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4-2 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tobacco Beijing governor any occasion didn't hear the beginning of a show on the past a couple of decades six states have repealed or relaxed laws the require every motorcyclists to Wear a helmet. And where they're tracking to -- the the effect it has on safety and are the obvious answer is the answer and that is when Florida relax its law in July 2000. It require helmets only for riders younger than 21. A safety experts watch closely to see what would happen once they were roe repeal. -- -- among motorcyclists who did not Wear helmets rose more than seven fold in Florida so that that. Given might as we said there is nothing like motorcycle riding it is so exhilarating so much fun but it also has an element of danger to. So we're asking you. Motorcycle helmet laws in New York would you repeal if you could. As far as I'm concerned I firmly believe an individual choice and almost everything -- I believe and and here -- The I've got my second question is would -- without one of weren't required the answers I would not I would I would Wear a helmet at all times. And potholes are they gonna affect your writing disparate. A couple of times I took my you know motorcycle off back of back the building here you know I took my helmet off and I rolled around and I enjoyed it it was really nice. But I would never ever think about writing on the Rosenthal -- Yeah I area as the year earlier caller said if -- Britain through swarms of things before and it doesn't matter what they are there still swarms. I can imagine. If say if -- -- goggles on at least. What that would include you who want to -- -- in the -- after all we rock -- thing so I I didn't Wear full face helmet -- -- shield. And occasionally things come up underneath that. And you gotta get a -- lawyer are moving. If it wasn't for full face helmet I probably would have had to have. Reconstructive. Surgery when you're gonna try to cardiac -- I rolled in your own house won't have a helmet was bouncing off the ground. So I know that would have been fun. Luckily you have Africa he he -- he -- that -- -- -- -- my -- let's go let's go to a George showing and I don't want to George you're on WB yen. Where George what do you have for us that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bad New York State I believe like -- got to -- did you -- yes it's a good idea. And they've -- put it all this time whereas. Errors or not. In in contrast strong 69 where they enacted the law. The federal mandate. Eight overturned it every single year and hope that it day. Arizona Arizona in a lot of issues. Differs with the federal government. And that you gather their climate and most of their state is different than ours but you're probably right I was not aware that New York just took it right up right away but the excellent information. I I would absolutely. I would absolutely repeal it I'm I'm I'm a firm believer in and you know personal liberties and our freedom and choices. Some of the biggest complainer about. When. You know states. Haven't held a lot of people are trying to repeal it the people that don't write complain about the motorcycle folks -- say what are they whining about the -- that the you know the -- come down for the seat belts that all of a sudden it. There or. Been knob. I was in Arizona where you're going to motorcycle school road trying to talk to you don't know about it desert and I can honestly tell you. I will never ever forget. That -- and light. In the -- -- Climate that stillness. And all I know a little bit. Life I who don't trying to -- you know without it and I'm gonna come next year and an actual. He got it up for people don't ride they don't understand the pure joy of that and died I think you've explained it very very well especially on on an arid dry climate like that. So you you carrier how many -- you you -- here when you have to -- you wouldn't Wear it if you didn't need to. -- audit how this whole bit you know -- It's just a little bit of a sideline aside and -- -- to pick up my helmet and and and I I -- Arizona when I was on the freeways and interstates. So we saw in all fairness my disclaimer is that when it was in -- congested traffic -- public. Okay well that's Smart and and we hope you have years and years to save writing George thanks for the information Persia. I'm -- -- -- -- I've never written in the desert. That that would be fun it really truly would refund get a lot of riding in Wisconsin because that's where Cindy and I went. And Wisconsin a state deride him because there's a lot of nice rose with. I highlight to enjoy the atmosphere from a bike like the smell the trees. -- temperature differences you go from one no one elevation to another. And I and it's a very very enjoyable and of course there's a huge amount motorcycle riding in Wisconsin because -- there and they own Wisconsin let's put it that way. But yeah -- bill have blur from ambler sales and service Tommy deride. Yeah and Doug gave me -- it's funny because he gave me first of all four Wheeler to take out on the field because it shifts the same way and he gave me a dirt bike. Two or take out there and so that's -- I -- used to and of course and he. Ambler. And I would -- for seventeen years and she's an expert -- I mean took the courses. At Laguna -- with Keith -- Her whole family brother butch and and and Joey are expert riders I I just wanted to stay upright that was my that was my task. While very they know how to ride a hell of a lot better than I do and made those bikes were always part of them they