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4-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 dvd -- I wore us down -- the he would write -- certain. India the whole -- about Muslim and my brother. And he's glad that it's. The decency to clear my name with the same publicity. We've reached and now especially. Tom -- lean ground. News radio 930 cooler -- cool -- who -- cool -- Cooper Gary. WV EN. Trouble today I died of melanoma that. I'm gonna get in trouble on the good trouble because like I call like I say come and got one picture from the pro constitution anti analyzed so called -- rally in Albany today. And I gotta tell it looks like -- fizzle. It looks like a flock. It looks like -- it nobody showed up or very few people showed up. Now I'm basing this I understand I've I think I've been very -- my FaceBook page about -- I'm going back and forth with this guy Hector Rodriguez about the size of the crowd. Now I find it interesting that. Now other there is a difference here the February 282013. Rally I was there is physically they're I saw it. And I will state unequivocally. That there were 1010121000. People we're -- notice because I saw with my own eyes are right now actor himself. Sent the picture at which I am looking right now. Joseph are you on FaceBook okay. Now as I look at this picture what I see is a significantly. Reduced number of people compared to what we had on February 28 of 2013. And I don't like is that the folks are pretty at a crowd estimation. I don't know why but I'm pretty good then it. And what I'm seeing here 350. They -- upper end 500 people. I'd be willing to 500. But if there are more than 500 people in this particular photograph I'd be surprised. There is no 2000 people in this picture. Now if somebody wants to go through and count them and show me wrong I'd be happy to say so. But even at 2000 people we have 101012. Was the up or up 2013. So even if I get this numbers worked out and 2000 people showed up. It still is a significant reduction over what we had just over one year ago in Albany and that makes me sad. And it makes me sad because. I realize again that my home state is a lost cause. That we have the stupidest voters in New York State and the stupidest voters still in Erie county. Because I know that. Andrew Cuomo is gonna be reelected. That markers I think is going to be reelected that Tim Kennedy is gonna be reelected. And that voters will go to the polls and put back into position the same people who made analyze say the law. It also frosts me royally. The organizers actually had Donald Trump talked to the crap out. And I hope you'll forgive me for saying this I really don't care if you do rebel. I don't care what Donald Trump has to say about anything other than his casinos his TV show and is entertainment empire. That's all he is qualified to talk about okay I'm very business and economic development -- that. He is not qualified to talk about the issues because he doesn't wanna leave on the issues. And for him to even float the idea. Eight presidential run. I am absolutely beside myself. At how stupid. Some people are actually think that this guy has any serious intention of leaving anything. All right I wouldn't trust him to leave a detail to empty you're lovable with the directions written on the heels. In terms of politics the man is a fraud in terms of politics but that'll expand that. Because had he run for governor he would have my full support. I think he would want. Donald Trump and his opportunity. To probe his metal that's ME TT ELE by the way as a leader Eddie bowling darts. He -- does like he did one of his girlfriend's -- sex. Well guess what he called us we negativity that we needed to get a T shirt. We didn't even get a good my bracelet. And little offensive that they brought in the ultra this week because of anybody that I could name. Who could be -- her -- ball Donald Trump was the only person who could now we can have raging debates about this but you know what we're never gonna know the answer. But my logic and you can follow along with me if you've likened this has been my logic and I want. Rochester arena the biggest problem right rapist Reno has other than the fact that he is the handpicked candidate. The Republican Party and the right knows a New York State -- I do not trust as far as I can throw them because they're under the table playing footsie with Andrew Cuomo and give animal feet nudges. On his private parts. -- -- name recognition is pretty much zero. Donald -- his 100%. Of should be close to 100%. Unsure of herself reliving it ashore somewhere in New York City was never heard of a Donald truck. So right off the bat. If I'll -- the chosen to run for the governor's job name recognition immediately gives him fifteen points in the polls immediately. What he's done in New York City. Into and just the celebrity factor of New York City. Is what they have bitten into Cuomo's base. Of stopping people