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4-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon -- with great. Think yeah if you go to the -- to attempt -- moderately anxious and my brother. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. That's -- I I have one question for you then and I'm gonna leave the New York -- by topic if nobody cares about it -- gonna talk to myself about it. I I just have one question. One question at this actually two questions that -- not intentionally I misspoke. In life I misspoke. First of all an invitation. If I'm wrong about the size of the crowd at today's rally in Albany academy. Send me pictures. Make sure there you -- pictures descended. I had to take one down because somebody said it to me but it was a picture too which I had no right. And I thought I made it clear that a lot of your pictures. But -- I didn't communicate right bets on May. So my email is Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB EN dot com if your friend in my opinion of my cell phone number. Dole sent the pictures to myself ball. All that does is -- the -- -- it's one extra step I've got to go through to get them up on my FaceBook page when I'm also try to do a talk show. So I I preached trying to do would be the operative word. Given the fact they just lost 25 minutes of work because the computer just did the same thing has been doing for the past six god. -- months. Anyway. That was a very exciting moment in my life there might have been a few F bombs dropped off the year factor were certainly if you bombs dropped off the year. But I didn't throw anything GO. Seat twenty years ago I would pick in this computer I would've thrown across the room so I've mellowed with age I just dropped -- -- -- Sending her pictures of the rally if you're under way back from the rally to talk about five and overall I want to ask your question. This is my question about the rally in Albany. And NYC in general. Because -- need to notice. For my programming meats because I don't want to offer you boring predictable programs. I want to offer you stuff in which actually have an interest. So my question now is do you care anymore about and -- -- Do you care anymore about NYC. If I say the words. New York safe we're gonna do was show on the safe act the use say. Yes or do you say. I think they'll go to the audio vault and listen to the best of sandy beach. Which is -- orgy he'd be here at WB -- It 030930. Is opponent you don't three all right there. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- so in terms of the phone calls if you're coming back from the rally you wanna tell me about it call me. And for everybody. Everybody. Argues sick of hearing about New York say. Are you sick of the show is gonna do and and gun rights are you secular shows I'm doing on the Second Amendment now if you are I need to now. I'm not gonna be happy about that. But there's a lot of things in life that a reality. About which I am not particularly. Happy -- a lot of things like change but there beyond my power to do ago. But one of the things that is in my power is the change topics and change direction of the shell. If the people who like to listen to the show think I need to do that. -- -- 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB ENS three and choice one and honestly if you're on the threw away here. Are coming back from Albany I'm not sure which would be the better number to call on the church start 930 works on the -- from like Syracuse or Albany or whether you're better up use an 800 number. But anyway you wanna get through to us it's it's cool by me. So again. One of the things and I don't wanna do is more than a -- So. Are you sick of NY state show it's. There's time. But after the law went into effect. I would say we probably spent half our programs talk about and -- say. And I gotta -- this I think. One single issue. Turned my FaceBook page. From 83000. Like it would almost 101000 like FaceBook page you know that issue wants. My being -- I wanted to see if you're listening wadded this it -- listening now the one issue was New York -- That single handedly. Proved a juggernaut for my FaceBook page. And as far as the ratings are concerned. Like a set. The funny thing here is sandy beach and I switched that time slots. Now I happen to have the highest afternoon ratings in awhile sand -- happens to have the highest morning ratings in awhile. So it's like wait a minute we -- times. And it's like -- we kept each -- audiences that we built on those audiences so it worked well for bulk of us in terms of of that. And we do a lot more than just NYC and gun shows believe -- totally totally. All right it will three -- thirty is the opponent you know three on 930 start I thirty on the cell phone and -- 180616. WB yen. Hey Johnny I know this might come as a shock to you but I'm trying to get my vehicle screen computer up and I am not having a lot of success here with that either com. How -- the computer's never go down during those boring ass corporate training videos we have the watch. -- -- computer works great then all this -- was a real -- it was done radio station promotions. Yeah that's really important in my job. This also gets to common core which one might appease -- -- -- -- atomic. All the caller on -- I've actually got it up now I mean