were part of -- -- -- part of that I would just hold on. And just hold our. When I first learn deride as its hold on and hope that. You know and upstanding bowed out that that to me it was a major day when you first learned you took the safety course. Yeah the first time and he's around that they -- a little too fifties and you know the first thing -- as you get on the bike you learn how to start the bike. And the first time I've I -- goal of the brought in the clutch in drug -- rolled out as the house. Is is -- real areas I'm in a house he got the -- you become a kid again after a guerrilla rejuvenate your. And as via a caller said. Or two about talking about writing in the -- whatever is very seldom that we meaning motorcycle riders cause problems for cars. But it's often cars caused problems for you because the one thing they don't seal. I I don't think they have a lot of respect for most writers anyway and so you gotta make yourself known either way it's an audible or visual. Make sure there's something on your bike that lets the mountain bike. You the very first person who witnessed mean writing and in actual street on site you Apolo why yes yes and I was excited our little bar -- the White House. And you could ever have a bygone cold night yes it was a cold night to bring their -- Omar can tell you that I remember. -- sweet home and first of all just continuously saying holy cow holy cow can't believe I'm doing this. Yeah I was freezing bragging care and when I got home -- wanna get off the -- Yeah I will you got the budget hecklers and going down or Campbell boulevard whatever it is and that is treason houses -- mean it's exciting I got scared though when I had shared. -- -- and I don't doubt for a lot of cars that you brought it home with the -- in your bed. There -- look at a bright outbreak. Where we're talking about. Motorcycle helmet laws in New York. Should they be repealed. If they were I would have no problem with it because I'm a free choice kind of guy -- -- with a run without it I would ride with the okay potholes they gonna affect your writing because let's face it you don't have the wiggle room with a motorcycle you have with a vehicle. And some of these bottles are monstrous and I'm thinking not just the rom ones but that the rectangular ones that go you know parallel to the senator line. Oh man and you contribute gauger front tires and one of those things gridlock. So I'm just wondering if you altered your route where your writing -- gonna wait until some of these things fixed. Or is it is gonna goal. Bring it on I wanted to rod will be back after. -- you talking -- the you wanna see what why -- my motto is don't don't go to my FaceBook page. This is before -- started -- martial arts. It is region governor. I think we -- we have to be honest with -- a little disclosure here. You know at the beginning -- show I said that was me that was a picture of me on our FaceBook page with my motorcycle. And if you went to the FaceBook page and slot maybe you maybe you caught on. It's not me I I had this I had guys not me I have to be honest I'm an honest guy. -- -- Cares to its early portraits. So there that we we we posted that and this was definitely before he started eating its. We we've both been driven from -- motorcycle at fox. Helmet law causes problems almost like with huge trading -- nozzle with a single artist he's. It's all a pass a law no farce not eating while you're -- OK so it is Tony if you went to school with Tony recognized as a -- budget that is him. That's right after -- got through his martial arts tournament. And he was eight at that time so agency for an eight year old this guy's -- got together I mean I'm just telling. It's all natural and that's the heroics no roared -- year and this is before it went on the road because it wasn't allowed to -- him wrote an eight obvious. So we want an overview motorcycle helmet laws and Florida. They dropped them in 2000 and they tracked it. And unfortunately fatalities. Among motorcyclist who did did not Wear helmets. -- what the way this is worded totality is among motorcycle as who'd did not Wear helmets rose more seven fold. 264. In the year after the new law was them was -- and acted from 23 the year reports -- went from 23 to. 164. So I'm saying if they drop via. The helmet on New York I would have no problem with that but I would not make that choice myself I would Wear a helmet anyway even if I didn't have to. But that's what that's what the world's all about some people are more comfortable doing one thing that another and you get your own choice. And would you would you ride without one and a Telus all the potholes will affect your motorcycle riding and enjoyment. Because your anxious you'd take the cover off of like. Let's go and and you remember what the roads are like this is the worst. Winter we've had for bottles and that will that affect your race enjoyment of the -- let's go to Todd in alma toddler on WB yen. Good lord and -- younger. I would certainly Guerrero law. Ivan Reitman. Twenty years ago it and I mean it. I've taken a burger or totally appreciated model where on all occasions. Because it not been -- That's right. On the same token I travel and say I thought oh let. I didn't do a lot of motor -- one run your puck along. Do almost you know campus fetus well we held it enjoy the day. The guy is something about being up there in nature without one but that doesn't concern you about tonight having the safety of having alma. Oh you are an email. There's excellent collection plates -- that your. And backward. -- twenty mile an hour enjoying the scenery. You know