on my FaceBook page auto -- stance on the lot of a unified Republican Party all my god people. Greek place you can't tell me that you -- listeners you can't buy listeners about you've got to be more sophisticated -- -- They say it's not good to yell your listeners but I have to. Politics is blood sport. For Donald Trump this today. Essentially you -- everybody else to get out of the way so he could be governor that was his get out of jail free our heart. He never wanted to run he never seriously considered running. In my opinion and basically. The fact that he was even invited to speak at the rally a play defensive and I'd been there would have to. Now I've put a picture up on my FaceBook page. Which you can access by the way up my name is Tom outwardly. And I'll probably be hated by all of the people at the repeal and why safe -- after today's show because one of the things that I am is professionally honest. And I'm not going to lied to you I'm not gonna look at a picture and say 0101000. People at that picture. Because that's crap. -- -- crap because. When the over a year ago the first rally was held. I stuck to my number. That there were ten to 121000 people there and if you remember at the time and people have convenient memories I set. One of the things I will never do is exaggerate a crowd or under estimate a crowd to fit my particular political paradigm or belief system when I see a crowd I -- a crowd I forget about what it represented I try to get you on misrepresentation. Of what that crowd actually wants. Now -- -- and his cronies they lied about the last rally. They said 5000. And that was -- out and out lie and that lie was repeated by. Our people and all I could what are the are reported with a New York Daily News at least I know wasn't that whoever it was doesn't really matter. But that the real number for the first rally was ten to 121000 people if we define first rally as February 282013. That was the real number I know I was there I saw it was my own eyes. I've been to a hockey games I've seen 181000 people let out at the same time I've seen sixty plus thousand people about this entire stadium. I've seen aerial views of July crowds are right. And you can take my number to the bank. From -- or 282013. AA because I was there be because as I told -- at the time I don't lie about that stuff. -- -- What good is economy. If I lie to tell me that what good is it if I tell you a number that is BS just because I think it's what you wanna hear. And no Wesley person than Morton Downey junior told me Tom. Be honest with your audience do not feed them problem because it's the easy thing to do be honest with them and challenge them. Don't give them. Basically a gold plated deterred because ultimately Bubba would people want is honesty. Sell look I know the pissing people off that -- High Court listeners today but you know what. What what do you want. Do you want somebody -- to think about this -- you want somebody who's gonna coddle you. Do you want somebody who. Is gonna tell you have -- you know what -- the fact that the bone is retreating through your skin. And it's a compound fracture as is they got to hurt a bit when I reduced theirs don't want bet. You want somebody that's gonna be honest with. All right somebody who says you know what this is gonna hurt like hell. In fact it's gonna hurt so much we're gonna have to sedate you. Because we're gonna have the pull this thing through the skin. We may have to do surgery and then we're gonna have to make sure that the fracture heals properly. I want honesty from my doctors. I asked them to sugarcoat the diagnoses. That I've been given. I want honesty. And I -- -- folks I pledged to that are gonna be honest about this stuff. To be honest about what I do on the air can be honest about what I do in general. Because otherwise what kind of -- Why isn't just one of those damn brands I can't flick and Stan. Yeah I feel about the concept of branding whoever invented it ought to be shot I'm speaking metaphorically that is not a declaration that which violence than anybody. But when I look at this picture and go to my FaceBook page -- dot hourly it's albeit well -- Well as you know our everybody knows about our two very common German name means far as -- -- UER. I'll be a UER. You've seen that I hockey skates and hockey sticks -- the show 24 hour just at L -- to the end outwardly. And actually the funny thing is. My great grandfather not married his main squeeze. My actual name would have been Hitler. We have a John Cutler who works here at the radio station we actually could be related in some weird genetic where. So this could actually be the debt ratio but it's the early show because they eliminated the stigma of customization by marrying. -- -- went by great grandfather was that's cemetery eighteen years old legacy of the changes name cherry tree story. Troops out of bastards in the family cheap ones typical. It but anyway. Basically