I've got the computer now. By the way it's predator zone. -- six. And every day I'm putting a different picture up to illustrate how I feel about being on red zone. Due to my brain inflammation known as cerebral vascular lights. This is however the second day -- awakened without a scorching -- So there's all right let's get to the calls on the WB here is boat in beautiful ash fill New York -- talk to me. Bowl you're on WB and going wants. -- -- sort but you went into a different program earlier replaying the common core message that -- and the morning. But. I -- what time out time out are you -- -- on hold we work. Don't just as you covenant to me. I -- there's a couple times like -- what's gonna. Well -- I'm confused. I'd I'd mentioned common horror as a novel Obama at a candlelight to find out what's going under present something that just isn't computing in my brain. However inflamed it may be you said. You heard sandy beach where you heard me. Well. Anybody out there. Let's can we just like figure out what's going on their. That you will make it took two of the AC test before we get people on the air I don't know what that was about I forget I've I've done I'd. I mentioned common core as an aside I didn't change topics it was and aside things I don't like doing but I do them because I have to do. Let's go to. Or -- Wanda on WB Ian Tom what do you have. Well how will that remains to be sick. Well I know evidently is called. I feel as though I'm not communicating properly today I feel like about the top of my game so if I'm feel like I'm at the top of my game and I connected with people. I clearly. Need to smoke more crack. It's it's always something. As far as the Odyssey -- I'm I I'm still I'm still concerned about it. I'm also concerned about the they're they're good habitable for two reasons why. Hung in front of people potential obligated first time to -- -- Everybody's got their electoral. But it's. It's kind of a stand up. Sort of a barometer. You know kinda it's it's like the nine elevenths factor after 9/11 everybody was -- flags and he killed and stop undercarriage and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- couple months later all that stuff was scattered ripping people just. You know not that people didn't care by. The majority of people that were waving those flags just kind of forgot about what ever happened. Right it's that issue fatigue. Thank you. But. And as far as you know we'll get reelected. Reelected and of course same old people are going to be. That you know helped him get this thing together. They're going to be helped along entered their pick -- like -- careers and Albany and in words and basically. -- I'd I'd have to think that I'm not the only gun owners calling and it still upset about all of this stuff but. -- definitely should be commended for what you're doing and you should continue to because if if you drop. The ball so to be. Because I don't just one listener. But if you don't keep running. This in and yours your core audience. I'm sure I'd love to see. The make up. The nutritional information so to speak of the entire audience. Yeah I wanna keep got all I wanna keep them all but it's funny you mention that because one of my biggest pissed off today. I went to the WB and FaceBook page and there is a legion. Of trolls. On our page. Honest to god I think these people are -- incredibly disturbed. We bothered them so much they think that our audience has sub seventy IQ's. Yet day contribute to the WB and FaceBook page we are -- Limbaugh says living rent free in their heads there's a lot of people a lot of networks I don't like I don't waste my time trolling or page's life is too short so -- these beat their bitter thieves. Many of them on the WB and FaceBook page that's why -- just used the banned them because frankly they add nothing and they're just. And -- put myself one over huge -- hold -- 12 let's find out what -- -- -- inaugurate -- here is a man who certainly would not fit that description. Usually here's Alan here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather four to delay a cloud of break tonight the overnight low 35 tomorrow partly sunny 49 and tomorrow partly cloudy 33. And right now we are hat. 54 degrees at news radio 930 WB EN so basically I'm doing two shows one is off here. I'm inviting you guys to send your pictures of the safe act rally. Because if I'm so wrong about my estimate of the crowd you got to prove me wrong. I -- one overhead photo. At the most I saw 500 people in the overhead photo. If you've got photos which are demonstrably show that to be untrue. Some -- to me as long as you owned the photo and insurance Thomas WB and not count. The out call in topic goes -- you coming back from the rally you wanna give me your assessment how was it. Was it inspiring. Was that depressing. Did you learn anything that accomplish anything would you go again. Are you sick hearing about and why say. If you are that's fine if you're not. That's fine too. -- and -- Wanda now they tell -- off the air by the way it's on the US actually went to the first rally in my first will define that as the February 28 rally. That is correct that's when the the the finger came out of the -- sort of speaks. I think that. The more. I obviously we're we're very complacent quarter they're a majority of people and