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4-2 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now here back could be agent governor have sandy beach a couple of decades are a couple of decades have -- seen -- I don't know six or -- states dropped their helmet laws. One -- -- Florida they're relaxed they're law in July of 2000. And after that the next year they went from policy in 2000 they had 23 fatalities. In the next year after it was dropped a 160 fours so it was a dramatically more. We understand the danger you assume a certain risk when you're on a motorcycle but. There's nothing like it it's so exciting it's so much fun I'm asking motorcycle helmet laws in New York would you like to see them repealed. I would simply because I'm a free choice kind of guy I think you should be able to make your own choices. But however having said that I was still Wear a motorcycle helmet every time on -- simple as. Applause upon polls how will that affect your writing this spring I got a Hartley story out today which is kind of cute and years ago. Business group in buffalo brought bond B Olson. -- to speak to them about about a corporate turnaround. And so it was a business group and a business discussion but they brought in bond -- automobiles was the chairman of the board of Harley-Davidson. When -- made their turnaround from near bankruptcy. Two successful again and very successful now aren't so -- bond Gaza and they asked if I would introduce him. Having you know having having Harley-Davidson. So there I am the business group. Am ahead of a business turnaround that was very Major League successful. And I wanted to little different way to a gruesome and I heard somebody say this once and so it's not an original thought but he got a real kick out of it. As I introduce on deals as. A man we all -- debt of gratitude to because this man single handedly put something very exciting between our legs. And he'd he'd love that introduction in you is that. And it worked out great and -- is a great success story and then continue to debate they went through some very tough times. We're dealers had to basically rebuild the bikes but now there have been doing very well in the motorcycle industry is too because. The whole recreation and matches it's so much fun I can't explain it to you no matter how much I tell you. Until you've been one can explain if you have the mind to say do it. Because you see people going by music. And have a good time president now. And that there's a lot with the motorcycles a lot of group things that the there's lot of rides a lot of charitable events and things like that and what you find out. And here you find this out real -- motorcycle is have a kinship with -- each other. I'm like motorists in cars and trucks OK so -- talk bikes with a all day. All day long. And people come over what did you duty cars like this collar blah blah blah. And a it's a good social it's a good ways socially to the meet new people and then have a common interest. I used to get a kick out of when I was writing in another bike was approaching and you -- your your. Two fingers you know let me be your left hand. Down a little peace sign down low and you would get dead in return. If you were spent some guys are snobs who would not do their part. You know you talk my. Riding BMW -- to. I as opposed to driving your car where you -- one figure out the window. I think that's. Let's go to look who's next would be rod rot in wheat field Roger on WB yet. I can be alone. I completely agree with you on that I'm the old law. In fact that -- -- should ever have been won first place I think should be personal choice. And I don't write anymore and 82 years old but what I do it right which was long time ago. There weren't -- much even that the police state police city police county police. They'll vote the -- how much awhile I didn't know that. PO only -- was -- -- actually like Marlon Brando wore -- -- -- the wild one now yeah. -- what we used to Wear what what are what we're which to plot how much like people wore when he wrote an open track footer play. Are you guys we see that a lot -- tell me on your first ride okay this is your first ride ride. What thoughts went through your head. Always great. The first -- it was in 1946. Harley. And of course and after that it shift lever on the tank all seem. And it Chester great feeling and so on their plate and tours handle your all that power that your setting -- that you could you -- point. How hard was using a shift -- like that because I seem bikes like that. And and thank -- that's going to be a lot harder to ride in the current modern shift. I would think so I've never written Blake was what -- well then what number I would rightly my -- anyway in the way traffickers. But to it is a great feeling. It's a great feeling and there's a camaraderie among people are doing it. Because you have a common interest and and its everybody does it people think it's as you know certain. Style a certain groups of it not everybody. Rides motorcycles and the because they discovered the fund thank you thank you love crawling run. -- -- -- -- Very noted little Moyer lots of people write it used to be the image of a motorcycle with what you saw usually in the movies something. Marlon Brando. You know. Plaguing a town -- something's not -- that Peter Fonda Fonda. Now I -- I told you this the first time idea of and it just regular job in California and Tom I'm riding on the highway. In this effort Cisco I'm writing on the highway and I hear this roar because the -- like five lanes wide number and one cent lines. -- -- And all of us I look at my mirrors and