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4-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. And he went right. -- -- if India hold to. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's -- of Russia but al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's from a foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an American. Balancing brilliant move him from doing much to eat. -- -- -- -- And IQ. You have close. I'd like -- On the Barack Obama challenging. You in the -- debate as we know who is right who is wrong. But it doesn't matter because. You know the New York cancer of voters. The California cancer of voters is spreading throughout the country. And there seems to be very little we can do about it and of course there's anybody who's been paying attention of these things understands. One of the reasons is. Well one of the reasons the Democrats want to basically. Unfettered access to US citizenship. And voter ship in the United States by illegals is to ensure there power base and so it's good news. Now -- switch gears by the way I got some more pictures here from the rally which helped put up unlike FaceBook page as I get them. This is your opportunity to be a citizen journalist but I just wrap it up by saying at this point -- out of the announcement him. You want folks -- I'm sorry but my. Credentials speak for themselves as somebody who is adamantly opposed to NYC. And I don't -- you anybody an explanation. For where I stand and -- say I've been there from the very beginning. But -- question of tactics it's a question of strategy. What hasn't worked rallies. What isn't going to work. A governor's race it's not gonna work. What isn't going to work expecting dumb -- voters in New York State to change their ways it's not. Going to work the only chance I mean the only chance. Of undoing NY safe is going to be in the courts and it's gonna have to be done as the president explained to us. Basically sentence by sentence clause by clause and it's gonna take a long time. And by the time every clause is litigated. I'll probably be next to my great great grandfather for actually no I'm gonna be cremated ashes will be spread into the light. So when you catch a yellow pike in your about the fried up. You'll be eating me. Anyway it is eleven minutes after five at the WB EM cell. Now. -- change gears here because I wanna do a common course joke out of but I don't wanna do a common -- show and -- got other things I wanna get into as well. I don't like that now -- if I I swear if I had to do a common -- show all. I'll I'll just a little like bombs. I got to thinking about. Hole you could use a common core work as a parent to your advantage. I don't have kids in an age group my kids are past the common core point of life. If I had kids that were told they had to take common core. I would not give them to the office school. I would not hold them out of school. I would turn it into a learning experience. Obviously -- asked to be age appropriate. And my little lecture my pregame lecture would be something along the lines take gets. These tests a lot of people ball like that. Because a lot of people think that their waste of time a lot of people think that the schools. Are trying to get you -- think a certain way instead of actually teaching new information. So kids I want you to take the test. I want you to do your best. And I want -- laugh. Whenever appropriate I want you to laugh and I want you to come back estimate and I want you tell me which questions major laugh. And where did you see what you dad said come true. With indoctrination. Vs information. I would try to turn it into a learning experience. With common core you know what there's a lot of things. That we have to do is adults. That I don't wanna do. That I don't like doing -- and I think that you'd like to opt out of as a grown up. Seriously. About your job. All right you've got a job to work full time. I realize that that goes against the 2014 month for a that none of us are supposed to have jobs and we're supposed to welcome unemployment and we're supposed to welcome sitting at all ball Barry because he gives us more free time to -- -- our kids. Because after all we need to paycheck. Why bother. But my kids would take the test. But there -- things it. Are are irrelevant to me I just as examples how many of you have ever been to a meeting at work that was actually relevant and fruitful how many. The average adult. My guess is if you work in the office environment. Or anyplace as an associate. My guess is. That for every 100 meetings you're forced to go to. 100 of those meetings are a waste of time nothing good has ever come from a meeting. I'm deadly serious about bet nothing good has ever come up from a meeting. Wastes of time I think the corporate meeting. The corporate launch I'm talking about here specifically I'm talking about America in general. I don't think you'll find up bigger waste of time band back corporate meeting seriously. Mike -- out factor is very strong. And well for those of you work with that tech savvy companies the corporate meeting now has become a well you know we're going to have some corporate computer trading modules. Say what. -- yes we're going to teach you