urged they're very apathetic and sure there's scores of people that -- the -- effect but that probably look at the depth. They probably. You know those those people probably maybe maybe in their lifetime fired a -- one time maybe it was a BB gun maybe they never -- But if we stopped talking about this subject. Bomb. Basically Cuomo wins. On the liberal base -- For all the people that think that it's a great idea. You know let's let's entertain debate let's have. People call in that -- absolutely despise guns bullets and and you do that I mean when when the shows were. What bothered. What. I'm sorry but if somebody despises a gun I think they need medical help I don't think they -- talk show help. Well well that there is that true that. That would be like despise -- and acts I have axes in my garage. I have a plant in my backyard called monks hood which produces a chemical known as a -- team. It is a deadly employees in I have plants in my backyard that apply whipped up candy out of those plants could kill my entire neighborhood. I. You're now but now we gotta talk about banning those plans because that would be trusted with. No one. -- ten months lipstick tell me is already too many people have died. I gotta I gotta go Tom I'm I understand your point and let's call it well like the golf course keep -- -- -- actually thank you on WB Ian. Went down Georgia into the -- so to speak -- in the back -- the way. With a make it the but he came across this young man saw the film played -- And the depth of field the quality results and bought a particular lot. The players to. -- you -- to take good care I'll make a bet with you that you played pretty good little ball ought to give the devil do you did little -- -- against insults that they. Obviously it. I'll take your bet you're going to regret about the bases if they. Get over the summer when -- was the only song on the radio. Up and remember that. However that time yes they really want to double down to Georgia -- at 433 news radio 930 WBE. Now just one more question for you. This BI final calls on this on this subject my my final. Approach to you if you're coming back from the rally in Albany. Tell me what was accomplished tell me if you think it was -- -- success or whether it was a fizzle. And at the off -- part of the show if you have any photos of the rally. That you were taken. That you were that you took yourself. So you can share. Send them to me Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB and dot com I've already put up bunch of pictures up. So. I'm try to represent what actually happened there today but. And others there's nothing else -- to I did say about -- in the first bothers issue. Which in addition to being against our Second Amendment at least as I read the Second Amendment of the United States constitution. You also have a guarantee to keep and bear arms according to the New York State civil rights law. So when one fell swoop. Governor right each dog fighter Andrew Cuomo. Nullified the Second Amendment and also nullify -- New York State civil rights law and he got away with. And because the voters in this state. Have pretty much sub sixty IQ's I'm convinced of it. Or they just don't want to bite the hand that feeds them he will be reelected. And you know. I had a bad feeling. And tell them about the rally when I heard Donald Trump was going to be here. I just think Donald Trump should just shut up. Well insert the word up. On -- think political. Because I don't care. I don't care what Donald Trump has to say about politics because he's not a serious contenders he's. Even Brando sent it to edit content. He's not even that. He's just a guy who -- you a little bit. Touch Asia and that real sensitive spot yet tickets -- -- somewhere and then at the last minute. His cell phone goes off and he's got ago. You know men like that ladies guys you know women like that it happens. So the fact that Donald Trump was there was turn off to me anyway. Because. I've said this before had he run he would've been my hero. The fact that he chose not to. Makes him irrelevant. Political in my book let them focus on what he does. Let a focus on development and focus on entertainment -- focus and his TV show he had an opportunity few of us will ever ever lives. To be governor of New York State and to make a difference for millions of New Yorkers he chose not to. Well -- his lifestyle. Please don't give me. You think George Bush. Didn't have a great lifestyle -- his father didn't have a great lifestyle we're talking about old -- the money either. Talking about oil money as well. There's a lot of people in politics -- a lot of money Chris Collins. Being one locally. Carl Paladino another one locally got money out there was -- -- -- money. Yet he chose to serve on the buffalo school board that you -- -- what a difference in character. I respect Carl Paladino. Because Karl despite his millions of dollars. Despite all the projects he's got going on Karl chose to serve the community. Donald Trump chose to serve Donald for. -- Roosevelt. Was a millionaire and the time when a million dollars really -- up. His father was very very well. Teddy Roosevelt was born with a golden spoon in his arts guess what. He chose to -- And by the way not only did he choose to serve in the new York state assembly he also served. Any role