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CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman

Apr 2, 2014|

Missing Plane Search Continues

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

MH 378 CBS news correspondent Steve -- -- is joining us live from Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia. Steve we're hearing today that Malaysian officials admit the jet mystery may never be solved. That pardon me that the bad connection today but -- the police chief -- essentially the chief law enforcement officer. -- important that it is purposes in the country palatial. Spoke with reporters very frequently -- that really nothing's been ruled out there is it -- a criminal investigation. Which we all they'll call before he says but don't read anything into that it could be possible elected could be stripped mechanical failure that caused by the party. Into the ocean everything's -- investigators including the possibility of a possible activity but he also said it's awful we may never know what happened to the point. This mystery just continues. You know we understand too that the black boxes the flight recorders are. Quickly running out of -- power of the batteries and we also understand a nuclear submarine. Is taking part in the search for any clues as to where this plane no went down possibly determine where the sub is going to look Steve. Well I will be determined by the Australian people -- coordinating is that -- effort that the Austrians have basically been in charge of this with -- No wonder the what things of these -- here they determine which areas are going to be searched each state they consult with the people of what the they determine what areas will be your surge -- the plains. Other ships and able to determine worthy of the ring will double triple we will come and -- will be very useful. If the battery without which let's -- are likely it will work out because at that point. We'll reach kilometer open trying to find the block auction but before the real. In -- -- -- George condemn the world they have -- but the leaders must have some general idea where. This plane may have gone down quite Celtics still have not felt the -- scores will go. You know I think we're all realizing from this. That the ocean is full of garbage and we were fully expecting that things that they were first pulling out of the ocean belong to this jetliner. Yeah I I think what you've been surprised by the way people who that he -- should they are not surprised they know about the trouble -- I think the general public. It's a bit surprised well before. Item it will colored orange was poaching by an aircraft on until they turned -- the old patient here that that was in the ocean. And the -- lots of book appeal at lots of airplanes. Detecting objects can you hear the public come back -- what you think she got -- very intrepid. -- what it has nothing to do the flight 370 they still have not felt any object and they are retrieving items from the ocean every day. Nothing has been able to connect to the flight. -- of most important here chorus are the family is of all these victims. Who disappeared along with the plan they need some kind of closure but is anybody talking about a price tag that is put on all the the searching and that's been done in the past three weeks. And you know it's also why isn't any right. And you know what's also amazing Steve the guy that. And there'd be global resource is that all of these countries are pretty it -- -- US Australia Malaysia which are pretty country Korea Japan -- also taking part. It's very expensive but. Aren't we know export to continue for some time. When you look at talk about the fortune chip that we've got a 2009. With two years to get the black boxes now is what would be in the effort over two years. But still that BP. The people who are in charge of a -- -- White Plains we'll build. But he needs a piece after it takes its benefits it was important to find out what happened -- this point. So they won't make a concerted effort. It's made upbeat at the level it's like now for the month they had that they don't find anything but it will continue to look until they find these -- as it may take some time ago. Steve we're glad you could join us with the update thank you. CBS news correspondent Steve -- live from colon allowed --