the language of inclusion and I do not stereo -- on the show. Because there are people this is my weekly lecture by the way there are people. You would think it a million years wit with whom you get anything in common. Because. One thing or another and yet when you talk to them you find out the minute a lot alike. Shows the -- homosexual. So. Anyway that's what we include everybody on the show and a flag -- conservative area and thank you very much. Now we have a lot of things get too -- today at all before I go any further I a couple of things number one. The New York State Police estimate the attendants yesterday's rally in Albany at 3500. Friends of mine who were there. They say it was more like 4000. To 6000 people 4000 to 6000 people. Now the and how they sent in clear because this kind of pisses me off. Because on my -- original FaceBook posting yesterday. I made it very clear that I was looking at one photo and only one photo taken overhead. And in that followed all I could not account for more than like 500 people. I made it clear it was based on that one photo. You would have thought. That I had just electrocuted a baby on national TV. With that some of the emails I got in some Smart guy got for people I thought my friends no matter how clearly communicated -- they didn't. They they they didn't read the fine print. So. I do thank you for the information you sent me as the day went on I don't think any other media person put up more pictures from you guys. Of the rally than I did on my FaceBook page and I thank you for that. But again I wanna be real clear. Because as I said it's all about accuracy the state police say 3500. People I know where there's a 4000 to 6000 people. So it was. A pretty damn good turnout. For a week day rally. So I wanna make -- perfectly clear before we go any further. And I wanna say what two other things about NY state before we -- into what I wanna talk about today. Tom first of all ladies and -- human nature amuses me. I don't mean to be Sparky. But there's a part of me that will eternally be somewhat Sparky. And I'm probably my own biggest target for my own spark. 'cause I mock myself more than I'm mock anybody else because I know myself better that I know anybody else and it's a much more fund a mock myself. A little pick myself all it seriously. -- you thank you thank your -- You have to understand folks. You don't I don't like Paris. I don't have to like when I'm gonna -- But I live at a place in a Rush Limbaugh says he's the mayor of real real. Well a little village isn't enough for me. I have my own planet it's called reality. And it's also called New York State. The fix is in folks in New York State. And I find it deliciously. Ironic. Be a little trouble but more deliciously ironic. That when Carl Paladino calls out the New York State GOP as a bunch -- Ryan knows he's a hero. What I'd do it on a trader. And -- enabling Cuomo. I find that hilarious. Carl Paladino says. The GOP is about to rhinos. He's a hero I say that I'm a traders. And when the tribesmen say the only way NY -- is going away is through litigation. Heroes. Because they tell you the facts their lawyers they use the word sever or ability. Andrew Cuomo as -- pointed out yesterday is many things but he's not stupid. In fact I mean Hitler wasn't stupid is a brilliant man. So it was Mussolini. I don't have the -- what they stood for but it's impossible to deny how intelligent they work. I often wonder if Hitler had used his intelligence for good instead of ill. How much better the world would be -- good but I guess there's just an exercise and stop mystery. Imagine him. Doing good. Mussolini doing good lend -- doing good. It's amazing what changes could have been made in the world. But I guess we've got -- yen yen we've got evil vs good we've got angels -- demons on this planet good vs evil. Those of you were super -- -- in client. But. When the trip -- has talked about litigation. Being the only way NY safe is going away. They tell you the truth. And their heroes when I -- The only way NY -- is going away and I did you exactly the same explanation -- husbands do I am the world's biggest due respect. Human nature amuses me. Because again I call up the GOP arbitrator. I'd say why say it isn't going anywhere except through litigation. And an idiot. Folks. I just wanna say one quick thing. I don't wanna given to another topic which I know you guys are into big time tragically big time. But. You don't. When approaching a problem. Whether it is your own health or whether it is the health of the body politic. Here is the question you must ask yourself. What am I trying to accomplish. What am I trying to do what is the goal. I don't wanna bore you with the detailed explanation of this again but recently. I was diagnosed today. Severe brain issue called cerebral vascular -- which is swelling of the brain it was diagnosed with a CT scans. There was no doubt about it it was cerebral vascular products. Now they wanted to