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4-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. He would. -- -- -- -- And welcome to the new. New York's that they -- indeed extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- It's fifty all time. I'm not only by doing but the rumba. Kind of evicting people -- I'm very happy. These media including you know partner one simple requests from somebody has to have sharks -- -- that. -- It's not only do the martian from Mars attack I just I felt like giving it was in my blood and had to be done it is nine. It is -- now -- Russia's deadliest vote Chinese last week that's like that they got was the martians in Mars attacks funny it's funny spoof movie by a timber and our -- anyway as some not so funny stuff I usually like this and you guys we're happy ending it and but. I can't do -- put FaceBook post up on March 20. And it dealt with addiction. And I asked the question back. Then. Heroin. Gambling. Alcohol. Sex. Which addiction. Has most. Closely. Touched your family. And I am bringing that question to you. Policy. Somebody suggested cell phones and technology. Shoes. Shoe shopping. Home alive. Somebody put cancer and that's not an addiction under scrutiny that -- there. Cancer is a disease is not an addiction nicotine is an addiction. Whether PS cigarettes cigars. Or whatever form of nicotine -- -- fours and 8030930. Is the -- phone number which addiction has most closely touched your family -- much shopping addiction. We all the people who got a zillion payers are pure oats. Here's a charity -- Grand Island. And what will we left up because your son went and for some kind of surgery in a hospital. He had pre existing problem with alcohol. Use suggested to the doctor that because of that pre existing addiction alcohol that opiates prescribed by the doctor might not be the best idea. The doctor said well I disagree with you. Your son in his late twenties made up his own mind like a big boy and he accepted the painkillers and then how did the transition happened from painkillers to Carol. Well -- I lucked out the -- that the doctor lately fact that he was an actual and -- you some will be kept firing. Are you actually did say that. Okay well it led to because they gave him stripped off Carter -- the other funny affirmed for weeks and tell. Good -- and change don't learn something new came along with that you don't need you anymore so. They didn't win the golf. It is important communication is certainly my hope is if you really implement and Christian and put them in pain management and lead them down. -- at the right great. Are you realize too and you said that your health care in some capacity. Pain management is based on specialty unto itself within medicine. And that's why the local newspaper was extremely unethical. In attacking a local physician named Eugene -- -- because his whole Pratt. This is -- the management of course she gets out a lot of prescriptions for painkillers that is the basis of his. This I'd expect the cardiologist. To prescribe -- -- No I agree I mean I'm glad I'm a little bit. It is sure that they don't look at look at the way and you sleep eat and -- rehab is different channel. If they put it went much money into rehab with -- trying to get there. Not a corny bit shaken big programs -- can -- in their particular to hear we quickly somebody should. Well OK let me ask you this question I -- to do in life that. A lot of people who get -- hooked on painkillers. And will will call heroin an addiction of course because it is and has made an ugly come back. I think that in some cases probably most cases what we have here a human beings who are trying to self. Medicaid for something for which they ought to be -- a mental health professionals agree or disagree. I agree totally I totally agree that's why I'm saying twenty people -- here. I mean I feel that you know hammered -- -- -- I'm not trying to -- by a simple blood pressure no money. And I hope the people mr. Obama are black or white and everything out that -- in the street like duke and other. No money little money -- They're actually went on the bachelor and you know command that they are our country what are we even their Barack. Did. I don't donate any other way to phrase it our government and I hate to say this but. It is then that notoriously. Scrooge -- When it comes to taking care of the people who made this country possible and I brought this up a few weeks ago I don't know how many people double checked my facts but. Most of the guys who applied for pensions after the revolution. After the war of 1812 were denied by the government they helped to save. Because this government power the American government's theory on veterans is all right we got what we needed do you now appears. -- -- -- -- -- I you know I can't expect aboard for a third Q will. It you know it I don't think we're maintain it until at least. And and and they get something -- -- I believe we are a public out there. Not a problem I had and I won't return and it. Doctors -- and it PP our. Job. Yeah more and more anything in high. People all did it. You know when we did that her -- -- well I think that came through loud and clear we eat. It it is not. And not by the way that this would make it any less evil it is not an inner city. Isn't every body thing. Maybe there's one thing the people and Spaulding lake and the east side of buffalo have in common it's heroin addiction. Obviously not everybody the point being it can manifest itself but he. -- -- -- And get out there somewhere because. I eat drink and he has been really really true and that they they do need help an important happening what do you think it will be. Now FIA you know what I'm obviously not a medical -- mental health professional but there are 28 days seems they're ridiculous I mean let's put it this way that we -- 28 days made senses of what god did do you women and I feel bad for him. I got to move on I'm glad you called. All right thank you -- we're talking about addiction which addiction as most closely touched your family. Now some of these aren't necessarily help like technology. How do you can't even brought up to date without the person -- with whipping -- cell phone constantly. So I overrule. But I was somebody as she whipped herself on. The -- That's spiral. Descent -- -- my kids. If -- were out to lunch. And that cell phone comes offers a meaningless text OPEC. -- al-Qaeda -- attacks that take an electric company. 