you got him out -- -- -- my expert. Jeremy I would enjoyed the -- to line. -- -- Just enjoy it. Is sort of like your exact words you know some local behind we'll let you know being you get hurt I put it right -- -- It's to a side you've been riding for twenty years if you put your mind back to twenty years ago. And your first ride on the on the road you're on the motorcycle what were your thoughts. I was -- it could be. -- Early in my parents weren't good I'll admit I don't really don't care Democrats rapids owns rumor started by started with a look who's a lot of what Democrats it. And it could hear him talk about well actually into an outcome of the hole. But Tucker having red light behind him on one occasion where real quick outlook. The way you got a good sense of humor and obviously you enjoy writing and thanks for sharing analyst Todd appreciate it -- watches video. The flashing lights behind our -- -- would never stopped writing team -- -- pulled over its. It's hard to explain. And I think he did he explained very well when he said he was giddy as a way analysts I'm on the first the first time I was on the road. I was -- first of all I made the mistake of looking down dollar down ahead OK your first right. As the first right is OK I didn't all the road went on the bike it's fast across Europe at a and you learn things like all I don't know small things like -- steering try and anybody trying to explain. It's intuitive but let somebody explain to you accounts that are in messes you up with has been explained young GIF it's better to just do it yes it's yeah it's like sex. If you have to explain it is not that good just -- in army. And you don't or moment. You don't. Our motorcycle all you know it's exactly they also don't -- 301806. Once -- actively six. If you like to a comment if -- like comment on our FaceBook page. You'll see there's a picture of Tony I tried to pass an office the but there's a picture of Tony on his bike when he first got it and you'll see that that he looks very happy. He really really does and so -- you'll see why he is raving now. About his motorcycle riding experience. Hey you know you've obviously seen -- when you watch we need this parking lot here after a day of work and you could dynamite couldn't get the smile off my face yeah that's how much I enjoyed being around their bike. Employ enjoy a lot -- we got a couple oppose things flurries on FaceBook yes we -- this one comes from Craig he says when I -- I always Wear home but I always well I used -- -- in Ohio where they had -- have a lot and I still or trial. Yeah I think for me it's the right choice for me. There's enough things to think about without warrant like the last caller says that taking a -- of ahead. I've taken you know blow holes swarms of -- the little small things never bird occasionally a Little Rock or something. And that's that's tougher now why can't imagine a burden of I won't come back with a -- -- and I you can go to our FaceBook page is going to check out Tony. And Olivo opposing him will look try to get to read that or you can call they go through and I 30 -- -- -- 61692006. Our ninth place. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Back a major governor have sandy beach okay. It's nagging me it's nagging me I got to come -- all right. Which -- about motorcycles that they're more what are we talk about anything we try and put an image of on the FaceBook page that will relate to what we're talking about. And so there is a picture on on the FaceBook page of a motorcycle and motorcycle is an ice dead as a joke it was mammy. Really you know it's like really really ball guy and I'm not that box all -- as joke. But then I had to admit that it was Tony. And now I gotta admit it wasn't I mean I've got to be truthful mrs. you know it's important to be truthful when you're going to talk show it is -- -- Yes that is crests on there he has not like to talk about his early biker days. Apparently there's some things have happened in the past he's not rather not remind himself of but that is Chris is not me it does not Tony express news and you can tell. He's a pretty much in command he's a take charge and guys and that's why we're glad -- -- world on the same team with this that is. -- like I come I can't I. It's Susan rose its dozen roses before urge him married and had children. I'm just saying. Yeah I got its it's an an unusual picture for a woman to take but. But she's very attractive woman -- -- get away with any book and this -- the look she chose earlier. A when she was a single before she met before she met with him where OK the good old days we call. Now. We're asking about -- motorcycle helmet laws. There's no move to repeal them in New York but there has been a repeal in six states in the last twenty years. And unfortunately in those six states of Florida repealed it in July of 2000. And the next year for tallies. Among motorcycle is who did not Wear helmets because than there were optional. A rose to 164. The year before was 23 so it was dramatically more. I still would favor repeal simply because I'd like to give people their own choices. You understand the risk. If you're willing to assume the risk you should be able to make your own choices to a field. But I would Wear a helmet at all times I'm not I have anything great to protect his head is no music companies are but it's the only one I have. -- so why I would I would put on it and -- would you ride without one and what about these potholes. Putting together a story about the models of cars and trucks is bad enough would motorcycles. It's real. Really difficult I think is gonna change