do an edge program. And originally I said. Sure but I thought about it. And I asked myself exactly what I just said you guys you've heard me tell this story before your regular listener to the show. What are we trying to accomplish what is the end goal. Well my end game my end goal is to get the swelling in my brain down to get the headaches to go. That's the goal. Now in that the angiogram and the CT scan. Are all legal the legal one road called -- zone it was still an advantage program. And it was it was a redundant expensive. Insult my body. I didn't need to do. And my doctors agree. And I -- going to like doctor like I'm a doctor. Me a lot of doctors bitch about patients going to the university of Google meta. -- school but I use Google as a resource upon which to draw to ask intelligent questions as my own advocate former -- -- And my doctors thought my logic was frankly actual. So I didn't bother with the angiogram I went right to the president is again here is the analogy. The goal to bring down the swelling of the brain. The only way to do it is present as well. Therefore why go through an unnecessary medical tests to confirm what we already know my brain was dressed up. Sorry I find humor in -- -- So it's kind of the same thing with New York say folks. Our goal my goal your goal. News. To do away with this law. Unfortunately. Folks in New York State the fix is in. And the only way we're gonna get rid of it our present zone for New York safe is litigation. And here is what's tough about theirs. If one part and please understand folks this is so important you understand the concept of sever bill that. To legal concept I'm not a lawyer but. If one part of NY say it is bound to be illegal. Unconstitutional. Or in breach of New York State civil rights law guess what. That park and only that part are thrown out the rest of the law stays in effect. This thing is gonna have to literally be litigated clause by clause by clause by clause. Because of -- ability. Now you're not like I say that. And you may choose to hate me for telling you the truth and that's -- -- prerogative. But one of my life lessons from a great man and a great talk show host and a guy I was privileged to meet once and spend some very quality time with Morton Downey junior. Tom telling the truth don't just want freedom -- because they wanna hear. And those words have always stood out in my mind especially lately. So folks were on the same side. Got a lot of hate email yesterday. I don't like NYC. I am also a realist. I apply the same principle to politics as they do with my own health what is the goal how we best accomplish that goal. Litigation. Is our prejudices. End of story. I wish it was different but it's not. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm still on your side. I paid a heavy price over and -- sick. More than you can even begin to know folks. More than I'm gonna tell you about a -- heavy price. Doesn't mean that I am any less committed doesn't mean that -- any less willing to be in the fight. I'm just very realistic about how to win the fight. If I had the fight a giant. I'd use a different strategy that if I was fighting John Sherman. You know what I mean. I break the giants leg which German I don't regret. There for me it's a different sort of serve John John I did not just threaten you on the year -- put a knife down. John slowly walk away from me right now. But folks that's that's going with this -- well the same side. And the rallies are not going to hurt. Please understand theirs they're not going to hurt. But are they going to change any thing. Well I guess -- the -- depends on your definition of change. And the only way -- safe is gonna go way is through. Litigation which I just explained to you and I just explained Q why is gonna be so long and why is going to be so cost. And again. I'm on your side don't shoot the messenger for telling the truth and not giving you some problem because that's a politician would do. A politician would make all kinds of promises to you I would like you to get your vote and win your loyalty your love. Etc. I won't do that. I won't do it's not me that's not what I'm about. Always interested in the truth that's why I wanted your pictures from the rally. That's why I put more pictures up from that rally the I think any anybody else did in the media. I invited the pictures they came to me I put him up because that's true. Through the camera -- Orleans as the case may. But I just want to wrap it up by saying what I'm glad that so many of you. Are as opposed to NY safe as I am. It is very heartening to me. It is a ball to my soul -- BA LM a ball to my soul. To be among them like minded patriots. The asterisk is. That the reality. It's gonna have to go to court. And the sad reality given New York State. There's no guarantee that a court is going to throw out NY series. None whatsoever. So you can have the best arguments in the world. And you can still run into some. -- judge who says