it's my mirrors are filled. -- motorcycles. Filled with motorcycles. And they go by me and as they go -- me -- all hell's angels. And I'm thinking. Wait a minute this is not a movie hell's angels is located in Oakland right over there are so this is the real -- and that was exciting. I mean think about that you see him in the movies but museum and persons -- could have been sort of large. So I could have been leading the -- good thing I didn't slip them -- -- known I didn't even think about that well let's let's let's be very straight about that. Well like god the real hell's angels -- -- cool. I'll be back with more would be -- company -- -- and a third and we are WB yet. But Pringle campaign. Mail room it's got through they meet for Pringles and also there. Always know Barry now. When -- catch up without -- over there. -- Gerri great golf but yeah I want because nobody is always remember. It is -- governing. A lot of vote FaceBook postings today we -- only -- one of them I give me a couple of if you would Chris this one comes from mealy says I've been writing since I was 17 am seventy years old now I still ride and that's right you get Alice Nelson when he barbecuing flowers blooming it campfire going and there's just nothing like he's right in a car. Most cars today have air conditioning. And so what happens as the losses and usher in a convertible. You're probably a little sealed unit you override in the country. And you miss the things that Neil just says you missed that smells somebody barbecuing. Or the temperature changes you'd be surprised how dramatically changes just going into a little decline in the road. So if you're riding like on -- team nearly Ontario you can feel the temperature changes a lot so O'Neal's right. -- when you're in a vehicle it kind of like sealed off hermetically sealed. In your motorcycle. Whole different ball game. And you you'd love it if you're thinking about doing it check it out cards you'll never regret an auto employees this one comes from. -- he says I would ride with no helmet. I also try to stay out of buffalo woman riding if possible the roads there always lousy in the city and its rivals are drivers pretty often there to. Yeah you know what's the worst. Is -- York stock because it happen Amir was gods and once I did not realize that this part of a highway there or repainting. And I was already on the road and couldn't get off the road. And so I was in a traffic jam it was like 84 degrees and my bike would goal old three feet every twenty minutes. All man so that the the sun beating down on the pavement. Gotta keep your legs down -- otherwise you'll tip over. And you're just barely go a few feet tall and that is not a fun day but most of the time it's you're not going to be another -- This one comes from Betty she says riding a motorcycle without a helmet is crazy my eleven year old grandson is recovering from bicycle accident without -- -- he would have brain surgery surgery. Either -- giving him problems today and surely a motorcycle accident would be much much worse than that. Oh absolutely and the -- the example I was give. -- wearing a helmet is get in a car with a watermelon gold 55 miles an hour on the highway and throw the watermelon out the window that would be your head. So and a story right there but even worse than even worse are the women who ride on the back. Who aren't properly a tired now if you are stopped and love the COM -- halter top and those spike heels amid shards. When you're on the back of a motorcycle. It's not too Smart to be doing that a lot of a lot of young girls especially do. -- -- woman told me one time it is more important for her to look on the -- and the -- then to be -- should be the best looking woman at the -- senator. Or at the skin grafting and a operation is gonna -- Think about what that would do with the buckles down I mean he's fallen off of it solemn she's still dresses like that it's funny. It's funny because we'd be very pleased to see her standing. Under trigger something but I don't know moving vehicle he got. My favorite teacher. I I don't know by Jim call you I can't I don't bad tee shirt I never had one but I've seen it all you have to say is. Fell off OK here OK Hulk how tidy it up all right. You see people that are writing. It's okay probably the husband is driving in the white is behind as the passenger okay. So picture of a guy on the motorcycle loan. With a T shirt. And I'm just don't change one word OKT shirt on the bag that says if you can read this. Vote wife fell off. -- guy that I Clinton up there and say binge. The exhibit no you know because otherwise amendment and then I don't wanna offend anybody you know they show. Let's go to push on who might give us a good perspective on non helmets a -- on WB yen. Yeah. I'm fine. Yeah I had a bomb excellent I'm cycle and not -- moment I would enough. But that would like slightly applicable to what happened in the accident. About of 45. And we -- -- straightaway and late for me to enroll in I. Like. Alex stopped growing yeah I was going you know stoppages and turned out and shoot stop by gobbling probably pull out archery and stopped. Like ten feet away record what I provide bricks and when the -- -- you go almost did you over the top. I won't fly sure -- here. About fifteen feet and landed back -- well it. In -- my helmet my head I. Went through delusional. Home. And were you conscious or could you think after it happened. -- -- -- Well -- yeah outside the regular public fast. And it's a provincial level up but I and I and I swung better -- -- or better -- -- -- a lot of swearing and then you are blacked out. All the