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4-2 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- all on his region -- I'm sandy beach why do they feel that they have do make it better than it really is. I'm re talking about what CBS bid on a feature that they had gone on Sunday night you may have heard about it may have seen it. But no little dishonest to his fist as many of them BI is looking -- -- CBS will we'll give you all let him. Yes yes yes it is region governor we want to honor our special woman without whose help we would be one short on our crew today Tony our mothers having a birthday. Oh yes you're right to get a -- now. You do that. She carried you for nine months you are you big baby eight months you were out early yes up to be -- wrong -- She carried you groundstrokes. With second and probably effect on us right now are thick and now. And you didn't even get mom a gift yet Saturday and you're gonna get a something's. Last night. So it's her birthday today -- right pass happy birthday friend now we never ask Chris to join the the beach -- here. We can sing -- -- ended -- while Chris and his voice was little weakness or she's been improvement in exactly I'll just keep a -- -- we're gonna say and -- Tuesday that girls -- -- -- political. Yeah everywhere they have Wren OK -- -- is it okay for you to call your mother Fran I'm sure you don't caller -- -- -- column but that's her name right and a mom. -- -- for what -- funny if you have a person change their name to mom. My mom's lately but I don't know if that was a real write your mother have more teeth -- read what would also I would hope okay are -- -- I think Chris I'm not hearing Chris Vernon a -- ago. Happy birthday. To. Or you know. Happy birthday. To -- -- who. Happy birthday. Dear Fran. And happy birthday to truly an auto works well we -- it was I think Chris as always I brought you down and we thought. I think that's an idea well he's good and other stuff right -- wire wire connect. Our -- watching CBS -- sixty minutes. Most of the -- most of the information was. Came out after the show was about the stock market to hikes. Alleged heist -- about 01 -- features an interest me the most was about the of the Tesla car. And it was a feature on not that Tesla car but. The the founder's name is what Ilan mosque. And and he's quite an accomplished guy. -- he he started PayPal. And sold it through Google for like one point something billion dollars. He has his own -- -- -- his own rockets the first of four of which failed and of the fifth or a failure have been bankrupt okay many started. Building a classless. Now to think about -- the whole underneath part is battery all of it is batteries -- right now they're showing the car the car looks nice. And I can or not it's it's it's pricey it's a hundred something engram but it's got -- I think a 200 mile range which is a big. The looks are big deal and arranges a big deal for an electric car -- So they want to show one coming off the some oil line and a and firing it up like they do it all these things and -- out. A person gets -- they fire it up 01 -- Non not to near Tesla there was only one problem. They dubbed in the exhaust. There's no exhaust sound Fessler. It is a battery car it's it's like you know any kind of battery car does not have an exhaust sound. And they dubbed it in the CBS engineers dubbed it in and they got caught -- home on -- -- as NATO says an editor I love this kind. And senator made an audio error. Now -- time. I'm there watching the video going. Currently looks good yeah that's going to be great but -- it sounds when they when they turn on how we can have that's like a golf cart. And so it some editors are well let me say and it was almost almost some cycle sound they really wanted to sexist thing up. It was almost a motorcycles on Micah Harley in a potato potato potato. And how I mean you always well as I do guys half of the appeal especially for men. In a car is the exhaust no class I mean Ferrari works very hard on their exhaust ago. But it you can tell and that really sells and it's the money shot the exhaust note. And without it you can have a really sexy looking car and a very practical solar you'll love it -- right cholera. But without a good exhaust not a kind of loses something so that the editor didn't think -- that was not a not solely -- Kevin -- spokesperson for via. For the networks that that the the audio is -- and after. For the revving sound as opposed to much quieter wind like noise of a -- of a Tesla. Anybody -- told you that you don't have that I think -- it lets see in the market today. The best exhaust note out of a real life cars elements are human liberties for -- The best exhaust note is the -- in the jagr after. The jag -- type with a big engine almighty god. I mean you have to go to confession if you heard it. I've never heard all you've got next time you're next time your westerner stopped a stop over rejects store then you get service in the sports. Go to projects are -- fire up the the big the big jag engine OK all my god you'll figure at the Lancaster -- on Friday night's. It is sexy. And the F type is a very very nice car and I know you're saying sandy. How -- don't have one I can tell you I tried to get in one I physically can't. I'm sorry could not apologize before you speculate. And I driver that's the point is I can't get that passengers it is. Well it's a pirate wills look at a -- trailer. And harming -- minutes. -- -- -- -- Just so that they said it's one thing to -- exciting motor noises over Monday's on the car but the -- engine