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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Summing Up Sabres Slide to End - Mike Robitaille

Summing Up Sabres Slide to End - Mike Robitaille

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- attack is in studio with us this morning talking hockey sabres analyst and amnesty -- brought you by DNC's fancy New York's artisan cheese morning Mike. Good morning idea when the spouse or some melt it's playoff time he should not yeah that's our relate to a exactly that's what they've been -- -- -- the involvement does not for the sabres this year now Ted Nolan named head coach this week how important was. Well first all of like to congratulate him it's it's been a long road for him. You know went around a lot of corners and -- from some ups and downs on the give back to. Worry is rate now and of course at city. Critical decision. For the organization and the memory of what he thought was right and that. He could put the youth in the future this team into Tenet's hands and -- -- I'm sure confidence. Animals who were ghosts. Ted brings a lot of things to the table that are very important. Thing to be an effective coach him. One -- in the fact that he has the ability I think to. Probably motivate. As well as anyone and that's very important for young Nike players. You can break there are it's very easy. They all come up and get drafted high. They were heroes where they were. Life was good and there are plotted on a regular basis now all of a sudden they find themselves in the position playing against players that. -- just as good in most cases a lot better. And they get their nose drug Bennett to and it's not very comfortable for them to fight through that. You know let's say get over that stepping stone or use it. To move up to a higher Echelon in the National Hockey League so he needs the support mindset ever -- coach. You know unless your -- to Buffalo Sabres fans when you get to the point where this team is right now let's face it. Not many people might turn on the radio listen not many people for them to turn on the TV to watch but tomorrow we're playing Saint Louis. And Ryan Miller. Well -- you know the question of -- world team player not a right. I sense that Ryan wanna play that game and sometimes when you wanna play the game bed and off and you say pretty pretty please the coach or player. And -- it looks like an opportunity where they could pull him out tomorrow night and put their back up him. On the other hand. You know there's some book continuity in getting -- Saint Louis team -- exceptionally well going into the playoffs and they've been little spotty. Lately I mean mostly good but not quite as good as they were before and they certainly didn't come off a banner game last night. They won but they shouldn't of one. And they just might come back with -- play that game against buffalo. Speaking -- goaltenders a sabres rookie goaltender last night Nate alone because of his first career NHL win how much of a confidence boost is that for young guy and as early twenties at this point his career. Well young players that can be rather amazing how quick they can get really good or were they confine themselves and improve their game and that. And it could be the game that might do a -- might not once again that's a stepping stone and he challenged some very good players certainly in that shootout and the interesting thing about the actresses -- fact that. His record in Rochester is not very good when it comes to. Shoot outs and yet last night you know he blew the doors off them and played exceptionally well also. This is high watermark for him -- very early career. Like the sabres are obviously. Heading to the finish line. In hopes of -- big reward at the end you know is it worth the marketing -- you know -- has just been a tough year for them. Spent -- -- been a tough decade at times. And you wonder you know you know what's the straw that breaks the camel's back come what's compete they. And Taylor fans of both lower amazingly resilient. If you give them any hope at all of them. The -- certainly is the fact at the -- and Ted Nolan. Kim accumulate enough good young talent and fill in the rest of the team qualified players. That world kind of hone their skills little bit and protect these younger players -- just bring that to a different Echelon can be good strong competitive team. For many many years to come but. This is -- time where. The bullet it is -- biting it now Pepsi it's a very very difficult it is difficult for the fifth swallow also. Mike it's great and again always good -- and I you'll do it next week as always sounds good MacArthur my bro but I sabres analyst amnesty.

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