8030938. Start -- 3180616. WB yen. He section mean pop up. Here is that's when I let him out of the basement -- -- -- on WBE and -- which addiction as the most closely to -- them which -- That. Addiction to opiates. Which certainly it is today recreational. Addiction. Can. I kicked it it was not on my own which is extremely hard to do. When you say open -- to be more specific. But you know is I was taking painkillers are. This thing -- like there's no real separation he -- there. While things were about Obama I just wanna make it clear these were painkillers that were manufactured by reputable drug -- drug companies are. All right in strict accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines etc. And they were prescribed by a physician for you personally. It's started that way separate commercial airplane yeah yeah and -- One year around out there won't give you anymore and you get this you become physically addicted to them. And you'll find your own way to get that band eventually because -- -- problem. Emmanuel at least seek help which usually -- -- eight so about him. Doctor. -- I didn't understand that words you just used. A blank about. Well. About it is word. Heroin addicts learn people what particular problems. Today goals are met. To -- -- -- profit or not at all. Should box and that's the name of the chemical I didn't know that. Aren't. Why I don't wanna get lost like I could look that up front I can look that up offline -- or online rather but now I just. OK again question. The issue -- that was a separated shoulder. In the acute phase of your injury your doctor prescribed. Painkillers how many painkillers did you get at first and did your doctor tell you how long you could expect to be on those painkillers major injury begin to -- Integrated. I was just handed a script. That -- away. New car. All right individual also received other medications like anti inflammatory says steroids met Oprah this alone back anything like that. You know all just saw him. Agriculture ready arm on the mobile -- In addition to the narcotics. Okay. Eventually they -- it went through their program and I did get myself cleaned up. And then. And another accident. Where -- thought through. And really hurt myself. There was in the hospital horror. That period too long term use can shut up with a laden. And they sent me uh oh with the script or -- any. Hold on and they never. They didn't. So anything in no pain management. Strategy where were they aware when when you fell off the roof and went to the hospital and doctors were discussing your medication needs with aware that you had a pre existing bout with narcotics. I I am. Fit what I that's what confuses me like that. It was out of written. Date certain -- hadn't and he didn't even think that would be MI model. Well I don't don't take anything for granted because cemetery that's just that they just open up a can of worms that might not have I needed opening -- Chuck I want you to hold on if you could because I've heard your story before I want to know my friend you were not alone. And wanted and they get a lot of people listening. Who are supportive of you are right so don't go anywhere is that -- this is a non judgment zone. We do these shows and addictions so don't go anywhere let's find out about traffic at least we can judge bad drivers here's Alan Harris. When somebody said the whole bunch of pictures from the rally in Albany and blocked me on their cell phone. That's a very nice. I'm very sporting. AccuWeather for today clouds breaking tonight the overnight low 35. Tomorrow it will be partly sunny and almost fifty MM as a cricket made me. Thursday mostly cloudy with showers especially in the afternoon with a high -- 42 we still at sixty. Sixty through -- are you serious 63 degree is -- All right 63 degrees at WB yeah we're talking with chuck. Who has been through the mill with the painkiller addiction the first time he separated shoulder. All right he gets addicted to painkillers goes through a program gets himself off the painkillers -- falls opera world goes to the hospital. Get shot up with painkillers at the hospital. And again painkillers they just for good reason that helped it. But when they gave -- that script when you left the hospital. I mean one would think that somewhere along the line in your medical records they would have understood it. Or maybe you would have said to them hey this might not be good idea for me let me tell you why. I -- -- -- sudden something good I was in. -- appreciate it -- my -- and it broke my all of those liberal -- I shattered my arm I creek Arabs and broke my back. OK and I I have to tell you assert that you are a reason why painkillers exist you may very well need them. I'm not a doctor but I believe me -- I won't go through -- situation but. -- you got banged up pretty good. And how you function on a daily basis you sound like you may be your twenties or thirties. Yeah -- very well my mid thirties. Yes I don't be -- and longer. -- I certainly should get a sense of