sounds and a car that most via people realize is nearly silent. Is bizarre. And so yeah obviously the -- and combustion -- and that's yeah yeah and -- sound it analog volume manufacturers worked very hard elements on that they have a sporty car. Now some real. Real odd cars. Don't have that big super over the top exotics now but there really odd cars but these -- jag F type I would say if you if you want. An example of what it can sound like what you wanted to silence. While another one foot in and you're well aware this is that you -- Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT eight here I saw one in Niagara Falls a few years back in Iraq could not believe. It's awesome yeah it really sounded nice. Roy knowing that one yes I have one and I love that it is great cited is about either pushing them but monitoring a key whatever you need to start your engine. And you hear that exhaust note. And the right guys yesterday. And aside and they had the -- and other models. It's in automobiles. India and may make for those have you. Who can't get enough horsepower. A viper SR tree in this room and that -- My first name. More action and it all -- god. I've shoots out of a rocket OK I think I can an environment like that but anyway -- they they added the exhaust note of the Tesla so. It's. The problem it's with Tesla right now is the fact they can't make the batteries fast enough they can get them. So they're building their own battery plant and that with electric cars that's always been a concern. About having enough battery access and then having enough range on the battery when it's recharge. -- I've always said. There are some decent for four what you wanted to use them for some decent battery cars out there. However the problem is people being afraid that. When the battery is is out your route I mean it's not a hybrid there's no gasoline engine. So it's just that so he might -- brilliant solution is this. You know you have some drives and stuff for computers make something like a thumb drive. It goes plugs into a special port in the car. With the with the battery power -- give me another twenty miles. Because most of the time with a car like that you're not going to be more than twenty miles away from charging station. So you okay we ran the battery all the way to nothing cars are going alert anyway apply again. In the yards or report and bought me -- 120 miles I mean that's some pretty illogical like that in dutrow. That's a nice cars have you seen that that Tesla which argument that's nice all you know the promo on TV part they look good I know I I think club reject what Lauren fix but I don't think she was too enthused about -- for him I don't know that -- position I'd been driven. There's not even a dealer and they say that. There's a waiting list for him probably in California. Apartment that's just an educated guess I would take a break we'll be back -- mark and we wanted and now. No exhaust sounds on this show have been edited today. -- all True Blue and I'm gonna give you. A piece of disclosure about what's on our web page that it would come back okay. On news radio I'm thirty way RW BN -- just a a promo on TV for the Mitt misses New York State. Thing -- there I guess there are having on what is it though auditions cattle call whatever your collar. As of four women one in the kindness and the spokesperson. I don't wanna because I don't know hour and a very attractive but. Very symmetrical. On -- extremely like almost perfectly segment for. Barbie doll with a voice. If you following -- I'll be accused -- right she's perfect. I'm not unlike any other human I've ever thing about it right Allison was going -- this is out of Colorado. Police say a woman fakes her own kidnapping that was arrested trying to collect a ransom of 600 dollars. Police chief Jim Grayson said Melissa Garcia is facing a criminal extortion charge really bad for a title -- -- obviously has lawless name. She picks her own kidnapping. You take your own -- -- get to set your own ransom. Health sets their ransom had 600 dollars. You don't think you're worth much you know I'm talking about if if we're gonna affect my -- senate floor five million dollars in cash on mark bales and well. Let's see what am I worth well right on. And I and again show 600 I think he I think anybody opening that. -- -- god 600 dollars bet which he needn't cost whatever you like it bugger it I'm guessing. Maybe she wanted to get more symmetrical could -- a lot of articles on that's sorry to hear that about. About a -- Melissa Garcia. And now Los Angeles, California. If you are -- far and are really nice house I don't mean a nice house. Made a nice nice house I mean a really nice house. A mansion has reportedly been sold in LA for. 1020. Million dollars. -- Southern California record socialite Suzanne Sampras name and built the trophy -- you think it might be a trophy -- 102. Million dollars. Golf orderly. -- -- dozen years ago with then husband metro networks flounder now I'd never even heard the metro networks have now. About immigrants know what I hear match -- in -- world track traffic GAAP. David -- stain is or ex husband as. They've since divorce and she -- is that the property so she obviously got a house. In the divorce settlement she first was fitted for a 125. Million. It is now down to a hundred and so are not nuclear and sold it at a hundred and so. How can be the agent that list. Yeah. If you -- that that means that no matter who sells that your gonna get some money somewhere. I've got a good deal amount of money now now perhaps say now there may be a