about the business you've been doing for 35 years and we're gonna do it on the computers. Ever gonna do with cartoons. And we're gonna teach your stuff about aspects of the business that you really don't need them well. Well I have to movies. Now I have to be honest with you. Only one. Of the five corporate computer training sessions I have take. Has been of any relevance to my specific job whatsoever. And oddly enough by the way gay it was the one about photographs and using pictures on line. -- that actually came seat now that was a good that was a good training module can actually use what I learned during the showed that. Based on that little -- trading session that we had but all at all. If I had a choice of opting out of most meetings. That I have to sit through. I would say. Done. Now let's talk about testing -- A funny story got to tell you about it I was gonna who's gonna relate to this I don't know how relevant it is but it is what it is. But before I get into it argued that phone number as an adult. I don't know but it but it must have a little fun today but to throw some things out there as an adult can you think of anything you'd like opt out of if I can think a lot of things I'd like opt out like doing taxes every year I'd like up opt out of having to do. Absolutely positively I would like to opt out of changing the that are. I would like to opt out of polling are pulling weeds from the garden. Because unfortunately a mobile OCD. And I can't stop -- just one week. I see what -- in the garden I'm stuck in the garden for five hours I have a slave to regard. But the law school admission text message appears to -- it's really funny. I don't know of anybody has ever taken well liked. People who have taken the -- I took the -- law school admission that I didn't study for I didn't buy any training manuals for a I just went in and I took it. I forget what my grade was but it -- Call it it was abysmal. Yet. I was I was accepted at UB law. -- -- accepted at Vermont Law School -- law schools to which I applied and I will tell you exactly why I was except. Because despite the fact my numerical score was low on the else because I didn't bother prepping for. My essay was. The essay question and -- basically. Autoliv has been given a grant. Do you build a new trauma center or do you build a new ice skating or whatever once and I made the argument for the trauma center. And it just so happened that I had just read an article. Not knowing that was gonna be a question on the law school admissions at the -- I -- just read an article on trauma here. So I hit the buzz phrases down. I was using phrases like golden hour. I was using phrases like level blank trauma center. That is. At the end of the day boys at a corporate -- at the end of the day. The reason I was accepted to law school was not my numeric score on the -- It was the brilliance. The suggests that he. And the terminology and the nomenclature I used in the -- the SA got in the law school. Got be accepted the law school I did not go there are reasons I did not go which. I don't feel like getting -- through I mean not been done nothing scandalous or anything but there they are perfectly good reasons. So as a grown up that was something that I could of opted out of a magnet well I guess if I want to law school but. What I'm trying to say here. Is that sometimes. You can get all bent out of shape. Over not. I don't like common core I don't like the new education anymore than anybody else. I don't like how they've tried to re invent the wheel a million different times with the education. I don't like other tried to dumb down America. I don't like the fact that our schools not just the public schools and I'm sorry to tell you this but a lot of the private schools. Are nothing more than liberal propaganda mills designed to turn your kids into nice little brain dead Communists who believe the government should control every aspect of your life. I know that you know that but being forewarned is being four were armed. And in terms of these common -- tests at an age appropriate level. I think you could have some fun with your kids about this and I think you can use it as a learning experience. So the kid comes you can say. All right -- -- -- conversation we had last night about how the schools are more interest to beginning you'd think a certain way. Instead of thinking in general. Can you think the question from the test that fits into what we talked about. I know that if it does involve talking with your -- I know it involves spending quality time with your kids and shut not the sabres. But I have some fun if I worker with kids in that age. And I use it as a learning tool. Speaking of tools it's a twenty minutes after five and albeit to a little -- right now for traffic here's Alan there's. Dude what's up with your bike -- it costs are passed thank you Mike just matured a little bit. Just give me a heads up there at your weather for today which sixth -- maybe we just -- sixty on the lips. Clouds will break tonight. So when the winds died down they'd ever -- wins will break wonder why. Clouds will break tonight the overnight low 35 tomorrow partly sunny 49 Thursday mostly cloudy with showers especially in the afternoon with a