man. Well I'm glad so did you need surgery or anything. -- -- -- -- In my -- what took more impact -- -- -- very so I assume your big a big a proponent of wearing a helmet at all times you wouldn't be here to make this call that -- -- -- -- -- you know. Yugoslavia like brain damage I -- -- won't follow the Solomon and I hear you loud and clear hello I'm glad you're here to talk to us Jeanne thank you. I like it was the ago out lightly to prepare -- report okay. And I don't care in nineteen. Of the taxes and a lot of -- time and I think some guys. Wipe out of the public. In the and that the acute moderate right Adam Scott. While right at home man yes. Let me megabits but that at W -- Smart. Smart decision Johns Smart decision -- Q while swallow. Yeah as we said there's nothing like it but there's an element of danger and you have to accept that or don't ride. And you do your best you run safely sometimes it's not like in John's case. Not your fault at all -- 45 miles an hour which is very reasonable in most conditions. And and it happens every once in awhile. And does not -- into about it and the biggest problem for motorcycle is our people don't see them. War for some reason they don't connect with the fact that you can't pull out right from awesome. And you got some choices if that happens you. You know most of the breaking will be in the front window it and if if you break too much in front -- a couple of over the top. You -- the -- down you don't always have that kind of time and you almost never have enough time to steer around. It's like -- -- -- on somebody's hand that's fanciful I guess some people may have done it but usually not gonna happen so you got to be alert. And driving a vehicle is so much different. I mean with a motorcycle. He got a huge right hand he got a usual Afghan united usual left foot and your right -- you've got to use your eyes and you -- you put your head at this level look around. With a car. Now under certain circumstances. You you have the -- on one hand and you kind of outlook ahead and it is kind of put me in the right direction. And if there's some gravel on the road it's probably not a big deal everything's a big deal the most Colombia the dealer to. And if you are even if you are there is no guarantee that nothing's ever gonna happen to you but there is a guarantee if you don't pay attention -- them well but having said. That's the disclaimer. If if you have any inclination. To get a motorcycle tried one out as Uga. Like everybody who's ever been wrong -- what in my driveway and Tony we're doing this show as a surprise. -- To find her drive way at the same truck you came to work it will be back after a canyon there. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Back though Vijay governor have said they've EG and the motorcycle helmet laws than the New -- there was -- -- field. Six states have repeal amendment lasted twenty years and their more considering repeal. But via the story I have is by Hannah Fairfield from the New York Times. And she says the year Florida did it in the following years in the fatalities were seven times. What they were. During the time that the law was in effect so I say yes repeal home. Because everybody should be able to make their own choice but my choice I can tell you right now. Would be to Wear a helmet I am what I'm glad about -- -- you know as much as I hate it when I can't fit into a car. Because they're real electric car but I can't get in at camp operated because it's small guard among large -- I'm I'm glad. I'm glad I don't have the body for a super bike. In order to run a super -- you got to be very flexible. You have to bend where I can't -- You have to stretch right can't stretch I've watched and get on her bike and it was like fluid getting on a bike she would just fit right into the bike but. If I caught if I if I could drive a super bike I have a higher -- I know. And it would be bad -- for me because I would. The not the right guy that rivals see I'd love to go fast -- -- car but not on a bike you know I think -- deep -- sixty I think -- was -- as fast as as I wanna go on more of an -- talk about you know you do writing driving your copper that would be my comfort level wears a car. 7580 and I'm OK with that. Our number one time we were at how blurs you Cindy myself. And Cindy why -- climb on one of those I couldn't do it. No because you gotta lean forward bend your your legs back until church hallway and there I mean forget it's not a -- and he -- Okay it's either a sport bike all our -- -- for the rest of your life. C weakens the cruiser bikes yes -- -- which you can't do -- more things what -- right. All right and to probably should give back -- Randy by asking him the ride a motorcycle and paper today our across drug and try to organize that exactly. -- idea let's go to Dan Edmunds and has some interesting things here I'm sorry it's -- first we'll go to Dan next Mary Iran WB yen. -- -- -- -- -- Can be quite well and the back of my nephews motorcycle. -- my life and still do. And I woke up feeling afraid I don't think you can only get -- of -- and that they'll Aileen -- so. Flurry at then -- now. Thank you can be. Are -- and I'm glad you're satisfied Ryder thank you -- is the closest thing you can come true. I think women a vehicle outside of a motorcycle is may be a sport car that has verbal -- That's -- that's dead and that's not even back walls there's something about motorcycles let's go to Dan in north tunnel Wanda. Dan you're on WBN. It's -- that. Shandi I don't know actually a one time taken a term war world war probably -- declare all it took me I'll -- over thirty years. Boy