little bit too grand building. The Atlanta archbishop. -- at a Catholic archbishop Wilton Gregory. Apologize because he builds a new home for himself. At 2.2 million dollars is being criticized by a local parishioners who said he should consider selling the new home. In the Buckhead neighborhood that's a very upscale -- with Sylvia obviously. The bishop of Atlanta Georgia didn't take any vows of poverty. One can only guess on chastity and obedience but that's it 2.2 million bucks -- ought to talk to the -- -- some humility yeah exactly. Well our our -- of a bishop here as a vary. Area in crisis. Digs. Always an idea. Did you ever see the bishop's residence now is very nice you mean you've covered under today. Call -- card O'Connell called government. And that's okay not O'Connell now normally I don't think that would help the other -- -- got one team and nice guy. I don't think it's stagnant Kevin and Jesse did and he said forward to chance and take a chance with Roberts -- and is that -- isn't one well that's good it's worked out. However have been here 22 years off. Prominent court days just celebrated his 25 anniversary saying Dominic was here. For three years before you leave and arrive why you're a probationary employee compared them yeah in fact Dominic was one of the first light fills and produced. You consider dominant show life well then don't listen to produce it at a scratching -- own good well being bad state is the parent up or Ken -- which next remarks would would be lively. All right fun to work with them I like both of those guys -- out really true. I'll Brenda not much time what about Randall she had a program called ask the fact ask the vet veterinarian show yes that was a good a good program. Work with our friend John Mellon 410 from the IRS I. Love John mound he's such a guy and our it was great before John mallet. It's it's strange that there is some of your best memories are with the IRS guys that history I event and I should be getting my stuff back. From my guy. Today mired in -- -- is already been filed as it's file electronically but I got no right to Jack McConnell I'll hop. I remember it was an aggregate pizza tomorrow forget it it. About the left over drop our go to IRS they got a -- -- all right and we -- back tomorrow Beijing company I was just hitting obviously about. Ken brown and I had no it's analysts. I'm an idiot I was just getting. -- Ortiz I was getting. And -- back after this. Home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon until three news radio 9:30 AM. WVU and it. -- -- -- coming -- sandy reached out to talk about motorcycles. And motorcycle helmets and things like that. And I do some a little different today than we usually do who we usually post a picture on our FaceBook page it has to do with the subject. And because I knew that it today we would do be doing this on motorcycles motorcycle helmets motorcycle safety. A what I did is I brought in a photo. Of myself -- my motorcycle. And we decided to posted that Tony is a -- is that posted a picture of me in my motorcycle yes it is in fact I'm going to the site went outside right now checking out refresh and their you okay because I want to personalize you know now. Granted this picture was taken a few years ago when I first got my motorcycles though. If you've seen me like in the last oh I don't know 23 minutes I mean I don't exactly like this picture. But it gives you an idea of vote when I got into our borders like. Okay and I decided that it. I decided to share the picture with the usual oh wouldn't it wouldn't via official publicity picturing like that but you wanna see. -- a picture of me in my first motorcycle -- just go to our FaceBook page OK and there it is it's candlelight overpowering. -- that was up via. This picture is before our rough -- nuts okay let's say you're seeing the picture of me before I met Randy bush over and started -- -- -- And I mean today all right I'm just saying to -- to a shocked. All right what do you think guys that that we have pictures regatta -- Half acres -- -- I already posed -- we always of course but what do we -- -- the picture is there are couple questions out Donna says -- mind you just made my morning what was the question again. I did Donna I got now a flash that's have altered the picture a little bit but basically that's that's at. We're gonna talk about of motorcycles and motorcycle helmets and the state of the roads. Of first -- just tell you for those viewer -- -- There is nothing like -- it is fabulous there's no question about it the first time that I ever rode a motorcycle. Yeah I -- that put the picks and down got off the motorcycle and -- in the air just like ignore the Toyota commercials you know where people get -- -- -- It is so invigorating it has so much fun it is so exciting. But let's not kid each other it's also dangerous and it's not much dangerous. As something your going to do but something other people on the road are going to do -- not gonna see you so make sure that you have something. On your bike -- will alert them loud pipes is certainly I I -- -- think it's cliche but so they can hear you are used to run I had Dresser full -- Harley. I ran a couple of American flags. Off the back so that they would flap and people would see them but because people -- motorcycle oftentimes. -- in front of the order hit -- or even stop that red light or stop sign -- pitcher from the back. So you've got to always be alert. But. Having said that. There's nothing that matches that the excitement of the -- ride and Tony got riding after underwriting and it would