with the police department in New York City. And it. He chose to step down from a position as the assistant secretary of the navy. So that he can become the leader of the Rough Riders in the Spanish American war in 1890. So Teddy Roosevelt millionaire 1898. He was willing to forsake the very best life. Millions of dollars could -- you in 1898. To basically be a soldier expose himself the cholera to camp diarrhea and everything else prevalent in that part of our history. He chose to serve his fellow man and I'm not talking about rod sterling. -- Teddy Roosevelt chose to assert Donald Trump did not. And he has zero. I have no interest in what he has to say about New York safe or anything else unless it's he's gonna build something in buffalo I don't care. Because he's not gonna run for any. And it's unfortunate. Very unfortunate. All right it is for 39. At news radio 930 WB yet. So do you care anymore about analyzing it should there be any more NY state rallies. 8030930. Is my phone number 80309 battery start thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB. EM I up actually would like offer some advice to the NY safe rally people. And if it is this. -- -- I don't see. What rallies. Are going to accomplish anymore. I think the apex. Was February 282013. That was a high watermark. That was Pickett's charge. If you were actually long -- charge but why quibble. That was the high water mark of the rebellion against NYC. Anything after that you start to lose people and you lose people because nothing changes. It is -- the law of New York states that win. We know that there are court challenges a bounding. And they're gonna have to work their way through the courts. And the bottom line. As much as I hate this Davis the bottom line. You can -- a million people in Albany today. You can draw up two million people next week against NY safe. The only way this law is going to go away is if it is struck down by the courts. And if it is struck down by the courts it is gonna have to be struck down one piece at a time in other words. Good luck. It's going to be a process of erosion. As opposed to a process of explosion. Our act when I say that keep in mind. Little by little by little by little Niagara Falls will pretty much beat -- the falls that's erosion. That's what's gonna happen happen with the New York State they originally Niagara Falls would have been in. Would have been in Youngstown. Way back when the last ice age lifted what 101000 years ago. That's why get a big kick out of the climate change dorks. Because they talk about climate change is habits -- phenomenon. It is not. 101000 years ago folks this area was covered by a sheet of ice. The only reason we cut the Great Lakes is because the glaciers melt the drag the boulders in the big rocks and carved out -- Second largest freshwater system of the first in the entire world. Let's get some calls on on the WB burst up this is bill in Buffalo Bill. Talk to me about their rallies and NY safe and that work where you want this thing respect is that indigo. You're absolutely right -- the only way this is gonna go away district courts. We're not gonna theoretical mall and the government and is stated knack for the repeal it. So -- I don't know I think there's good thing to do on and I -- like -- -- gone over myself very passionate about this point. You can only go so far the if you liked his body -- -- much you can applaud failures in the Ukraine. Well I got blown mannerisms. But and I don't want to at least not when I'm on the air although it might make for some fascinating radio as you don't know what the college says well -- I have to you know what I gotta agree with. All have to allow people are sold just. What defense stupid. Well but you know it's also a sense of futility are you have. Have to know when something's working and when something isn't working and what I know about the rallies they're not working. They are moving the goal is to do away with and -- say the rallies are doing. Now -- just but it's just so frustrating that you just feel so helpless in the situation like this -- there's nothing you can do several. Loyalty to do and what tickets so when the courts. And you know here's here's what's really frustrating to vote. Because of the way in which the law is written. Basically it's got to be destroyed sentence by sentence that takes time it takes money Andrew Cuomo is a lot of things he's not stupid. You know and like I application earlier electors shall I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon LSU runs for president point six being solved. We're stuck with the ball. Well Debbie you've got a choice and -- brought this up before people like what I mentioned this but -- a choice you can you can stay here and spent fifteen years fighting and losing or you can you or you can make a choice to say you know lot. I need to be a state that does not want control my every move down to how many ounces of pop like you have a New York City. That thought has -- through my my my mind so many times but it's just the thing I love this area I'm a sportsman. We're within a half hour drive. Just about anywhere good fishing around the state or this Western New York area I don't want to give that up. Well I love the area to I loved the people of the area except for the fact we have the dumbest voters of