humor about it that that I laughed but not at you -- with you so worried right now on this or. Order of merit now -- I want you. The week. Close so we can add that they stood just hunkered armed. Fighters so. Where people are. Watched TV get through it and see. And then. You know then marry. You know -- prediction I have an -- -- My. IE cigarette and. Well I don't know if that's an addiction -- -- we can talk about that at different show we have to do. Up chuck I want I wanna say that number one I think your break courageous. Number two anybody listening I'm not a doctor but I would suggest instead of going cold Turkey. Withdrawing from. From opiate painkillers. That you do so in conjunction. With your doctor because there are some prescriptions your doctor might have been able to give you to lessen. The withdrawal symptoms. I mean for other people listen but I think you're very courageous guy. And -- in the future you know I hope you don't get banged up but if you do I think you need to make Europe health care providers aware that you do have a up pre existing and shall we say propensity for narcotic addiction. -- I think. I'm so glad you called sharp and are really really appreciated. And I'm glad that your -- function without painkillers because frankly I had all those injuries I wouldn't think anything of being on painkillers. No I'm sure some painkillers. A very limited amount and I -- follow my doctor's advice. Now for the broken back and it is what it it's thanks very much I'm glad you called shark. Writes I can relate to some others but I -- I have never had an issue that ever. It's it's kind of bizarre but it never. Has that ever gonna help that you from. Always as directed. Always under close physician's supervision after take a whiz -- pretty much every week. It is 645 news radio and an intelligence test we've established. Though three on -- thirty start -- 3180616. WB. IQ's 95 which in today's media makes me genius. It's. Her time paying. Me. News news. Yeah all my. I -- me. Indeed. And you're. New moon and asks. Longer than. Yeah it's. On me not not being to -- When. Hiring me. And her. Pulled out my head and it's. -- -- And then. You damn. So my. GE man mean all my. I -- name you know. Yes Leo singer ladies and gentlemen all Motley ghosts are all your money and -- had a pretty decent history and it's there in the seventies I think he's back in the eighties but I have to double checked. 633. Up by the way thank you for all of the pictures you guys who sent -- from the rally in Albany today the anti -- -- rally. I have put up. A lot of pictures that have been on the air today. My friends or they're say there were five or 6000 people. I'll have to take their word for. I was not there. That being said even if those two million people. New York safe isn't going anywhere. Unless the courts throw it out. Politically New York is a lost cause. For people like you and people like. I'd like there's a trade. You have to make decisions in life. Is acts -- my doing why is why work by doing X that your decision. But that's that's reality and -- get a -- reality but the overused phrase is it is what it is. Right now speaking of is. -- feel like Bill Clinton and try to decide what is means or talking about addiction. And this is a judgment free zone by the ways in and other. And the last guy called and had a couple around a couple routes -- that painkiller. Abuse and addiction. And it can be a very very very tough road to hole. But -- -- just on narcotics or heroine of gambling. Every week some old lady gets arrested rip off some youth hockey league. For money to go to the casino. Seems to -- it. Or some old guy spent his entire pension at the casino gambling addiction you know people who are just hooked on gambling. At soldier. You have an addictive personality. But I recognize they have an addictive personality. Like go to the casino. I spend it no more than 100 dollars. And if I win which ain't gonna happen let's just say went there and I spent twenty bucks and I won five -- -- walk away. Because I'm just not the kind of guys gonna sit there and say well if I win 5000 -- maybe I'll win 101000 an hour. Look at that five doesn't say that's goal. That's ever happened -- your humble host. There are two people I know we're golden -- -- wrecked the -- inserted. Every time they go to a casino I swear become back with thousands of dollars. I don't have that -- My locker go to casino and come back with herpes. Without even getting -- let's go to rule now that's my lockyer stand on WB Ian stand welcome to the buy -- show your turn. I don't. You know it's it's it's been -- -- -- rated and very. Focused going. But more recently. Aren't. By the year ago senator. I -- cern. Pro V prescription drug or would go. What -- said many returns. You know addiction is addiction. Pan. You hear what their record out there right now. Well. -- I'm originally. He's. -- -- and out. For me when I had my surgery. You know. I blame myself some parent -- -- the Florida house. You know women are and permanently growth rate and that's where he rented an apartment with a doctor. From a doctor. Barrett director now. Was arrested. You know. Com yeah I'd be careful I don't wanna -- and areas that are gonna get me a call from corporate lawyers. Your doctor today. But that doctor was arrested. And you know. My son manipulated his way of giving. -- prescription drug. -- -- -- -- -- I have to interrupt here because I know you're gonna be able to relate to this. For somebody who is addicted to painkillers they doctor shop they try to go to as many doctors as they possibly can. To weasel as many scripts -- as many narcotics as they possibly can and then they -- scripts that about a zillion different pharmacies let's say