these are not valid these are specious arguments -- -- -- stance. In -- something in the book about a crazy it -- about the race not always going to the swiftest. And it's kind of applicable to this situation. You know justice doesn't always get up. On this planet. And if you want fair. Go to Hamburg on August. I personally enjoy the hands. Well I like looking at the hands and the Cox India poultry exhibit a amber. I didn't realize are so many different kinds of chickens and roosters up now coming up on WB yen I'm gonna use one word addiction. Addiction. We're gonna. I'm gonna live up to my promise image yesterday. On news radio 930 WB Ian. It's tough you know we -- guys on the. Their lives better ball. And then we. Want to beat this got me why bother. Hey welcome it is up hourly under -- -- thirty WB and Joseph -- master control juncture manager call screener. And thank you very much for making me a part of your life I never properly express how grateful I am but there thank you very much I do appreciate. True up ice on my FaceBook page that you wanna listen to my show. Because Susan heroes whether it was this morning or yesterday morning I'm usually not a week that early in the morning. But she talked about cleaning out her car. And I wanna share with you a cart cleaning tip that I invented. No you are taught to do this. I kind of taught myself. You know what it's like try to vacuum your car. You can have the smallest attachment in the world on your hose and yes still can't give them -- certain spots. Below. BL OW. How many do you have leaf blower. Here's what you do and I discovered this couple years ago and the neighbors at first thought that I was even weirder that I really am. Because I -- the charmingly eccentric guy in the neighborhood. And I explained to them and they said. Love that actually quite mr. hourly. And open every door. I bring out the leaf blower. I don't under the seats. I'd blow all the crap that accumulated all what are along. From under the seats to replace striking either blow it outside or put it into position for vacuuming. So that's my car cleaning tip of the day I hope you enjoy debt. There's some heavy set for using a leaf blower to clean your car as a component of a proper automobile. You know some workers -- showing that too. As your car. Look like a dumpster on wheels. When people ask what you drive you say I drive BF five. Browning Ferris industries I believe other people -- big app incinerator. That's what I do politically might my Jeep. Now one other thing I don't wanna get into the meat of the -- I don't know how many of you guys in the -- audience play instruments. Or try to play instruments. I've got to the conclusion that I need a hobby. Well -- told to get a life on many occasion but. I have found solace and comfort in trying to get back in to playing the guitar at one point I was not bet. As a rhythm guitar player might -- sucks but. I have this guitar at hole. That I bought in 1978. All my brother. And I had no idea what it was -- at all. So I went to eBay last night. Now I paid 600 dollars for this guitar. -- actually 98 he and 78 I bought an 82 from him. I paid 600 dollars to my Brothers produced guitar. I'm realizing that now it's considered a bid tinged guitar. And there are actually people willing to pay like twice what like four. So use the money. From selling that guitar. -- buy myself an American standard Stratocaster. So I can suck even louder dad. They got to go to Stratton spent the last fall. That's the result of my diligent and copious research but I put a picture up of the guitar and I wanna make it clear that is not my eBay listing. But I just put it up there because. Those of you were going through your spring cleaning you know how does this value you the listener of what benefit is it knowing that I have this guitar here -- your -- values you. When you've got an old musical instrument. Maybe it'll play it anymore maybe you wanna get a new one and try to get some money for the old one. Make sure you don't just throw it out or give it away when actually could be worth a lot more than you thought. Truth be told. If somebody had said the Republican your 400 bucks for that at our I would say yes until I looked it up online last night. I realized I can probably get 15100 -- Be a little less but whatever so that what if -- word to the wise. You don't wanna be order. That's an order you don't wanna be that. But you also. Don't wanna throw stuff away that could pay for vacation. Or -- could be -- mortgage payment or to. So honest with fellow consumer tips today. From blowing up the car to checking eBay before it's throw out or -- too cheaply a musical instrument. All right now let's get into the meat of the show. I apologize for being so late getting into the meat that there's something to be said for a little a little free meal sent. Folks over the years and I don't know why this is. And I I take this as one of the highest compliments any broadcaster. Can ever