your writing pattern is gonna change where you're writing gonna wait a little bit. Until some of these things are filled what's going we view and potholes. Let's go to Allen Angola and Angola now you're on to be via. I think maybe I -- to be good if -- I'm. Sure. When that didn't land. In 1960 -- the it department and the patent. And wouldn't have been. Equipment -- a statement that I'm at the Atlanta. -- debt -- equity in the adamant. But he admitted that he'd met with an old and a little bit. Of the government because it. It and he didn't panic that I would. That's what they'd go all the time that is a -- -- may use that as well as an as a hammer over State's heads. And about my MacBook that they've been -- out of the park gonna -- not right around I believe government and that he got a little bit about it that -- that the and Illinois England and the because basically the I think they've got to know that would declared and -- -- -- the people that I don't know if I'm confident -- -- Any New York State technical things you describe people who they've got that right and a -- Yeah I think you're right caller said that Arizona didn't either I was not familiar with -- either of those a you're big by -- of those electronic. I know I know they're mad and -- haven't given that affect my completely user. Yeah but I'm showing you did -- you add great members of. -- and I am great memories but at right now I. I think I'm riding my bike I mean honestly I only -- I'm glad I'm gonna come right at the problem. Yeah out yeah I can't ride no -- very easily I've -- people in Wisconsin right in the window and results on the ground of course what -- called -- thank you out thank you very much. I don't Tony used to enjoy a weekend of pillaging. -- whenever record going in the small villages and scaring locals and that's always fun. Never forget Jim Talent back on health care bill not at a not that Jim Kelly we have our own -- -- in and rides a Harley right okay. And you went delegate bill. Yeah we went to first of all the right there was incredible and to nineties as we experience almost every sense that you can go through like you talked about going through the hot in the cold out hit of failure or shaded area and immediately you're cold -- Somebody was barbecuing in congress about. Yeah decibel that you look -- -- stomach absolutely. Now I'll give you this if you're going down to elegant Villa whatever your motorcycle VOR and I was down soup are going through -- of bill. Two weekends ago. The road Sox. I mean yacht when they put a sign on the 29 scene that's as rough road which they -- All the way from I was -- hammered down. Be alert for that and that's one of eggs were asking where the roads in such terrible conditions will this affect where you ride or you're gonna wait till if you get patched up. Because is one thing in when I got four wheels. It's another thing when you have two whales especially certain shapes of pot -- could take that that front tire and cause a big problem for. Let's go to Maria and see what she says -- dog urine WB yen. Homer. And yet we head down. My happened as a -- if I can -- -- commend them and I aside from the inside can't because my thumb is that by AB it's that time. Oh that's cool facility you do -- besides aren't. Because in about. Yeah I've never written a -- what's that like. Ul -- please could you gotta be eager to bring man united they DM a windshield one thing you'd gone back and it's time. -- pulling me and I keep that you have on them. -- -- -- -- You know like a shock absorber I think -- And yes I did is it that for awhile ago. No we edit them yet not going to be an improvement or five years so alone he couldn't wait to get them and the open you know. And we -- Diabetic -- most -- Sunday morning and that's. Breakfast tuna and things that I that I. Boy sounds like a lot of -- so you have Europe Europe basically grew up on a motorcycle. Oh yeah am I have simply used to live in the back and in and -- would ride down the road. Which opponent and then element I can. While say your husband as a Prisoner of War. He took a Prisoner of War what the Gammons Germans well okay. And by the by I've never kind of -- -- when that thing. Well you're getting -- were among this year in -- there were the -- that members. Are. Where happier here there Marie. -- you answer Colin Bubba while I was in a prison -- the Germans. -- and I've never -- I've never driven or ridden. On a -- with a side car. Yeah it seems to be a little strange until I told you once were doing things I was doing eagle on Milwaukee which is the open house for Harley. We're doing a live broadcast. And I thought what will be -- is. Because guys modify their bikes up there. I thought it would be a lot of fun to see who has the most unusual harm because a lot of them do that okay. So this guy pulls up with a side car on his motorcycle. Right when when he -- that goal. I thought the radio station was gonna go off the air what I didn't know they didn't tell me. Is -- the site car was a compressor and air compressor. And the harm was that off of it diesels ship. You know whether -- ships -- sound like the whole site car was filled with a compressor it was the biggest compressor ever seen. And he needed to operate that -- needed to have a -- because nobody could operate without it. Me and he -- that thing up and it was like incredible I I'm I'm I'm have a tape of that almighty I may have saved it. Because it might go bring home bring it here we'll play it it's just unbelievable. Lot of fun motorcycle riding there's nothing like it. It's very enjoyable. In this is a good time ago with a motorcycles. Ride safely of course that the safety courses and right now you have to Wear a helmet. But if you didn't have to Wear a helmet would you Wear one anyway I would and also potholes how -- affect your summer or spring driving. -- your motorcycle and is adamant that we are WB yeah yeah. No we don't come riding -- the -- Pockets -- twelve minutes away excellent. In my helmet on. Second here okay. We're doing here and I look around they're always coming -- -- not as fast -- euros on the job earning revenues. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good then we have washed up so we give them. That is reaching company were asking about the motorcycle helmet laws. -- New York has won obviously would you repeal it if you could. Woods likes it repealed would you Wear a helmet even if you were required to I would always Wear a moment that's just the way it is not that I have to watch. To protect what my head it's just that it's all I've gotten a marketing another one and so yeah -- whether. Potholes of -- motorcycle Roddick you know -- to ride motorcycles. Then you're at a four Wheeler whatever car here in -- trucker and you always notice things that you're glad. Did you not on a motorcycle at the moment right now back to be any road in Western New York. There really chopped up they really are. And you don't have the kind of wiggle room in them on a motorcycle as you would in the car some asking you know wait till some of these things are patched I'm guessing you're not. I probably wouldn't I'd probably know where the roads are pretty good goal there. But are you gonna cut down on your writing there are some places like as I said to nineteen now is terrible I was there are less than two weeks ago. Just terrible. And I wouldn't. I would kind of avoid certain roads if you're on two wheels instead -- -- let's go to Mary. In north now on the merrier -- WBM. Larry. I'm doing fine tell me about it did you Wear a helmet the Ryder give me your story now. I used to -- me out I would always -- moment I would never go out comedy well. Like data access in all they do it why miles an hour here -- -- Yeah. Pretty celebrities say -- you have fun if you're riding now and I don't know if you're still -- -- the plot holes a body or would you try to go around them. I'm right around them I don't drive in the but. Yeah I would go around them and let you know which if you're coming up lab rat -- you have to go on the side of the road is there's scramble -- Yeah that's yeah you're right and plus the loose material on the road so you got gravel and loose material road. Potholes of all shapes and sizes some of them look like good drive in and out of them. -- explained to us the first time you -- around my motorcycle what that feeling was like -- It was awesome except for my mother would -- -- screaming you know how. Did it again or you know. Think our our -- yes it was beautiful I used to love it. It's it's hard to explain how nice it is and what you've done it. And it and but you name the helmet and you need that she'll -- as far helmet because the bottom -- and I just said the pain from. A one got a call earlier he took a bird that had odds that you'll remember that I don't like it. -- married thank you very much. Yeah -- if you're wearing full face helmet that's fine. I always found that a little constructing. Four mighty large head. -- I wore helmet with a -- shield and fraud but the problem as it's open underneath. And if you -- every once in awhile some bug or or something like a bug will come in straight and come right under your shield and end up in your face. And if you're going 5565. You know are really have to devote a hand to get rid of -- so you gotta be elected that -- Luckily my bike was cruiser had Leo when she and so like kind of -- -- -- coming ducked down but there but of people have been -- All the time by -- -- ago you know pebbles or even rocks of being kicked into your face. And -- -- good idea. Let's code to Sam. Sam -- on WB -- -- Well. And what I I -- And kind of like where you're you're. I would we go to Russia. Long from Obama. I think people should be able to make their own decisions. Personally I realized. Were helmet. And I will continue we're only. Blow 1012 years old on TV there was a black doctor in California. Who is -- True worried there was very. Construction vehicle with a dual players in the back and a couple of rocks -- and while behind him a biker and that you guys and until opt. Oh. You know because you people realize you're in I want America are. Used mostly Wear out. You don't just as questionable ones I would go on. But many wind chills and our vehicles we have to replace because of that and beheading her hitting her your face -- your helmet is not that is not a good thing that. Where our rights -- you say that you -- your ride and you do Wear a helmet but you'd like to see the law repealed I think you are on the -- ball well. Right -- achieve you don't publicly abortion in all would. Yeah a bullet there. I hear I hear it loud and clear that gives them regular budge. Yeah I if if you know like even now in more than vehicle. I try and stay away from of the path. Of something you know big truck -- are -- even though they have those mud flaps that seemed like a more often than not they'll still be electric stuff up from time to time. -- come back we wanna ever you know obviously a lot of people enjoy motorcycle riding. I'm telling you until you've done it you'll never know how good it feels it is fabulous. But you gotta take your business will be back after this.

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