from my doctor works I see him and him alone for pain there's one pharmacy and one pharmacy alone where I feel my scripts all yes and -- urine test that every day and at every David every time I go. Right but you know I -- that they Gloria I'm so. It was time for me. To. We can't draw and I and with that you're not in a proper way they took me off party. You know every and every time when an every month they reduced -- -- reduce the quantity and the dosage milligrams. And that worked -- -- You said a while back to -- your program. You know. Their reason why. Here when -- so bay. -- it because. No it it's all -- it's getting harder to get the prescription drug. It is easier to get in pure adulterated. It's messed with -- when. Then it is to get painkillers that are made by reputable drug companies I think it has an unintended consequence. Of the war on. Painkillers I think they've gone about this in the wrong. I'm on the same page issue and it did. You know. You know it didn't. People that are being treated. You know for heroism are here heroin that are being treated list not a goal that are. But last -- order jobs -- leave your name whereas. He talked about -- actually. That's another drug that they used which is another warm about some -- Our heroine. There ever been in flight. They know that these people are addicted. And they become addicted to this. And it it's kind of like. You're here you're not even. It. Well -- you know fundamentally. Stand I don't know if you can relate to this with yourself or with your son. I think fundamentally. When people use and then become addicted to opiates and let's face it. What are the attractions of opiates is they make you feel good they can make you feel giddy they can make you feel happy even in the depths of despair here. And I think one of the things people do. Or one of the problems is. That they are trying to. Cover up they're using it as a band aid for a psychological. Where psychiatric issue they're trying to self medicate their way in the happiness and that is a recipe for disaster. Right. Armies lay the ball. I I identify. -- golden eagle program. Are the list. Couple hours ago. Where you're talking about the current economic. I have remembered. History medication it is. -- the program and results were treated with Iran. But those two pills they treat them for real this year. And also old veteran forward behavior. Surely you -- is gone because it was -- Leo. Wait a minute went out. As this person been in touch with the present and blow off farm. OK good because your per -- because that is wrong. And office up and if they're gonna start going after people like your friend I want every cop in New York State. To have his or her gun taken away and lose their job if they have ever taken well -- -- -- -- Any anti depressant any pain killer or any muscle relax and see what's left. Right I agree wish you and. Because what's good for the goose is good for gander at for the gander at your guy lost his drug speak blocked his guns because it meant he was taken. And his career I don't cops in my life who taken far worse and are still on the job. So what's good for the goose is good for the gander I think we need to make our cops as responsible. As gun owners have to be. And I toll. On the same page and it's kind of like. You're older -- in their circle treaty. You're obese people that are dictator really we go from -- -- it's not a criminal thing. They need to be treated. Our professionals. They need to be treated medically. Well in my world it's a medical issue unfortunately my world in the real world are on a collision course because the real world is stupid and I'm Smart. You know what I mean you. Are okay it's the world it really. -- -- -- Thank you stand for validating my feelings about myself I really needed to hear that today and you know I know you've been through a lot and I definitely. -- I need to focus I I got to do a whole show on addiction and I should really get somebody in her who's an expert on this although I must tell your. That life is taught me an awful lot about addiction about why people get addicted about how people get off of addictions. And and also not to fall into the easy trap of mean painkillers are bad and carry. Painkillers exist for valid medical reasons because without painkillers some people wouldn't be able to do their freaking jobs they'd be in bed all day collecting well. Correct. Me. I appreciate that you. Some and I got a little. Period. Barbara moment. Are local there or are usually you. More rather probation. Yeah I mean. Yeah I think I try to read every email I get I try to respond to -- the ones that don't of the -- were directed at me and -- although sometimes it is gonna fund. But hang in their brother I'm glad you're calling you've been through hell and back but. You know every life. It a lot of times you you know you can't control the windy can't control the site clock hurricane which you find yourself you can control your reaction to an electrical. -- listening but I get better each day. It I stand thank you so much it sounds ego maniacal but believe it or not I totally relate -- It's your right that you brick by brick the fact of the matter is that guys seriously I learn as much from you guys as you think you learn from me. And when I hear stories like that her stories about the guys separated shoulder and broke his pelvis you know folks. You know that the whole pain killer concept has gotten such a bad rap. It makes me angry. Because. There are really people in the world I will not name names who think. Because of their own personal losses that you or your loved one should have to suffer with unbearable. Pain. Because their loved one had an addiction and -- different. I'm sorry that's