high temperature 42 and as I just said it is sixty degrees at news radio 930 WB yet it is there anybody. Anybody who has any adult task out of which they would like to -- Because I can think of -- -- You know -- also -- -- opt out of public -- I'd like opt out of oil changes. I don't care what the manufacturers -- my oil gets changed every 3000 miles I don't care if the manufacturer says almost 6000 miles is fine. -- and seventh are now 3000 miles. Every vehicle I've ever alone I don't care what the owners Emanuel says 3000 miles it gets changed pain in the -- In the arts you know and also like to opt out of speaking of vehicles I'd like to be able opt out of New York State inspections. All MG. Giant waste of time at least for me. I don't know the goal is to keep heaps off the road to ensure a more safe. Way of passage for folks I get that. But. Frankly. I can do without it. You know watching for that little cut out on the sticker to -- your month. And then of course realizing you gotta go ahead and take twenty minutes on your schedule or god forbid leave it there for three hours to get your inspection done. It is not like it was in the old -- you added to actually have to expect that matches it's left to stick around with these two. -- it's to me it's just fund raising for the state is just another way that from state to get money. And I wish I can opt out of that which they get stable on the things that -- opt out of which can opt out of red lights. Look you may we've got red lights and the Bane of our existence. Where about one mill street and main in Williams bill unconvinced. That that will be the spot where I am. When I die when I -- hit by the media -- because we've established in previous programs that given the bizarre illnesses which iPad. That the only way I could conceivably check out this planet is a bizarre way. Being hit by a meteorite ballpark in a red light that's going to be like I know this already. All right. Coming up. Now we're gonna we're could have some fun but we're also going to be serious to that I've got some serious stuff I want to whip out there. The show I told them again -- have a little bit everything for you today. -- aimed to please on WB. Oh yeah. Anybody who -- Al Stewart's list I won't personally track you down at 3 o'clock in the morning and leave a flaming bag of something on your step I just thought I should warn you. It is fact coming up he also at -- time passages. In which eight and even more pronounced Lisp is featured. With -- seven days were kind of a troubling time for music. Yeah now we have Alba yeah we have the stones some girl album that was put out. And we had guys like Stewart who knocked down a couple of hits and of course jury rapper. With baker street. In the late 1970s. Those -- you were fans of a certain. Movie called reservoir dogs may remember the voice of your property singing for Steelers we. Little song about stock in the middle with you. Which I was that was a metaphor and I guess it was right. Our switch gears here let's go let's go to wiped a slate clean and I'm wiping the slate clean. Because there is something I brought up a few days ago. The flow. -- that -- That. Sometimes one must go with the flow and enjoy it. She -- this is in talk radio. Okay we can do that. Our people call -- always acting the calling it the bitch about his network 500 people are they. -- I could not have been any more clear on my FaceBook page. Bet it was based on one but photograph that was set which I system down because it was not a photograph I had the authority to use. Right now somebody sent -- attacks actually somebody I know sent me a series of photographs claiming more like six or 7000 people. I can't really tell because as of yet I haven't seen an overhead shot of the entire crowd. Because I know it was like in federal worry thirteen I don't know what it was like today overhead. -- in general lebed is joining us in general talkative I do not wanna talk anymore commitment and lights. Up in the air as far as how many more and why say it shows that wanna do event. Because. Frankly the rallies to me or wasted time. Nothing's going to change the only way NYC is going away is in court cases noticed I said cases -- Because everything in the law even if the courts find one item unconstitutional. The rest of the law still stands. And that's gonna take a long time to Rhode. Held by the time they're able to strike down everything Niagara Falls might very well be import Colbert. Just show you the power of erosion. But I did something that I put up on my FaceBook page a while ago. That took off beyond my wildest expectations. You know we hear a lot about. Addiction. Today if I'd see one or -- on TV. Without medicine chest watching a teenager take -- painkillers. I think I may lose my mind. Folks. To put our little thinking caps here. OK let's do. First of all drug abuse is bad can we all agree drug abuse is bad okay. Now do you think it is it a coincidence. That the latest heroin epidemic. Began. Shortly after the Taliban was defeated in Afghanistan. And that this -- country. Was occupied. By American troops. If you think that that is just a coincidence. You work clueless. You don't get -- the real world works. All right here's