folks like Mike challenged the because here's my only interest. My only interest is in the truth all right it's like I told -- code enforcement guy yesterday. You know -- she originally I think he was. I'll try and of these try to intimidate me of people I can be intimidated I'm on the intimidate the -- believed him throw enough crap in my life. Everybody knows what I've been through in my life knows that I'm a tough bastard and I can fight when I have to. So I'm not intimidated. I don't care -- -- broken nose I'm still not going down without a fight. Now. And by the way that's a metaphor as well I should make it clear. My goal is the truth when I talked to the guy yesterday he said well you're just trying to get a spin Andris. You know you're you're trying to get a -- And I said no I'm not try to get a spin I'm trying for the truth what did you do your search. Well that's why am calling user to get your side of the star. So I picked the same approach with you guys -- we'll take as they took with mr. Allen yesterday and Hamburg what I want is the truth. So if you're coming back from the rally I would love the Ohio went. More importantly. If you have pictures from the rally especially overhead crowd shots those of you who have -- I would like to know I'd like to see them. And folks I would. To be able to come on the year and say holy 101000 people showed up today. 5000 people showed up today but if the photograph that I have. From Hector Rodriguez does not look like two or three or 4000 people I'm not gonna sit here and hold you. You know that's something I'd expect from Obama that's something you should expect from the regime don't expect that for me. You're gonna get the truth for me as I see the truth -- not gonna get spin. Sorry that's a Bill O'Reilly is. I mean I have opinion but I'm not going to spin the truth into a semi true. To make you feel better and to make me feel better please understand I feel strongly about that. Because again. I'm the same guy who told you ten to 121000 people at the February 28 rally not one of you. Who's on my side on this disagreed with that number not want. People who were opposed to mate and who were opposed to my stance on NY say if you know they they have that number down the 5000. The most stunning example. -- ethical behavior of course it was in the local daily newspaper and I pointed it out at the time. The local daily. Which I and the ethics of that newspaper are are just that mind boggling the -- One days said that 101000 people and the next day 5000 people. Now that is eight irresponsible -- it's a lie at -- it's unethical. I'm not doing. Now I have one picture on which I am basing. What I am -- And as somebody who is there. Personally. I'm February 20 2013 at Albany at the big anti NY safe rally. I'm gonna tell you that the number of people I am seeing the size of the crowd I am seeing. In this one photograph. Is. Phenomenally less than what we had on the 28. -- ever worry in 2013. Now here are some things that I would like to keep in mind when you send a picture. First of all. Remember something I have no agenda on counting numbers other than the truth. That's my agenda I have nothing to prove to -- I've got nothing approved anybody in terms of my opposition to analyze it. I've been on the Frontline of fighting NY safe since this onerous dictatorial. -- -- fire decree was signed into law. By governor delusion nozzle. Okay. I've been on the front lines so well that hasn't changed. That has not changed one bit. Not wants. But what I want is. If you're gonna send a picture what did you pick the best two photographs you've got from the rally. If you've got an overhead crowd shot make sure you tell me the time it was take. Because. One of the issues from the February 28 2013 rally just over a year ago was the one picture that showed up. Of an overhead crowd shot was actually taken before a rally started. And because I was there I was able to say this is not an accurate representation of the clout. And I was able offered differing shots of the same crowd once the rally actually was under way. But this picture was sent to me by a guy who was there who is on our side. So presumably you have no motivation for down scaling the number of people rather. -- If you do have pictures of the rally. Utah and if you like credit to put your name on my FaceBook page. I don't want to take credit for your work if you wanna get a little publicity for yourself that's fine I'm not adverse to that whatsoever goes or -- guy -- after the truth. I'm after the truth and the story after the truth. That's what I want. Not going to be action not gonna Fiji's sugar because I think that's what you wanna hear. My email address. And please limit yourself to one or two pictures. Because. When I'm on the air. Joseph and John can attest to this I'm as busy as a beaver. And delicate tree. Or is busy is the glory hole in the men's room. Up my email address Tom at WB EN dot