just not how I view the world. Painkiller served a valuable. Tool in medicine -- as a valuable tool in medicine. And by the way. Shouldn't chiropractors. Hell I like reiki. I'll do anything alternative ugly thing that gets me released. -- from pain when it pops up. The good news is with chronic pain after awhile. Your body does achieve a new normal. The bad news is it that's fatigue. But. That's nobody ever said it was going to be easy 646 at WB. All right -- we're at 63. Degrees. By the way. 8030930. Is the phone number and I change topics to addiction I wish I did that earlier. Because you know sometimes you sit in the -- studio. And you get so focused. Political crap. That you forget about people living their lives I always tell you about you never know who's fighting what battle what time. And addictions tragically. Have touched every one of your lives some more closely and acutely and painfully than others. So which addiction as most closely touched your life gambling heroin alcohol food sex. No I'm not a sex -- Just engage your wondering I'm here. And I took the test that really not here is. Mike in shape to -- -- on WBBM might welcome to the buy hourly show and then talked about. I don't sound like. Again the problem I started real early I was -- sixteen years old based on the data -- Now I don't need names don't need names. And they different schemes in and in and -- And I cut in. I would drop and -- he knows the land should be I. -- -- I -- trapped inside the 101000. Week. And I took over business. There. And note Clinton. Some -- -- I'm -- here. And I went through. I -- mention money went through and she -- Well Mike. I'm just curious because -- dead was a bookie before the state one of its own monopoly on gambling money. I did -- ever sit down and talk with about the odds in about how the house always wins. The -- not really. I'm not really. Made it better that you saw I mean I'm sure is a kid I don't look I'm not accusing you and I'm not judging you. But as a kid did you notice -- says -- drag old faces of the guys come in and unsettle up today here when your dad had a -- make elections. -- warrior. I know. You know people were Lewis and her publishers and. All their car is you know. And unless it was a bad life. I I can tell I can hear I can hear in your voice. You know beat the tinge of five years of of regret at what point did you realize. That this was something that was a problem for in my. -- real early you know -- -- our staff because I got sick myself. And I couldn't do it no more. And I have been. I haven't been removed Christian aren't content came over four years. Well good. Good for you so that is a victory is this something that you think about every day and I'm not trying to put the Jones in your head any guy we've got the state lottery ads for goodness sake. Well there are sick about it every day or fish -- The morning and went through England. Proms -- called cost people and. The do you have. I presume the -- in a program. No I'm not you know I just because I. Don't -- -- -- more because I got sick. And so I just don't Google's. Well when you say sick are we talk in. Medical retarded physically yeah. Do you have. Do you have family or close friends. That can help you out were so you're not alone all the time. Loria I have a brother that takes care of me. And but that's just sit -- placed there to. May I ask Mike Garrett and you don't have to tell me but approximately how older gentlemen are your. -- -- What I don't I mean seriously me if you got your brother as a support system that's great but. It is if there's some way that you can maybe use your brother to meet other people who maybe have been where you are. Or people you know young ladies with whom you might be able to forge a hug a -- relationship even a friendship relationship. You're too early to cash out -- You're too young to cash out. I'm excited. Mr. Idea. Rather -- mr. Pick your personal and and I I go and when it when -- -- cashed one in particular article up their computers and cash somewhere Q and you go to. Social social security and -- and -- you know they throw me a thousand dollars that are you know I was only you know eighteen. In two years old about her eighteen year old known. -- and highlight from there. Mike is so much as they I think back to work the two time we met in the movie goodfellas -- Jimmy Conway for the very first time this guy give me a hundred dollars just to keep the -- you drinks called -- -- that was a candlelight few relieving and I mean if you make you feel better. I do know people were in that life except they were into it a lot more deeply and a lot more seriously than you are with a lot more serious things and gambling. They got out of it. They got out of it because they had a support system and they had loving family and they have loving friends and I'm not a doctor. But Mike you sound like a really nice guy I hope that you can use and I say used not in a negative way. Yeah a lesson here every daytime here. And they're. On and a whole Mike let's face it. But now but my point. Well you know I appreciate that and I'm trying to be as genuine as I can. I hope bigger in a position within the next six months to take baby steps to get out of the house more. Because the more you stay in the harder it is to get out trust me I know what I speak. -- right yeah. I wanna talk to Mike I hope the next time we do the show we can talk again and thank you so much for calling and her brother. Aren't much. Folks -- We'll do an addiction show again very very soon on affected Joseph beamer master control John Sherman your calls creator and leave -- with two words that. I think after that me more than anything -- yourself.

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