my eagle took hit bad things but I was glad and a helmet because. I had also off the pavement and I was glad felt OK -- or that kind of took off after I got help from the other motors. But I will say that there should be a choice. He should be other where homer now we're all when I was in Myrtle Beach it would be worried about where all of a whole week we will -- how much -- one country that felt like. Yeah yeah it's nice it's nice to feel it but as you said there's something as simple as gravel your -- you'll be glad you had a -- -- Yeah and that I would only experience. We have been written before it's all are organs but not quite as good. But you don't hey hey you don't have the buy your motorcycle dinner well. -- It's all about tiger regular bugs are like that really do my sister Cassandra. -- lives in Daytona. And I'm sure as a ride as best I know although my other sister is a tattoo and I would have bet my life showing that that wouldn't never happened. But anyway so my sister Sandra lives in Daytona. And during by quake even though she doesn't ride she goes down their because. A bikes are. Are traveling works of art some time. The day you know the way they they don't come out and stuff like that different custom paint jobs and you can do a lot of things -- of them. A lot of flexibility. For our they're not cheap but not before not a huge investments again a good time. And especially during a climate a moderate climate like Florida would be you can use -- We -- to buffalo chip you know -- I'd love the underpinning its -- this. As iron yards as always my drive seeing clips from buffalo -- guys we have heard Jim Kelly that works for us to have you rise early. As you have been about buffalo chip you know I don't know I don't know feast on the Sturgis you because a lot of people. First of all that's a long haul from here on the bike it really is my tush is good for ninety miles before if we get off and rejuvenation. That's about it. But a lot of people trailer their bikes to decide and then right around there. Or they try to come true just out of town and and pretend eroded and had to -- his helmet law there is there North Dakota. -- -- -- the -- -- really sure I've never written so. But yeah if you see any video of vote buffalo chip -- from Brazil much fun motorcycle. And anyone that recruitment -- let's go to Mike in Cheektowaga he's a seasoned writer thank Mike here on WB yen. Ambulances and I'm Mike Munro. But I should he triumph shopper while C yeah. How was good news in right through on that. -- -- World War II June comic. -- ultimate. But definitely should go. While you know the Germans in the World War II are bastards but they had cool moments again that. -- If you miss driving. Now I'm older now so you had a good time. And you survived it's Alan that's a good club my glad -- back to reminds. Are you -- guys with different kind of helmets. I don't think V German World War II -- it was designed for motorcycle riding however about the World War I helmets within the spike coming up through the top. I like you put on include home. Chrome spike know the whole that would the whole -- is chrome for German helmet yes that is cool looking I saw a couple of times. Somebody Iran in buffalo hasn't seen what when I first start riding. I've bought a red helmet. Red helmet. And brought it down and Maria the equipment people of the Buffalo Bills put the bills the Cal's on it for me and so I -- haven't. So if you look at number bills of change that are the color of their helmets now but. It looked like a traditional bills putting those decals on is not easy and that's why they did a form because there. They revive the stretch amendment effect but it looked like an authentic bills helmet so when I would Wear it people decide it was one of the Buffalo Bills I never told wasn't. You know we've been talking about to -- when no helmet I think just as bad as having no home has those little peanut shells. That -- -- I don't Wear a helmet you gotta have a helmet. I would suggest the most protection your comfortable. Some people were a little dinky thing on the top I mean that's just that. You might as well have a tattoo of a helmet on there that's just to satisfy the law. But if you can Wear full face where full -- should be aware won't she'll where she'll Wear whatever you can -- gives you the most protection will be back after -- Our -- golf. Point of -- in Minnesota today out there warming up my Micah Downs here and lead -- on. Yeah. Whose name is John -- taking up my -- -- never never used to have a busted his motto was born to be models. Very proud to hang out. And. When I looked outside wallet. What is. We asked the question earlier whether our Jim Kelly had been Sturgis and he's our Jim -- argue that we are -- you are Jim Kelly. But we do have a -- that works here who will be writing to Sturgis this year some -- right premiere researchers -- -- asked the asked the oops oops yeah every day -- just been informed. Hoops is gonna. Oh that's much you have a good time it's a long -- miss a lot of hope this urges Americans say that. I have to admit that my fault as -- it was not the first motorized. 