received from his or her audience. If I think about it too much I'm gonna -- too emotional mode and I'll start crying like African baby. It is a great compliment. And it is very gratifying to me. There you guys who listened to me. Feel comfortable -- with me to share. With the audience your fellow hourly listeners. Some of the travails and personal traumas and struggles of your life. Not every body can do that. Not every talk show host has that kind of a rapport. With his audience. Sandy beach does -- heard on this morning talking about motorcycles. Sandy beach into a motorcycle show much better than I can do it because he writes I don't I'm too much of -- I've told this before to get on a motorcycle. I won't do. I would I will gladly fly a single legends ball play no problem -- don't put me on a motorcycle. Albeit pussycat. But a lot of talk today about addictions. And I promise you this show. And I wanna deliver on that promise because frankly there is no one other overriding news story which I think takes precedence over what struggles you guys are going through. Or have been through in your life. Now there is an accident at Miller's -- and dodge in Amherst. Please be aware that multiple cars are involved make sure you slow down because they're going to be -- -- on scene. They're going to be -- cops on scene they're going to be tow trucks on scene so please use caution look out for all those emergency workers. Around Miller's port and touch there out there due to do a job for. And I don't wanna see any the -- cops any of the tow truck guy is any the entities -- anybody else dealing with the clean up. To get hurt because somebody was driving too fast. That's Miller's -- and dodge in the town of Amber's Old Trafford go to wanted to pass a law. But I wanna find out from you guys. Which addiction. Has most closely affected you. Or your family. And I am not ashamed to tell you. That last night. On my drive home. If I was making my right from flipped on Tim -- sport making that wide turn because of that African pot hole. I'm out of ashamed to tell you that I spent most of last night thinking about my final caller. One -- my final call was yesterday Mike. I don't know if that's his real name I have no idea and I don't care not out of callousness but his name really is immaterial. Now for those who didn't hear it it was such a compelling phone call. I could not stop thinking about it and I do this for a living like to bring home. Mike was Mike's dad was a -- All right Mike from a very early age was exposed. To the subterranean and gambling culture. You know I'm having thoughts. Jimmy Conway in. Good fellas I'm having thoughts -- Sonny in a Bronx tale. And all the other mob movies I've seen I have no idea whether Mike's dad was OC you're not that really don't care cinema business. But might get a very early age was exposed. To gambling because his dad was a -- for -- and folks if you're old enough your parents may have told you stories about the bookie joint. Every little town every neighborhood wave that -- had a bookie joint. There's a place in the village can more everybody call that the bookie joint my mom showed it to me once when I was a little boy. We had to go there wants. Indy beating me I have to say Bob is the bookie. Because that's just the kind of get -- what's. But. Mike. Fell in two gambling addiction. Now what it was a teenager. Is bad and his dad's friends used to take him to casinos Atlantic City. And they would use -- To pick up -- And as his piece of the action big wet his beat with a thousand bucks. -- this kid 161718. Years Ole. And we're talking thirty years ago ever given -- a grant. As his share. For cashing in the clinics. That can be a very intoxicating. Thing. That's easy money. Now here's the tragedy with the addiction. Seeing. How much money -- was in gambling. Mike forgot one very basic rule that every book keynotes. The house always wins. You say that again the house always wins. And Mike fell into the trap of gambling addiction and literally blew tens of thousands of dollars. Now Mike and I are roughly the same age. How this affected Mike's life. Well. Basically. He does not gamble anymore. And it is affected his life to the point. Where he rarely because of medical issues he rarely leaves his home. He is quite dependent on a very loving brother. To keep him company to offer Gonzales. To maybe take him out once in awhile and a driver whatever I'm making a presumption there. But -- doesn't really have it sounded to me a good support system other than his brother. And I started thinking about what I should have said to Mike. And others say this to Mike and go to apply this to you guys too as we get it to my polls show on addiction that a promise. The world does not know you -- -- The world does not know you are -- shut him. The world is not thinking about you on your couch. From Friday night to Sunday night watching reruns on -- TV. The world will drive by your house not knowing. How lonely