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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>John Loffredo - Dealing With Crumbling County Roads

John Loffredo - Dealing With Crumbling County Roads

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John afraid -- your recount his public works commissioner got up this morning walked outside saw his shadow. Which means a few more weeks of particles. Just getting John how are you this morning. Good morning -- through good. I didn't see any titles not my day door but. That it looked out the front door. You know with forty million bucks an emergency money earmarked to fix roads across New York State. John what do you get some idea about how much money you are going again to continue your work. I I think it's going to be sent to them in -- -- of the week there's so. We should know much were gonna get from the state. In the extra funds in what they called -- funding. Is John -- you get to at all you know how bad it is this winner. Well let's say this. Well we're going to repair what we can to make it workable going into next winter we've lost ground this case -- They're really did a number on our roads. And normally we catch up below we have about a 145. Miles -- -- world. Rated poor -- going into the winner. We came out with much more than it they ended higher than usual usually we we are very village took away -- -- and -- an amount. But this year we're going to court. How -- how many more miles and are we coming out with. Poor roads and winner. While we don't have it read it but. Normally -- we attacked and we until about fifteen years ago we we -- 400 and allow 400 miles greedy -- where people so whittled it down to about -- -- -- 45 miles now. I think it's gone up I -- -- I'm guessing about another forty mile. One of the local highway superintendent told us earlier John that. It's gonna be awhile before these companies that make the hot pot holed a patch. Are going to be often really operating it might be later this month. Before all this top match was delivered to highway departments. So does that mean were in for more temporary fixes before you can permanently repair these traders. He's bright we're what we're gonna try and do this kind of bullets it just to make sure everything is workable. Jalal all the titles in angle they can do to permanently -- and we're trying something new like everybody. In there and see what we call cold -- -- some stuff. So we have a modified version of that we're keeping our fingers crossed that maybe Italy -- a little longer. Aaron in just how would you be spent on -- -- so far this -- you know. While we're just getting into the season so it's going to be it's right now we're just starting up. It's grant what we've really spent a lot of money and is consult. If it -- them budget. We're we had a shortfall in the bottom million dollars between consult and the overtime in the fuel we use late winter. So we first always -- can make it up and then all the other money we excess money would get hopefully. Will go on a permanent repairs. You know we have to assume that your department has received tons of complaints. From area drivers. Do we ensure that may be most of the complaints have come from the south towns where there was more snow in the north downs this year. Well we get him. -- -- really don't have the account but we didn't from all over the county. And to let me just tell -- about complaint -- -- great -- we re votes you know good to -- And we also look at the traffic count the roads get but even that complaint we dictated to account so we have two roads that are equally graded. Equal on a -- trade. Traffic. Will give preference to the world that we get the more complaints too so we do now it's those complaint bank take care. John you've been at this a long time. With this letter of -- above and beyond any winner you've ever been through with panels. Yeah absolutely I can't believe I mean it. Would have never guessed that in my wildest dreams that don't want her to do under the number they did and heroics this case went to. John have you been settled this argument once and for all a few days ago we got a complaint from a person who lives in one of those towns. And the dispersants that you know I called my town hall -- look. This road. Is really terrible I mean that looks like it was bombed. And then the response he got from the town hall was well below that road is located here and -- talent. We can't fiction because of the county road you're gonna have to wait for the -- -- -- that -- does this happen. Yes let me give -- a little bit and it. We have our 12100 miles of -- airline miles of county road he Erie county. It's like and -- -- -- approximately three almost 400 more miles -- the next highest and then the next county. With roads. So. Although these did not those number of -- really. We looked at him and there's about 250. -- that really are around the world that somehow the company inherited. So now those town roads are competing. What I created that county roads. And their demands -- on the short -- -- the -- -- if we have to spend a dollar -- one dollar and we need. Suspended and he wrote we're gonna achieve a road as the most traffic. That's the million on the most important. Road. To connect towns. To towns in mid town road that's rated -- Was turned over to county. That the bottom -- that he killed speaks. That doesn't happen. Hey John good talker this morning in a good luck in the future here next few weeks. John Alfredo Erie county public works commissioner.

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