any area in any geographic part of any part of the world. Podium I don't know any other in his own nice way to sugarcoat that so life is always -- trade off. You like the fishing you like the honey I don't do either I like. With the exception of winter I enjoy living in the year with the exception of the never ending winter but again life is a tradeoff. You never are gonna find Nirvana you're never gonna find the panacea you're never gonna find the golden rainbow. But. I'm like you don't comma before there I'm not I don't want to give up without a -- you know agents fox and had to come down -- Salt -- But there also comes a point when you have to realize. That. Given you and some guy who is a who is they've all of it cage match fighter. Ultimately you're gonna die. That's that's every -- that that's that's whether realism comes into you know I mean I'm willing to go down but I don't like to get a shot and I thank you very much. All right let me tell you guys like I didn't folks I share the frustration of many view I articulate it. Maybe I should keep her more on the down -- but it is what it is here's Gary in the Williams villain WB and Gary what's up. I'll give you get I haven't got a perspective on New York State I believe at this point in time it's irrelevant. The people that I know app purchase guns at all -- -- -- -- both Spain and category. They expect at certain mechanisms and it allowed you to modify them. So you don't have to register him. I'm sure from what I'm hearing all over New York State there are people making the modification. And saw people just completely it's humbling no weapon. They've purchased the weapons. Or read it hurts them because they're very reliable like about your fifteen. Barry. The left. And they were purchased legally the border -- -- came into being. They're not gonna get the -- so they're being very very quietly being sued away. And most people who -- them hurt them under the promise that. Society is deteriorating. OK but I. I have to interrupt you my friend -- all due respect because no matter how people are modifying their weapons it does not. Defeat the underlying thesis that you have and that I. I have that this New York safe is unconstitutional. It is an illegal law that was jammed down the throats of New Yorkers because Andrew Cuomo wanted to beat Barack Obama to the punch after the Newtown massacre. Everyone understands that. Like -- that they're being a little -- we're very very real reason. Obama be happy to talk you more but I have a hard break. -- I just hurt myself that was hard. And yes somebody couldn't figure out where they wanted to go to theory or Albany until the very last minute and then they did something stupid like -- Albany -- Albany. All of the -- in front of the guy from the at all. I hope everybody's okay -- joke about it listen -- it is okay. -- for today 1 o'clock gonna break up tonight actually which have -- blues guys over the radio station could just be me. The overnight low 35 tomorrow partly sunny and fifty the -- And Thursday cloudy with showers especially in the afternoon 42 were holding at 54 degrees at news radio 930 WBD end and I. I have to tell you -- all due respect. Rallies. I think at this point their waste the time. Why bother the rallies will change. Not saying nothing. The only thing that's gonna get rid NY safe is the courts. 'cause the voters won't do it the rallies are gonna do it the only rallies do -- keep the issue in the public. Allow you to connect with the other people. But if you haven't connected with other people through social media by now all about anti -- safe when do you think you will. Sorry that the idea of -- -- let me get back to. -- Gary in the in Williams bill -- we were talking about you know the idea of it. Of fighting this thing I believe we're talking about the idea fighting this thing in the courts as being the only way it's gonna go away. Right we're waiting on the court action to either -- -- to date back remove it but it does make it be different. The guns that were purchased her -- -- reason. And I have a lot to be that I would -- impart to the little people out there and people that don't want anyone to have done. It's the following way and -- is standing at your door where a lot ball and large and its intention. Just surely your Democrat voter ID card. And I'm sure that they'll go somewhere else would be. You're going to be the first to -- and -- -- with that. Job. Yeah I I don't wanna be cannibals better. I know you're speaking metaphorically. All right thank you very much on a -- -- call. A court order to switch gears here and you know you can tell the NYC thing is fizzling. The response. From the audience. Not what I expected today. And I have to tell us a bet that that's speaks volumes to me see now I don't even think now I don't know that you want to put a panel together on and -- I don't even know that I wanna bring in the president is also that I gotta think about that. I have to think about that but folks take it to the bank number one. This thing is only going to be going away if a court says it has to goal that's number one. Number two I think all these rallies are at this point is a waste your time's a wasting gas and waste the mileage and your why bother in -- changing. It's 455.

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