you would -- and a. Oh man I in black talk about something that's an absolute cure for depression. Or Iran however icann and the bike because you're in another world and I remember you tell me Wendy said. When you experienced that feeling when you are at 11 year buy exactly and when I noticed that I was this is just amazed. It's like because I had horses for twenty years. And it's much the same feeling when your -- one with your bike or Europe one with a horse where you feel like it's party when you're part of that. And you feel totally comfortable but the difference is -- horses. There aren't many cars though -- in front of you in the field and and then it in the barn in the arena whatever. And so it is dangerous and that aspect of what we're talking about today is a motorcycle helmets and you're saying well sandy why he's talking about. Motorcycle helmets. Well they I have an article here from the New York Times by Hannah Fairfield. In the past two decades. Six states have repealed or relax laws that required every motorcyclists to Wear a helmet. Charting fatal motorcycle accidents in each of those states reveals a definitive trend. As soon as the law changes the number of fatalities rise which kind of makes sense. But you probably don't know how much more state legislatures are considering similar changes this year. Which measures that would replace universal helmet laws -- requirements only for specific writers. Like those younger than 21. Or those who do not have certain training or insurance. Safety experts say they are particularly concerned that ball recycled -- are increasing at the same time automobile vehicle deaths are declining. Roads are getting safer except around here. Four drivers and their passengers a more dangerous for a motorcyclist. At the same time motorcycle advocacy groups are pressing for changes in helmet laws. Let me just -- in my opinion New York State has a -- And -- when I went to Wisconsin. With my darling -- the home -- Harley-Davidson affect our radio station was on capitol drive the same street -- Harley is on. OK I saw all kinds of people riding without helmets why -- on Obama a law there. -- -- -- people running in the winter but that's another story. And idea I would not ride without. I wouldn't even take my motorcycle. Down my driveway without a helmet and for those of you who say well what can happen to tell you can happen. Next time they're out on the highway and you're doing 55 or 65 miles an hour. A watermelon about the wind or your car what happens that that -- and then tell me what can happen to your -- And then see people who are styling usually misses women and usually at their riding on the back of somebody else's by. And they have shorts on the they have a sometimes. Shoes instead of any kind of protective footwear. And that they wanna look good and it -- good splatter roll with the pavement of the -- it goes on got to be sensible. I you've got to have the right training for motorcycle you have you have to have the right clothing from -- -- on sometimes have to pay if you are really hot sticky day you don't want that. And I'm a firm believer in choice so I say. You should have the choice or having said that New York if they repealed a helmet law in BO OK -- -- me of the good. But it wouldn't change my mind that I wouldn't ride helmet. But that's the what's -- that's what makes life interesting -- what makes the world -- around. So we're asking a couple of questions because now we have something else this spring. That is happening usually motorcycle people. Wait until it rains a couple of times after video last and also get through the salt off the road doesn't it on your bike whatever. But now people -- going to be NC. And they're going to be out maybe some of -- yesterday I haven't seen any yesterday because of them -- way. But -- now the days are getting a nicer and one of the things that's going to make it more dangerous are the potholes. They were doing a whole series of interviews and whatever this morning on the early morning and it was about the state of the roads that we've never seen the roles like this. People who had highway departments have done that all their lives say. The roads have never been worse and my concern. Being in a car or truck and seeing the kinds of pot holes we're getting. The circular ones you can understand get a grip on the ones that I think are really dangerous. Are the ones that are rectangular and they goal lengthwise. Well over the -- as -- bureau wheel gets down and there are your front window. Meant it would be very easy to lose control of your bike as opposed to driving over a pothole or in and out of a pothole that big bad enough. But if -- wheel gets in there you don't have but he the kind of -- you know four wheels the kind of balance it out is doing a car truck. A soul masking some basic questions. Motorcycle helmet laws in New York would you repealed and if you could. Would you ride without a -- helmet even if they didn't repeal it. Pot holes is that going to affect you are driving in -- enjoying of your motorcycles -- fixed up and I'm going to give you this is a kind of a fun thing. You've got a son. And he says dad mom. I've got sent to one of these two things. You get to veto one of them Iowa will be I -- a lot. Nice big tattoo. Are a lot of motorcycle. Okay what he is saying no true. These say note of a tad too because it'll be there forever policy. And let's he has been a lot of money -- get -- -- -- when you say -- -- motorcycle which potentially could be problematic. I mean most people ride without accidents or