2%. Actually I didn't have a when you know we lived in California sent along -- which suburb of San Francisco. My wife. Wanted a moped. Sure okay Scioscia from -- And we live in an area where you can ride it no problem you know at the crisis kind of urban and suburban streets and -- arrived -- One -- -- you know one. I can -- except highway 400 pounds. I don't want any of the neighbors to Simi. On animal that I would look like the Russian bear the circus riding a little toy motorcycle so as -- -- it got dark. I would take it around it but our apartment complex well we have. But nobody ever saw me on because that would be so humiliated I would have to throw myself on the motor. But it it was it was fun but I'm probably the only guy that went from a moped too awful dress are. I mean -- classic collector. I mean it's it's quite a job. It's not quite the same and you're gonna -- -- yes actually I -- when I was a teenager and a well I like a -- because occasionally and Golan revving up and scare hourly hit. It's kind of like a fun -- to do right I mean no sense in going pulled -- so by -- was just a little. OK -- -- too -- knuckle whom the he could ride on the back. Let's guards who. Mike -- show way I think this is Mike should be in my line three in Ontario Mike you're on WB again. I can meet -- -- -- that show I've written for forty years everything from Suzuki ninety's the idea that there -- eleven under is calling the choppers -- in between while and a couple of your previous caller sure at a rate on the money if what I Wear helmets because the accident they've had not come what I haven't. But I don't think that the personal choice that I don't wanna tell anybody whether they should or shouldn't. And as far as you're describing the rocket itself it's indescribable until you've actually been on -- -- came and gone for a -- The camaraderie if you're with a group I began biking members -- people -- okay park for a rest break at this side of the road and they wouldn't do that -- -- -- -- car people want to -- scare. As strong people there's a kinship with other bikers that's incredible you're right now you'll you to subscribe. Different kinds of bikes I don't know many people have written different kinds usual -- of one of the other. Did you have a preference in the kind of -- you're writing. -- you can almost go through the ages has started up within nine you don't learn moved up to a 400 calorie. Then I get into. For your breakthrough eventually -- -- get -- or -- one summer that's something about the eight correct finally physical. And I better get into the -- right. Yeah it's -- get a little more mature in my older but not personally that -- and I'm gonna Wear helmets. You know I'm I'm I'm -- the big crews -- now at the fifteen point 86 cylinder bow creek and I love my weight and I go on road. And right -- over and aren't terrible but I would like to challenge for your -- your questions for -- -- -- Here they shouldn't be on the -- I agree line you don't like it don't fly if you are really get a break don't go out company that is as critical -- hasn't been around corners or even comment on. I think take that point he got Orchard Park. Toward our Perry goes so that there in 1939 did elect work right come back the crowd of 39 to bring government back -- the buffalo. You tell me you didn't experience that and and I've driven it McCartney in a bite it's globally -- there's just nothing like although it thinking that the way to right now -- -- Munich in nineteen. Yeah I you -- -- you've just described a very nice wrote and so that's a great place their ride and thank you well let's say miles Mike thank you very much. While he named -- eroded if you're on nineteen. Be sure and stop. -- let's see I'm trying to. Think the best way to describe it it's right up over its off a -- five on route nineteen. The DNR. Restaurant that though I was there yesterday's -- reason why I'm telling you but it's a converted train station. And it's really really cool. And in the main dining room depending on the season if it's Christmas it's winter scene of its spring its its wrenching upside down. Hanging from the ceiling. Is a working. Train. In scenery I don't don't ask because I've never asked them while how the train stays on the tracks it's upside down. I mean bubbling simply at a Christmas is beautiful because they have it going a round -- all Christmas decorations whatever. And that Nancy is the lady who owns that she's a lovely comes that you table every time just a lovely lady and the foods -- home it's to -- for and that's the place. It in the right season they have strawberry soup. Which is second and -- you know that last caller is right about the camaraderie between bikers. I remember on my Harley I would I would see guys. That you would think would kill you for a quarter. And they walk on Saturday is there a widget that works -- written by you you know it's just the main thing. As like amazing. The camaraderie between people and they used to be robbers -- this. You know differentiates -- between those sport bike riders -- cruisers usually the sport bike riders younger -- you know. The cruisers are. Still there and still riding and a little more mature. But it's funny that way about our -- is always one. He had me too I've gone into bars when I had my -- gifts and sort of see you with the helmet they strike up the cast Asians -- -- any any talk while would you like to go this is a good places style open. I what I they're what I got our our joint true hog -- is -- southern tier -- Niagara Falls hog. End of the people of the nicest people in the world. I mean and and you have a common but no matter what you do for a living and no matter what you look like everybody. Gets along within -- within the community so it's a good. I've got about wraps it up. And we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine after I get the movement -- our problem. Drive by our results -- with my own -- think. We don't think zero -- we'll be back tomorrow morning's the other. We'll -- much they never had to -- the peace.

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