the deal. Our government yes bush. And now Obama made a deal with the dabble in Afghanistan. And it went something like this you'd tell us where the Taliban are. We're not gonna interfere with your dope smuggling. Not one person who is served in Afghanistan has ever called me off the year. I'm here email or personally and said Tom you're wrong. Everybody knows everybody over their nose that was the deal. We get the Taliban. You get to make the opium poppy you get to turn out here. And sometimes. The other part of the deal is not only do you get to grow poppies to make heroin but we're gonna give you bonuses. We're gonna give your briefcases filled with millions of American dollars. So that you tell us where the Taliban are their latest movements and how to get. Why do you think. And I hate to bring this up again folks but again. The difference between what really happens in the world and what most of you know or even want to know because sometimes. Sometimes knowledge. Do you dangerous. There's a young man from Williams only York you grew up on union road right over the hill. Often were with his name was -- kept. And -- affects family was friends with my -- -- sister's. Baby set my two children. And I know aaron's mom. And I used to know aaron's dad he was over for the bills' final Super Bowl. Now as -- drew up. He -- my ex wife around the house with various chores that needed to be done by a strapping young man and -- -- -- strapping young man. His entire drew his life was to be a United States -- And not only was he a United States marine. But on two occasions he was United States marine of the year. Now what was -- -- reward. For his dedicated service to the United States. On his last trip home the talk -- bomb. Erin Jennifer told his mother Susie. I am not coming back alive I know too much. And -- effect which set up by the American government for that. Because he knew too much. Because in addition to being an -- United States marine Erica effect was also tied in with the agency I see the Central Intelligence Agency. And like any other agency like that. There are good guys and the bad guys there are people you can trust and people who justice who put a dagger in your office. Well unfortunately. Error and got blown. -- got dead. And he never came back alive. Because he knew too much about the -- that takes place in Afghanistan. Were suddenly a million dollars becomes 900000. Dollars. Because there are certain people like their own pockets. It happens. And I'm right about this but even bother calling the wrong about this. You got where you know you don't have to trust call me a lunatic that's fine. All I know is that Aaron can -- knew what was going on he told his mother wasn't coming home alive and he didn't come home alive. He was a marine he was agency and he's dead because he knew too much about the skip. So. When I see these ads about pain killers. On TV. I think the myself. I wonder if these ads would be on television. It. If we did not going to Afghanistan. I wonder what -- -- what's -- The crack down. Opiates. Painkillers. Let me get back to my -- -- originally. Who supports drug abuse. I think drugs ought to be legal I would legalize pot I'd legalized Coke -- anything. Because I know that the strategy that has been used. Is a failed strategy it's never going to work. Drug abuse is a medical issue it should not be treated as a criminal legal issue. But it keeps a lot of people busy with court time keeps a lot of lawyers busy keeps a lot of eighty days in jobs keeps a lot of prison guards working. The war on drugs and plus that he called a war you know it gets people's and we -- thing. Part of the reason we have a heroin problem. This is good intentions see this is unintended consequences and a Limbaugh talks a lot about. The unintended consequence of the crackdown on. Opiate abuse and painkiller abuse is there's. It is now easier. And if this is messed up I don't know what is it is now easier. For somebody to score heroin. Then it is to score oxy code. I'll say that again. It is easier for somebody to score -- win. -- it is for somebody to get ahold of OxyContin and oxy code own more -- -- code on whatever. So the unintended consequence. Of this war on opiates. And my dorm beds the unintended consequence is as the supply has dried up. Because doctors have been persecuted by unethical rags like the Buffalo News and other publications. For doing what they do I eat management. Because the supply of regulated. Drugs. Made by reputable manufacturers. Has dried up. Kids. Young people and adults. Find what they're looking for on the straights. You know heroin mixed with that mall which afflicting you. So. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And the consequence. Of the war on painkillers and the wars against doctors who prescribe them. Is that now we have a heroin problem. That in combination with the fact that our government made a deal with the -- several deals with many doubles. In Afghanistan. Yeah we're gonna turn our heads the other way do what you gotta do with the opium making them to buy heroin. And that will all be happy. The irony is that the Taliban took over Afghanistan. You see the heroin supply in America start to dry up. Because oddly enough the Taliban they're not real big gun. They're not really gotten any especially drugs. Especially here. But I put something up on my FaceBook page. Two what are you addicted. There were the response was amazing. And I want to turn it into a talk show for the radio because it was so that's. On my FaceBook page. And what I loved about you guys -- FaceBook entry that I put up. Last week. So many of you bought out of the box. You know when you think about addiction to what are you addicted you know I'm thinking to myself -- -- people have drug addictions. You know whether they be to painkillers. Whether they be -- street drugs. Whether they -- to alcohol. I completely overlooked. All SX was another one but I think I had a my list but I completely overlooked. Two very important addictions. That people had. That I'd never even considered what I asked the question what do you think number one wants. Multi -- Food addiction. Ladies and gentlemen that was actually brought to my attention. By eight FaceBook respondent. Food addiction. The other one I hadn't even thought -- but thank god you guys have brains sometimes and that's what I like about the power of the show. Because you'd think the things I don't think about as much as I think about things you don't think about. You know it's an iso combination we gotta go -- little synergy we have between all of us. Technology. Food addiction and technology addiction I never even considered. How many of you know somebody who is addicted for example to their cell -- raise your hand out of your drive. You don't -- -- brought something to my attention yesterday before I came on the year. That 35%. Of the American public. Either agree or strongly disagree. That they are addicted to their cellphones. And I'd like to expand that to technology in general. And I have a confession to -- I think I'm kind of addicted. To technology. But. I think I can weasel my way out of it I think I can -- don't pay myself. If I choose my words carefully. So my here's my question to you. Whether it is heroin. Cocaine street drugs pot. Now they say there's no physical addiction to pot. That it's a psychological thing. I don't know I've never known anybody addicted to pot I've known people that would definitely psychologically depended on it. But that's another story altogether too what are you addicted when did it start in what are you gonna do about it it's not a happy ending. But I want to talk about this because I think it's very important. I get a four hour show on -- a few weeks ago. That really opened my eyes like you wouldn't believe. And AccuWeather -- clouds. Will break tonight the overnight low 35 tomorrow partly sunny 49 Thursday cloudy with showers especially in the afternoon 42. And were holding -- sixty degrees we have lip locked with mother nature at sixty degrees. Mother nature at sixty is now. Recapturing some of for lost bigger. The faded away ever so gracefully back in September of last year and she's rather delighted with the new romance from us all right -- to what are you -- Dick -- put this question up on my FaceBook page on March 25 originally. And I was just stunned. By the response that I got to what are you addicted. And I'm -- heroin. Street drugs. I'm thinking sex was even and you know food. -- technology. I talked about let's set talked to you guys addiction. To what are you addicted or somebody in your life is dealing with right now. Here's Sharon on grand -- -- welcome to the show -- -- W media. How am -- out the last slide and it weighs in its opening through their time and glad I did. I'm content type -- -- -- -- who -- -- the Military Channel but it probably came home Alex surgery you have. A year later. And it was quite. In the Internet down at the occupied on cotton. And -- ahead but it's not acting at their sides. I thought that because. I'll I'll I'll I'll hit the arrest or something out. While in return the doctor. -- HG. In South Park and a medic. Now that the jobs are because he felt well. Answer because he what I couldn't understand that last part. Each -- itself but -- spoke. With -- I would it's not quite a ballistic and so that they I was escorted. Out of my early I I was. And your son or your -- your son was how old. -- OK well a -- got a 27 years old. He is a big boy and he is somebody who is in a position to make his own decisions about his medicine and what he will and will not accept. Being aware century was -- his pre existing issue with alcohol that he listened to anything you had to say about opiate. But I'm -- it. -- work out here in -- that you would have given it consideration. How long ago business. And well let's go ahead. And we didn't -- out. It's hot quite I want -- wish that I -- partly. Well I wanna put on hold because I I need to break I cannot get away from breaking a 55 but -- when I come back to wanna ask you how do we go from doctor prescribed painkillers to heroin. Because my contention is that one of the unintended consequences of this. To my way of thinking. -- -- control war on painkillers and doctors who prescribe them is the heroin is back. And it's also back because our government made a deal with the depth. A news radio 930 WB.

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