whatever and as I said it's fabulous fun it is great. Okay Tony your son is only six right yeah so he'll be -- in twelve years nick comes up TO says that. I've got to have one of these two things either attack tool or a motorcycle what he has. It depends on the type of liking us again -- whether -- this he's gonna -- crotch -- absolutely no you know and you -- cruiser yet you -- you -- run cruiser and you know go -- -- the safety they take the right of course like I did -- say capsules at the course -- and you can do everything by the book so if he appears to do that you'd rather have -- -- -- -- It would either one won't bother me because you can't and maybe it's a -- on his arm that says that you have says Tony not yet and -- -- -- -- -- and does he have a -- he would have to have your name tattooed on him dad yet and both of you wouldn't have his mother and your -- Now that's not alone not necessary to have her name oh yeah because -- Giving our special privilege zones and. And -- motorcycle helmet laws and New York would you like to see that reveals you have a choice. Would you ride without a helmet I wouldn't. But that's up to you and I -- I'd I'd defend your right to have a choice you are ride will -- on fire anyone arrival however as violently too its not my head. And upon polls how will this affect your motorcycle riding. Are you gonna wait a little bit until -- filled up some of these holes I have a feeling most people aren't gonna wait. They're gonna say I can go around them and whatever but remember you don't have that flexibility have a vehicle. And it on the no list if your kids said I want tattoo or a motorcycle. Which one is a note on -- I'm thirty we are WB yet. He's not yeah. It's gotten all of matters tonight. They're not broadcast while baby yeah. -- That he has his art. Tony did remind them by a motorcycle this afternoon in the running back you. The big questions. Motorcycle helmet laws and of the past two decades six states have have dropped them and more considering. And I'd like to know would would you like to see them drop. And would you ride without a helmet I don't care -- dropped to not that I liked personal choice myself but I wouldn't right moment and -- potholes. How would it affect your motorcycle season. I would assume that on a nice day like yesterday or today he's getting antsy and you can probably trigger you know what I know the models arm mainly an outright and avoid those roads. Because people get really. Aren't that first run of the season. Let's see what Jeff says on on line one for me storage after on WB yen. -- -- -- And probably haven't seen it took I didn't like it level and you know appropriate you go you know respect for my weight and -- took the break. And probably global for a forty spoke on the senior. And I you know. -- like proposal freedom. And but I'm like you I would where I would work permit it you know -- greens are worth more than. Insurance. You know I mean I -- -- enjoy riding on a human side you bought in the fourth. All beats yeah yeah and you. Don't. I can't imagine every once in a -- ride to a swarm of things to imagine them getting either going right to your face or underneath I mean. Well an important. But. It would check the bumblebee in old habits it's one thing to our audience explain the joy of of the motorcycle ride what do you feel like when you're on. It's just like in all the models and I I don't writing because I just love it the and it's it's exhilarating -- you'd seen. So much at the back of the pack with my motorcycle club in -- Look at the wild turkeys are -- -- -- ever had -- -- -- or even come -- thank -- Am -- completely aware. Question did you feel the temperature. You feel the temperature is still around Jim Jeffords -- going down a little valleys. That called you know the only issue right now is old but you you don't get into warmer it up -- you -- up here rights. We were projected from him in a problem until you. The final -- sure. -- -- -- Yeah you here in question my son. As well -- the -- -- has the motor cycle but. Shall provided -- much widget -- me and so it's that bode well time and not see any got. -- through -- you know and I'm like you know -- with you forever but you know it's it's you. He's 44 year old so easily grown out. In the marine eagle. Butte. Who is forty. -- you wouldn't have been there but -- -- mail him at some point 00. When a marine says I wanted to add to a motorcycle regular habitat to a -- Earned it -- guys step. Yeah I know exactly our Jeff hey thanks for sharing some of a jar or whether as -- version a -- -- Wow so he's got a marine son who has to add to our promoters are that's. Pretty manly men and if you wanna see a picture of a manly men total Europe FaceBook page. And there are listed right with the topic today. Are some early photos of -- me with my motorcycle when I first got my most. You'll see that that is BBF before fox knots before I met Randy bush over. This is what I look like. Now are perhaps a little different because it's -- -- are the issues we're asking three questions. Motorcycle helmet laws in New York would you like to see -- repeal last question one question to know if they were revealed would you ride without one. Without a helmet though I would still I wouldn't mind if they're videos and individual choice but. I would not write about one. And potholes. Affecting motorcycle safety and you gonna wait a little while the -- filled in some of these suckers some of them are bigger of the swallow your bike. We'll be back after this.

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