com. That's Tom at WB EN dot com don't -- Sherman two people got it they're both veterans that they were 326 sits awkwardly. Now. All right folks are about the extended music fair but where a lot of problem. And up -- wanted to and it's the guy who sent me the overhead shot of the crowd I thought he had taken the picture. He did not think the picture I specifically asked people assembly pictures day had taken. And we get into an issue with copyright. And I can't just appropriate other people's work without attribution. Mean it depends on the site from which the photographs come. But please understand that you don't get me in a big. Actually get yourself to. And enter humble host -- in trouble if you take other people's pictures in and you send them to them without you send them to me without attribution. Now. I'm not trying to be a hard answer please understand many of you don't know that. And that's not because you're stupid you're not it's just that I just had to sit through. I just had to sit through an intercom and Entercom communications training module. On exactly that issue photographs on the Internet and how -- -- able to post or not post them so if you're gonna send me a picture to please make sure that the picture is yours dissent. And I am particularly interested in Joseph by the way of not -- -- -- -- note that Tim Winger explaining what happened there but his wanna make sure Tim got the note. Because we got to make sure that we are clean that up up folks if you sent me a picture my god and you can really provide. My little chipmunk parts in and a big. You know in a door -- if I take photographs. And. -- preview and they're not for you. And it gets really messy and it gets really ugly and I I thought I was clear about that in if I wasn't. I apologize. For not being clear if I've not been clear that is my problem as a communicators it is not your problem as a listener now I'm replacing the pictures. As I speak right now because I do wanna put some up. I'm taking let's see 12 I have just put two pictures up. From a gentleman named -- that hearts from the rally in Albany just hours ago now if you're driving home from the rally you may be listening on the app WB EN dot com you may be -- listening on the radio if you were around the Syracuse area. But again please just due to the solid making sure. That you send me the pictures you personally talked and the estimate of the crowd that I was giving. Which. When I when I saw the overhead picture sent to me by Hector and I remember I thought it was actor's picture when I saw the overhead crowd. I gotta tell you. 3350. No more than 500 people if I had asked them. I would say no more than 500 people in at that particular picture which I made clear in my FaceBook post now. I have taken that post down. Because the only way to get that a photograph down to which I it was not in titled what to take down the entire post. So I hope you understand trying to censor any thing but I'd also be very careful about the about the legal issues involved in the using people's photos so basically -- -- -- make your real clear about there's. I want an accurate representation. The size of the crowd. At today's rally in Albany. I want accurate descriptions. Of what happened at today's rally. Now I would love to have been there. The last rally was held from nine until well actually the last rally got under way just about noon or earlier about -- And I was there because at that point I was doing the nine to noon show. Doing three to seven it would have been stupid and really if there would would have been no point to my having gone to Albany to see the rally today. It it would have been pointless because it's all over. You know 3 o'clock where it's done. And here I am in buffalo so by now you guys are all driving back. Now folks I hope you know me well enough to understand. That there is nobody who is more opposed to NY safe and all it represents. Then your humble host and if you think that is not caused me -- you are sadly mistaken. I haven't talked about it a lot you have no idea the amount of grief my opposition to this law has brought upon me. I have not retreated one single inch on my opposition to -- say that being said. My primary concern is always the truth. And folks I don't think you want a talk show host. Or for end of a guy you let in your life on the radio to come on the here and spoon feed you problem that isn't true. You know all look it's an airplane open why the airplanes coming in for a landing. Us guests. So. Unpopular. I can't do that so send -- pictures I'll be happy oppose the mean you've got an outlet here. We happened to post. Especially overhead pictures taken by you. And got my email. And have been asking for us on my face parentage. My email Tom WB EN dot I'm at WB EN dot com. And I just ask that you pick the one or two of the best pictures showing the crowd. That's all I ask the best water to pictures you've got and the reason for that is as them on the year honestly folks eight multi cast out the ones -- That it's one of my skills also a giant pain in the -- but it's also one of my skills. But it it's always helpful if you limit yourself to one or two of the best pictures you have that way. I don't have to master out the computer so much more money here. And -- believe -- this is this is what I. I wasn't there you were I want your pictures and if you -- and all we wanna tell me about the rally I'm all -- Said Barack Obama. 