you are. How much in need of human company you are. How much a hard. Would be welcome. The world doesn't know. The world is pursuing what the world pursues. What are the ways. You can start to get out of that funk. And I will be brutally honest with you folks I was in that funk -- it wasn't all that long ago where I did not want to leave my house. I aid just didn't want to leave now some of it was side effects of my brain issue but. One of the things you can do. Is reach out to other people. Often times and look this is dependent on your medical situation to. Oftentimes. Volunteering. Is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Now we all think of volunteers as people who give of themselves and they. Without volunteers. This world would suck. But there are volunteers -- hospitals. There are volunteers that nursing homes there are volunteers for our reading services for the blind. There are volunteers were pretty much anything you can think. One of the best ways folks. One of the best ways to develop a friend a support system. Is by volunteering. And making contacts. Number one to get out of the house number two you were doing something valuable. Which will in turn increase your own sense of worthiness. You gain something by giving something when you volunteer. Number three. Pass the volunteering aspect. You can gain friends. So that's what I should've said to -- guy yesterday. We ran out of time. And I wanted to give it some more thought. But for anybody -- in that situation. Where you are at home. Nobody calls. Nobody emails. Your family is either dead they've moved away your friends one by one of moved on. People go to different ways people park all the time and friendships that happens. But one of the ways to rectify that. Is by volunteering. At an organization. Which matches your skill set or where your interest spark. Folks I know. Of what I speak. I have not exactly live -- lived a charmed life. And I wouldn't have it any other way by the way. Every experience I've had in -- good and bad. I tried to learn for. And I've tried to say OK what should I have done. What would have been a better alternative. And I just wanna tell you. For those of you heard back all yesterday or who work in rapture by my description of it now. When you volunteer you both give and receive. And it may actually be the best decision you ever make. It end of homily. Now. I wanna know what addiction has most closely affected your life bad addiction happened it would involve gambling. There's lots of others will get into coming up a news radio 930 WB EN. Now of course if you see any major traffic nightmares -- we hope we don't have any but just on the off chance to do always feel free to call Alan and the WB and traffic command hotline 80303218030321. And I would enjoy actually I would invite you. Two like. Traffic command on FaceBook just type in traffic command and you will light traffic command here -- WB yet AccuWeather and other music ran up I was I was up and -- so it's all good. The rest of the day. It'll be partly cloudy the overnight low about thirty. Tell -- ladies and gentlemen it will be cloudy and surely. With a shower or two in the afternoon. And the evening. And if you're -- should talk and general -- counties tomorrow you can expect more numerous showers but will count them. The high tomorrow will be 43. Friday they claim were going to be at 55. It will be breezy and of course we get rain but we do get 55. Now you might think it's 42 right now you might think that I'm gonna bash the race. No no no no no no no no no because I listen the city speech this morning I caught some of the show. And amateur earlier he's a big motorcycle guy loves -- and. I'm glad the race. Will wash the salt away so those -- -- with summer cars. Can get him out after the salt is gone. And that the pot holes are felt. The sooner assault is washed away the better the motoring will be in your summer car. And the sooner the potholes are patched up the sooner sandy beach and everybody else can be on the motorcycles. And a steady he's always been a huge. Motorcycle advocate and a big fan of motorcycles I just don't evident. I have to admit it's cowardice in out. -- a man has got to know his limitations mine anything with two wheels sport what's. All right -- -- at 350 full or if I -- -- -- likely be like one of those tricycle things it. I come up at 355 now after the news at four ladies and gentlemen. Between heroin. Between gambling. Sex food electronics. And about a zillion other things we can think of to which human beings fall victim. Or become victims. Of their own volition. Which addiction has most closely touched your life. I have to place opened. The resurgence of -- Breaks my -- The people who emailed me you you would never believe how many emails I've gotten from people. Yeah in suburbia. Who buried her children. From her abduction harper what they call starting after 4 o'clock.

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