803 all right thirty is up my telephone number 8030930. Start 930 is free on the cell phone. And 18 hunt dread it 616 WB yet that's free on a choice want. Now one of the things that I do wanna do this week maybe tomorrow maybe Thursday it depends on schedules what I would like to do. Is to another panel discussion. And analyze safe with Steve all stop. Who is the president of scope and why shooters committee on political education. And why. And for those who don't know I always point this out because you guys are entitled to know I am a lifetime member. Of the shooters committee a political education scope and why -- dues paid in full. So that speaks volumes about where I am on this issue okay I'm not a member of the NRA. -- probably should be but at this point I have other uses for the money. Drugs and step self. Now nobody's gonna laugh are sure to docket yet German got a -- a little bit but. My bias is pro -- you guys who were in Albany today but I can't lie. I just I can't say there were thousands of people if there were a camp that it's just it's I didn't. -- hope you respect me prevent. Because. The tree is not about me it's about the truth. So I wanna know you're at the rally. What it was like and if you've got pictures. Send them to meet Tom at WB EN dot com if you wanna talk to me on the phone. I -- a lot of you're listening on the WB EN dot com app because you can take us anywhere I listen to this radio station matter where I travel. I listen to this radio station -- in the Dominican Republic. While that's about all I did in the Dominican Republic. Except. And that is really. I was even listening to anybody on the radio -- and that. All right so those -- numbers and at -- we're talking about at least right now but people if I'm. About my estimate of the crowd and according to the one picture I saw that was the overhead shot. I don't think I can go any more than 500 people. In that one particular picture which I made clear in my FaceBook posts I set specifically based on this picture. And if I am wrong. Prove me wrong by sending me your pictures. Now. Here's the problem. At least this the way RIC. This is the problem -- let's be realists here. And I try to be a realist in my life. Now in many ways I am a twelve year old in this fifty year old body. But I try to be realists. And reality tells me. Bet Andrew Cuomo is going to be reelected governor of New York State. Dwight like -- well. But it's reality. I have to deal with it. Right if you live in New York State and you stay in New York State you've got to deal with the reality that barring some unfortunate circumstance for mr. Cuomo which I don't wish on him or Norwegian and anybody. I don't swim in that group. Barring something catastrophic happening Andrew Cuomo and god for -- no that's not one. He's gonna be reelected. Barring something unusual happen. All happening all of the usual suspects from our area. Are gonna be sent back to Albany to do what they do best bonus. That's what they do. I said yesterday. Albany is the convergence point. Every piece of political excrement. That is dropped into the political polls all over New York State from Western New York. The north country the Adirondacks the southern tier downstate. As I mentioned the southern tier thank you. Every bit of excrement finds its way to Albany. And they call themselves state senators and state assemblyman. And they call themselves governors of New York State. So the reality is again my opinion the reality is. Cuomo's gonna be reelected. So will the people who enabled this law. Now. What would have to be done to change the law. And the answer but I keep coming up where. It and and you can challenge me on this if you like -- Because I'd like some better news I'd like to be able to -- better owners -- But the answer I keep coming up with is the only way NY safe is going away is through litigation. Lawsuits. And as I explained yesterday and as we've gotten into before when we've had panel discussions with the Steve also and the president's. It looks like. The only possible way. And -- safe is going away is -- Each and every claws in and why safe is struck down and because of the way in which the law was written. If one part of the law is found to be unconstitutional. The other parts of the law stay. Now you also need to understand so. That we're not only talking about. The United States constitution. And the Second Amendment to the United States constitution. And I need the point something out you guys. There's a reason. The Second Amendment is an -- amendment. There's a reason the Second Amendment. Is superseded only by the First Amendment in terms of its importance. The founding fathers were Smart guys they were almost as Smart as Barack Obama. They were Smart news. And they understood. Number one at a country. And to have the kind of republic experiment we want -- If people needed to have freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Freedom. And from a religion. I was like the throw and from religion and there. And I always like to tell you. About the founding fathers very close awareness. Of how religion screwed up England big time. Because the Protestants and the Catholics. Since Henry the eight through a bloody queen Mary and Elizabeth they used to take terrorists. Who's gonna -- who with the state well it depends on who was in power when the Catholic queen Mary. And her husband Philip of Spain when they were running England as Catholics. Make all the Protestants politics. I think and a at the state. Well not to be outdone when Mary died and Queen Elizabeth took over Elizabeth the first. She was the daughter of gambling and Ed Henry the eight and she was a Protestant. So she took her turn Catholics at the state. Our founding fathers knew that a state religion could destroy a country. They knew it I know what I believe bet. I also believe the issue that the free exercise of your religion. And I've told you guys this before. I will always be. On the side of people who are attacked. By virtue of the -- religion. You don't get Christian bashing on my show you don't get Catholic bashing on my show. And I can go on and on with the other -- religions but I'm not going to allow. I will extend it to everybody who has a fellow citizen. My best arguments in favor of you work constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion. You know often -- clauses forgotten about when people talk about the establishment clause which is a big part of the First Amendment. The establishment clause just a boil it down in a nutshell basically means. We're not gonna establish a state religion that's bad public policy a state religion one state religion no no no no no no no. We saw what happened with queen Mary the first we saw what happened with -- Elizabeth the first we don't want history to repeat itself. In the United States of America. I think that was a good. I think that was brilliant -- but they also said free exercise their. And I think too often that clause of the First Amendment has gone on -- noticed. And on that talked about. But the Second Amendment. Your right to keep and bear arms. There's a reason why that's the Second Amendment in the the night where the -- it was that. Important to our founding fathers. Okay it was that important. That one might make the argument it should have been the First Amendment but I guess we'll take number two. We're in buffalo we're used to -- it right. It's -- ninety minutes after associate of Michael Savage last night somebody brought up Scott Norwood. I wanted to throw my radio through it for concealing. 803 on -- security start I'm 3180616. WB EM it is up hourly. All about the true maybe the truth. Never fails the more I have to do off the -- the shorter Stratford reports it's one of those rules of life. -- can just make something up good so we have a fender Bender in the two and I. Clouds are supposed to break tonight. We've got like 50% blues guys at least out my window. The overnight low 35 degrees tomorrow partly sunny 49. Thursday is going to be cloudy some showers especially in the afternoon but you know what anything to get this salt off the road yea. A with a high temperature of 42 on Thursday Joseph what are we looking at temperature wise right now. 5757. Degrees at -- news radio 930 WBBM. And again I don't wanna beat the drum here all bay. Act as if -- -- if nobody's interest that nobody's interested and I got a lot of things to get into anyway. But if you're going to send me pictures and you have my cellphone number do me a favor. Please don't send them to myself ball because all that does is it makes me go through one extra step to get them on my FaceBook page. So please send them to Tom at WB EN dot com Kazaa Rus Thompson and -- batted balls at -- pictures but. It basically adds to. These steps through which I have to go so everybody can see the pictures and if you can let me know who took the picture that's great. But I would especially like to see overhead crowd shots during the peak of the rally. Because the only overhead picture I saw I have to tell you I was underwhelmed. By the people that -- -- as opposed to what I know. The number wise on the -- -- 28 rally. And the real sad thing is. That we can they had 20000 people that are in it is gonna change Andrew Cuomo's re election one bit. And that's rather unfortunate.

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